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Infamous NYC club The Box comes to London's Soho. The 7000 square foot venue hosts a diverse programme of events.

Ranked #26 of 225 clubs in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Doors open Wed-Sat 23:00 and the show starts at 00:00
Please note reservations are recommended.

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The Box reviews

By Matt P.

Writing as somebody who *did* make it past this club's ludicrously subjective make-it-up-as-you-go-along door 'policy', I can confirm that your best efforts are rewarded by a venue with much more hype going for it than substance. Does 'anything go'? Of course it doesn't. The most risqué this place gets is equivalent to an edgy burlesque performance. There are occasional 'acts' on stage which are curious to enjoy, but anything but erotic. Anyone who thinks this equates to hedonism needs a good night out at a proper club where pumping music and rhythm whip the crowd into a throbbing mass. The Box is just a bunch of wealthy people (plus tragic wannabes) engaged in an overpriced circle jerk of mutual congratulation. Save yourself the bother, don't believe the hype, and see to your 'needs' before leaving the house. Then get down with your bad self at any of London's superior, louder and more tolerant and accepting venues. There are some amazing places to enjoy but unless you're fixated by the need to be seen somewhere (even if it means a crappy night out) then The Box simply ain't it.

By Rory W.

I had been trying an absolute age to get into The Box in Soho and finally the heavens smiled down on me! Came for the evening on Saturday and this place is so gratifying.

By James J.

Wow what a place The Box is! My girlfriend won a competition for a VIP table at The Box for the bank holiday weekend in August and I’ve literally only just recovered! It’s bloody expensive, but for a free night out it was amazing! I would give it 6 stars if I could!

By Kirsty Louise T.

I went to The Box last weekend, and I have never been so disappointed in all of my life. The staff are rude, they over fill the club so you cant move or even breath! Had to queue for the toilet for 40 mins! But to top it all the performances are boring and not risqué at all, I've seen more interesting and risqué performances just at a burlesque night. And to top it all the place is full of chavs or cant handle their drinks so expect someone to fall into you then onto the floor. Dont go to The Box its A waste of money!

By Sony V.

I went to The Box Soho last weekend and thought the burlesque show was good but the DJ afterwards was a bit disappointing. Overall I was impressed with The Box but they definitely need a better DJ!

By Ed H.

If you dress like a chav you aren’t going to get in here at The Box. FACT. If you want to mix with the upper classes then dress like it. Some people need to make more of an effort.

By Tori J.

First of all, don't expect to get in. And secondly, it's The Box, play it cool and dress to impress. But not so it's obvious, yeah?! Ha! We have chanced it before and not had any luck, but when we did get in we loved rubbing shoulders with Cara Delevingne. Oooh.

By Yilmaz L.

Rude Staff

out of my league who said member club here, rude staff, queue in the WC. Please.. over rated silly place ( rather to go Lulu's club )

By Wendy F.

The worst performances ever. Trying to be edgy and look cool but no talent whatsoever. They should sack whoever is booking their acts! People are paying top £ to see a few untalented Russian stripers (they should be cheap, plenty of that in London)

By T N.

Hilarious place. Desperate to be cool, and with some pretty cool ingredients... But lacking the clientele!! I will paint the scene: a transvestite dancer takes to the stage to perform, dressed in PVC with his face masked and a flower in his mouth. Ten minutes later, three women who look like they're on an office night out take to the stage and start dancing (badly) with him. I was embarrassed for them, and disappointed by the club. It just feels like a bunch of idiots with a lot of money playing at being edgy.

By Rhian W.

i wanted to take my boyfriend here for his birthday, didn't know exactly what to expect but we were honestly so excited. the doormen were two great big lumps who avoided eye contact with everyone who didn't look like they were sitting on millions in the bank & every now and then a small, smartly dressed, sad excuse of a man would come and sort of tease people with the idea that they could get in before disappearing back into the club. we left after this happened about 3 times feeling embarrassed and humiliated. honestly don't know how you could treat people that way, especially ones who were looking forward to enjoying the establishment and spending money... will never return and suggest avoidance at all cost.

By . ..

I recently visited The Box with high expectations for the entertainment and I was not disappointed! The staff were all very friendly and unpretentious. I was very impressed with the whole experience.

By Clare F.

OMG The Box is the best place I’ve ever been to in my life! I can’t believe that this group of guys sent 2 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne to our table :) Jamie Winstone was there as well, The Box is just the coolest place in London hands down! xx

By Fred N.

The Box is simply put, the most unique place in London nightlife. Such a perfect fit for Soho. I’ve been 3 times now and every show has been better than the last one. Highly recommended!

By Tom D.

I queued up for The Box in Soho last weekend, but the doorman said it was tables only for £1,000. It looks so so cool, can’t wait to come back another time.

By Seb R.

I have been to many cabaret clubs over the years including le crazy horse and the Moulin rouge in paris and in my opinion they are just better that the box. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice looking place but it just didn’t blow me away like other people are saying.

By Sooty T.

Went to one of the weekend shows at the box and had a great time. Slightly put off by the expensive drinks however, cocktails were about 15 quid! Nice ladies made up for it though.

By Arnie A.

Went to the Box over the weekend with some friends and by all accounts we were lucky to get in. Bouncers could be seen as being rude, but hey I didn’t want to waste time chatting to them anyway. Once inside the box you will be blown away as its incredible and really stand up above the other seedy cabaret clubs that are dotted around London.

By Vic C.

The Box is an incredible venue, which should be respected regardless of what lies inside. Very discreet from the outside but opulent décor makes it really stand out from other cabaret clubs I have been to. Beautiful girls as well, of course!

By Brian A.

The Box London really is something else, it is a club of very high standards both aesthetically and show wise. The dancers are amazing, and the drinks top quality although of course rather expensive.

By Jenny L.

Can’t believe how close The Box is to so many other clubs and pubs that I go to in Soho and I didn’t even know it existed. I read the ViewLondon review and had to give The Box a try as it sounded so up my street and it really was.

By Lady G.

The décor and atmosphere of The Box is decidedly miles above the rest in this saucy Soho club. I went for an evening out and had a total blast.

By . ..

Just wow is all I can say about this place! Had the most amazing night here at The Box last weekend. Was brought here for my birthday by friends and had a truly exceptional evening. The performances were a definite highlight. 5 star rating.

By Percy P.

A little over hyped in my opinion, I have been in the queue numerous times here at The Box in Soho and have only got in once. Really depends on what bouncers are on, but I will say that the club itself is pretty amazing, if only it were easier to get in!

By Tiffany R.

My friends have been aching to come to The Box in Soho for ages as they have assured me it is the crème de la crème of the London club scene. Safe to say that this place does not disappoint. The vibe is glorious here and was fun trying to spot the celebrities out and about here.

By Seb R.

The Box in Soho is so gorgeously select that you can bid adieu to the ruffians that frequent many of London’s Club scene. I have had the pleasure of spending a few fare evenings here and The Box only gets better every time you visit.

By Tabitha T.

I thought I had experienced most of what Soho’s nightlife had to offer but nothing prepared me for the achingly cool evening that would await me here at The Box. My friend got us on the guest list and I honestly felt like royalty coming here. Have to say The Box is an incredibly saucy night out that only a mere few of us mortals can experience. A definite 5 star rating.

By Max K.

I couldn't possibly comment on The Box as I didn't get in! My friends had got in earlier though, and they said it was every bit as bonkers as everyone says. They said they'd head back in a heartbeat - even with the queue.

By Judy L.

The shows are ok, worth a watch if you can stomach getting past the obnoxious and self loving front door staff. The shows make this place go from dreadful to ok... If it wasn't for them the pretentiousness, ridiculous prices, rude staff, constant offers of drugs (and sex) would make this place make a night to forget and avoid.

By C O.

After waiting for 2 hours the queue did not move an inch while doorman let may be a hundred in. There is no respect for people waiting outside and no information. If you are not let those people in just say it. Rude, ignorant staff is the least to say about them

By Martins A.

The box club is a cabaret .people should try and know the difference between normal club and cabaret for and friends is a good place .

By Martins A.

Please ,I have been there like two times .that is cool what they doing is normal I feel save when am there then any other place

By Miguel D.

The most disorganized door I've seen. The guy that was at the door was clearly stressing out and couldn't coupe with such an easy and straight forward job(?). All the people dying to get in just made me not desire to be there. Flashing their cash and making full of themselves. Come on, its just a club. This pretentious clubs just make me think how shallow and ignorant some people are. Its a no no for me.

By C J A.

We got in on a guest list so didn't queue and were so excited about coming after hearing so much about it. The venue itself was impressive but the content was dreadful. The stage show was boring and cheap. Not shocking or entertaining. We also got treated like absolute c**p by the staff. We went out to the toilet and then weren't allowed back into the main room by security whilst the show was on. Which we'd waited 2 hours to see! The security guy was rude and we were made to wait in a corridor with only a handful of people so it would have made no difference if they'd let us in. We left with a bitter taste in our mouths having spent good money to be treated badly. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend

By Fiona D.

I can only assume that those who rave about this venue either went to a different place or are in the pay on the management!

By Fiona D.

I got in and wish I hadn't bothered. A complete waste of time and money. The cabaret was plain boring. It was neither funny nor erotic; and it certainly wasn't "shocking". A sexually frustrated 16 year old would have fallen asleep before being inspired. What made it worse was that the DJ-ing was so uninspired that this place doesn't even rate as a better than average night club. This venue and its entertainment lacks the necessary talent and sophistication to achieve its stated objectives.

By Kip B.

We visited this venue for a friends birthday. Under the hope it would be as exciting as a lot of the "IT" crowd have said. Upon arrival we were fortunate to get in quickly bearing in mind the party had put down £1,000 as a minimum spend for our room, and this would be done in just two bottles of vodka! Now i'm more than happy with a minimum spend and obviously i prefer it when its a challenge to spend that money on this occasion these prices are just excessive. After the show the group came back up to find out as we had spent the money the room had been given away! And when we tried to get into retrieve our coats a bouncer wouldn't let us in we had to describe the items to get them back. We were disgusted Disgusted! The show was tacky and childish lasting 15 mins so it wasn't worth getting packed in an overly crowded room and confined by a variety of roped off areas. Frankly if i'm in the mood for burlesque, i'll get the the Euro Star to Paris and watch Crazy Horse (fantastic)! Don't bother its a waist of money that could be spent at other establishments in London and have a much better night!

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