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A late licence and DJs has turned what was once a simple pub into a much livelier, upbeat party venue for Hackney locals - or anyone else who travels into the area.

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Mon-Thu 12:00-01:00

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The Haggerston reviews

By Claire R.

The Haggerston pub itself is a lively, fun venue if you are looking for a place that stays open a little later. However, their regular use of candles on bars is both unnecessary and hugely dangerous. I have now been in the pub in two separates occasions where friends have singed their hair when leaning over the bar. Thankfully my friends were not seriously hurt. Surely it us common sense that candles and a busy bar is ridiculous idea.

By Steve C.

The young woman who has served me each time on my three afternoon visits is incredibly rude and unfriendly. On my first visit she had a couple of friends in at a table and she was far more interested in looking at their photographs on their iPad than serving me. And when she finally got round to it, she did that classic rude thing of holding my change aloft while she finished her conversation with one of them, and then plonking it down in my hand, with a little snarl. And three of the on-tap beers have been unavailable for over a week now, because they "have just run out". A drab, unwelcoming and unfriendly place to which I will definitely never return. Terrible.

By Emma W.

Extremely rude boumncers which let the place down from what once was a really laid back place. Will not be returning.

By Amy F.

Although this pub is a little further then my local, I am always happy to make the journey!! I've been drinking here for about a year and always have a great time - whether i'm having a quiet beer and pizza, or out with friends till were kicked out at 3am on the weekend. Whoever employs the bar staff needs a high five! The girls are all massive fitties, and seem to have a great time working there - which gives the place a nice vibe. People who complain that the staff are rude should take a look at themselves! the amount of times ive heard customers being rude and aggressive to them for no reason, just being drunk and obnoxious. (probably why theres so many girls workin there because if i was a guy behind that bar i'd probably want to deck some of the punters) only problem is queueing for the toilet.. but the only pubs that don't have this problem are quiet and dull....

By Jaja J.

Staff stand around eating and socialising with each other when it's clear that people are waiting to be served. The guys on the door are extremely rude and unreasonable. Nice pub but it's a real shame about the staff.

By Alice T.

Crowd are happy and friendly (not entirely hipster-shallow), DJ good ... but there's one member of staff who'd be better suited to running a clip joint than a local bar. After I told her I couldn't pay the £4.80 she wanted to charge for a small bottle of Duval (no price advertised, no price mentioned in advance), she went to the trouble of following me across the (very crowded) room and started aggressively arguing with me about how I was very lucky she wasn't going to make me pay for the bottle she'd opened because of what she 'could do to me'. As I was putting on my jacket ready to go I asked her to leave me alone, but she continued the drama, asking the bouncers to make sure I 'never come back in there again'. So - after I've recommended your bar to some friends from out of town, spent the best part of £100 with them, you decide to pick a fight with me then ban me! I wonder where you learned that approach to hospitality?!

By Barty D.

i work at the pub and apologized for what the dj said to you so you know it was the DJ not any of the staff in this particular instance who was at fault... thats just dalston for you.

By Dan G.

Came back to this pub after having two bad experiences in the past. I thought i would give it another chance. It was a Sunday afternoon and it looked cosy inside. Had a great time, until after spending a couple of hours in there and a decent amount of money at the bar me and three friends were asked to leave for 'talking too loudly' as someone at the bar had complained!! Couldn't believe it. We were being overly loud or loutish, literally just having a laugh and a good time. Obviously, a bit too good to be acceptable. A nice evening spoilt (once again) by pretentious snobbery. Real shame.

By Alex G.

This is the sort of place you'll either love or hate. The stripped brick walls and, oh so painfully trendy clientele make it great if you are of the waxed moustache/ ironic animal jumper brigade. The bar staff were a humourless couple, the barmaid with a 'f*ck off' t-shirt which she didn't seem to assume once I questioned whether she was friendlier than her t-shirt. The toilets are style over content with an enormous belfast sink opening between the ladies & gents toilets taking up virtually the whole area, and a single urinal and single cubicle for the gents!. This kind of statement is all very well if the bar is an enormous cavern in Notting hill with a 10 ft. Long pisoire, but an old Victorian pub in Dalston not so successful. The D. J's were playing good roots reggae, which seemed lost on the uber-trendy haircuts. The irony being that the pub would have played the same music twenty years earlier to an almost entirely west Indian clientele. All told I hated The Haggerston, but if you are not an oldster like myself, are born after 1980 and like to be 'seen' in the right place. Then this is probably the place.

By Mccarthy N.

Not sure what happened / when those other reviews were written - we were there a couple of weekends ago (April 2011) and bar staff couldn't have been nicer! Friendly relaxed atmosphere early evening, packed later on but no problem being served, with a friendly smile to boot. Cool but not pretentious - my kind of place.

By Holly B.

Appears to be quite a nice atmospheric pub until you get to the bar. The woman serving was outragously rude. It wasn't even busy and even though it was early on a Tuesday night she couldn't run a bar let alone be civil and hospitable to the customers. Not at all worth the visit.

By Marc E.

This place seemed to be OK with the first drink being served after waiting at the bar for around 5mins,

not that it was outrageously busy, but we left when waiting to order a second because the bar staff decided to start talking to their pals across the bar about what class they were pretending to be in...heroin chic wannabees...

strange attitude from people who are meant to be there to serve punters and not use the place as a face to face blogging opportunity.

If you are waiting to be served you will just be greeted with a blank stare then another wait until they have downed another shot.

They are on a power trip as though its their own private party and they decide who and when they serve regardless of how long you've been standing there.

To sum up the music was good, the atmos from the public was good, the bar staff 2 females and 2 males should except that they have failed in life somewhere and should give up the hostile act and show a little friendliness.

By Roxanne R.

This hip hangout continues to shine in an area that keeps evolving.

The Venue
When The Haggerston first opened a few years ago, it was almost unimaginable it would become such a cool spot. Taking over a rather grotty venue called Uncle Sam's (think rotten carpets, dark curtains, a shabby pool table and a lingering stench of stale fags even way after the smoking ban), it was transformed into a hipster-magnet and today it stands as a well-established and still achingly hip venue set over two floors.

Inside, there's dark exposed brickwork that's commonly seen across East London, antique-style wooden booths with mock-marble tables, dim candle lighting, chandeliers and a dark wooden floor. There's a DJ booth at the back and an area of tables that get pushed to the side when Uncle Sam's jazz band revisit the venue on Sundays. There's also an outside area at the back and some covered seating at the front of the venue. There's also a small room upstairs that is used for private parties and special events, such as life-drawing classes and poetry nights. For those familiar with the venue, a trip to the toilets may bring back unpleasant memories – there's a lack of cubicles and men and women have to face each other in a queuing system divided by some rather half finished-looking taps.

The Atmosphere
This definitely varies considerably depending on when you visit. During the week, you can have a pretty pleasant drink with friends, while from Thursday through to Sunday, the place gets so rammed you can barely move – although the management are considering opening the upstairs area as a second bar during these periods to combat this. As one of Dalston’s hotspots, expect to see trendy twenty-and-thirtysomethings and local scenesters wearing clothes that wouldn't look out of place on the pages of Vice Magazine. Never enter the bar expecting to be served quickly, the staff are incredibly laid-back and, if it's busy, you're in for a wait.

The Music
During the week, anything goes and you can hear everything from Girls Aloud to hardcore rap tunes. From Thursdays – and sometimes during the week if there's a special event going on – live bands and DJs take over. On Sundays, however, the legendary Uncle Sam's Jazz band make an appearance and play late into the night.

The Food
Recently, The Haggerston has started to serve deli-style pizzas on a menu that changes every month. There's also a selection of pastries at the bar.

Starting at £6.50, the pizzas are pretty good value for money as they're big enough to share. They also offer fairly inventive options with ingredients like lemon and thyme and sliced potatoes as toppings. An interesting - and pretty healthy – pick is the beetroot, spinach, grated courgette, artichoke and olive pizza (£7.50), which tastes vibrant and delicious, despite being cheese-free.

Like the pizzas, the dishes on the monthly menu are beautifully presented on wooden boards – even the salad dishes. The broad bean and pea shoot salad with a fried egg (£4.50) makes an ideal starter or side dish – and tossed with subtle-tasting red onions, finely chopped spring onions and peppery rocket, it tastes unbelievably fresh, too. If you're after a main course from the monthly menu, the spicy bean burger with guacamole and salsa is a good shout (£7.50) - the bean burger is so full of tasty beans it almost falls apart as you pick it up, the guacamole and salsa provide zest and the bun is soft and easy to eat.

The Drink
The venue has come a long way with its drinks menu and it’s starting to serve some more interesting tipples. Drinks on tap aren't cheap at around £3.70 a pint, but they do include Guinness, Becks, Truman ales, Cristal, Palm and Stowford Press cider, while bottles include Westons ciders and Duvel. Wine is £12.50 a bottle (or £3.50 a small glass) and the house is an easy to drink merlot or chardonnay. There are also coffees, teas and soft drinks starting at around £1.50. A drink of a spirit and mixer is around £4.

The Last Word
Impressively evolving with the Dalston times, The Haggerston is set to stay on top of its game for some time yet.

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