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The Court is a vibrant pub that offers a range of drinks and pub food. Their menu features over twenty burgers as well as a choice of other classics such as fish and chips or ribs.

Ranked #349 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Opening Hours
Mon-Wed 10:00-00:00
Thu-Sat 10:00-01:00
Sun 10:00-00:30

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The Court reviews

By Andrew M.

The Court is a real grot hole. In saying tht it is a great student pub. The Court is cheap which is the main reason. I haven't been back since my student days but have heard it is still the same.

By Stelios K.

We went to The Court today ordered food. When we went out for a cigarette the bouncer would not let us back in. When we said that we needed to inform the rest of the group that we have to leave he started pushing us. Almost got into an unnecessary fight. No reason given but the management were happy to give us a refund for the food we ordered! The place is a disgrace Nd should be shut.

By Ryan H.

Me and my two friends ordered meals at The Court. It took nearly an hour for the food to be served and it arrived almost stone cold. The menu bragged of piping hot mash served with the ‘Sausage Whirls’ but it more resembled a thick, cold paste. The cover of the menu went even further stating words to the effect of ‘Great quality food every day’. This is hardly accurate considering the brown, limp, aged lettuce that was served on my friend’s Mixed Grill. Our table was filthy and we had to wipe it clean ourselves. The Court is only worth visiting for a couple of quick drinks, but overall the food & atmosphere was terrible and we wouldn’t go back.

By Pawel S.

Terrible management and service. We informed the waitress that we had a fly in our chips so she talked with the manager and after a brief discussion among the staff we we're unceremoniously ignored. The waitress just continued waiting the tables next to us without even looking at us. Pure rudeness. I don't recommend this place.

By Amy R.

you probably look young and some pubs don't have a license to have under 18 year old on premises, so i don't blame them for not serving you for forgetting your id in the risk of getting fined.... just so you can have a nice lunch.

By Pawel P.

To eat fish and ships you don't need ID because you can do that in any other place which is family friendly and do not required any age proof. You or one of your friends are lucky to be 25 and still looking under 21. This an part of pub policy which is not negotiable, sorry. And racism issue (!?) - what a lot of crap, clearly you're not been in the Court to often, do you? How can you rate any place which serve food without even being actual customer? It's like saying " they didn't let me in to this and this club so it's shit".

By Hanah M.

Well, if possible I wouldn't have given The Court any stars at all - since they wouldn't serve me their food. The reason why - I forgot to bring my passport with me to lunch. Being 25 and only asking for fish and ships and none alcoholic drinks I was astonished when I and two other girls same age as me were prohibited from being served because we didn't bring valid ID. Apparently the Court's policy is that unless you can show either a valid passport or a valid driver license you are not allowed any service not even if its 12 pm and you are not buying alcohol. I would hate to accuse a pub for being racist - but after noticing that the same policy didn't apply to a small group of teenagers being served earlier on I have to admit that these thoughts crossed my mind as everyone in my group belong to an ethnic minority. I wouldn't recommend the court to anyone I know - but for whatever it's worth -if you absolutely have to go there - do not forget your passport!

By Ali A.

We came here purely on the off chance and walking past we fancied a drink intending to see all the sights, 4 hours later we were still sitting outside talking and drinking away which we were amazed by!food and drink is so cheap, better than wetherspoons, we met some great people next to us and we were there till gone 9, would recommend it, funky toilets with very individual design!

By James S.

Popular place for UCL students due the proximity. Average pub with good value promotions on. If you plan on being a regular, buy a yellow card.

By C.

I don't know what the guy above is talking about. The Court is the cheapest place to drink on Tottenham Court Road. It has a welcoming atmosphere and is excellent for students who have ID as they can get cheaper drinks! The Court has to be visited!

By W.

The Court is poor. This is a pokey, little It's A Scream pub, whose only distinguishing features are the large Sky TV screen and pool tables upstairs. Other than that, The Court is just an uninspired and depressing place to drink.

This place is invariably packed out by legless UCL students from the nearby halls of residence. As per other Scream pubs, they take their discount Yellow Card but that merely brings the price down from very expensive to expensive. Avoid The Court.


The Court is part of the Scream chain and creates a playground for grown-ups with kooky cartoons, wacky menus and huge vats of alcohol.

The Venue
Tottenham Court Road is the location of this informal pub. As part of the notorious Scream chain, you'll spot the Court by the big yellow dot on the facade and the youthful crowd that fill its window tables. There is a fair bit of space inside, with a large bar running across the back wall, and its shape means that as well as large group tables, more intimate positions are tucked around corners and behind partitions. The look is a thinly veiled hook to the local student fraternity, who are apparently easily attracted by funny menus, suggestible slogans and cartoons painted directly onto the walls. It's different at least and belongs to its own world where it neither matches the classic, hip or gastro pretenders that make up a lot of its competition. The soft fairy lights, cushions and bright colours are comforting and it’s all a little like a rites of passage for late teens, easing the transition from student to the real world.

The Atmosphere
The Court offers a welcome to all but predictably attracts a young crowd of students and tourists. This reliable patronage keeps the tables busy during the day and even more so at night when the music is turned up and the whole place rapidly evolves into something akin to a union bar. It makes for a good place to watch sport and with all its corners and fairy lights you could even use it for a cheap and cheerful date.

The Food
Apart from the quirky rewording of new menu to 'moo' menu, the cartoon cow on the chalkboard has little else out of the ordinary to show you. The list of burgers is long and there are things like Swiss cheese, bacon or pineapple to stuff in alongside your patty (£3.50- £5.95). Generally it's standard pub food at very cheap prices and meals like sausage and mash and fish and chips are only £4.50 each, with a two meals for £6 deal available all-day. There are also plenty of snacks and desserts.

The Drink
The Court serves shots by the load and so it makes total sense to have a Jaigermeister dispenser behind the bar alongside other exotically coloured spirits. Wine, beer and bottles are all cheaper if you sign up for a Yellow Card, which costs a nominal fee to start off with. The draught lagers that you can save on are Grolsch, Fosters, Carlsberg, Carling and Stella, Hoegaarden and Magner’s. Without a discount card the pints start at £2.55, so if its good value you’re after, you’re in the right place.

The Last Word
The Court is a lighthearted pub that swerves any affected extravagance to create a simple place that’s doesn’t take itself seriously.

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