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The Borderline hosts live music nights featuring a diverse mix of musical styles, including hip hop, jazz, punk, rock and more. A range of drinks are available at the licensed bar.

Ranked #67 of 225 clubs in London

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The Borderline reviews

By Andrew M.

I went on a Saturday night to The Borderline and I had a brilliant night. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone was really enjoying the tunes from The Coral to The White Stripes, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's Indiepop. Great stuff! I definitely want to go back again and again - I think we paid 6 quid to get into The Borderline! Bargain!

By E R.

I really enjoyed my night at this club. The queueing wasn't ideal, but I suppose that's pretty standard wherever you go. The music was brilliant and met some great people. Definitely worth a look-in.

By Natalie H.

Disabled people discriminated against at this venue.

Do not even attempt going to this venue if you are disabled, as you will be refused access. Even though their website states they ' take the needs of their disabled customers very seriously and actively encourage ALL patrons to attend' , they will not allow you in if you are a wheelchair user. Even though they DO have a lift. I was refused entry after making a three hour journey by taxi. Apparently I was a 'health and safety risk' . It is 2016 . This venue would not be allowed to refuse entry to any other so called minority group, but if you're in a wheelchair you don't deserve to go in . Zoya Rossi, assistant manager, you are nasty, spiteful and should be ashamed of yourself.

By Jimmy J.

Have been to this venue many times spanning some years, some leaner than others in terms of visits per year. Not really into the clubbing thing [although a few late nights have been had there after gigs] so can only think in terms of the live music there. Seen some great bands and had many memorable nights there, the venue has obviously had some refit works recently and the service is brilliant, friendly and on the ball staff who were good at their jobs, but also enjoyed the shows by the looks of things. A great night out!

By Sue D.

Another place in London where they used to play good music, yet underage kids have ruined it. Used to have such a good alternative community spirit on Wednesday's and Thursday's night, but now it seems that some kids have just brought the place down. Groups of people fighting outside, causing trouble to passers by as the bouncers look on doing nothing. Horrible booze, horrible staff, horrible atmosphere. Good music, just a really horrible place to be.

By Peter G.

This used to be the greatest small venue in London. Sadly, thanks to a succession of rubbish owners and the rudest, smelliest manager in the world, this is now a place to be avoided at all cost. The beer is warm and expensive, the staff are apathetic and frankly, the act they have these days are 3rd rate at best. It's a crying shame!

By Philip D.

This is a review of the VENUE that is known as the Borderline, Orange Yard, Off Manette Street, London

Date of visit- 3rd September 2009 Band seen- NeckarAdmission cost- £14Number in (Wednesday evening) around 150

The Borderline is a cellar type venue in Central London just off Charring Cross Road (nearest tube Tottenham Court Road, turn right a Foyles and first right again).

Situated at the end of a short dead end it could be described as "tucked away". The outside, at the front, under the sky, is the "smoking area". OK so if it is raining they loan you an umbrella....

....Once past the pay point you descend a standard twisting flight of stairs and enter the auditorium just the the right of the stage. To your right there is a cloakroom where, for a fee of £1.50, you can check in your coat and beyond this is the stage.

Heading to your left there are several large "steps" where the audience can stand, with, above their heads, banks of lights and above the stage a row of speakers.

On the night I attended one of these speakers was clipping badly on certain frequencies, but otherwise I considered the sound to be generally good, and I guess had I chosen to stand somewhere else it could have even qualified for very good!!

At the other side of the room, and at a level similar to the back of the raised steps is the bar area, typical London club bar, where bitter is served in a tin at extortionate prices, but I settled for draught Guinness.

Further back in the room is an area where one can sit at tables, as it is a bit higher than the main audience area you could see over the top of a lot of the people and just about see the band, and there was a large screen TV there projecting a live feed off the stage, but the picture quality was not great.

At this point in the room it was actually possible to have a conversation over the sound.

By Karine D.

Hello !I went with my friend Clara to The Borderline last Saturday !I come from south of France specially to dance in this place !

It was a fantastic night, the atmosphere was superb, and the DJ was excellent.

People sing and dance all the night like children and I remember this for a long time !See you soon in September !

By Karine D.

Hello !!

My name is Karine ; I come from south of France and i come with my friend Clara specially in this place to dance all the night !

See you soon in September !

By Ray R.

The bands here make this one of the best small live venues in London. With a mix of bands from the UK and USA and upcoming bands I have seen some great performances here.

The decor is still the same years after I first came but dont let that detract from the great music.

The best place to watch a band are the seats on the level next to the bar but to get one you have to get to the show fairly early because they always go quickly.

By Richard A.

i love this place. travel to london occasionally to see a good friend and we both love indie music of yester year and a saturday night at th borderline certainly doesn't disappoint. its expensive to where i live up north but fairly reasonable in my opinion for its location.

DJ will always oblige when a request is made, and the bar staff are friendly and you can certainly have banter with them.ok so its not the trendiest club in london, and by no means the 'best' whatever that means with all the varying types of night etc. if i was taking the missus then i'd take a trip in the 'trendy' places possibly, but for a group of friends who love indie music of the 80s and 90s i don't see many better options.

i love returning to the club, and their stairs are quite drunk friendly which is a surprise and their list of bands that have played there is quite cool to read as you walk down the stairs.i shall be returning at the end of January for another top nightthanks for the memories, long may they continue

By Raymond Q.

This place is truly horrendous. i went on a wednesday night and they played a heavy dodgy mix of ska and metal and whatever comes in between. drinks were pricey. crap atmosphere and the punters were all truly dodgy characters, emo trannies and whatnot.

By Luke T.

We went here as part of my stag do on Saturday just gone and it was an absolutely superb night. Indie classics galore, a real feel good atmosphere and everyone was just smiling and loving the music. I'd recommend this haunt to anyone who's into the golden era of Indie and all things that went before and have come after. From Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones to Franz Ferdinand, The Arctic Monkeys and The Killers, via The Jam, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Suede, Blur, Oasis, and Pulp. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

By Chynna M.

I went here tonight to see a band, and it was awful.Mainly for the fact that we didn't get in, because nobody told us we needed either our passports or driving licenses (?! we're 16) to get into a 14+ GIG.The website has been down for the past few days, so there was no way of us knowing this.We had 16+ Oyster Cards and college cards with our DOB on them and still, no entry.The security was rude and dismissive, the venue opened late anyway and we all left amazingly disappointed.If you're a young person hoping to see a band, don't waste your time here... they don't accept passport photocopies either.Ridiculous.

By Matt W.

Alas they no longer serve food. I don't know what it is about the club but no one there seems to go listen to music. Every time i've been there people have talked loudly from start to finish.

By L.

The Borderline is very good and has a relaxed atmosphere. Don't expect a fancy venue, as it's a place to go with friends and have a drink and dance with pretty good rock music.

The only problem at The Borderline is maybe for guys who are looking to hook up, as there are not a lot of ladies...

By A.

I went to The Borderline last Friday and it was a fantastic night, the bands were superb, The Rayes especially, and the DJ was excellent. Keep up the good work! Drinks were a little pricey but other than that I thoroughly recommend The Borderline.

By J.

Went to The Borderline on a Friday and got in about 11 - it was probably the best music I've heard in a club, from great 80's stuff like the Cure, the Smiths, Depeche Mode to current Indie like Hard-Fi. There was a good crowd too, enough room to dance - overall The Borderline was a fantastic night, I will definitely be going back.

By H.

I went to The Borderline on Saturday. It was a good night. Slightly older crowd, and drinks a little on the expensive side but good atmosphere, very friendly.

Music at The Borderline is a spot on mix with the likes of Arctic Monkeys alongside Stone Roses. Highly recommended.

By Roxanne R.

This live music venue remains one of the most laid-back and unpretentious places to catch bands in the capital.

The Venue
Located just off Charing Cross Road, opposite the side of the popular Foyles bookshop, this venue has a central and an easy-to-find location – it's a short stumble from Tottenham Court Road Central Line station and loads of bus routes routes run close by. From the outside, you'll wonder whether the venue is themed, as the wooden ticket office, visible from the street, wouldn't look out of place in a Tex-Mex themed bar. Walk past this – ensuring you check out the musical legends on the walls, such as Oasis, who have played the venue in the past – and you enter a rather industrial-looking, white-walled stairway that leads to the left-hand side of the stage.

Once downstairs, you'll feel as if you've entered a cross between a rustic country-themed venue (wooden paneling) and a somewhat industrial club (the ceilings are covered in open piping). There are two bars either side of the small stage, which is also used as part of the dance floor for club nights. The smaller bar of the two can be hard to get served at but is a welcome addition when you're over on the left-hand side of the stage during a really packed gig and you're dying for a drink.

There's a main standing area to watch the bands, which is quite small – and can get pretty packed and sweaty – and a small seating area to the right of the stage where you can sit and be close to the band. Unfortunately, this space is designed with a huge white pole restricting the view of the stage at some angles. Thoughtfully, the venue provides a TV, which allows you to still see what's going on.

Towards the back, there's a bigger seating area, where you'll find half a dozen or so low-level black tables and silver and black stools. There's also a couple of areas to perch, which you can lean against and put down your drink. This area is also served by a TV, so you never miss out on what's happening on the stage – even if you're far away. The modern and somewhat unfinished toilets (there's no mirror in the ladies just yet) are behind this area, too. These can be a bit tight to get into at times, especially on busier nights – but they're a lot cleaner than other music venues.

The Atmosphere
Whereas a lot of venues are unwelcoming unless you fit into a certain scene, The Borderline isn't like that at all. Due to the sheer variety of music on offer – and the rather eclectic indie and rock club night on Saturdays – the club is really unpretentious and attracts a lot of people from different music scenes. Whether you brand yourself as a goth, a metal head or part of the indie scene, you won't feel out of place. Staff further emphasise this, they're friendlier than you'd expect for a music venue and generally look as if they're having a good time like the punters.

The Music
This is the main focus and the intimate space plays host to hundreds of up-and-coming and well-known bands every year. Music can vary considerably depending on the nigh - on one night you might listen to a folk-themed blues band, and on another you might hear an electronic-based or heavy metal act. Every Saturday, the club hosts The Christmas Club, which is a rock and indie night playing everything from 60s classics to modern day favourites. If you're going to visit the venue, it's worth checking out the listings first, so you're not disappointed when you arrive.

The Drink
Drinks are priced quite fairly considering the central location and the fact it opens until 3am on some nights. In keeping with the gig-venue theme, there's not a great selection of drinks on offer but they serve all the popular favourites. Carlsberg and San Miguel are served on draught, Tetleys and Red Stripe are in cans and bottles include Gaymers, Newcastle Brown Ale, Budvar and VS alcopops. Spirits are pretty standard, too. You're looking at spending around £3.40 for a pint, slightly more for bottles and slightly less for cans. There's also wine on offer, too, and this is around £4 a glass.

The Last Word
Unpretentious, laid-back and intimate, The Borderline’s one of the best live music spaces in the capital.

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