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The Avalon is part of the renowned Three Cheers Pub Co. The decor is designed with a stylish twist of Victorian and modern influences and the menu offers a wide selection of steaks and slow cooked dishes.

Ranked #109 of 5241 restaurants in London
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By Sam H.

If you loved the decor you should look into voting for them in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. They're entered into this year's judging and the more poeple that rate their favourite venues, the more chance they have of being noticed by the judges and winning! I think there's above the image that you can click on to find out more...

By Amber F.

Had a great lunch last weekend here. The pub is really impressive both inside and out. The dining room is big and I loved the wall cabinets and white tiling. There’s a great big pub garden out the back with a separate outside bar! We had a massive portion of fish and chips and the burger - which was really great. You could taste that this was made with decent meat and the cheese was a strong cheddar and slightly melted – just the way it should be. They have loads of beers on tap including some interesting ales and we had a couple of great Mojitos too. They have a late licence and a DJ on Fridays and Saturdays and it’s always a good fun place to unwind at the end of the week after work. One of my favourite locals!

By Andrew W.

Great find, best steak I've had in ages and attentive service.Fantastic whisky list,very well kept ales and a few decent reds. Incredible hangover the day after!

By John B.

This is one of the worst pubs I have been to - if you are looking for a meal or drinks do not come here. The service is awful and the staff are rude and arrogant. Living in the area, this is my local and for the last 3 months I have been 3 times, each time giving them another chance - it is consistently terrible.


This review is obviously a plant. No one in there right mind could go to this pub and describe it as anything less than awful. There are a lot of nice pubs in Clapham. This isn't one of them.


The fact that Viewlondon gave The Avalon a 4 star is beyond me and means I'm going to have to question the rest of their ratings. Admittedly the venue is nice and location is fairly convenient but aside from that there is nothing going for The Avalon. Drinks: fine but on the expensive side. Food: Terrible. We ordered two of the roasts. One beef and one chicken and quite frankly they were appalling. Everything about them was poor. From the tap water cold gravy to the Yorkshire pudding which tasted like it had been left out all day. The beef, well frankly you get nicer beef in a day old Cornish pasty from Tesco'sbathroom were disturbingly dirty. Considering it was a Sunday evening there was no excuse for them to be in this state. If I had kids I wouldn't have let them go in. Service: Very poor. When I complained about our meals and pointed out the obviously cold gravy and poor quality of the food the waiter shrugged vacantly and told me the kitchen's closed and they don't offer refunds. They were similarly when ordering drinks earlier in the night. I strongly recommend anyone going for anything other than 1 drink avoid this at all costs. Certainly don't spend more than an hour there and don't eat anything!

By Lauren W.

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Avalon last Sunday when I went in for lunch with my boyfriend (we enjoyed it so much we didn’t leave until the evening). The portions for our roasts were so generous I didn't think I'd be able to finish mine but was it so delicious that we both cleaned our plates. We were really well looked after by all the staff who were more than happy to answer questions on the menu and give us recommendations on the food and wine. The lovely manager even made us a lovely cocktail made up by her with my favorite spirits, it was absolutely amazing. It was one of the nicest Sunday afternoons I’ve spent in ages and I’d definitely recommend it – nice atmosphere, great food and fantastic service.

By Xxxx X.

I had really high hopes for this venue but I was so disappointed and feel gutted because I suggested the venue for a group lunch (not reading any reviews because I always think you have to try for yourself) in essence the staff are so miserable and rude! why??!!! They make you feel like your being an inconvenience (that would be when they got my order wrong) & does it hurt to smile or be welcoming? Not impressed.There are so many nicer places to go to in Clapham don't be fooled by the pretty exterior. Food 4/10Service 4/10Value for money 4/10

By Francois M.

I Vaguely remembered some good reviews when this place opened a few years ago and decided to try their cocktails on my wedding anniversary night. I can't comment on the beer garden this being december but the inside does not feel special at all - it smacks of these pubs that have gotten on the gastro band wagon when they realised it was a lucrative business - charging restaurant prices for informal bistro food. Anyway I ordered a whisky sour and a fruity lychee & mint number. The sour was probably the worse I ever got in London - both thin, too sweet and mouth twistingly acidic, without that normally wonderful oakiness of the whisky. I contemplated drinking it for a minute (it had taken a while for it to appear at our table), but eventually decided to ask for a replacement. The reaction of the bar tender was telling - I thought I was transported to my native Paris! 'that's what a sour is supposed to taste like' 'you had it sitting for 10 minutes' etc. After a fight the drink was replaced by an espresso martini. It too was very crude, so sweet it was syrupy. We would have had a better time in the local branch of the slug and lettuce!

By Archie W.

I went for Sunday lunch and the service was dreadful and the excuses from the staff were outrageous. I enjoyed my food, but I received my food 30 minutes after my girlfriend! They only offered me a free drink, but I refused to pay and eventually they begrudgingly gave me it free.

By Marlon B.

Well I have heard a lot of good and bad things about this place so I decided to try it out for myself. Nice decor and garden! Service is dreadful to say the least, there was 8 of us at a table, the last person to receive the food was 40 minutes after the first person and we all ordered at the same time. We were fobed off constantly by the rude staff and at the end we only paid for 4 of the meals. The other tables next to us were victoms of the same disgraceful service and they only paid 50% of their bill. Not a lot else to say apart from I wont be going again.

By Mike F.

Went here for Sunday lunch with friends. Get there early they said, and I'm glad that we did as this is obviously a popular place. So the good bits - excellent Bloody Mary served by friendly bar staff and a good selection of beers. I also like the space - cut above the usual tarted up boozer, and big garden for sunnier days than our Sunday. ...and that's about all that was good. Once the place filled up the service got increasingly frantic and several requests to find out why food was taking so long were brushed off with a "It will be there in 15mins" type excuse. When finally food did turn up it was only for half the table. My girlfriend and I waited another 20 mins for our food which when it did turn up was not worth the 'gastropub' label they apply to themselves. And they forgot my chips. Or rather, they turned up as I was finishing my main course but the waitress rushed off before I realised. Looking around the table there was not really anyone that rated their food very highly - undercooked carrots, burnt burger buns, gristle in the pancetta, and a fish pie that looked dull and anaemic and mostly uneaten. Checked the bill when I got home and realised that the beers I went to the bar and bought had been added to the tab and 12.5% service added. Nice little slap in the face. Not rushing back anytime soon.

By Helen H.

Have been here before and liked the atmosphere but ate for the first time last night. What a shocker. Starter was fine but then we had a 40 minute wait for mains during which time we saw two tables which had arrived after us be served before us. They said it was normal for there to be a 20 minute wait between courses. (1) We didn't complain until we'd been waiting half an hour and (2) don't make excuses, just apologise. Our mains eventually arrived and we frankly had the dregs of the offerings. The pie didn't look like any of the other pies we'd seen served that night which when we questionned it they said it was due to the dish they'd used and they had run out of the proper dishes. That left us with a stew with a pastry cut out on top rather than a pie. My "rump" steak was not rump steak. It was tough, grisly and burnt on the outside, though admittedly rare on the inside as requested. But after such a long wait I would have eaten anything. Maybe that's the trick - leave your customers so hungry that they'll eat anything when you eventually serve it and will leave good reviews. We complained but we were given excuses on each occasion - even told that that is what a rump steak is like - tough and grisly. Hmm. Not sure I'm convinced. Having had shoddy service and shoddy food we declined to see the pudding menu but we were promised that the desserts were excellent and would be out quickly. After a 15 minute wait for the dessert menu we gave up and asked for the bill. The icing on the cake was that the bill came with service charge added on. By this point we couldn't face arguing with them any further. They wouldn't accept that anything was wrong; everything was our own problem and no one apologised - all we got were rubbish excuses. Oh the fries were excellent - but judging by the other reviews we know that's because the Avalon did not cook them.

By Jane K.

I have been to The Avalon three times and, although the food is always great, the service is always shocking. Meals never arrive together (so by the time somebody in your party has near-finished you'll get yours) and they are always running out of things (on our last visit they had run out of pork less than an hour after starting their 3pm Sunday lunch service and two desserts we wanted weren't available). The staff are also surly. They are very busy and rushed off their feet but there's no need for rudeness. This place just needs to hire some more staff. So it's the food that keeps me going really is the best for a few miles and is appropriately priced for what you get. Just wish they'd sort out the other bits

By Hugo M.

I've been to The Avalon a few times now and have been seriously impressed. The food is much better than your average gastropub and the staff are good fun and on the ball.

It's pretty chilled out midweek and then on the weekends it kicks off later in the evening - DJ and the rest. Definitely worth checking out.

By Delphine B.

The Avalon is my local and it just is a great pub with friendly staff and for the summer an amazing beer garden.

Staff are always friendly and whenever I have had food it has been very good if a little pricey. Great place.

By Smack G.

Hi “Tom”,In response to your response:

I don’t mind you charging £2.75 for fries, I also don’t mind you running out (Although, I do think it’s pretty stupid, it’s not like the Bank Holiday hit you be surprise? It’s scheduled every year), but what I fined is inexcusable is that you think your customers are stupid enough to put up with it.

Burger King don’t charge £2.75. Having your initiative fueled chef run across the road in front of your customers, on an unprecedently busy day is stupid, of course I’m going to object.

Also then lying to customer is down right wrong. But I take you apology in good grace, and people make mistakes. But remember I work hard for my money, and I don’t like feeling as if I’m an idiot when I’m parted with it.

I could have gone across the road, had some fries for half of what you charged and then come back and finished my drink.

But your point about initiative, Tom, c’mon, that just doesn’t wash. You market yourself as an upmarket gastro pub, I’m sure an upmarket gastro pub should not be borrowing chips from Burger King, whatever your mark up.

I think his initiative may have better served by nipping to Tescos or Sainsburys a few feet down the road and buying potatoes and making chips from scratch. Now that would have been worth £3.75.

A poor, poor, pathetic attempt at an excuse, for what is inexcusable.

Thanks “SmackG”.

By Tom P.

In response to 'SmackG', I would like to apologise for his experience. This was one of those one-off, freak situations, which occured on a bank holiday monday after an exceptionally busy weekend.

The chef was very apologetic that this incident occured - clearly, fries are not something one should run out of.

And the manager admitted he should have checked with the kitchen first before denying that one of our chefs had borrowed fries from across the road.

I would like to respond to the other points of objection however. Underpinning this review is a sense of outrage that we charge £2.75 for a side of fries, and that we had the temerity to borrow some from elsewhere when we had run out.

Firstly I don't believe £2.75 is out of the ordinary for a side dish in an establishment such as this.

Clearly we make a good mark-up on fries, just as we do for tea & coffee; the important thing to realise is that some dishes are not particularly profitable, and that overall our profit margins are far lower than many bars, restaurants and all fast food outlets.

We are committed to offering excellent value for money.

Secondly, I wonder if this reviewer would rather that our chef did not use his initiative and source fries from elsewhere given this emergency situation - on a bank holiday monday, after an unprecedently busy weekend - when deliveries from our suppliers were not possible.

An error was made in not ensuring we were holding enough stock, and after careful consideration, he decided that given it was 'only' fries (obviously he would not source any other product from a neighbouring restaurant), it was worth getting them in from, yes, Burger King, given a lack of any better alternative.

It is worth noting that no-one else complained about the fries. Once again, we are very sorry (and embarassed) that this happened at all, and have taken steps to ensure we do not run out of fri

By Smack G.

Went there on Bank Holiday Monday.Myself and 2 friends were having a few drinks and we bought, what I must say was above averge cost, a couple of plates of fries.

We get the fries, and then about 10 minutes later we see a chef come scurrying out of the front door of the Avalon, nip across the road to the Burger King opposite and then come back carrying 3 industrial size bags of fries.

So I raised this with the Manager, first off he denied it, then I pointed out there were 3 witnesses, he then went off to have a word with the kitchen staff.

He came back and said we were right, but it was because "Burger King had borrowed chips off them earlier in the week, and they were taking back what was theirs and it was a Bank Holiday so cut them some slack"???

I really couldn't see the point of arguing anymore, as it was just going in circles. The point is he didn't understand, that regardless, of who leant whom chips, I still just paid over the odds on two plates of fries which I could have got for a fraction of the price if I'd walked over to the Burger King myself and bought them.

Them being Burger King fries. I don't care if it's a Bank Holiday, New Years Eve, the Queens Birthday. I do NOT expect to be served food at that mark up, which is in fact food from Burger King! Plus shocked that they were so supid that they didn't think it mattered.

By Miranda M.

This place is FANTASTIC!! I have been there quite a few times since it first opened and i can honestly say it improves every time.

I do agree they got off to a rocky start and the food wasn't the best in the area but the last few times my friends and i have visited the food has been excellent.

I love the fact you can have a chilled out dinner in the bar area with fish and chips or if you'd prefer something a bit more fancy you can sit in the dinning room.

Their service is always very friendly and welcoming and there's always a great atmosphere in there.

I've read the negative reviews and i can't believe those people were at the same place, but then again you can't please some people and they'll always find fault in something.

If you are thinking of dining at the Avalon I'd say go along and decide for yourself whether it's good or bad, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

By Nick F.

I think this place is outstanding and don't understand the negative comments below.

We ate there last night and completely agree with ViewLondon's review, everything delicious and very friendly staff.

Ignore the bizarre negative comments and get down there - we will definitely be back!

By Mike E.

I have dined here on several occasions recently and couldn't disagree more with the negative reviews below.

Whatever day of the week it is, I have found the service to be very attentive and the food amazing, very seasonal and good quality.

The design of the restaurant and bar is stunning and the wine and cocktail list superb, well worth checking out. Highly recommended and well worth a visit.

By Denise B.

Food extremely disappointing!! Overpriced for what it is, some of the portion sizes are verging on the ridiculous!

The £7 pound cheese board wash shocking! A very empty board arrived with one piece of celery the size of my finger, no grapes, and 5 slivers of cheese measuring "4mm in thickness, 1" width, 3" long".

We complained and were offered a discount of "£1.50" off the bill which was quite frankly laughable.

We told the waitress we did not accept the management/chef's insulting offer and we will just pay the full amount out of principle.

She told us that other people had complained on a few occasions about the cheese board and that they will be reducing the price by a £1, this restaurant is missing the point we don't mind paying £7 for a cheese board but could you please include some cheese on it? !

Also when you have a unhappy customer surely you want to know how you can rectify the situation not insult them further so they never return to your establishment?

Other disappointments included :- the waitress taking an order for a large port and bringing a small port with no explanation, when questioned she said we don't serve large ports. Why???

If the management have failed to stock the bar with the correct glasses why not just put two measures in another glass?

This is crazy, rurning down profit!- I ordered the vegetarian roast (I'm not veggie but just fancied it on the day) Plate arrived with a small slice of butternut squash, and a couple of veg and a flat unrisen Yorkshire Pudding :-( everyone else's YP was great so why let this duff one out of the kitchen?

- pork belly roast arrived with fat very uncooked, soft, pale no crispy crackling - my friend ate it but there's no way I could have.

Reading other reviews it seems we are not alone in our experience so why is the Management/Chef not taking any notice, he obviously doesn't care about

By Charlie W.

Had a long Sunday lunch at the Avalon on 29th March, and on the whole thought it was pretty good.

We turned up without booking, and didn't mind waiting 30 mins for a table for 3 of us. The staff were courteous, and attentive.

We did think it was strange though that there were NO Yorkshire puddings available for any of the roast, and we'd have to wait 30 mins if we wanted one.

My roast pork belly was also very tough. Crackling, veggies, desserts all very good though. Would probably go back...

By Nic Y.

A group of us went to the Avalon for dinner last night and it was a disaster. We arrived to take our table on time but unfortunately two of our party were running late.

We asked for some bread and olives whilst we waited. The bread rolls we were given were rock hard ,we couldn't even break them open.

The olives were off - complete mush around the pips - absolutely disgusting. We sent it all back and received one basket of rolls to replace the two baskets we sent back.

When we ordered our meal we were less than politely reminded that we had to clear the table at 9pm (at this point it was 7pm).

Our starters arrived and whilst some of us received reasonable sized portions, others literally had just 4 items in a bowl.

The main courses were not much better - at £14.95 for lamb cutlets and a seasonal salad , I was not impressed to receive just 2 tiny cutlets (barely any meat on either) and three sprigs of lettuce.

My main was smaller than my entree but double the price! Another of our party had ordered a lamb pie (the other pie option was beef and chorizo).

When it arrived she queried the waitress as to whether she had been given the right pie and was told it was correct.

However when she went on to find chorizo in the pie she complained and was told that they had actually run out of the lamb pie!!!

But at no point had they checked with her that she would be happy to have the beef instead! They finally offered to take that item off the bill.

After the mains were done we waited a long time for anyone to approach us re desserts, all the while time was passing and we were aware that they wanted us out by 9pm.

Eventually we asked for the bill at approx 8.40pm but nothing happened. We then had the manager come and say that we had to leave - when we said that we had been waiting 15 mins to receive the bill he looked shocked and raced off.

By Mark M.

I was excited when the George reopned as The Avalon because I am local and they have refurbished the pub beautifully.

Unfortunately my expectations were way off the mark; the staff are reasonably friendly, the surroundings are fresh and new so if you want a few drinks in a nice environment I would recommend it but if you would like to eat be cautous because 5 friends and I went there one Sunday and all of us had a bad experience.

Two of my friends had pork bellie and it was so tough they sent it back. The roast beef was also tough and a few of us had steak and whilst it was the best option was massively overpriced for the portion size.

If you want a roast or steak, stay away, there are far better places in the local area.


By Adam H.

so much better from when it first opened!The food is great and I'll be definatley happy to call 'The Avalon'my local now.

By Shefalee L.

I went here last night for dinner, I've been once before and both times I've been disappointed with the food. The vegetarian options are few and lack any imagination. Still I went for the mushroom risotto with aged parmesan thinking it's would be impossible to get wrong. What arrived was a mound of dry rice surrounded by a mushroom sauce - not my understanding of how risotto should be made. Anyway, the sauce was tepid, lacked any flavour with no parmesan in sight. Even with the current 50% off food offer the meal was not good value. A real shame as the pub looks great - from now on I'll be sticking with drinks and going elsewhere for food.

By Sam B.

If you want to eat, go elsewhere. On two occasions recently our order was delivered incomplete after a very long wait. The food tasted good but was tepid or cold. Side dishes and some mains failed to appear and then when they did (after the other mains had been finished) they were also cold. Desserts were cold too. The management had complaints to deal with from every table and most were given discounts off their bills which cannot be a sustainable solution. The chef has great credentials but he needs to organise his kitchen better and start serving hot food. I won't be eating here again in a hurry.

By Olly S.

wow! myself and the little lady popped in on the off chance without expectations and were completely in awe or the interior.. some very clever theming and layers of interest... staff were more than pleasant and the manager was a very cool chap... i had the best steak i have had in years finished off having a few more drinkies in the bar.. great atmosphere.. if only it was my local...

By A.

What a waste! This place has great potential - great venue, fantastic serving staff, great atmosphere but the food is incredibly disappointing. Not only does it take an age to arrive but it is then cold and the order rarely accurate. Have been twice now since it reopened under new management in November and both times have had to be given money off the bill. I won't be going back in a hurry which is a shame because everything else makes this a good venue. The food is even very tasty but it is just cold or luke warm when (or if) it arrives. Very very disappointing.

By Alexandra P.

A friend and I went for dinner here last night and were both highly disappointed. The prices are incredibly steep for the quality of food that was served. We both had the pork belly - it was very tough and chewy. The puree it was served with had obviously not been tasted by whoever prepared it because it tasted like an entire bucket of salt had been added to it - it was inedible. The dauphinoise potatoes resembled a potato cake topped with cheese. There are plenty of other places around the area that serve better and cheaper food. I know they've only been open for a few weeks, but don't offer food to your clients you can't prepare. I will be saving my money in future.

By Antonietta M.

They opened to the public on the 21st November. That's less than 2 weeks. Yes. Do give them a break! Used my 50% voucher and couldnt fault my food. Great addition to this side of Clapham. Keep it up

By Amy L.

They have been open for 3 weeks now and presentation is everything!! I didn't mind waiting the hour and 45min for my main! (had an early booking and we were only the 3rd table there), but when the food came out cold and looking like it had seen better days, I was not happy. Also sent back and it came out look worst.

By James B.

Had a superb meal at The Avalon last night. The meat was wonderfully tender, falling off the bone (lamb and beef short rib) and puddings fantastic. Very friendly service and it looks amazing - truly stands out from the crowd. As for the two negative reviews: give them a break - they've only been open a few days and it's incredibly busy!!

By Colin J.

We had Lunch in the dining room which was nearly empty, the food was unispiring and largely cold, the seem to have issues getting the food hot to the table, the pork belly was not cooked properely, tough in the middle with soggy skin and nipples! Chicken pie was better although a bit soupy Service was good although not enough reason to revisit, prices a little steep too compraed to other pubs and restaurants nearby

By Emma M.

Very Poor Food, Can’t believe the Head Chef (Marez Loukal) was from Chez Bruce! I had Steak, the garnish was all wilted (dead) and the béarnaise source had split, oil sitting on top and the chips were chucked on the plate. And to top it off my steak was cold to touch. I had not come straight off the grill. I complained and sent it back, it came out looking the same, but the steak was warmer! I have been to Chez Bruce and there is no way that plate would have left the kitchen looking like that. Very Disappointed

By Alison J.

This place is great - busy - but the service doesn't fault...had dinner there last night - couldn't say it was the best meal - but definitely not the worst...had trouble finding it on line - but it can be found at a very snazzy website. All in all tho - def worth checking out - this bar is a keeper.

By Anthony P.

best atmosphere and best steaks around. Try the huge Argentinian steak after going to the gym - fantastic. Great service too.

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