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The Breakfast Club serves a wide choice of breakfasts as well as a range of international choices such as burritos, nachos or wraps. The Breakfast Club in Hoxton also has a range of alcoholic drinks.

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The Breakfast Club reviews

By Simon D.

For the first time in my life I sent food back through coming to this 'restaurant'. The waitress was nice and I initially felt a bit sorry for her as everyone else she was serving kept changing tables and ruining her system. However she did forget that I had ordered a coffee whilst I decided what to order. I literally saw her remember this as she took my food order. I went for the Chorizo, fried egg and hash browns - just the perfect breakfast for a late night and sleeping on a lumpy bed. Or so I hoped. However it took ages to arrive and when it did was pretty nearly stone cold. I could perhaps have blamed the waiting staff, not the 'chef' for this, if only the hash browns weren't the worst I'd tasted ever. They were obviously pre-cooked and re-heated (only they weren't actually hot) so I got a limp pile of grey greasiness instead of nice hot crispy hash browns. My eggs were pretty cold and like any old greasy spoon cafe, not with crunchy edges & bubbled white as I would expect. The chorizo was actually nice but accompanied by only a stingy two flat mushrooms, for over £8! I just couldnt eat it so sent it back. The waiter returned - quite a bit later, you think they would hurry to perhaps please a complaining customer? - gleefully exclaiming that he had them reheat it. Reheat it!? It was eggs! I reminded him thats not really the done thing & that I wanted a new plate. Eventually this arrived (one mushroom less). The hash browns were still horrible but at least the rest was at an edible temperature! Terrible! The coffee was ok though ;)

By Leon R.

At last, my long awaited visit to 'the Breakfast Club'. On entering I'd say no big surprises as it delivered what I expected, the same eclectic furnishings and 80's memorabilia that we as east Londoners have learnt to love and come to expect from any half decent eatery and being situated just off Hoxton square the hipsters wouldn't allow any less. We were met at the door by a smiling waitress, seated and served very quickly which is always appreciated when arriving with high expectations and a raging 10am hunger. I'm afraid it was really down hill from there on in. My girlfriend and I ordered a pitcher of the aptly named 'slow Boy' (carrot,apple,orange and ginger juice) which I imagine was prepared by said character as it arrived in a very chipped jug and contained a watery acidic frothy mixture totally lacking in ginger which left me very unsatisfied for a hefty £8.40. This was followed promptly by my Full English or as they name it 'the Full Monty' maybe in the hope that any humorous distraction will take away from the overpriced disappointment which follows. So for £9.20 I received 1 sausage (probably the best part), 2 rashers of bacon which I can only compare to a good piece of leather which would have been more at home on one of my fellow diners' Brogues, (overlapped on massive baking trays and stewed in the oven until some colour starts to appear) all the soggy fat was left on the side of my plate, half a grilled tomato which was ok but but lost beneath the pile of deep fried potatoes, when I inquired asto why these were in place of my hash browns I was met with. And wait for it. "oh, haven't you had our hash browns before, we don't mush them together" I'm staunchly non religious but lord give me strength, I've never heard such cod's wallop! The poached eggs were a minor miracle as the yolks had somehow escaped the stringy whites which were somewhere over the other side of the plate. This was all nicely sat on a spoonful of tepid baked beans and to

By Jack S.

Mixed feelings about this one... For all the hype The Breakfast Club has, the food really is rather disappointing, especially for the price! Honestly, food-wise I've had better at run of the mill suburban greasy spoons. The decor is a lot of fun though, the staff are lovely, and it's a great atmosphere.

By Ursula K.

I went there for the first time on Sunday 28th November. We don't have anything like this wonderful place in Yorkshire and you Londoners are so lucky. It was worth queuing outside for 20 minutes in the freezing cold. The staff were so charming and helpful and not stressed at all even though they were very very busy. They actually apologized for the delay too. The food (eggs Florentine) was cooked to perfection. I think delpuppy should have waited another 15 minutes for his burger, it would have been worth it. Maybe the staff were happy to see him/her go as the clientele all seemed relaxed and happy and it may change the laid back ambiance if a load of Mr Winners and Mr Fawltys turn up shouting about wanting what's not on the menu!

By Del F.

went a few saturdays ago at 4.40pm and tried to order a burger that was on the menu outside but only on the after 5.00pm menu inside as i did not fancy anything on the inside before 5.00pm breakfast menu - and apparently they cannot make a burger until the kitchen is changed over - i asked politely if they could make one as it was only 15 minutes before the 5.00pm change over - i was told it was not possilbe - so unless the kitchen spins around in George Micheal "outside video" style and it turns into a burger bar - i am thinking not - or the burger fridge is on a time lock - the staff seemed happy to let me go elsewhere rather than make a burger 15 minutes earlier - given the other reviews i had a lucky escape - went elsewhere and had great food that i wanted to order - not be going back

By Y B.

Me and my girlfriend are both big fans of the food there. The quality and creativity of the various dishes is unprecedented for the price point of the restaurant. Each dish is full of flavor and cooked from fresh items. In addition to the food, the smoothies are another reason to visit BC, especially after a long night out. Unfortunately my praise ends there, having frequented the establishment once a week over a year, we eventually stopped coming because of the poor service. At times the staff was a bit rude and unorganized, but the most annoying part was the lack of a timely service. Drinks in most instances were served while the food was being eaten, or after. Tables arriving later can get serviced before you. Requesting the bill usually takes 15 - 30 minutes (no exaggeration), and this has even happened on a slow weeknight. Apart from one instance where the staff member was trully rude and disrespectful (in which case the manager did good on our part and gave us free smoothies and a discount), I blame the lack of training and organization of the dining team. I find it hard to believe that the small kitchen team is able to cope so well with the high demand on weekends, yet the serving teams falls so far behind on their workload. If you're looking for amazing food (breakfast, lunch or dinner), a good atmosphere and very poor service, BC hoxton is the place for you.

By Daniel C.

I ate here yesterday afternoon and I have to say I was very unimpressed. I ordered the poached egg, cherry tomatos, mushrooms and parmesan on toast with a cup of tea. This came to £8.20 which is ridiculously overpriced. The food that arrived was extremely poor and could of been topped by any standard greasy spoon cafe in the east end for half the price. The poached egg was overcooked and had split, the portion was half what I expected. You would expect for £6.20 some kind of substantial portion, what I received was one slice of granary toast which had gone like a soggy sponge because the poached egg had not been drained properly. This was topped off witha very meagre amount of mushrooms and cherry tomatos and they did say parmesan on the menu, well it was almost undetectable on the plate. My £2 cup of tea turned up lukewarm in a chipped cup. When we arrived there was a queue outside the front and service was extremely poor. The staff seemed to be more concerned with looking cool than paying any attention to the customers. The decor of the 'cafe' seemed to be some kind of shabby mish mash. The lighting was the only redeeming factor however the place was not helped by the loud music.I often found myself straining my ears to hear what my friend was trying to say to me. I suggest if you want a decent breakfast, go to any greasy spoon cafe along the bethnal green road or roman road. Atleast you will be well fed at half the price without the pretension.

By J R.

The first time I went to the Breakfast Club, it was on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and my experience was, in spite of slightly sub-par service, delightful. I was pleased to see such a variety of breakfast dishes. The one I ordered was enormous, and, more importantly, the quality was good. I also ordered a juice, and it was quite delicious, as was the smoothie. Based on my experience, the menu gave me just what it said, and I found the atmosphere original and relaxed.

Having said that, the second time I went I was very disappointed. I didn't think to ask an establishment called "The Breakfast Club" whether or not they served breakfast the evening I brought my mother there as a treat before she left the country. She loves breakfasts, even for dinner. I was upset to find that breakfast is not served after 5:00 in the evening. I never thought to call ahead of time to enquire about this when the name clearly suggests breakfast is their main trade and that they're pretty much shelling them out at all times during opening hours. We had a breakfast, but it was the only one they served past 5:00, and it wasn't what we had in mind. When I mentioned this to the server, he challenged my comment by referring to the one breakfast item on the menu at that hour. I didn't expect to justify my opinion to him. One breakfast item doesn't exactly discount my disappointment that the entire breakfast menu isn't served.

Overall, on the best of circumstances I like the restaurant. Just be forewarned about the breakfast menu hours. I must comment, however, that, as cool as the restrooms are decorated, on the second visit their condition almost killed my appetite.

By Mass M.

Breakfast is good - i like the place and the atmosphere very much. it's so close to where i live it makes it so easy... BUT!

avoid the a particular member of staff which is probably the same one mentioned below by the BC response... she's rude, hopeless and disturbing really -

people like that should not work in the service business!

By Billy P.

Went here for Sunday brunch. Contrary to negative reviews, the service was okay considering how busy they were.

By no means was it attentive or fast, but it was friendly and one could tell the staff were over-worked and trying hard.

The restaurant itself has a good atmosphere, is light and airy with interesting decor, though the music was pretty loud so was hard to hold a conversation without having to repeat myself.

Also we were put on the table right next to the dirty plate drop-off, and kept getting splashed by dish water.

A simple board to block off that area would solve that problem, guys.Drinks wise there was a great list of smoothies and juices to choose from. I had a berry smoothie and it was fresh and delicious.

The coffee, however, had either been burnt or their espresso machine is not cleaned properly, as it was very bitter.

But I'm a barista so perhaps I'm a bit too discerning.The biggest problem with this place is the grub. I had the banana and bacon french toast, which was fine and filling, but wasn't anything I couldn't have made at home.

Having said that, the bacon was pretty much perfectly cooked - crunchy and still meaty. But judging from other people's plates, I don't think I would have liked any of the big dishes from the menu.

My friend had the full veggie breakfast (which she got only after being brought a meat breakfast!).

Her falafel was dry as a bone and tasteless, and everything else was just amateur. Their hash brown isn't hash brown. It's home fries/grits.

Also I noticed other people's meat breakfasts were very stodgy and a lot of people were leaving half of it. Sausages were burnt and eggs overcooked.

You can get a better 'Full Monty' in any number of greasyspoon cafes.So overall, pretty underwhelmed with this place.

I'd like to stop in when it's a bit quieter for a drink and a dese

By E L.

Went to Hoxton BC for lunch on Tuesday. We arrived just before 12, thankfully getting a table.

The place was packed for the 2 hours we were there. The food came out pretty quickly considering how many folk were in there.

I had a burger which in days gone by would have served a small family. Came out hot and tasty, with some huge and addictive potato wedges, not the rehydrated shiiit.

It might be worth skipping breakfast if you are planning to go there for lunch. Like wise if ya`ll be going for dinner, you won`t be needing breakfast the following day.

They got plenty of choice of drinks and food. The decor is something else.

The kind of place i want to live in but have someone in to clean it etc This place was good for lunch but next time i be going for a night there with a group of folk.

The restrooms rock! This place is coolio and then some...

By Emily D.

I went to this bar for drinks on a Thursday evening/ night. We had cocktails and bar snacks, and both were great.

I had some lovely mojitos which were very tasty and well made.

The service was good, even though it was quite busy the night we went.I would definitely return.

By Sarah R.

Visited the Breakfast Club three times while on a 3 day visit to London - enough said!

An imaginative menu, friendly (and attractive!) staff and the funkiest toilets I've ever seen.

A really cool place. I'm practically drooling at the thought of their gigantaun bagels with cream cheese and salmon as I type!


By Anthony T.

Interesting response to my complaint. To be honest I can live without the internet. I cannot live with bad service.

Going to the Breakfast club is a waste of time and annoying, bad customer service and when you complain they argue and argue and argue.

If I were in charge of the place I would install proper customer service into the management of the organisation and spend less time arguing with my customers and more time listening to them.

There are plenty of great places around Hoxton that are more than happy to serve you with a smile and put you happily on your way, this place is not one of them.

I have been subjected to a miserable service from this place for months, this was not the first time, but this was the last straw. I no longer go there, as I said, it is a waste of time.

As for the petty points brought up;- staff member said will be about 15 mins, I didn't have 15 mins- situation did not become heated, was always polite in everyside - my reference to being 'uneducated' are more of a reflection of a lack of know how in regards to customer service, it is common sense that the provider of a service should go above and beyond, not just dwardle around-

my reference to 'blonde' is the best description I could give without knowing a name

From hearing the general feeling about this place from friends and collegues in the neighbourhood I would not be surprised if they go under, unless they clean up their act.

If they don't want people to write nasty comments and leave only one star then why don't they give a good service to begin with?

Depsite my comments, they do have a few amazing employees who go above and beyond.

By Jonathan A.

From The BC Hoxton

2 hugely disappointing reviews, one we take on the chin & say must do better (apologies Ross, send me an email and we can discuss dealing with this)

Anthony's, we give our perspective on the incident, the internet is a glorious tool but at times allows a very subjective and often one sided view of life.

A little background, as a cafe we don't offer or advertise a wireless service. We have internet in the cafe which we use for streaming music & from an internal business perspective - emailing etc.

If a customer asks us if they can use our internet we never say no and will happily give out the wireless password.

But we are solely a food and drink establishment, not an internet cafe. Anthony's visit coincided with our internet router playing up, it always does, that's why we don't offer it as a service, we've never been able to get it right, hence our deliberate stance on not selling the business off the back of it.

The staff members response to Anthony's request about the router was not 'NO' as stated in the review below, it was 'give me ten minutes I will get it sorted for you', she could have been quicker she could possibly have dropped everything she was doing and tried to fix a technical issue she has no knowledge about.

She didn't put herself out for the customer which is regrettable as hopefully the vast majority of the time we do aim to do this. The situation became heated and in the end nobody came away happy.

Calling somebody an 'uneducated blond australian' and exclaiming 'I hope your business goes under' off the back of a poor experience not fixing a router and splashing one star reviews across the internet all seems a slightly exaggerated response and not entirely fair.

Have your say on our food and drink, like I said, we'll take this on the chin, must do better.

Have your say about our service, we could have probably de

By Anthony T.

I do not recommend going to this place, the manager and one of her deputies are quite ill informed and have little clue about the value of customers.

Going to this place may well put you in a bad mood.I sometimes visit the Breakfast Club to work from my laptop with the wireless internet for about 30 minutes a time.

On Tuesday July 21st the wireless internet was not working with my laptop, I asked the manager if she could reset the reuter, but she said NO.

I explained that this does not cost anything for her and that I have no choice but to leave if she does not, to which she was not bothered that I left.

I then explained my concern to another girl who told me that the manager has been working for 15 hours (her start time would have been 3am, not likely), this other girl was completely unconcerned.

I reminded her that there is a recession and she told me that they are doing quite fine, I can only assume they don't care for their custom. I recommend you take your busy elsewhere.

By Rossa C.

Three of us ate here today and none of us were impressed. The Full Monty Breakfast was accompanied by stodgy, greasy potatoes which were supposedly hash browns.

The black pudding was burnt and the poached eggs barely cooked. The Chorizo Hash browns were incompetently prepared to say the least.

The same stodgy, greasy potatoes alongside two chorizo sausages which suggested the chef had been out enjoying the sun yesterday and hadn't shown up to work, leaving someone less capable to take their place in the kitchen.

On reflection, when we arrived the waitress informed us that the diner part of the menu wasn't available, only the breakfasts, so this may have been the case.

My heuvos rancheros arrived swimming in watery sauce alongside two chorizo sausages. Hmmmm, there's a pattern emerging here.

We ordered more tea and coffee that took far too long to arrive. All in all, not great, especially not for the price.

I've eaten at the Soho branch and been very impressed so hopefully this was due to us arriving on a bad day.

The restaurant itself is bright, welcoming and well-designed. The toilets are worth a visit alone.

By Michelle C.

Big is beautiful at the Breakfast Club’s new location in Hoxton.

The Venue
Well known in both Soho and Islington for their mega breakfasts, filling burgers and funky interiors, The Breakfast Club has set out to conquer East London with a new location just off Hoxton Square. The interior of the restaurant is a hodgepodge of old school pub, trendy caff and outdoor garden party, with a variety of mismatched wooden furniture and vintage tables spread across black and white tiled floors. Nestled in amongst the furniture you’ll find everything from worn-in armchairs to a Mickey Mouse statuette to an ancient TV, along with trendy touches like brightly painted buckets holding bottles of Heinz ketchup and HP sauce. Some of the tables seat two, some are canteen-style and could hold far more.

An open kitchen area and some high stools take up the left side of the restaurant, above which declares, in mismatched lettering, some lyrics from Men at Work’s Down Under: I met a strange lady / She made me nervous / She took me in and gave me breakfast. For even more retro quirkiness don’t miss a trip to the toilets, which are papered with scenes from ‘80s children’s classics – Strawberry Shortcake, He-Man and Fraggle Rock - just as you’d expect from a place called The Breakfast Club.

The Atmosphere
Count the pairs of skinny jeans and you’ll come to the conclusion that the clientele are locals pouring in from Hoxton and neighbouring Shoreditch and Spitalfields. But look closer and you’ll see the slightly relieved expressions of the people in suits, happy to be chowing down on a burger instead of a three course meal at a white tableclothed restaurant. This would be an ideal place for lunchtime break, a post-work drink and burger or just somewhere to soak up all that alcohol after a night at the loads of bars that line the area – The Breakfast Club is open until midnight on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Service is pleasant and friendly but seems a bit confused, however this could be due to the fact that the restaurant is still in its early stages. Once they sort out a few teething problems (a faulty till, a pair of drinks aimed for the wrong table, a couple of seemingly long delays) everything should be well in check.

The Food
To start, there’s breakfast – everything from the relatively simple toast and bagels to the massive Full Monty (£8.50), which features bacon, sausages, black pudding, hash browns, toast, eggs and beans. Other choices include a bacon sandwich, American-style pancakes in a variety of combinations, a breakfast burrito and a vegetarian breakfast which, happily, includes the interesting addition of falafel instead of just removing all the meaty bits from a normal breakfast. Slightly posher choices include Eggs Benedict (£7), Eggs Florentine (£8) and asparagus with poached egg and Hollandaise and Parmesan (£6).

The portions are large here, so unless you’re absolutely starving it might be a wiser choice to stick with the Half Monty (£6.50). Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a half portion of the Full Monty, though, as the only things missing are the hash browns and the black pudding. Good quality ingredients are used. The solitary sausage, in particular, is made from tightly-packed coarse pork with tiny flecks of leek, which gives it a slightly oniony edge. The two eggs are large and well-set; they have a sunshine colour yolk that is runny but slightly set at its core. Add to this two smoky bacon rashers, a generous portion of beans and two fluffy slices of griddled white toast and you have a heaving plate that’s hard to finish off. Well worth the prices.

Non-breakfast options (there are loads, despite the name) include sandwiches, burgers, wraps and salads, plus some starters aimed at sharing, like nachos. Nothing on the menu looks too fussy, which is just what you want in a place like this. Whilst some dishes seem American influenced (chilli cheese fries, anyone?), choices like pie and mash fly the flag for the UK. The cheeseburger (£8) is, like the other dishes, absolutely enormous. The meat patty (cooked well done, with no pinkness, if you don’t specify) looks handmade due to a heavy sprinkling of spices and herbs in the meat and its tendency to fall apart in chunks – which doesn’t affect the flavour, but makes for awkward eating. Melted, gooey cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato slices and quite a lot of mayonnaise are slathered on the patty, set in between a soft, fluffy bun. On the side is a ramekin of crunchy, tangy coleslaw (nearly the size of the burger itself) and a trio of chips. Despite the fact that there are only three, they’re each easily a quarter of a potato and are obviously homemade, with a fluffy middle and a well textured and not too oily skin. A pot of spicy and sweet tomato sauce accompanies the chips if you’d prefer that instead of ketchup.

About half a dozen desserts (all £4.50) round off the food menu, with options like sticky toffee pudding, cheesecake and apple pie. The brownie, though it arrives without the promised ice cream, is a tall, square piece – more cake-like than brownie-like but rich and chocolatey nonetheless. It’s covered in a thin, sugary sauce that tastes more like toffee than chocolate fudge, but for such a huge portion it’s hard to be too picky – you won’t miss the ice cream, either.

The Drink
Six wines are on offer, courtesy of a waist-high blackboard, with three whites and three reds from £12.50 to £20 (the cheapest of each is available by the glass from £4.40). Much more exciting though are the cocktails, which start from £6 (£6 cocktails in Hoxton? Surely there’s a misprint somewhere…) and include variations on classics like Bloody Marys and Mojitos. A few beers are on the list, including Red Stripe and Grolsch, from £3.30.

Non-alcoholic drinks include Sri Lankan tea and espresso-based coffees, all starting at about £2. There are about ten smoothies (£3.60) including a Tropical Gangster, a healthy mix of blueberry, pineapple, apple and ginger, with a flushed pink colour, a frothy top and a lingering, zingy aftertaste. Freshly pressed and/or squeezed juices start from about £3 and include a Virgin Apple Mojito, with pressed apple, mint and lime – refreshing, with a natural, sweet taste and big leaves of mint.

The Last Word
Massive portions, good quality food and a location that would make loads of restaurants jealous. Stop by after work or after a round of drinks and fill up without spending too much.

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