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The Griffin is a vibrant bar which features in-house lapdancers making it a popular venue with stag parties.

Ranked #19 of 225 clubs in London
"The Griffin is a fully nude table dancing venue, located close to Chancery Lane & Farringdon stations, in the heart of London's legal district. Spend an evening in the company of London's most beautiful girls at one of the capitals oldest established gentleman's clubs. Come in and enjoy fully nude stripteases on the main stage every 10 minutes. You can also have a private dance in our luxurious private dance lounge with the girl of your choice. We have over 30 girls working at The Griffin in shifts, to find out who's performing when, just check on the Timetable page. Along with the live shows, we have DJ's and 4 widescreen HD TV's showing all of the major sporting events, such as all major football matches, test match cricket, rugby, boxing and any sports requested. Dress Code is smart casual, clean trainers are fine. The Griffin is free entry also, unlike many other Striptease Venues in London. Our drinks are reasonably priced, comparative to any London Pub. Stag Do’s, Work Parties and Birthdays are all catered for."

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The Griffin reviews

By Andrew M.

The Griffin is an outstanding place. My first time was a great laugh and a night I'll never forget. Off for a meeting at The Griffin now at the thought of it!

By Andrew M.

What a find! At £1 a dance this place is the best. Gorgeous friendly girls and cheap beer before 5pm on weekdays. There is a small lapdancing section where you get closer to the girl of your choice for up to £15, some girls work there that do in Browns. What a place!

By Andrew M.

Hi, Big Al here. Went to the Griffin on Saturday for my mates stag and we loved it. I enjoyed making eye contact with the lovely ladies. I think they loved my Mojo glasses, must have been a turn on for them. My mate had a great medallion though so he got led off into a back room for a little private display.

By Sarah S.

Went to the Griffin with a few friends as part of a night out, loved it! Was not sure what to expect but it was a decent atmosphere, decent drinks prices and lovely ladies, worth another visit

By Stephen F.

The Griffin ladies were fantastico. Of course they all want your money, but that's to be expected. There was a lovely Aussie there who was very spicy and great to talk to and, oh yeah, she had an incredible... butt!

By Rob S.

I find it is a great pick me up after a long week of work. Great people, great place and it is a real hidden gem. If only they did a loyalty card!

By Mike P.

You should pay a visit to the newly re-furbished Griffin. Decor has had a major facelift and the staff and all the girls are cheerful. Only £1 each dance and £10 for a private dance so great value. The girls are really stunning especially the exquisite Chilli. Wow what a fantastic looking lady and really talented coz she sings too. Door staff been given bad review which is weird coz they are so laid back and tell all newbies the rules on entrance.

By Steve I.

I have been to a few strip clubs in my time, in various countries so I would say have a balanced view of the strip club world. The Griffin is a little gem of a bar/pub/strip joint. Yes the building itself is no Spearmint Rhino, but then you don't have the entrance fee, and the expensive drinks. What you do have is a door policy that you are expected to place a £1 coin in the pint jar of the girls as they come around (about 6 per hour). When added to the cost of the beers there you are still looking at average London pint prices, so it really costs you no more than drinking in any London pub, with the added benefit of seeing some girls strip naked. Onto the girls....each time I have been here (which is whenever I am in London) the girls have been very tasty. As good as the girls in Legs11 in Birmingham or some of the good strip clubs on the continent. Yes you do get the odd 'below par' filly but thats just life. I'm sure some people will find them amazing to look at. They obviously cater for a wide range of tastes. The stage is at one end of the narrow pub so if you catch it at a busy time you could find it difficult to see, so if possible don't go there at 5:30 pm in the week as every city boy and his dog got there after work and it is packed out. All in all a very decent experience. If you can ignore the decore then you'll have a great time here. PS. I am from the Midlands and do NOT work for the Griffin. This is an honest review from a self certified lover of strip clubs.

By Kenny L.

THE BEST PUB IN THE WORLD.........EVER Been ther a few times now, and me and my friends organise days down to London every few months with the sole intention of going to The Griffin. Got told about it about a year ago, and after visiting it have told LOADS of people about it. I should be on commision! See for yourself, it great! Lovely girls, below average bar prices, great atmosphere (although i do prefer lunchtime to nightime there)

By Nigel F.

Good atmosphere, reasonable prices and a great show.

Dropped into the Griffin for an hour one evening to see what it was like. In a word, excellent! Nicely lit and a reasonable sound level - not dark and deafeningly loud like some places. Beer at a normal price and friendly staff, a pleasant atmosphere, nothing intimidating or sleazy. It was a Wednesday night so not crowded but this gave me a better view of the girls - and they are worth viewing! The dances are short but frequent and very good, the girls certainly show off what they've got. Well worth another visit.

By John S.

Hot girls. Terrible atmosphere.

Nice location 20 mins walk from Tottenham Court Road. But it'd be hard to design a pub with less atmosphere. Laminate floor, harsh lighting. Lots of empty floor space. (Tho I did visit on a quiet night midweek) The girls were very hot but mainly sat in a corner texting. And the £1 show were good with lots of full nudity - though the seating didn'get you as close as in Browns. The private dances were no contact but much closer and better than Browns. Not brilliant. But it had its moments!

By Graham B.

This is the Calsberg of strip clubs. It does what it says, good value, nice girls and now refurbished. Bet is at normal prices no entrance fee and £1 for the shows. Unbeatable.

By Mike P.

Wow, what an experience! Went with a group of mates last weekend and had a great time. The decor is a bit shabby but good atmosphere and the girls are stunning - truly beautiful, friendly and fun. Can't wait to return! Make a visit guys, you won't regret it (though your wallet may be emptied!)

By Simon J.

I visited the Griffin Pub on a Friday afternoon. The pints were £3.50 and a private dance was £10.00. The girls were quite attractive and were on stage every ten minutes. There was no hassle from doormen. A great afternoon's fun.

By Jimbo S.

Great place. Great if you like to oggle super-fit young ladies stripping and pole-dancing in front of you! It is cheap (1 quid per dance - considering you get full frontal and rear nudity, not bad) and the girls are really pretty. Just avoid around Christmas time as they charge a fiver for entry. Its a classic.

By Edouard T.

Why are you complaining about paying £1 for a stage performance ? You are the cheaps one ! Do you really think they will strip for free ? i find it very brave to do what they do and the girls are beautiful and top class, absolutely stunning ! most of you are rude and don't know how to speak to girls that's why they can be rude in return... Anyway it's a great pub and I recommend it to any gentlemen, you will see the ladys are more pretty and sexier than any "posh" club as stringfellow or spearmint reno... go and have a look !

By Adrian S.

Just visited the Griffin again for a wonderful hour's fun in my lunchtime. I don't know what some of these reviewers want? During the day, you pop in, have a pint for £3.30 (I think) and then spend a few quid dumping pound coins in a pint glass every 10mins or so. So in 1 hour, you can have a beer and see 3-4 decent girls fully naked pole-dancing for under a tenner! ...and I must say that a lovely young lady today called Michaela was awesome - decked out in black stockings and suspenders - it was like a dream. English aswell!Private dances are £10. Had one once, was OK. They dance pretty close to your face, alone, but no touching aloud - just a peck on the cheek to say "thanks". Highly recommended!

By Jak J.

I went there 11.5.11 I saw 5 fit young women dance naked and it cost £5 and a pint of beer at normal prices. They were all good looking with nice bodies, one had rubber tits which is not my thing but one had a perfect body with lovely small breasts. I stood 10 feet away and got to see her dance naked for £1. I didn't notice the floor or the decor. I didn't have to go to a seedy part of town, it is just through a door on a main central London street. The girls surely have every right to ask you if you want a private dance for £15. The east european girls will look grumpy if you say no thanks but they look grumpy anyway. They still dance naked for £1 Fantastic.

By Bolo Y.

Rude, aggressive, no manners, no respect, a few of the girls in there are like those homeless beggars, want money even if you aren't near the stage. It's not cheap after buying drinks, £5 entry now too, it's only pole dancing, get that for free in other places. Getting into a punch-up would be a breeze here. The brazilian girl(s) in there a right stroppy beggar, counts every penny if u put change in the glass. Most of the blokes in there are plonkers, it smells of sweat and farts, sticky floor, most doo doo strip place I've ever been to. Steer clear, you been warned, go somewhere they appreciate your custom at least.

By Jimmy C.

I love the Griffin. I've been to a large number of venues in my time and have contributed significant sums to the 'night' economy. I love the fact that the bouncers know me by name now and that the barman knows my favourite drink (pina colada) so I don't actually have to ask any more. Topi tip: ask for Mary. James C

By Tiger S.

Genuinely, as a seasoned veteran of the Strip Club world, the Griffin is hands down the best value I have seen in London. Awesome pub, great for sport, birds and beer and the after club at Browns is equally as good value as I have seen. I'm just back from Stringfellow's which is remarkable, but the Griffin has something of an edge in the simplicity and quite extraordinarily hot Brazilians that show their personality as well as their tits and bivver. I dont work for the Griffin, I wish I did, I am not 18 years old, and I haven't been a virgin as long as I remember. Throw that nugget in, get that dance and enjoy the best of what London has to offer.

By Peep E.

I have been to The Griffin a few times, and I think it is fantastic. I always visit on weekdays around 12-4pm, when it is not very busy.It is exactly what you would want from a Strip Pub. Entry is free and drinks are sensibly priced - £2ish for a soft drink, for example - and all you have to pay for the girls is £1 a time to watch each strip off on a small stage at one end of the pub. The girls strip completely nude on this little stage, so you get to see everything, but not from particularly close up. Still, naked ladies every 10 minutes or so can't be bad.At the time I usually go, private dances cost £10. For this service you are lead to a side room which features a few more poles and small sofa-cum-seats. You take a seat and watch for about 5-6 minutes as a scantily clad woman dances and strips just for you.

Now all the girls strip nude, but you take you luck as to how explicit the dance is... some will strip sensually, giving you a fleeting glimpse between their legs, others will wiggle their naked bum and fanny almost in your face! Either way, for £10 it is a good deal.The ladies are a mixture of British and European I would say. They all speak English, and are happy to have drinks bought for them from banker-types, but I don't go in for that nonsense. All I want to see is a sexy naked lady giving me a good close-up view of her privates, and that is absolutely what you get at The Griffin. I hope this encourages others who might be nervous, as I was at first, to go along. The atmosphere is very relaxed, everyone is friendly and the ladies are all to willing to show off in front of you.

By Darren B.

ok lads, here's the facts.

1. Half these reviews are likely written by the griffin, the rest probably by 18yr old virgins.

2. Don't let that stop you going, as some of the facts are correct- it is a pub- prices are ok- there are girls dancing there

3. Here are some corrections- it is one of the grottiest pubs in the world, more 4 walls and a bar- the girls come round demanding £1 coins every few minutes, so it will cost you approx. £5-10 an hour to be there- the girls are not of high quality, but they are not all mingers- the stage is at the far end of the pub, so you have to be an obvious perv to get a decent view.

- the music is a cd player attached to a mobile disco unit with the basic flashing lights- there are no real private areas, don't think this is spearmint, it is a room without furniture or decor

4. My highlight was going when liverpool were playing a champions league game, and it was being projected onto the girl on stage dancing. Now that is a cracking idea.

By Steven S.

Great strip pub with some extremely sexy girls!

However, the open strip is doen on a stage at a distance while the private dance is also on a pole dance stage i.e. the girl is a good 3 feet away.

I have been to strip pubs where the girl will come right up to you and even rub her body against you so a little disappointing from that point of view

By Sweet W.

My friend Kirky goes there a lot, he recommended it to me.

I was thrilled when I finally made it down to London to have a drink there. Very exotic dancers.

By Sweet W.

Very nice ladies, they all seemed very friendly, a pound seems like a bargain to me.

I especially liked Peaches, what a stunner!!

By Tom M.

Rude, unfriendly staff. Cheap girls.If you don't have an infinite amount of pound coins be warned.

By Jonny H.

Came down from the north? And wwas told this bar was a traditional ale bar with log fire the lot!!!What I can say is they have cracking girls here worth every penny we spent had a supeise one on one with a stunning brazillian girl, worth every penny!! 11/10Will be going again get there early this is a top bar

By Mike B.

I went there on friday 22 august 2008 night. There was a nice crowded atmosphere there and the girls were CHONG. I loved it when they came close to me to collect a pound in a glass after each dance on the stage. I attended 4 or 5 shows (with a different girl every time).I was there with a mate, and we had a couple of pints and a private dance each. The price for a private dance is 15 pounds, and it's well worth it. I went for a lovely brazilian brunette, and he chose a stunning blonde. They gave their all (both in private and stage shows), we were more than satisfied :-)I only wished the interruptions between the lapdances done on the stage were not so long (up to 10 minutes sometimes). But I definitely advise you to try this place, the DJ (big black fella) is a funny man

By The P.

Top establishment all round really. Good entertainment, easy to get to the bar. I just wish there were more guys to look at. The Princer.

By The Great Smell Of B.

Wonderful looking women working there when I visited, but the layout is very cramped and awkward, with restricted views of the stage from much of the pub; the stage itself is tiny, which limits the scope of the dancers' performances. Bar service can be slow at times.

I'd visit again if I happened to be in the area, but on the whole I prefer its sister venue Brown's or the White Horse in Shoreditch.

By Dave T.

What a fantastic place. The Griffin women are fan-tas-tic. They are very friendly and will always have time for a chat. Bad point on Thursday was a loud drunken bloke (who looked like the Count off of Sesame Street) who kept yelling at he bar staff, Where am I again LUV? Apart from that I will definitely be going back. Like tonight!

By K.

What a place. The Griffin is really cheap compared to other places like this. The girls at The Griffin are well fit too. I love this pub!

By B.

The Griffin is amazing. The staff are friendly and the girls are very, very sexy at The Griffin. It was great value at only a quid a dance, but I would've paid more to watch Debbie swinging round the pole.

By N.

The Griffin is the greatest place I have ever been. For only a pound a dance it has got to be the best value for money in the world.

If you have not tried this place you really are missing out. Awesome! We love The Griffin, we do.

By A.

I was there last night for a mate's stag do, and it was my first time at The Griffin. The stag wasn't disappointed and neither was I. Granted, the pub for itself isn't worth the time or effort, but let's face it, if all you wanted was a pint, you wouldn't go to The Griffin now would you?

I don't know if I just got a lucky bunch last night, but the girls were stunning and there was a gorgeous little Brazilian girl. No doubt about it, it's worth the effort. No entry fee, only a quid per dance, and the beer's cheap too.

By J.

The Griffin is a mangy old pub that you'd not normally bother with...and the girls aren't that hot. However, they are naked and naked girls make it well worth going to The Griffin. Just save up your pound coins for the collection jar and watch them dance.

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