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The Harcourt is an historic building that is now a contemporary drinking and dining destination. Enjoy Modern European dishes including meals that are a nod to Scandinavian heritage.

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The Harcourt reviews

By Andrew M.

The Harcourt Arms is a strange but endearing place – it’s an old boozer with a garden out the back. But when you scratch the surface of the Harcourt Arms you realise the blokes behind the bar are Swedish it’s in a Swedish area of town and they serve meatballs on the menu.

By Marjorie M.

We'd hired half of the beer garden here to have a bbq as part of a hen weekend - the staff we arranged this with were helpful and obliging, and the pub seemed quaint and unstuffy. Despite the torrential rain on the day, we remained outside under the umbrellas, as there wasn't much room indoors for a group of 20 girls. We d paid for both the hire of the garden and the bbq equipment, and were buying large rounds. Despite this the manager had a go at several members of the group as we were 'making too much noise'! We tried to reason with the staff, who were generally apologetic, but the manager stood her ground and said she wasn't happy with us as customers, god knows why. We had not been playing music, or yelling, or messing around. We were merely 20 women having some drinks and burgers. But the way she treated us you would think we were football hooligans. So we left in disgust. I wouldn't recommend The Harcourt Arms to anyone - there are plenty of establishments nearby with decent customer service. Harcourt arms, you are giving the Swedes a bad name!

By T T.

I visited this pub recently, as we wanted to have a night out with other Scandinavians. What a mistake. This pub truly has the worst service I have ever encountered in England. The staff are just generally rude and arrogant and the manager (yes still there!) is just incredible. I was shocked that Swedish pub could have such arrogant staff. They pushed through customers, took half drunk glasses off the table, and even from my hand, so that I had to grab the glass back. This did not happen just once, but each time a waiter came around. Some of had just finished our drinks and had empty glasses in front of us and we were just about to go the bar when then manager came and told us to leave unless we ALL were drinking. We gladly obeyed and moved to another pub next door. If you are looking for a great time out, don't bother coming to this pub. I know I won't. Like other reviewer, I hope this pub remains one of London's best kept secrets, as it really isn't worth visiting.

By Jens M.

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I can tell you that the arrogant manager at the time of your visit has left and the food service has improved.

By Magnus B.

I visited Harcourt Arms with my 5 year old daughter last weekend. This is a Swedish run place with mostly Swedish customers I guess. I'm from Sweden myself and this visit made me want to stay away from Sweden and Swedish stuff even more, it was really an unpleasant experience.When we were pretty hungry we decided to order something simple, like Swedish "pytt i panna". When our food hadn't showed up after half an hour I asked for my meal, and the answer was that it might show up. Might show up, what?After another half an hour I asked again, and get to know that the chef had a lot to do, and might have forgot our food, so I asked her to check what the **** was going on.After another while I asked for my money, but no, I did not get my money back when I wanted to leave. During the time some other coursed that we did not order showed up on our table. So finally, after a couple of hours, a burned mess showed up.I did found the staffs really arrogant, the Swedish way, if they are understaffed, they should let me know. Ordering a beer takes around 15 minutes, Leffe is about 5.40. So if you really want Kopparbergs Cider and some crappy Swedish meals this is a place for you. Shortly this is a crappy place, actually the worst place I ever visited, I'll never go there again, and I'll hope it will stay one of London’s best kept secrets.

By Will H.

Walk past the Harcourt Arms, with its weathered wood facade and leaded windows, and you might imagine it to be like any other typical English boozer. However, look a bit closer and you may notice a few things that don’t quite add up; the Swedish flag hanging proudly across the main windows being just one of them.

The Venue
Harcourt Arms sits on a quiet Marylebone side street in the middle of a district known locally as Little Sweden. Catering to what is officially the largest community of ex-pat Swedes anywhere in the world, the existence of this friendly little pub remains one of London’s best kept secrets.

The first thing that strikes you about the place is that it’s not very Swedish; from the dark wooden furniture scattered around to the flock wallpaper on the walls, you get the feeling that, somewhere, Mr Ikea is turning in his ergonomic grave. Perhaps this is why so many of the pub’s regulars choose to spend their time in the large beer garden out back – it’s a real beauty as beer gardens go, particularly when they fire up the barbecue during the summer.

The Atmosphere
Swedish hospitality is famed throughout the world, and the Harcourt Arms certainly doesn’t disappoint on that front. Its good looking staff of native Swedes go out of their way to provide a convivial welcome irrespective of whether you’re a fellow countryman or not, and even the regulars are more than happy to enjoy a drink with friendly outsiders.

One thing they are serious about here is football, with Swedish league matches shown regularly on the big screen and even an in-house fantasy football league for anyone who fancies it (if you’re not into Swedish football, it’s probably not for you).

The Food
The kitchen provides a basic offering of traditional pub grub, including bangers and mash and Irish stew, although fans of traditional Scandinavian cuisine will be glad to hear that meatballs do make a star appearance among the main courses. If anything, it would be good to see a few more Swedish dishes on the menu, but prices are reasonable and what they do serve, although basic, makes for a filling meal.

The Drink
As well as a fair selection of draught beers, there is a good wine list and all the usual bottled beers and spirits. Prices are very reasonable for this part of town, and it’s certainly a novel experience to enjoy a Kopparberg cider or Absolut Vodka surrounded by natives of the country that produces them. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself here in the winter months, you really should try a mug of Swedish glogg, a closely guarded recipe that will not only put hair on your chest but probably your tongue to boot.

The Last Word
The Harcourt Arms serves a great role as a home away from home for London’s flourishing Swedish population. It’s an unusual little place, but a friendly one, and if tall, blonde, attractive people are your thing, it’s definitely for you.

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