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The Haberdashery is a quirky coffee shop and eatery featuring rustic decor and mismatched vintage crockery. The menu offers meals and snacks made with fresh and seasonal ingredients as well as a range of bread and confectionery.

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Opening Hours

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The Haberdashery reviews

By Zoe F.

Having spent a lot of time at The Haberdashery over the part 4 years I decided it was the perfect venue to hire for my birthday party on a Saturday night. My guests and I were not disappointed! Massimo (one of the owners) handled all the planning and organisation which ensured there we no pre-party nerves on my part. It looked beautiful with the fairy lights and tea-lights shining. We were even blessed with a warm summer's evening so we could spill out into the pretty garden. The staff were amazing, making everyone feel welcome and creating divine cocktails. I couldn't have asked for anything more...thank you!

By Barry J.

Thought this place is a real local find. Only been once and would go again. Very child friendly atmosphere and pleasant staff. Had the largest coffee I've ever had and reasonable prices. Would recommend.....

By Bill C.

i go there several times a week, and have since a friend held their party there early summer. it's fantastic - probably the best cafe in north london right now - cosmopolitan, friendly and mega healthy and fresh food...

By Freddy M.

Avoid like the plague.. It wasn't the fact that the food was terrible or the incredibly bad service, but quite possibly the curly hairs i found in their spinach salad! And when i complained i was just laughed at and brought the bill!! After reading some of the other reviews of this place i thought I'd leave a genuine one.. Have fun.

By Bing S.

I have just had one of the strangest experiences of my life. I have been visiting the haberdashery since I moved into the area a few weeks ago, and today when I went in someone came to the table and started ranting about a bad review and accused me of posting it. Service is a little slow there, but not enough to bother me and not enough for me to write a review about it. As I also pointed out I do not have an internet connection and did not write a review (I went to a web cafe to post this). He carried on accusing me of writing a bad review nad said I was banned. He seemed quite serious about it although I think the real reason is that the friend I usually come in with is disabled. You can't ban someone for being disabled so I guess he made up the bad review story. Or he might be paranoid, either way I don't want to return there.

By Amanda J.

i'm a regular there, and the staff are always lovely. i bring my two children all the time, and they have gone out of their way to be helpful all the time, so not really sure what experience you had but it doesn't sound at all like the same place. in fact, most of the mums i know go there not just for the great decor and food, but because the people there are so friendly compared to other places - they even open the door for you!

By Z B.

Very disapppointing, very rude staff. As a local resident, I had really been looking forward to my birthday outing at this stylish, quirky new coffeed shop. We experienced rudeness from beginning to end. From being made to feel like a nuisance as I have a buggy to being threatened that our order was too small, to being asked to leave our table a minute after settling our bill as there were people waiting. The brownie was delicious but I don't think I have ever been treated so badly in a restaurant before. Shortsighted when repeat business will come from local residents (many of which have babies). Unless they change their attitude, I don't think this will remain this busy for much longer.

By Claire L.

Had lunch there today and liked it a lot. Decor is unusual and staff very welcoming. I was impressed by the number of vegetarian offerings such as pumpkin gnocchi and spinach. The gnocchi were tasty but could have been a bit lighter in texture. The spinach was delicious. The bread served in little flowerpots was an imaginative touch. For dessert I shared a wonderful chocolate cake - nothing pretentious, just good. I would recommend this new restaurant to anyone who enjoys good food in an imaginative setting.

By Greg E.

Just stumbled across this utterly quaint and delightful eatery in the ever fashionable Crouch End, this place really captures an almost pre wartime charming atmosphere with cakes in the window reminiscent of those Granny used to bake and equally as tasty. The place is cosy, warm and tastefully decorated. The waiting staff were very friendly and there was an impressive menu including homemade soups served with bread baked in little pots. The fresh pastries looked delicious and the sweets in the old Haberdashery counter were like something from an old sweetshop. I heard this place only recently opened but it felt like it’d been there forever. Highly recommended, a real treasure, go and see for yourselves.

By Muna N.

I visited this place recently - I think it's just opened - and it's absolutely gorgeous. The menu is to die for, the service perfect and the little touches throughout are fabulous. It's very cool, and has fantastic food. I'll be going back again and again and again. Highly recommended! Go there before everyone hears about it!!

By Susy B.

Finally a good eatery in Crouch End. From the food to the decor and the service everyhting is perfect here. Tea is served in old china cups and the counter is full of old fashioned sweets. This has become my favourite place in north London. Highly recommended!

By Ben N.

The Haberdashery merges restaurant food, cafe culture, homely surroundings and a deli to boot in a bid to become Crouch End’s one-stop dining solution.

The Venue
The Haberdashery looks as though it could always have been right there on a quaint street in Crouch End’s bohemian town centre. Like the area itself, The Haberdashery is a little bit of everything – not quite a full blown restaurant but a serious step up from your average cafe, sandwiches and soups sit happily alongside Scandinavian meatballs and lasagna whilst freshly squeezed juices share menu space with beers, wines and cocktails. There’s a bit of deli-come-bakery thrown into the mix as well with a range of breads, pastries, cakes and sweets available to buy along with the quintessential jute bag.

The Atmosphere
Wooden floors, panelled walls and pastel shades give The Haberdashery an instant tranquility. A musical backdrop of tinkling old vinyls transforms the space from a cafe into a homely kitchen and from somewhere to eat into somewhere to linger. Mismatched, vintage crockery, and tasteful yet random wall adornments add interest and quirkiness whilst a display table of the day’s cakes and another of breads adds a personal touch whilst emphasising the all important ethos of fresh, homemade and natural which resonates throughout. Super friendly staff up for a chat and an utterly laid back atmosphere make The Haberdashery something of a local - a refuge from the cold streets of North London or simply a spot to soak up the sun in the courtyard over a pot of tea and a good book.

The Food
As is fitting of such a versatile venue, there a few menu options available including separate weekday and weekend breakfast menus and a dedicated kids’ menu. The main daytime menu is varied in itself featuring soups, salads and sandwiches on the savoury side along with heartier, more restaurant style offerings such as Scandinavian meatballs (£8.50), which come in a classically sweet and creamy gravy with an inventive beetroot and red cabbage coleslaw and a deliciously peppery dill mash – perfectly executed and a great example of the food on offer. The dishes are uncomplicated and ingredients-led but just that all important one step away from the norm. Their rustic bread pots, which come with soups and salads, exemplify this. Being served in a flowerpot isn’t the only quirk – the daily changing flavours are worth looking out for. A chive and lemongrass loaf is distinctive but just subtle enough - an inspiration for any avid bakers. The soups of the day (£4.50, for a generous bowlful plus a rustic bread pot and butter) are similarly exciting and another smacking example of how homemade and hearty the food is with simple yet original combinations such as leek, celery and honey suggesting a culinary alchemist at work.

Salads (all £5.95) and sandwiches (£4.00 - £4.95) follow the simple but often inventive ingredient combinations route and are homemade from the bread to the chutney. Red mullet wrapped in streaky bacon with salsa verde and new potatoes (£9.50) alternatively is a mere garnish away from fine dining but The Haberdashery wouldn’t have it any other way. Though it would be unfair to ignore the great skill involved in managing to completely crisp the bacon yet only just cook the fish, what really shines through is the ingredients themselves - peppery olive oil, earthy potatoes and completely fresh mullet – which is undoubtedly sustainable.

Few must leave The Haberdashery without having had a piece of cake. Though there’s so much else on offer, they sit like the proverbial doggie in the window encouraging temptation. Flavours and styles vary (all £3.50) but lean towards the traditional. Nice in themselves, they combine with a pot of tea, the tinkling music and tranquil setting to offer an un-proportionally greater satisfaction.

The Drink
The Haberdashery offers everything from wines, cocktails and organic beers to juices, teas, coffees and hot chocolate – and all in abundant variations. Loose leaf tea comes by the pot (£1.80 per pot) in about 20 different varieties spanning fresh ginger and mint teas to Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, Assam and good old English Breakfast. Italian hot chocolate comes in standard and white varieties (both £2) and all the usual coffees are present (from £1.40 - £2.50).

The juices are a bit of a house speciality made with any chosen combination of fresh apple, carrot, beetroot, celery and ginger to order (£3.50). The interesting offering of six beers has a local focus and includes N1 Wheat Beer, Shoreditch Stout and Eco Warrior (all £3.75 - £4) which are an interesting change to the normal options. Wines start at £4 a glass and £12 a bottle for both white and red and prices remain reasonable, whilst cocktails (though not an extensive list) are a good deal at £4.95.

The Last Word
The Haberdashery is a charmingly place that’s full of character with a varied remit that could seemingly fulfill every dining need – a perfect place to while away an afternoon.

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