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The Hide Bar is located on the ground floor of the International Wine & Spirit Centre on Bermondsey Street, right below the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

The Hide Bar is a relaxed place to drink whatever you fancy. The extensive wine, beer, cocktail and spirit offers reflects their enthusiasm for good, well-made and professionally served drinks.

Ranked #248 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"We have great wines, local brews, and some of London’s best cocktails, along with a not inconsiderable number of different spirits and a classic cocktail book selection with which to while away the drinking hours. Please note that we are seated only, so reservations are recommended."

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The Hide Bar reviews

By S.

The Hide Bar is such a stylish little place and if cocktails are your thang then I urge you to give this place a try! There's an excellent selection and the mixologists clearly know what they are doing - we were even able to order off the menu. Don't hide from the Hide Bar - it's a little gem for anyone in London Bridge.

By S.

Situated below the International Wine & Spirit Centre, you'd expect there to be some good drinks in The Hide Bar. It doesn't disappoint. I'm not too au fait with the cocktail side of things but if you like a drop of the grape juice then definitely give The Hide Bar a go as their cellar appears exceptional. Clearly a great deal of thought has gone into it and it pays dividens.

By Samantha S.

This place was amazing! My family and I were visiting from the states and this place was close by. We went here EVERY night we were in London. Amazing service and wonderful people. I loved the atmosphere of this place. There aren't any televisions but I absolutely loved that! It was different and you're forced to talk to each other :P I would definitely come back to The Hide if I were to ever come back to London.

By Guess W.

This place was amazing. Took a Lady here and the joint did the business, the absolute business. I reserved a table and they allowed us the use of the back room, usually reserved for group bookings. The waiters were friendly, knowledgeable and did all they could to look after us. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. we both had such a great night and she was very impressed... with the venue.

By Janey W.

Interesting posts below (Paul)...I've never had anything but a fabulous time at The Hide and the staff have always been very accommodating. There is no doubting their knowledge and skill and the friends that I have introduced to the bar have also enjoyed the service and the drinks and returned again and again. One of my favourite bars in London

By Paul S.

Booked this bar for a party. Agreed food and numbers, completed all their paperwork and they took my full credit card details. Then they stopped responding to calls and emails. At the last minute we had to find another bar.

By Eve S.

Went there on saturday and like other reviews say, the service is so slow it ruins a good night out. I waited for ages to be served while the bar staff ponced about with cocktail shaking. Waste of time

By Thomas M.

Positives: A quirky, cosy and inviting bar with a varied range of drinks on offer. Negatives: Unfortunately, all this goes to pot when the service is so achingly slow that your good mood ebbs away as you wait for an eternity to be served as I did on Saturday (even then the bartender managed to get a simple order wrong twice!) As with earlier comments, not convinced the staff really know what they have behind the bar. The Hide falls into the trap that so many London bars do - trying to do too much. If you want to be a pub, be a pub. If you want to be a cocktail/wine bar, be a cocktail/wine bar. Don't put 200 different ales/lagers/spirits/wines etc behind a tiny bar, employ 2 staff on to serve on a Saturday night and expect them to be able to keep customers happy as they are stood waiting for the staff to churn out orders each of which takes an age to prepare. It's not the staff at fault, it's the management. Either do less with the same staff, or do it all with more people, but don't try and do more with less!

By F F.

Boring, self absorbed mediocre bartenders. Tired and bland decor. Poor service. Good selection of spirits but the staff don't know them.

By Thomas C.

I had a drink with my mate a few weeks ago! there is a large list of drinks and if you look for the unexpectable this is the right place to go!The bar tenders looks really pro and know what they are talking about!Superb decors, friendly staff, great food with some brazilian influence recommended by a talented waitress!Age crowed 25/30Well definitly a place to recommend.

By Nicole M.

A fantastic bar with a gorgeous interior and brilliant service. We came here for a more sophisticated hen party and it was a huge success. The staff really knew what they were talking about and tailored the evening to our needs - including a fully vegan buffet! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cocktail class and loved the vintage record player. I would definitely recommend this bar to anyone who appreciates their drinks and a relaxing atmosphere.

By A.

My wife threw her birthday party at The Hide Bar and it was a huge success.

What appealed to us was the stylish and comfortable decor of the bar and the no smoking policy (which was great to see).

The staff were friendly and courteous and catered to our every need. These guys clearly also know a thing or two about drinks! I would definitely recommend The Hide Bar to anyone looking for a stylish, cool, hassle free bar in which to enjoy a drink or two with friends or as a venue for a larger party.

By Sophia J.

The Hide Bar is a venue that rarely disappoints; you’ll find it hard to resist going back to try the cocktail you missed on your last visit.

The Venue
The Hide Bar is a short walk from London Bridge station, nestled along the main stretch of Bermondsey Street. The decor is simple and understated with a neutral colour scheme of nude tones, white walls and natural woods. The exception to this simplicity is the large wine case that takes up almost an entire wall. The lighting is especially attractive, the ceiling consisting of various spot-lit panels that draw the eye. A sprinkling of large indoor plants help to carry through the natural feel of the decor.

The bar is cosy with comfortable leather sofas and plenty of tables for those looking to sample the food. Most of the seating is conveniently located by the main window, which offers plenty of light during the day and ample people watching opportunities come the evening. However, a couple of the tables are set slightly closer to the bar and if you sit here you may feel slightly out of place, although it is undoubtedly a good location when it comes to ordering drinks. There is also a back room that appears more like a living room than the main bar and comes complete with an old gramophone player and is open for private hire.

The Atmosphere
The Hide Bar is a popular choice with locals and those who work in one of the many offices in the area, so it is unsurprisingly busy on Friday nights. The atmosphere is very welcoming - even if you’re not a regular - and you can easily spend an entire evening sampling the food and drink. The staff are very helpful and friendly and usually bring drinks directly to your table. Handily, and perhaps dangerously, you can also set up and tab behind the bar.

In addition to the after work crowd, during the week special events help to keep the punters coming in. For example, every other Tuesday they hold tastings where you can sample different wine, rum and even Champagne for just £10 a head.

The Food
What makes The Hide Bar really stand apart from the other bars in the area is the food, which is reasonably priced and much of it locally sourced from Borough Market. They make a big deal - as they rightfully should - as to where the various ingredients are sourced and the fact that the eggs are all free range.

The meat comes from award-winning producer Ginger Pig and dishes include wild boar or venison sausages (£8.50) and steak sandwiches (£7). For vegetarians there is grilled halloumi with roast vegetables, and a range of salads all for about £8. There are also platters to share; the cheese plate is especially good and not too heavy if you’re looking to save some room for copious amounts of cocktails. On the platter you’ll find four cheeses: one hard, one soft, one blue and one goat’s cheese, all sourced from Neil’s Yard so you can be sure of the quality of the British varieties.

The Drink
Located on the ground floor of the International Wine and Spirit Centre with Greenwich’s Meantime Brewery nearby, The Hide Bar does not disappoint when it comes to drinks. They offer 150 bottles of carefully selected wine, over 300 spirits including rare and premium bottles, a large selection of draught and bottled beer and a great choice of cocktails, all reasonably priced.

Their cocktail menu is impressive, as you might expect given the fact that the bar holds a library of cocktail books, some dating as far back as 1890. Costing just £6.50-£7, the list offers some interesting twists on the classics and a good range of signature concoctions, each one coming with an interesting description including a little history. A highlight in these hard economic times is the Credit Crunch cocktail for just £4 (Beefeater gin, cranberry juice, lime, cucumber and triple sec), which is a refreshing, easy to drink cocktail.

If beer is more your thing then you’ll find a range of Meantime draught options including Helles Bier, pale ale, stout and wheat, although pints are a little pricy at £3.50-£3.80. The bottle selection is lengthy and impressive and includes Asahi, Anchor Steam, Vedett and Meantime raspberry Grand Cru.

The wine costs from £14 for a bottle of Chenin Blanc, ranging up to £53 for a Massolino Barolo Parafida. Each bottle on the impressively long list is well described making your selection a lot easier. There are also eight Champagne and sparkling wine varieties to choose from, including a bottle of Vintage Krug for £190. Sherry, sweet wine and port round up the list nicely. Also worthy of note are the bin end bottles where you can make massive savings.

The Last Word
The Hide Bar is a great addition to the Bermondsey bar scene. From the well sourced, quality food to the lengthy drink selection, this is a venue that’s worth making a point to visit.

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