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The Auld Triangle is a traditional London boozer which boasts considerable authentic charm as well as a friendly local crowd and excellent prices.

Ranked #58 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Sun-Thu 10:00-23:30
Fri-Sat 10:00-00:00

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The Auld Triangle reviews

By S.

The Auld Triangle is such a good boozer - just like they should be. There's good beer and it's alright inside but what you tend to get at places like The Auld Triangle are great people, and there's plenty of them here. A great pub for us in Finsbury Park.

By Viv S.

My daughter arranged for my wife to have her birthday party here and it turned out beautiful. Those looking for a excellent customer service and atmosphere look no further than the Auld triangle.

By Kay Q.

My family and I all had a very nice evening here the other night (think it was Saturday?) Thanks to all at the auld triangle for a lovely evening.

By Jenny S.

Pubs like this are stuck in times gone past I think, always the same people things can get a bit stagnant. I think that The Auld Triangle needs to come into the 21st century a little more I’m afraid.

By Dean T.

Really appreciate the atmosphere that the Auld Triangle creates, is like something out of Eastenders with all the locals here LOL

By Tracy B.

Very nice night was had by us all recently here at The Auld Triangle. My husband and I will be returning for sure. Regards Tina

By Aaron P.

The Auld Triangle is a pretty traditional pub in regards to décor and service, think it needs to get up with the times a little bit more if I’m being honest!

By Tori J.

Though a great pub, the live music nights that The Auld Triangle host are pretty special in themselves. Have been to a few now and have always had a really great evening.

By David M.

Don’t know why so many people rave about this place. Was so busy last Friday there was no where to sit and took ages to get served at the bar.

By Sophie B.

The Auld Triangle has some great live bands in, just wanted to commend the epic jazz band that they had in recently. Some of the best jazz I have ever heard!

By Terry J.

If you get a change I strongly recommend The Auld Triangle Pub quiz on a Thursday. Never a dull moment and everyone has a great laugh. Proper community spirit here.

By Daphne B.

Came for my grandma’s 80th Birthday here at the Auld Triangle and what a fab evening everyone had. The staff had sectioned off our own table in the back so we had plenty of space to spread out. Very nice evening.

By Tiffany R.

Me and my brother are big fans of the poker and quiz nights that the Auld hosts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Always a great lot involved and you could be in with the change to win some cash.

By Jon J.

What can I say!? Had my mum’s 80 birthday do here recently at the Auld Triangle and was honestly such a lovely evening. The service was spot on and the atmosphere was great. I can’t say thank you enough.

By Sarah S.

I have found the Auld Triangle to be a pub that has a lot of regulars from the local area so if you are coming here for the first time be prepared to feel a little out of place!

By Jenny H.

Ha the pub quiz is so much fun here at the Auld Triangle! Went to the poker night last night and had a great time. So glad that I have moved to the Finsbury Park area with a great pub like this around the corner.

By Nora B.

Checked out the Auld Triangle recently with my family for an evening meal and had such a lovely time. Food was spot on and a very decent price. Will be coming again for sure. Thanks all at the Auld Triangle xx

By Tommy N.

Yeah the Auld Triangle is alright I guess for people that are a little older but for people under 25 I wouldn’t bother as can be a little samey (quite a lot of same people always seek to be in)

By Rose N.

My wife and I have popped in for a few drinks last weekend and had a whale of a time here at The Auld Triangle. Really agree with the other reviewers that the atmosphere is particularly decent here, looking forward to coming here again.

By Tracy S.

Have been a regular here at the auld triangle for quite a few years now and just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff for their continued service. This place is like a proper home away from home.

By Dave J.

Love my Friday nights out here at The Auld Triangle in Finsbury Park. The beer selection is always pretty varied and the staff always seem genuinely interested for a chat. Makes all the difference I personally think to other pubs in the area.

By Seb T.

I felt a little out of place at The Auld Triangle as I think its clientele is mostly made up of the locals from the surrounding area, not sure I would return.

By Gloria G.

I didn’t even know that this place existed until my friend bought me here recently but wow what a good night. The booze was flowing freely and the atmosphere was really decent, can’t wait to return.

By Sally S.

The atmosphere here at The Auld Triangle in Finsbury Park is really electric and a fun night is always nearly guaranteed. Thanks to all the staff for their continued hard work.

By Freddie G.

The Auld Triangle is great fun when you come with a big group of friends on a Thursday for pub quiz night, there is a big range of questions so at least you can get some of them right even if you aren’t a seasoned pub quiz attendee!

By Ken S.

Never miss the poker night here at The Auld Triangle on a Tuesday! Always have a proper good time and everyone seems well into the game.

By Gigi G.

Honestly the best pub in Finsbury Park! Just wanted to say a big thank you to all those at at The Auld for continued great service and great beer prices, keep up the good work guys.

By Sandy G.

Always come to The Auld for a few cheeky pints on a Thursday with my mate Roy after work. Always a really great atmosphere and the pub quiz is well worth a turn.

By Gary M.

I came to The Auld Triangle last weekend and though it was a nice pub you could tell that some of the regulars didn’t want to share their pub with us ‘outsiders’ little weird to me.

By Gary W.

If it’s a pub that you are after that has a real family feel to it then look no further than The Auld Triangle in Finsbury Park. The staff are really lovely and the locals really appreciate this place (myself included). The Thursday pub quiz is the best night to go in my opinion, is always a laugh.

By Sharon W.

Came to the weekly poker night that is held here every Tuesday and had such a blast! The Auld Triangle where have you been all my life?!

By Josh S.

Aww such a lovely local boozer in Finsbury Park, The Auld Triangle has a genuinely lovely feel to it that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. A real pleasure to go to everytime!

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