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The Cabin Grill is located on Chiswick High Road and serves a variety of steaks, seafood and grilled dishes.

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The Cabin Grill reviews

By Gg S.

I booked a table to attend a celebratory. I had booked the tabs for 8pm for 3 people however when I arrived I was greeted with the worst customer service and frosty reception from the lady on the door. Both my sister and my father and myself were disgusted with the way I was spoken to I was accused of lying and that I had booked the table for 7:30 and that if I was too be late I should have called. I have never been spoken to and greeted like that in any restaurant I have ever attended and it was absolutely disgusting to be spoken to like that with the waitress insisting she had taken the booking and it was 7:30 and I was wrong. If there was a miscommunication it should of been handled in a more professional manor. We were then seated at another table and half way through the meal me and my father realised we had been given the wrong steaks and we had been eating one another's making the meal highly unenjoyable for us both. This was meant to be a joyous occasion and having read reviews and always wanted to attend I was left extremely disappointed and angry with the rude level of service

By Chyna R.

Took my boyfriend here for his birthday. Atmosphere was amazing and staff were very friendly and chatty. I ordered the sea bass and roasted potatoes and it came beautifully prepared ... boyfriend enjoyed his birthday and we will defenetly be returning.

By James W.

Had lunch with family and relatives. Food - Seafood Platter - Lobster & Crab shell almot unbreakable even with the "tools", as it was not broken up first to make it easier. Had to break them on the table with the "tools". Steak - Good, but small potion (expensive). Starter - deep fried calamari good, but very small potions (expensive) Service - Variable, Eye Candy but most were too busy chatting to each ther than serving. Wwhen clearing the table they didn't cleared everyone's and I had to hand the items to a passing Waitress. When we had the main course there was no finger bowl, after asking and it came with no lemon, just warm water. Had to ask for side plates for sharing, weas told that there may not be enough to go round and will have to wait for it to be washed. We are a party of seven NOT seventy! This is not my first time here, apart from the food, the services is below standard being charged at 12.5%. By the way there was a crack above our seating area and water/damp can be seem on the wall.

By Rupert K.

Nice location. Great interior. Atmosphere...A little warm, even though it was a cold wet July outside. Service - slow, friendly, sweet. Food, probable the worst I have ever eaten. Manager - unforgiving, unconcerned, very good with taking payment. Very expensive. Waitress filing her nails by the cash machine...Priceless. Avoid this place! On the good side - there are plenty of (and much better) fast food places nea by, let's face it - you'll need one!

By Sally L.

Delicious homely food, great selection. Good drinks and cocktail selection. Friendly and efficient service. Great vibe to the restaurant.

By Kirstyn P.

We recently made a booking to eat at The Cabin Grill. As a group of 5 consisting of Father, Wife, Son, Daughter in Law and child aged 4, we had pre-checked that it was ok to take a child to the restaurant at 8pm at night. We often eat out with our daughter and she is very well behaved in restaurants. Upon arriving at the restaurant, we sat down to be told that whilst they would serve us food they would not be serving us with any alcohol and it was their perogative to do so. When we asked if they had a problem with our child being in the restaurant (she was the only one there) they said no but they chose not to serve alcohol to us. As we couldn't enjoy a glass of red wine with our steak we left! We have never been treated as badly in any restaurant in the world! We are frequent diners and have brought our child up to appreciate food and good restaurants - it was an disgraceful experience and one which I will tell everybody I can about to discourage them from ever eating in this appalling restaurant. We cannot rate the food as we clearly didn't eat but I can recommend the Italian next door who were most welcoming and the food was excellent.

By Judy L.

We went for a late lunch and had the all day breakfast, rump steak and the deep fried calamari. The staff were all really friendly and the food was excellent and made using high quality ingredients. The squid was fresh, flavourful and beautifully presented. The steak was chargrilled and delivered exactly as requested (medium rare) The all day breakfast was one of the best I've ever tasted. The food was all char grilled, made with top quality ingredients and again presented very nicely. The jar of jellybeans with the bill was a nice final touch. If you like char grilled food and don't mind paying for quality food, this is an excellent venue. Recommended!

By J F.

Atmostphere was lovely, seating and lighting very comfortable. I had deep fried calamari with homemade tartare sauce to start - very tasty. My friend had oysters which were lovely but not cut from the shells so were a bit of a hassle. For main I had beef ribs - a nice sized portion but the BBQ sauce was seriously lacking and the ribs were very dry and chewy. I had chunky chips as a side but they were very salty. Nothing came with it - I had hoped for coleslaw or a small green salad but there was nothing. My friend had the seafood platter - the food was plentiful but took her about 15 minutes to get all the meat out of the crab claws and the lobster shell and to de-shell the king prawns before she could eat. It said it came with a new potato salad - when asked if this could be switched for chunky chips the response was "no" but we could add an portion of chunky chips for an extra £3.50. Bill came to £84 with service already included (also we had a £20 bottle of wine). Not the most exciting meal we have had and considering they market themselves as a fish and grill restaurant, their fish and grill were surprisingly underwhelming. We've had better.

By Katie D.

My partner and I ate at the Cabin last night, and had a fantastic time. We went in after seeing there lobster festival, we both ordered lobster though mine was a 1/2 with a sirloin steak. We were not disappointed both meals were great. We also had attentive friendly service. The only criticism would be only having 1 ladies toilet as i had to wait as it was busy. It was our first time here but we will be back especially for more lobster!

By Karina E.

We reserved a table with an hours notice, and we were told not to be late as they were very busy. We got there a few minutes early and the place was relatively empty. Surprising, considering they were so busy. When my partner ordered, he asked the waitress what steak she would recommend, her answer was the ribs are good. He then asked her for a 12oz fillet, which she allowed him to order. 10 minutes later, another waiter came to advise him that the meat was pre-cut into 7oz and he couldn't have what he wanted. Did that waitress not know what a steak was or what was on the menu? We had garlic bread, which took over half an hour to be served to us and it was rather average in taste. In the end, my partner ordered a 12oz sirloin med/well and I ordered an 8oz sirloin med/rare. Over an hour after we ordered, his steak came med/rare and mine was med/well. Not happy. But I have worked in this industry for years and am quite forgiving, so we just ate and got on with it. It was a hot evening, so I had ordered a Coke, which I did drink quickly. I then sat with no drink and waited for about 25 minutes for a staff person to be around to ask for another. In any circumstance, the wait staff should be looking out for peoples drinks - but particularly in such hot weather! When we got the bill an optional 12.5% gratuity was added on. When I went to pay, they had keyed in the full amount including gratuity into the epos machine. When I said I am not paying 12.5%, the waiter asked me how much would I like to give. My answer was nothing. The fact that he asked was all the more infuriating. A gratuity charge is something that a customer gives to show their gratitude for the service that has been provided. It is an option for me to give, not a mandatory charge for me to pay. Show me you're working for it and I'll pay. I usually tend to tip about 20%, but not this time. I will not be going back to this restaurant again. Very disappointing.

By S H.

I've just tried the Blueberry Pancakes from the Cabin's Brunch menu they are absolutely delicious, I can't wait to go back for more

By Stan C.

We visited the Cabin last night. After reading the menu on-line I booked a table for 8:30pm. We were a few minutes early but the place was jammed to capacity with no reserved table. After having to wait behind the door next to the coat stand for 10 minutes (there is no bar or sofa area) we asked to see the manageress. She explained we were 1 minute early (yep 1 minute) and that they couldn't reserve tables as they had to maximise profits. I wasn't impressed. What was the point in booking? Anyway at 8:40 we were finally seated and offered a complimentary drink. I relaxed looking forward to a good meal. I couldn't have been more disappointed. I ordered the star dish the Irish Cote Du Beef, with chunky chips. My partner the beef ribs with French Fries. My partner's dish arrived and looked really good, mine arrived and looked awful. My steak was 1cm thick the same thickness as a frying steak, but I was forgiving and thought taste was paramount. It was the worst steak I have ever eaten. Full of gristle and sinuses and lukewarm in temperature. The chips were hard in the middle with the texture of oven chips, ugh. The only fun we had was watching a party of four people seated at the back trying to leave the restaurant. The tables were so jammed together they couldn't find an exit. The Cabin could give Hampton Court Maze a run for it's money. Looking at the tables of disappointed faces on the way out i can only imagine they - like ourselves - were new to the restaurant and won't be returning. It was my worst eating experience in Chiswick.

By Rene R.

Brilliant! Beautiful restaurant,cosy atmosphere and friendly staff. I had a surf and turf,best steak and lobster Ive had in a long time! I will highly recommend The Cabin.

By Steven P.

I most recently went to the cabin a couple of weeks ago for a family meal, and i have to say it was the most enjoyable meal i have had in ages. Having heard good reviews i had high expectations. They were all met. The staff were both friendly and efficient under the pressure of a packed restaurant, and our waitress was very attentive throughout the evening. We all ordered starters, mains and desserts, and each had something different from the menu. The starters came out quickly and were all good sized portions and very tasty. However it is really because of the quality of the steak that i wanted to write this review. For the main I had the cote de boeuf, whilst my brother had the sirloin steak. Both were cooked exactly as requested, were tender and packed with real flavour. The steaks were so good that the side sauces you could chose from were not needed. The desserts followed the same pattern of the two previous courses and were delightful, especially the banoffee pie. All plates were cleared for each course, and my compliments go out to the chefs. I would recommend anyone to go there, and if your a steak lover, go as soon as possible.

By Edward W.

I recently decided to investigate this relatively recent addition to Chiswick High Road and came out very impressed this contemporary restaurant. I was seated very quickly when I arrived I was greeted by a waitress with a lovely demeanor, a vibe I got from all of the staff throughout my visit and the atmosphere in the restaurant was pleasant and friendly. I don't know much about wine other than I like it, but my waitress seemed very knowledgeable and suggested a really nice but affordable one to me of which I had a glass. The menu had a lot of things on it that sounded really nice, but as I was on a budget I went for their burger called 'The Cabin Burger' which was under a tenner. The waitress pointed out that they also have a burger made from 'Wagyu' beef from Japan where the cows were massaged every day for really tender meat (I want to go back to try that). The restaurant seemed pretty busy whilst I was there, but my food came quickly which impressed me a lot. Their burger was easily one of the best burgers I have tasted, I asked for it rare, and that's how it came. The meat was so tender that it felt like butter in my mouth and was full of flavour. As burgers do, it came with fries which were also nice (thin and crispy without being greasy). All in all, I was very happy with my visit and I'll definitely be back to try out some of the other things on their menu.

By Elaine R.

My husband and I ate there last night aswell. We both had prawns to start and I had the mussels for main and he had the Seafood platter, which he said was very tasteless and covered in the same sauce so he couldn't taste much else. Luckily we headed straight home afterwards, as soon as we got home my husband said he didn't feel well, then he started vomiting - clearly the seafood wasn't fresh. I put it down to a spot of bad luck and assumed he had a dodgy prawn or something. However during the night I then started vomiting - clearly not a coincidence. Its certainly put me off going back and I would 100% not recommend it to anyone. The service wasn't great either.

By Archana S.

Definately don't bother going unless you want tasteless food!! My boyfriend and I have have just come home from eating there and were very dissappointed. Having heard positive feedback about this place we were looking forward to eating in the busy and lively restaurant. However I now wonder how many of their customers were return customers, as I can't imagine anyone returning for seconds there. My boyfriend ordered the BBQ ribs and fries; the sauce was good however the quality of meat was very poor as he found the ribs very fatty. The ribs came with fries which were undercooked. I ordered the Seafood platter. For £22 pounds I really shouldn't of expected too much and yes that was clearly true once I tasted the meal. I love fish and was looking forward to some tiger prawns, mussels, crab and lobster. The fish was tasteless and definately lacked the taste or wow factor. Service was very good on arrival, the waitress did her very best to seat us. However this also deteriorated as the evening went on. At the very end we were asked how our meal was, we gave our honest opinions and she said she would have a word to the chef and see what he says. She never returned! also no one said goodbye on the wayout. Clearly all the good reviews have gone to their head.

By Ronan B.

going to give it a go this weekend, the manager /owners review (Weeney) was laughable. Must see what the truth is R

By G L.

Fantastic - the best steak we have had in a long long time and is sure to give Chez Gerard and High Road House a run for their money! We visited at 7.30pm-ish on a Saturday evening, approx 2 weeks after their opening. The restaurant was very busy and we were just lucky to get a table as people were just vacating. We had to wait 5 minutes, however, we noticed throughout our meal that others were prepared to wait for 20 minutes - and it really is worth the wait. The menu is varied, I really wanted to try the 'prawn&lobster linguine' however, as there were two adults and our(9 year old boy) child (just 'popping out' for a local meal) and the boy loves his steak, we decided to order two mains of Yorkshire fillet stake with old fashioned chips plus a mixed salad, and share between 3. Our 9 year old has one hell of an appetite, however, this was more than enough for all 3 of us. The steak was succulent and sooo tasty. For desert we shared a banoffi pie - delicious. A bottle of red, one coke and a jug of tap water (offered as soon as we sat) made up for the bill of £75, inc service which was well deserved. Service was great, the staff have come from the recently closed Fulham restaurant so they know their customers and their menu. Price-wise, it's not cheap but you get what you pay for. Am looking forward to going back. Great atmosphere, nicely buzzing but not too loud, background music that didn't take over. I would defiately recommend.

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