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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

5,000 square feet of opulent design tinged with rock and roll influences, The Cuckoo Club offers world class mixologists, a nightclub open till the early hours and a destination restaurant headed up by culinary genius Rupert Blease.

Ranked #28 of 225 clubs in London
"Appealing to the more discerning late night London crowd tired of identikit, faceless bars and clubs with no creativity and soul, The Cuckoo Club features 5,000 square feet of ostentatious design, spread over two floors, and a founding committee that reads like a who's who of creative talent in London, described in the influential Vogue List as "formidable". The Cuckoo Club is open from Wednesday until Saturday from 10:30pm until late. We strongly recommend to book a table in advance, please drop us an e-mail for further information."

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The Cuckoo Club reviews

By Andrew M.

The Cuckoo Club is great for those who like repetitive cheesy music, overpriced drinks, arrogant insular people who generally can't (or don't) dance. Plus, the Cuckoo Club is also for people whose respect for other guests is primarily based on the size of their wallet, celebrity status or family heritage.

By Andrew M.

So we finally managed to get into the famous Cuckoo Club. Our evening started with a few cocktails upstairs. They were beautifull and the bartender had us in stitches. Downstairs, the music was a great mix of rock and house, with a bit of hiphop, and there were A list celebs getting down on the dance floor. The Cuckoo Club rocks!

By Andrew M.

I have to say The Cuckoo Club is probably the worst venue I have been to in London. The door staff are very rude, the food is ordinary and the atmosphere is average. This has to be one of the most over hyped venues in London. I actually wanted to give it zero. Stay away from The Cuckoo Club.

By Andrew M.

Having visited the Cuckoo Club last night with friends for dinner and then later down stairs, I have to say the place was a huge let down. I have never seen such an entourage of clueless staff milling about, all incredibly pretentious and actually very rude. They charged £105 for a bottle of champagne which they served warm.

The food was so ordinary and not a bouncer was in sight when things kicked off downstairs and a chap started hurling glasses. At this point my husband and I said, Let’s get the hell out of here. The Cuckoo Club is aptly named.

By Andrew M.

At The Cuckoo Club rock hybrids blast majestically out of speakers with sonic delights such as The Libertines and Kasabian spun together with sprinkles of The Rolling Stones. Be seduced further by the DJs smooth vibes.

Guests can head up from subterranean bliss to the ground floor restaurant which serves concoctions such as Beef Celeriac Dauphinoise or Chocolate Vinsanto Fondant. Ultimate thirst-quenchers on the large cocktail menu include treats such as “The Roadrunner”- a splash of Tequila, vanilla pods, Canadian maple syrup and free range egg white or the “Purple Lady”-a mélange of Tanqueray gin, Martini rose vermouth and orange bitters.

Jemma Kidd, Elle McPherson and Alice Temperley are just some members of the membership committee who regularly visit the Cuckoo Club whilst celebs such as Bryan Ferry, Patrick Cox, Freddy Windsor and Joseph Fiennes are also regular attendees.

Come fly by this cuckoo’s nest for it is graced with opulent plumage!

By J.

I love the Cuckoo Club, they make me feel like a grown up, which is hard going, I tell you! Definitely recommend the Cuckoo Club!

By Paul A.

Two stars for the great decor and the decent sized space (for the West End). Saturday. We ate upstairs first. Food was completely unexceptional; the bill was £215 inc wine but no desserts and we had free cocktails to apologise for slow service. Went downstairs to dance. Friendly barman fancied my other half (feeling it was mutual actually!) and gave her free drinks. Crowd was shoddy. While I was at the loo a short, bald man grabbed my wife and informed her that he wanted to "lick her from her a*** to her elbow". That summed up the crowd in there, although there were some pretty impressive looking females. I won't be back in a hurry though.

By Layla K.

Cuckoo is the godfather in the west end, home from home.. Downstairs on a friday night is a blast.. It's good to see they still give a sh*t after 7 years.. Looking forward to NYE 2012! Biring it !! well done cucks x

By Munisha S.

Terrible! After booking a table, we turned up for a bday event and were declined entry. Beware, the staff you email and book with, make it sound like your table is guaranteed and make you feel 'special' but you're not! Funnily, we were the 1st set of people to arrive, they clearly had my name on the clipboard as I saw it, door lady even went in to speak to the reception staff too and we watched as they head counted us (6 guys 6 girls), had a little conversation and came out and told us they can't give us a table as they have decided to close off 1 floor due to 'summer season' not having many people come to the club, so the 1 floor was only open for members! She so shouldn't have said that as it looks bad on the club that during peak season when other clubs are booming with crowds, poor Cuckoo Club can't pull a decent crowd! Lol! I clearly explained to her that I had just watched and heard their convo, because we were an Asian crowd, this was not welcome in their club, which was later confirmed by another promoter just outside the club. Why would they otherwise take our name, make us wait 10mins, have a meeting about it, then tell us they've decided to close off one section? Lol! Surely, they could tell us that the minute we turned up! I really don't know how clubs can get away with such atrocious attitudes, why can't everyone be treated the same in the world? However, we had a fantastic time at dstkt club which was the initial one I wanted to book but also had Cuckoo on my 'to do' list too. I've nearly done all of the top 10 London clubs and so far, hospitality, great attitude, friendly staff and great music go out to Chinawhite, Anaya, Funky Buddha, Movida, dstrkt and Aura.

By Ashleigh S.

Though I understand how the reality show 'The only way is Essex', (though scripted) may have altered your perspective of people from that particular area, I strongly resent the suggestion that we are not from 'the right stock' as you so eloquently put it. To simply judge a group of people by their demographic and their home town, shows exactly what type of narrow-minded, and ignorant class of people enter the doors. Congratulations on deterring people from the Cuckoo Club with your '5 star' recommendation.

By Deadre R.

I just love this place. The staff have a sense of humour the atmosphere is always fun and the quality of drinks, food and crowd is always 100%. The only negative is the door which in turn is a positive. If you're from Essex, a reality show, have rubbish style and generally unappealing stay away as the door as they will not let you pass! However if you're from the right stock .... then open sesame to the best club in the west end by a long way.

By Deadre R.

When a review starts with the door staff are very rude you can be rest assured this person looks like the bottom of my show after 3 days at a festival and was refused entrance :(

By Stella R.

china_rainbow, you mention Cuckoo's dancefloor... please. TELL ME WHERE IT WAS. it wasn't by the bar, it wasn't by the single (!) speaker and it wasn't on any of the 215364 floors. so before you start accusing the door lady of being a 'compulsive liar', perhaps take a good look at yourself.

By Francisco O.

Great club, music is great in both floors, staff is nice, and is the kind of place where you could have a really great time. To get in a friend of mine was a regular customer so it was simple. One point that a didn't like that much was beside loving the table concept and having tables regularly, at some point it's is really difficult to walk without going into a table or people seated in one. Specially on the dance floor which by itself was full crowded and had some tables in the middle. Taking this out of the picture it's a must do in London. Going back for sure!

By Very D.

This is a very generous lone star. As a young Asian woman, I felt personally targeted by the bigoted door staff. The door lady (I use the term 'lady' very generously) was a compulsive liar who insisted she could not understand my Chinese accent, nor my I.D - whilst I am not claiming this was racist as such, it does certainly raise suspicions. In the end, it took hard cash (to the tune of a mind-blowing four-digit sum) to enter this establishment. I can only presume the money will be spent on a burning cross for the door lady's next Klan meeting. Once inside, the night turned from bad TO WORSE, as I was greeted by obnoxiously loud, trashy euro music (a description that would be adequate for the clientele as well). Think Basshunter, Las Ketchup and non-stop INNA. The drinks prices escalated from astronomical to simply diabolical. I also find the club's insistence on 'house pigs' a tad odd. Let me explain: so-called 'house-trained piglets' in bow ties that trot all over the dancefloor before, at the end of the night, being 'sacrificed to the Cuckoo gods', in what I can only describe as an embarassingly thinly-veiled attempt at 'originality'. Mortifying.

By C.

Cuckoo club in my mind really has stood the test of time. I used to go when it launched and have been back in London for the last 3 months. I am amazed that 6 years later the clubs attention to detail and policies are the same. The crowd is great, the music, although not minimal all night which I love, Was a great mix of house, old school, rock and generally fun with a cool edge. As high end clubs go this is the Godfather!

By W D.

As a frequent visitor to Cuckoo back in its heydays during 2006/2007, it is unfortunate to see that such a fun and beautiful venue has gone down the drain. From what used to be one of West End's top clubs, boasting a strict selection by the door and a pretty unique atmosphere between posh and liberal it has now become a run-of-the-mill expensive central London club. There is just nothing unique or appealing about this establishment anymore. They seem to let pretty much anyone in these days and the staff seems bitter and tired which makes for a pretty dire clubbing experience. Spend your money elsewhere.

By Chris B.

Went to this place only once and probably will never do again. Other than the location of the place, there's nothing positive. I went to the Club and not the restaurant, so my rating is based on the club only. The staff is good except for the little bald guy who has obviously serious confidence issues and seem to always want to prove that despite his height he's the one in charge, it's a club lol not the UN. First thing that struck me when I went downstairs is that the club is very small, the size of my living room and the kitchen combined. Another thing is the cheap materials and furniture they used, a quick look at the ceiling and you'll see what I mean. The crowd is young and very pretentious. Avoid like the pest, this club is way overrated.

By Vika S.

Fun club, great interior, good music. Definitely a good time, gorgeous girls should have no problem getting in even if you don't know anyone. Key word - gorgeous, also dressed well. Very European crowd, making it that much more fun considering I'm European as well. Upstairs is a table clubbing experience, downstairs has more room to dance. Lots of rude girls though, that think they are the shit because they are hot. Hello, there are tons of good looking girls at the club, no need to be snobby about that.

By D B.

Anyone that doesn't give this club 5 stars is mad. This is the number 1 place in London.. Long Live Cuckoo x

By Dan P.

Cuckoo is beautiful place. As a resident club snob, I have come to have some really incredible nights at Cuckoo. The decor is nice, and the table layout is great. You can happily dance on the sofa's and tables. As long as your bill is above 2000 pounds you will always recieve the best service and meet the best people. I have met life long friends in Cuckoo, and I still meet every Friday, some of the most interesting people of my life. Although sometimes you will find too many little girls playing with Daddy's credit card, because of the lack of ID-ing people on tables. However, your drinks will be incredible, and your DJ will be great. Please do yourself a favor and have an extravagant night there.

By Georgie W.

Don't have a pretty face?? Gosh I have seen some not so pretty girls in that place so not sure were you are going with that one. It's all about who is going to spend the most money and who is flashing the cash and this is what makes this club one of the most vulgar I have ever been to.

By Sacha S.

We wanted a venue with great music and sophisticated but down to earth clientèle. In my opinion a good DJ plays tracks that go on from each other....the tempos are similar and don't change from one extreme mood to another. The DJ did not display these skills. The music was a little all over the place, it was mainly pop and some R&B. The crowd were not riff raff but my friends summed it up as young posh kids who really could not dance.....but we did have a good time as we were a good crowd of friends. The good things are that upstairs in the club it does look gorgeous and the music upstairs was much better (house and some dance) but it was so packed that you could not stand there let alone dance. I would recommend maybe reserving a table and staying upstairs maybe. The dinner that we had there was very good too and the owner is a lovely friendly guy.

By Don P.

I don't know why this place has good reviews. Maybe because the 'friends & mates' of the management reviewed it, but quite dissapointing if anything.

Bar Staff - lame, unfriendly, leaning back, can't even be bother to hand you back your credit card, but rather throw it on the bar for you to look for it.

Reception - no crowd control what so ever. Unfriendly and unprofessional 'guest list' reception. 'Too many males in the club' is not the best slogan you want to be saying (especially to VIP clients who are on the gueslist).

If you are not doing your in house marketing correctly, try to outsource to PR agencies. Don't think it has 'creativity' & 'soul' as it boasts on its web-site, try better next time.

I believe that 'good location' and possibly extensive membership base won't save 'over boasted' clubs like these from credit crisis and new upcoming competitive venues in London that take care of their clients.

We all move on sometime.

By Emma S.

Brilliant club, I went there for dinner and had the most delicious 2 course meal.

The food was so light and fresh and the cocktails where amazing!

Its the best place to go if you want a great modern european meal and to dance the night away...........

By Kelly H.

Cuckoo Club is an incredible Central London haunt. The top bar staff mix complex cocktails with ease, the banter flows and the menu by Rupert Blease is divine.

The Venue
Cuckoo Club is handily located in the heart of London, just off Regent Street beside the equally beautifully presented Gaucho Piccadilly restaurant. The frontage is pretty unassuming, the only clue to belie its location is the red rope that lines the doorway or, if you arrive after 11pm, the huge queue that snakes its way up Swallow Street.

Stepping past the mountain of a bouncer, you’ll immediately be greeted at an attractive heavy wood front desk where the attractive hosts will take your coat, accept your payment if you’re just there for the club, and show you to your table inside if you’re there to dine. Walking into the main bar at Cuckoo Club you can’t fail to be impressed by the stunning design touches and elegant nature of this members’ club. The ceiling is certainly the focal point of the space, purple and pink hues gleam from the array of large LED lights. Beautiful to look at, it does the job as serving as a romantic centrepiece for diners and later a funky light display for clubbers. Early in the evening, a discreet black curtain cordons off the club seating, tucked back from the main floor in a darkened corner made up of black leather booths. The floor is covered with dining tables that are simple in their elegance. A DJ booth sits to the front of the space, but whilst you dine live music plays tunefully to keep the ambience and romantic mood ebbing and flowing.

The bar that lines the back end of the space is also a real feature. Stunningly decorated, red curtains are pulled back, adding an almost theatrical touch, and the rows of gleaming premium and rare spirits raise from the floor to the high ceiling on backlit shelves. The fresh fruit and exciting looking potions and concoctions that catch the eye ensure you start craving one of the exquisite cocktails before you even sit down on one of four leather high stools. Come 11pm the tables and chairs are whipped away, the black curtain pulled back to reveal club seating and the lights dim as the music starts to pump. The transformation is seamless and diners are asked to move to the bar as the floor is revealed - a decent-sized dancefloor for a Central London members’ club.

Down an attractive metal staircase you’ll find the basement club with the same pink and purple hued colourscheme. There are a few seating areas that span the periphery of the space, allowing for a second sizeable dancefloor. The only quibble is you have to traverse the heaving space packed with people in order to reach the toilets on the opposite side, with just one cubicle upstairs, and the queue can be lengthy. However, the toilets themselves are remarkably clean even when busy, there’s always toilet paper even at 3am and – shock horror – the toilet attendant is actually helpful, friendly and not money-grabbing. Amazing.

The Atmosphere
The atmosphere at Cuckoo Club depends upon the time you visit. Go at 8pm for dinner and you’ll be greeted with a discreet, quiet space that’s wonderfully romantic without being cloying. Sit by the bar and chat to the bar staff and you’ll be amazed by their skill and knowledge as they mix you up unique cocktail inventions and talk you through their huge range of ingredients and spirits. The friendly banter is sure to charm and it’s refreshing to meet staff who are passionate and not despondent about what they do and are happy to share that passion with anyone who shows an interest. An equally knowledgeable and charming host will show you to your table and talk you through the menu and wine list with the same level of professionalism as the bar staff and help to bolster your opinion that you’re somewhere special. There’s no irritating elevator music in the background here. Instead, a live musician - such as regular Miles Winter Roberts - guitar in hand, will sing beautiful melodies in the background that adds to the romantic ambience but doesn’t intrude on whispered sweet nothings. The well oiled cogs that keep Cuckoo Club moving from one moment to the next are impressive.

Come 11pm the tables are whisked away and the bar fills with pre-clubbers looking to indulge in the exquisite and inventive cocktail menu. The lights start to dim and the DJ cranks the music up a notch as the venue takes on a cool club vibe. Downstairs and up fills quickly and you’re advised to arrive early if you don’t want to join a huge queue outside. The crowd is surprisingly friendly given the members’ nature of the venue and it loses its pretentious label.

The Music
The music at Cuckoo Club could so easily have followed the typical, and frankly unimaginative, narrative that is found at clubs like this across the capital and just followed the commercial RnB route. However, the excellent DJ mixes it up with some funky and soulful house beats that get your hands up in the air whilst combining it with a few well placed, grind-friendly RnB tunes. The mix of classics and new tunes flow well and the DJ is excellent at reading the crowd. The sound system is also brilliant, the space filling with the thumping music. Downstairs follows the same format and it works equally well although there’s a more hedonistic vibe.

The Food
Cuckoo Club has always had a good reputation for food, and the concern was the introduction of a new chef in the form of Rupert Blease would spoil what was already a well respected menu. However, one look at the menu and the presentation of the first perfectly balanced dish is enough to allay any such fears. Priced at £48 for three courses it’s well worth the money.

The starter selection is well balanced across fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. The confit of Scottish salmon, baked baby leeks with vinaigrette, Thai shallots and glacial lettuce is a real highlight. The delicate portion of salmon is beautifully presented with the pinkness of the salmon and green leeks adding a colourful edge to the dish. The salmon is remarkably fresh and flakes at the touch of a fork. The delicately soft shallots work well to add a tang to the rich flavour of the salmon. The leeks are also soft and easy on the tastebuds with a slightly onion tang that brings the flavours of each mouthful together nicely. If you prefer a meatier starter then the poached confit of foie gras, aged balsamic, poached pears and brioche crumble is a heavier starter that is equally delicious. The foie gras is wonderfully smooth in consistency and flavour with a heavy, rich aftertaste that lingers in the mouth. This works in tandem with the delicate sweetness of the pear for a balanced mouthful.

For the mains, the beef fillet with red wine essence, dressed watercress and a smoked light mashed potato is the real highlight – especially if you request the Wagyu beef. The pink fillet is so tender you don’t need a steak knife as the meat relents beneath the blade like butter. The flavours are meaty and rich and the juices flow, mixing in with the fluffy, light mashed potato. It’s truly an exquisite dish. In comparison, the line caught sea bass with fennel, pickled mushroom and lemon is a little disappointing. The fish is a tender, fresh piece of quality fillet that is full of flavour and would work well presented simply. However, the lemon sauce that accompanies it is overpowering and tastes more like lemon curd. The sweetness is really only enjoyable if you love a strong lemon flavour and takes over the whole dish, detracting from the fish and even the strongly flavoured pickled mushroom. You’re better off opting for the pan fried diver scallops with a pine nut paste, chorizo and rocket. The scallops are surprisingly large and meaty, well cooked so they’re tender without any sliminess through the middle that can so infect this seafood. The light, fresh flavour of the scallop works well with the rich, heavy meat flavours of the heavily salted chorizo and the pine nut paste cuts through each bite well with a strong pine nut flavour and a bitty texture that is pleasant on the tongue.

Although the dishes are rich and full of flavour, they’re portioned well so you won’t feel stuffed at the end. This is just as well as it opens up the option of the pudding menu. The chilled blueberry soup with fresh blueberries and elderflower sorbet is a must for fruit lovers, although the acidity of the blueberry soup – a thick sauce that overpowers the delicate elderflower ice cream – is too much and drowns out the rest of the components of the dish. A far better option is the vanilla ice cream with a separate side dish of white chocolate sauce and homemade shortbread. The shortbread has a strong buttery flavour and crumbles delightfully in your mouth. It works well with the rich, thick white chocolate sauce, which remains just on the right side of sickly. The ice cream is creamy and delicate and they don’t skimp on the portion size as a huge scoop greets you. A must for anyone who likes creamy desserts.

The Drink
The cocktails at Cuckoo Club are nothing short of an inspiration. They do have a lengthy selection and often introduce additional menus such as an intriguing Prohibition themed menu. The cocktails aren’t cheap, coming in at an average price point of £13 a drink; however, this is a members’ club so it’s not surprising they’re at the top end of the scale, and the quality ingredients and incredible, inventive concoctions make them worth splashing out on. If you’re unconvinced that beetroot could possibly taste nice as the main component of a cocktail you couldn’t be more wrong as the sweet beetroot flavour is nicely complemented by a savoury undertone, all beautifully presented with a vibrant pink colour.

Other ingredients include yellow peppers in a martini, a smoky bacon infused bourbon, dark and light tea liqueurs, rose petals and a salt rim on a dark chocolate martini. It’s all about exploring the senses and pushing the boundaries. The bar staff work in conjunction with the kitchen to produce their own infused ingredients that add an extra edge to the cocktails they’re eventually introduced to. They’re all delicious and it’s exciting to enjoy truly unique cocktails that you’ll not have tasted anywhere else. The long careers of the staff in top bars across London also means they’re equipped to handle requests off menu, such as Lab’s Porn Star Martini with passion fruit and a shot of Champagne on the side.

The wine menu also doesn’t disappoint and offers a selection to cover a surprisingly large range of budgets, although the do average at around the £40-£50 mark. Well selected to match the food, you won’t be surprised at the quality of the bottles. The waiting staff are well versed in all of the menus and are on hand to advise you on what bottles best match the food you’ve ordered.

The Last Word
Cuckoo Club is an extremely well put together members’ club and it’s easy to see why it’s survived on the competitive Central London scene for so long.

By Jessika A.

im from sweden and moved to lonodon 6 months ago.. cuckoo is my favorite club.. im there every friday, if you want to go out and have a fab time in london cuckoo is a most!! the think is though that you have to know people or your not getting in, that our look amazing..

By Diogo C.

im not from uk, and last year i spent a month in london, and i went friday night to cuckoo once... it was very cool, pretty girls, nice song, good drinks, ... just didnt like the security cause he didnt want me to get in, but he wasnt successfull... well, im going back to london and i wanted to know what are the ways to get in cuckoo without troubles, since the last time i went there some guy that me and my friends didnt know put us in, and this time mb this guy wont be there..

By Diogo C.

Im from brazil and some friends decided to go to cuckoo(friday night), i asked the security how to get in, and he was very rude answering me that i needed to be a member and didnt even looked at me so he could judge me (if im ugly pretty,...)than i dunno what happened that a guy come to me and my friends and offered us to get in immediatly (free pass and no queue)...when he told the security the situation, he said that everybody but me were vip(i dunno why, he hated me)...when i was giving my name to the girls at the door, the security came to the girls and asked them if it was everything ok and if i wasnt doing any s***...(for no reason)when i got in, i had a great time, pretty girls, the guys were f** and i almost hit on some of them, nice music and drinks...the strange thing was that when i was at the dance floor talking to some girls the security came talk to me, being so nice, took a picture for us, so friendly..if someone knows what happened illl be glad if explained to me!

By Penelope L.

I can see why some people complain about not being able to get in, but from my experience, those were the people who were not meeting the dress standards...

I've been only once to this club, and had a fabulous time with friends and some strangers I met... the bar staff are great, they don't need any encouragement in giving shots away... and the Dj, whilst he does play a bit to much cheese (he told me he would prefer not to play cheese but it's a requirement of the club)... the music is well mixed and easy to dance too...

Most of the crowd are friendly and easy going, with the exception of the some trust fund kids who i came across...

I'd recommend to friends to go back there, but take note, if you aren't dressed to the nines, and don't have a pretty face and good attitude.. likely hood you'll get in isn't high...

By Danny D.

Give it a miss if you havent made an effort to dress up or tried to find people that know people. It's not that hard it just requires an effort.

By Danny D.

Food the best ever in a club. PERIOD. All the cool rich and famous people are here all the time. The music rocks between the best dance and house tracks. Of course a bit expensive but it has to be like that if you want to go a high class place.

By Jennifer B.

This is by far the best club in London, they continue to have the best looking clientele and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They have a very strict door policy which is the best part as trash cannot get through. Obviously the woman below didn't look the part as the woman on the door has always been more than accomodating to my friends and I. Compared to Boujis, Tramp, Bungalow 8 etc she is by far the most friendly and beautiful. Make sure you look and act the part and there won't be an issue. Also the manager Gordon did his best to try and get us the best table in the club within minutes. Will definetly go back!

By Anna S.

well, its 5am now and i just come back from clubbing,
my boyfriend put me on a guestlist to to this club tonight and the girl host who is holding this paper and pen decided that shes gonna make my night miserable, i smile and told her im on the guestlist and suddenly she look at me and says t im not on the guestlist without even looking at the guestlist book.anyway i keep telling her to atleast look at the list but she choose to ignore me. make sure you get the blonde girl to help you out instead she seems nicer.

By Stacey C.

I feel I must say, I agree completely with "Windsor" below. On a recent trip to the UK from New Zealand, I found the service, drinks, music and clientele at The Cuckoo Club to be fabulous. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and the only unhappy people I saw were the ones who failed to get past security. It's true that this is a high end club which caters to a certain taste, but I dont think thats to say the staff are rude and arrogant. If you get confrontational with people who are only doing their job then of course you can expect to be denied entry! Next time, dress up, put a smile on your face, bring your manners and perhaps you will have better luck!

By Paul S.

The Cuckoo is absolutely brilliant. I went last night for a friends birthday party and could not have picked a better venue in the whole of London. The staff are friendly and their service is unbelievable. Music was top notch and got everybody there dancing. The atmosphere and decor are great and really make the Cuckoo a special place. If you are looking for a great club, with great drinks there is no better venue in town than the Cuckoo Club.

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