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Bermondsey Street's The Garrison is a vibrant pub serving a range of British dishes together with a selection of fine wines.

Ranked #1107 of 5241 restaurants in London

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The Garrison reviews

By Andrew M.

I was very disappointed indeed with The Garrison. After reading other peoples views I found the food to be average, the place overcrowded and the service, especially that of the manager, amateur.

It took approximately 45 minutes to order in the first place, a further 1.5 hours for the food to arrive and when we complained we were met with insults and asked to leave. The final insult was that when we were paying the bill the Garrison manager stood over us as if we were about to run without paying.

By Lara B.

Garrisons has the rudest staff in London. Pretentious, unfriendly, by far the worst customer service I've ever come Across. It's a shame and a waste of space on such a lovely street. Hope it closes and someone else with a clue about hospitality business replace this horrendous place.

By Steven B.

Having moved to Bermondsey fairly recently I was pleased to find what looked like a nice gastropub for a Sunday roast. After checking their website, where the Garrison claims to a) be a pub and b) serve food until 9:30 pm, my girlfriend and I decided to try it out. Upon arriving, they seemed surprised that we hadn't reserved a table, which in turn surprised us as the last time we checked, pub (gastro or otherwise) etiquette didn't require you to book in advance. We were then unceremoniously dumped atop some perilously tall bar stools at a narrow shelf purporting to be a table and practically commanded to order our drinks immediately. At this point I would hesitate to describe the Garrison as having a poor selection of beers as there didn't seem to be a selection at all. While not being a CAMRA fanatic who will storm out of any bar that doesn't serve obscure cask-conditioned brews from deepest darkest Suffolk, I would have expected any self-respecting pub to offer something more than the same two lagers you could buy in a plastic cup at a provincial rock festival. Determined to make the best of an evening out, we sipped our wine and studied the menu, which didn't appear to include the aforementioned Sunday roast. On enquiring, we here haughtily informed that roasts were only served at lunch time, a fact which is omitted from the website. We spent the next ten minutes finishing our drinks and debating whether or not to stay for dinner, during which time we were pestered by the same two waiters who, it seemed, wanted us to either eat or leave. And so, with the Garrison's sense of hospitality rapidly dwindling, we left, and went to a real pub instead.

By A H.

I took a group of 6 to The Garrison for an early Sunday dinner. The staff were good. It is busy but has a great atmosphere, with big windows and light flooded in on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The roast were very good (but sold out so not all of us who wanted it could have it), pork chop quite good and squid ink risotto no good. Book in advance. A cute pub.

By Olivia M.

I went last night and thought it was shocking. The food was bland and over priced. I found ground up chicken bones in my dinner which I had to spit out. We were turfed off our table shortly after we finished our main course as tables are only available in 2 hour slots. The waiter recommended we finish our wine at the seriously overcrowded bar where we kept getting bashed around by kitchen porters with tubs of food heading for the kitchen. It was extremely unpleasant. 0 out of 10. Don't go!

By David O.

Am quite relieved by the other reviews on here; ate there on Friday night and my food was nothing short of terrible!

Overcooked, tough-as-old-boots clams which were basically inedible, followed by haddock served on a bed of raw, cold and crunchy white beetroot which was simply unpleasant.

Leaving £50 lighter and still hungry is simply unacceptable. To say I wouldn't recommend The Garrison would be a massive understatement;

I wouldn't visit again even if someone offered to pay me for doing so! Avoid!

By N.

*wannabe kitcsch pub above its station* ok, food was alright.

if overpriced. but cramped and sweltering room, which i guess is fine if you want to feel and smell your dinner being cooked.

worst of all, rude and frankly unhinged staff -don't dare ask for anything. AVOID, bermondsey kitchen a much safer bet.

By Carolyn C.


My sister's risotto was dry and crunchy. When she sent it back it got zapped in the micro to become marginally less crunchy but even more dry. Her veg meatloaf was cold in the middle and they were going to re-heat that but she couldn't face it and in desperation had the fish finger sandwich. Burgers were way to red and all way, way too expensive for the quality. had to endure cold stares from one of the waitresses after she witnessed us sending food back. Don't go!

By Melvin B.

Don't go there! Looks can be deceiving indeed. The cosy decor and friendly-ish staff does not live up the apparition that this place could offer. I took my pregnant friend to have a comfortable, lovely lunch. We were seated in a nook, which was charming and pleasant enough. Service was also pleasant until the hamburger arrived for my friend. She asked for it to be well done, it came dripping in fat and red on the inside. It was sent back. When it returned, it looked as though it was zapped in a microwave, looking drier and retaining it's pink fleshy interior. It was sent back a second time. When it returned, it was looking like a dark, dry, decomposed mound of cement and mud. The 'chef 'would not even get a job at Mc Donald's with this! I had macaroni & cheese and it was done with a cheese that was too heavy, Go to 'Automat' for the best macaroni & cheese. Don't bother with the Garrison. There's far better food up the road in Borough Markets....or dare I say...Mc Donalds!

By D.

I'm a big fan of The Garrison, but you do have to be prepared to deal with the success of the place. It's busy, crowded and hard to get a table but always rewarding. I recommend The Garrison steak or burger and watching all the people in this cool part of town is part of the fun.

By Stephanie M.

The Garrison has a distinctive look to say the least: cuckoo clocks and distressed mirrors adorn the walls, and low granny lampshades and knick knacks that look like they were found at Battersea boot sale on a lucky Sunday are everywhere you look. It may be heaving at peak times but it’s worth reserving a table at this treat of a bar and restaurant.

The Venue
Halfway down buzzing Bermondsey Street, The Garrison is about a ten-minute walk from London Bridge station. It can be found next to the beautiful trees with fairy lights that make Bermondsey Street seem almost like a holiday spot rather than somewhere in the city.

Inside, it’s as small as a big living room so it’s difficult to get a space if you aren’t eating. Every table is booked on pretty much every night. You might squeeze in a slot on one of their high tables for a brief drink but there’s always the promise of someone needing that table for their dinner so it will probably only be one drink on a spontaneous visit.

There’s a screen for movies in their quirky little relaxed secret downstairs space. Movies are free on a Sunday and the room can be hired for parties.

The Atmosphere
The crowd is made up of after-work suits, groups of giggly friends and couples. It attracts the more well-to-do foodie type as the menu is a little pricey but everyone in attendance is smiling.

Staff are efficient, mock-bossy and charismatic. They’re hard working to the point of being borderline invisible, so service is not ‘in your face’, but sometimes a little hard to get the attention of. It’s forgiven though as it is so busy.

The Food
The initial impression from the menu is that it is underwhelming and sparse in comparison to the gorgeous venue but upon inspection there are lots of down to earth gems on their well thought out British menu. It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity. Starters range from £5-£8, mains £11-£17, and there are a range of specials and steaks to choose from. Desserts range from £5-£8.

In addition, there’s a fantastically fun range of bar snacks featuring Old Spot cocktail sausages, Welsh rarebit and fish finger sarnies.

The Drink
The wine list ranges from £16-£41 for white and red, with a few roses to choose from and a choice of three reserve tipples for the more special occasion.

There’s a reasonable selection of beer on tap and in bottles, and a good selection of spirits with a classic negroni offered first on the aperitif menu.

The Last Word
An absolute indulgence of a bar and restaurant. It’s a shame that you’ll struggle to get a table unless you book, but it is so very worth doing so for a special dinner, lunch, breakfast or brunch.

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