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The Gaylord offers a huge range of Indian cuisine.

Ranked #1408 of 5241 restaurants in London

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The Gaylord reviews

By Andrew M.

The Gaylord has the worst takeaway service ever. They only had to go one mile and the finished article looked as though they'd dribbled the thing the whole way instead of driven it. Curry everywhere! Charged us full whack of course for a delivery that took an hour and a half and had most of the main course plastered everywhere. The Gaylord is worthless.

By G.

I can’t lie. It was the comedy name that first attracted me to The Gaylord. But once inside, I found the food to be pretty good. Shame about the adding up at Gaylord though – for some reason they’d added on service and some extortionate drinks prices. Maybe they need a new calculator?

By Tony W.

Lived in Battersea for 15 years and this was our first visit. Disappointing. The waiter kept suggesting a Lamb dish that we didn't want. They substituted it for what we did order. Given the fact that my wife hates coriander and didn't want the meat soaked in fat this was not acceptable. The lamb they serves was basically fat and terrible. King prawns? 1cm diameter, more like knaves. Wasn't cheap. There are better local Indian restaurants than this (they were fully booked unfortunately).

By Mukul M.

We were in Gaylord last afternoon. It was a horrible experience. The staff were unfriendly, they just weren't there. When we walked in, the restaurant was empty (means there was not a single soul there) but the staff insisted that we should have a reservations. Whilst we were there, we struggled to get anyone's attention. The food was effectively terrible (and I'm Indian). We did not get what we ordered and what was ordered was floating in oil. The only reason we go to Gaylords is the fact the one in Delhi is supposed to an institution. And the pièce de résistance is that they charged us £1.50 per person as 'cover charge' over and above the £10 service charge. Personally, I know a lot of Indians think of Gaylord from India - but you should avoid this place like a rash...

By Susan B.

Soggy, old poppadoms, tough lamb dish and overcharged for a bottle of wine. When questioned about the overpriced nature of this, the waiter immediately highlighted the fact that we drank the bottle of wine. Even though we asked for the house wine. They planned to overcharge us from the beginning. I repeat do not go here. There are far nicer indian restaurants in Clapham Junction. These guys need to know that you do not overcharge people otherwise people will not return. We certainly will not.

By James L.

I took my girlfriend to the Gaylord 2 weeks ago and was utterly disappointed. Its a local of ours and being curry lovers, we wanted to try it out.

Our waiter seemed incapable of smiling and was actually downright surly. The menu had a very poor selection for my vegetarian girlfriend.

When the food arrived the portions were small and my Chicken Rogan Josh tasted distinctly bland.

My girlfriends main course had a tiny amount of sauce on it which made it very dry.The only positive was that the decor was quite agreeable.

There are plenty of excellent curry houses in clapham, this is certainly not one of them.

By P.

The Gaylord has good food and great service. I will certainly go again. If you are local to The Gaylord, pop in and I think you'll find it's better than a lot others in the area.

By T.

The Gaylord is a friendly little place and one that's fairly decent. Doesn't really stand out much in general, but still worth a visit if you're in the area.

By M.

Three out of Five stars

So you wend your way to the open, fragrant arms of your local curry emporium, watch with awe as the crumbs of previous diners are magically whisked away with the little hand-held carpet-sweeper contraption and settle yourself on the suedette banquettes in anticipation of the spicy smorgasbord to come.

But your poppodums are as dust between your fingers as, ten minutes later, you find yourself still wrestling with the Sisyphean task of sifting the gold of culinary karma from the possible dross of mealtime mediocrity. The menu, as involved and extensive as Homer's Odyssey, details at least 16,000 choices, and you find yourself assailed by doubt. How, you wonder for the nth time, are they able to prepare 96 possible presentations of prawns given the ten minutes it seems to take for your food to arrive?

The hilariously-monikered Gaylord cuts through all this confusion with a simple, clear menu which includes all the usual favourites, a few old standards and some informatively-described specials. What a refreshing change. Plus, it's clear, ordered, well-written and (for the most part) relatively un-bonkers.

Service is friendly and discreet (no drug dealer-like pushing of poppodums here) and even the décor is fairly restrained, with not an inch of flock wallpaper in sight. Prices, despite the Gaylord's prime location on Battersea Rise (right in the heart of 'rah' territory) are reasonable, and you can expect to pay around £5-£8 for your main meat dish (excluding rice).

This is an unpretentious local curry house that has resisted the urge either to dress itself up for the Battersea crowd or go downmarket with an impossible selection of dishes and a pile 'em in philosophy. Instead, it’s held its ground, and with a loyal local clientele, it can only be hoped that it will continue to be rewarded for it.

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