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The East Hill is a vibrant pub in Wandsworth and is popular with many, from local workers on their lunch break to families enjoying a meal out.

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The East Hill reviews

By Tom R.

Ate at the east hill yesterday Sunday , have to say quite possibly the best roast I've had in ages! Good selection of meals, reasonably priced. We ate whole roast corn fed chicken to share it was fantastic perfectly cooked, with a selection of vegetables including yummy cauliflower cheese. Our friends had the sirloin of beef again perfectly cooked medium rare, and a delicious fish pie with a cheddar mash. Presentation on all dishes was excellent and a little fun. The service was polite and smooth and all the staff seemed happy and confident, apparently they do have a new chef, who according to the manager ( is doing an amazing job) we whole heartedly agree, book early or be disappointed

By Tom H.

Really lovely peaceful local , good beers , very good wines , and good food , the good British Pub style Kind , Its a shame that some of the other reviews have said poor food and poor service , Ive lived a 3 minute walk from this pub for a year and visited it a handful of times every time drink was nice , food was nice , service was good and atmosphere really nice and relaxed , its a excellent alternative to the Alma which can become a bit too in your face , all in all a perfect local .

By U U.

Have given the east hill 3 stars as the pub is comfortable, has a good selection of beers and wines. However, the food is terrible and the service is very lack lustre. Staff are apathetic and often rude. The east hill hasnt had a good chef for atleast two years. Ive had a burger for lunch that was very overcooked and made me fill ill all afternoon. Three weeks earlier I had the 'fish pie' which was overcooked squares of fish in butter, with dry overcooked mustard mash that tasted of nothing piled ontop. Awful. Looked at the menu recently and couldnt see a single item on there which I wanted to eat. Rubbish for a pub that used to have such a great reputation. This pub needs an enthusiastic manager to train the staff properly, and a new chef!

By Jeremy R.

Its a great location, top of the Tonsley's I ordered the burger which I have to say was disappointing. The burger was thin and over cooked, bun was dry, would not order again. Cocktail sausages were good but can you really go wrong with them. The service was not great, the older lady with the blond hair who served us looked almost irritated when I asked for sauces or any drinks. its a good boozer but perhaps they have fallen in love with their own hype. The customer is what makes a place, hope they remember that.

By Josh H.

Extremely disappointing. £15 roast came with 2 measly slices of overcooked beef, 3 hard potatoes and a poor selection of veg. Avoid at all costs

By Louise J.

We've just arrived back from a Saturday lunch at East Hill. The place is beautifully decorated has a nice atmosphere and was packed so it looked like a good choice.

I was totally disappointed with the service though. Our food arrived without half of the promised trimmings and we were left with no cutlery or sauces.

When I went to the bar to ask for the cutlery, sauces etc, instead of an apology I was given a cold stare for having the nerve to request these things. What has happened to British service? Shame...

By Abi R.

Just off the main road on a quiet side street, it would be easy to miss The East Hill if you didn’t know it was there. However, the pub’s smart interior, good food and friendly atmosphere makes it worth scoping out.

The Venue
The bar area is bright and friendly, with a flagstone floor and open fire being just a couple of original touches. There is a definite country pub vibe and both the bar and restaurant area are dotted with attractive mismatched furniture and vintage paraphernalia. A small dividing wall separates the two areas, with a large mirror on the restaurant side maintaining the open and bright feel. The focus at The East hill is more on dining than drinking, with the restaurant area slightly larger and with more seating.

The Atmosphere
This pub is lively, even on a Monday, with plenty of people drinking and eating and a number of dining tables reserved. The clientele covers a broad range of ages, although the typical custom comes from young locals stopping for dinner or a drink after work. In both the bar and dining area tables are not too cramped, so even when it’s busy it doesn’t feel overcrowded.

The Food
For starters, the herb crumbed Somerset Brie with Cumberland sauce (£6.50) is a nice option. The Brie is satisfyingly crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside, although it is a little bit chewy at times. The portion is the perfect size for a starter and comes accompanied with a chutney and well dressed salad. Alternatively, the chicken liver parfait with pear chutney and toast (£6.95) is packed full of flavour, the pate smooth and not too rich or overpowering.

Corn-fed chicken, bacon, mushroom, red wine and gratin potato (£13.50) is well cooked and tender, with the crispy bacon adding a nice crunch to the dish. It comes with a very decent portion of potatoes. For something completely different, have the roast lamb loin, spiced chick peas, chorizo, cavalo nero and sweet onion puree (£15.95) - the chickpeas and chorizo make an excellent accompaniment to well cooked lamb. However, the cabbage is a little overdone and watery.

As desserts go, you can’t beat a chocolate fondant, but sadly The East Hill’s version with vanilla ice cream (£5.95) doesn’t quite hit the mark - cooked in a shallow dish, it is slightly underdone and too gooey. That said, the vanilla ice cream is a delicious accompaniment. Likewise, the doughnut with vanilla cream and cherry jam (£5.95) is a disappointment, and although the doughnut is soft and fluffy it is missing the promised warm jam centre. However, the custard is creamy and not overly sweet.

The Drink
On the comprehensive wine list whites range from £15.50 for a bottle of the house and extend up to £23.50. Reds cover a broad range, from £15.50 up to £26.70. There is a small but good selection of lager and ales on the bar too, with a pint of ale costing from £3.65 for Doombar, a pint of lager starting at £3.75 for Carlsberg and a pint of Guinness costing £4.15. A single gin and tonic is £5.25.

The Last Word
The East Hill serves up great food in a homely environment, with a friendly atmosphere and equally friendly staff.

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