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The Ladybird is a music and cocktail bar, nestled in the heart of Upper Street. A superb selection of cocktails, accompanied by bottled beers, wines and spirits from across the globe can be enjoyed to the backdrop of funk and soul classics with DJs mixing it up on Fridays and Saturdays.

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"The ladybird is the unavoidable late night Cocktail Bar on Upper Street. Exclusive and quirky The Ladybird is layed over 2 floors, Cocktail bar on one and club on the basement. We've trademarked the Massive Martini our creation since 2006. Our Lego heads and sand bucket sharetails are the most popular cocktails on our list. Over 30 premium whiskies, select champagne list and wide range of rare spirits comes with a superb selection of cocktails. Lady’s makes it the favored choice to a sophisticated crowd mixed with extravagant characters, not to mention the Bar Industry after work people. From Thursday to Sunday you'll find our DJs have a soft spot for originality playing a variety of styles from 80’s & 90’s, Funk, boogie, disco, old school hip hop and house, depending on the night and the DJ’s inspiration. On Fridays and Saturdays the cocktail bar level plays more commercial tracks whereas the club will have a house and dance inclination till 4am. The venue has recently undergone some exciting transformations but we’ve kept it quirky enough! It is the ideal place in Islington for a private party, a group night out, or simply for after work drinks. Happy hour is between 5pm to 9pm every day. Our basement is now open 4 days a week and offers an exciting selection of Rum based concoctions all created by our in-house mixologist Tim J. Garratt. With the O2 concert hall around the corner privileged after parties are often held at the Ladybird, and its not surprising for our regulars to see a celebrity taking over the decks."

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The Ladybird reviews

By Tommy N.

Had a table booked for a friends birthday party The Ladybird last Friday night, well decent service and we all loved the cocktails! Epic night of dancing, we all agreed that we will definitely be coming again :)

By Tori J.

Me and the girls love hitting Ladybird - there aren't many cocktail bars around Upper Street where you can throw on a pair of heels and have a little boogie with your drink, so this suits us down to the ground! Ha! Friday nights are our fave cos it's open late :)

By Brian M.

Excellent venue!! So many different cocktails too. And they had a really fun DJ. Overall a really fun place. Been there a few times and they have different nights on1

By Max K.

Visited the Ladybird for one of their jazz nights and it was seriously good. The crowd weren't exactly the liveliest (they were a bit too cool for school) but the venue itself is welcoming. The funk nights at Ladybird are supposed to be very good.

By Seb T.

Queued for quite a while on Friday to get into Ladybird, finally got in at 11ish and so glad I did. Such a good night, drinks are always a pretty reasonable price here, one of my favourite places to go out in N1.

By Gary W.

Yeah Ladybird in Islington is alright but it can get like well too busy here, so getting to the bar gonna be a proper pain in the arse. better off having a few drinks before you come here init!

By Josh S.

Best night to come to The Ladybird is a Friday by far, shots are only 3 quid and some cocktails are a fiver, well good value for a night out!

By Gigi G.

OMG Friday nights are so good here at The Ladybird! Chessey pop tunes galore baby! My and my girls had such a good time dancing like crazy bitches all night, defo going again!

By Sandy G.

My and my girls always enjoy The Ladybird at the weekend. The cocktails are a real highlight here and best of all its open till 4am on a Saturday! oh yeahhhh xx

By Freddie G.

Love the vibe at The Ladybird, came for the first time on the weekend with mates and had such a good night! Bar staff were decent and service was quick (which makes a change don't it!)

By Dave J.

Always ave a well mint night at Ladybird in Islington. Well good location for a bit of a dance at the end of the night. Decent priced drinks and the girls are always bang tidy innit.

By Rose N.

Me and my mates loved how the cocktails were themed here at The Lady Bird! I had the Moulin Rouge and it was so yummy!

By Jenny H.

Always have such a good night at The Ladybird! Banging tunes and the themed lighting always creates a well good atmosphere!

By Jordan H.

When I came in this place, it was busy and everyone seemed to be enjoying their cocktails. This was a welcoming sight for any person who frequents London's swanky bars. I came in and ordered my drink, and within a few minutes I was sat down relaxing and enjoying my fine cocktail. I would certainly recommend The Ladybird to the many friends I have.

By Kalvin W.

Myself and a couple of colleagues enjoy visiting The Ladybird for a few after work drinks, the pitchers are great to share and go down so easy. A very relaxing environment and it is full of other seemingly like-minded people.

By Jodie J.

The cocktails here at The Ladybird are so yummy! We were on the Moulin Rouge's all night, there were so tasty and a pretty decent price too. Easily the best night out in Islington that I've had in a long while, thanks guys xx

By Kay S.

I came to The Ladybird to celebrate a friends birthday and had an amazing time here. We well took advantage of the £12 bottle of Prosecco promotion they had going and my friend had an fabulous celebration.

By Imogen H.

Had a girly night out at The Ladybird and was not disappointed. The crowd were good, not full of letchy men!! Decent drinks and great music, worth a visit

By Claire K.

Went to the Ladybird the other thursday with some girlfriends, we had a such a fab night! Cocktails were amazing, just wish they stayed open a bit later.

By Naty S.

Had such a fun night here the other day the staff were brilliant and the drinks were so amazing I wanted to try ALL the cocktails! Can't wait to spend another Friday night here what a great bar!

By Nayi S.

The best bar in Angel by far! Amazing cocktails and lovely staff! Great atmosphere and events on Friday nights what more could you ask for?!

By Vaida P.

The Ladybird is amazing! Love cocktails , especially massive cocktails. They do happy hour untill 5-9pm everyday! Massive cocktails only 19£ and they really strong! ;) and staff soo friendly, always ready have a chat with you, always with a smile! Staff is with really strong knowledge of cocktails mixology. Even if you can't find your cocktail on the menu they always ready to make your fav or classic cocktails! Btw The Ladybird got a lot of amazing evens with different Djs! That's what I like it! They do soo good party's on Friday and Saturday nights! I love The Ladybird! And people who coming here so cozy and friendly (not like in silly central London!) everyone like a family -bartenders and customers! That's amazing! That's my fav bar! I love it! X

By Vaida P.

Hey! That's so different place! I love it! They do many fabulous cocktails, even if your favourite cocktail not on the menu friendly bar staff always ready to make it! Btw they do massive cocktails in massive martini glass ( they are really strong!)! I like then they are on happy hour between 5pm to 9pm , 7days in week! :d ( on happy hour you can get selected cocktails for 5£, massive cocktails 19£ , btl of prosecco for 19£ as well ( happy days!) ! Oh and staff! They got soo good knowledge of cocktails mixology! Love Dj! The Ladybird team do amazing evens with great Djs, great ideas how to make people happy! And the bar staff always smily and ready to help or have a chat with you! I love it! That's my fav place to go! Btw in The Ladybird coming very cozy, nice, friendly people not like in silly central London! Soo! Today is Friday! Lets get ready to have one of the best Friday night ever! Ladybird , I'm coming! Woop woop! <3

By Jenny O.

Not what you expect from the outside - on the inside it's a funky and trendy interior. Really cool bar and great music!

By Tom S.

Love the Ladybird Bar. We go here most weekends and you should get there for Happy Hour drinks :)

By James S.

Awesome bar on Upper Street - open late too! Funky interior and really good DJ on here too. I'm a born and bred Londoner and would recommend this bar to anyone who lives in the area. Have become a regular here on Fridays too - they had dress up nights going on too!

By Dan B.

My mates and I recently found this place on Upper St in Angel. We hadn't seen it before. They do great cocktails though. And it's open late. I would recommend getting there early though as there can be queues - but they aren't any worse than other places. Really cool club downstairs also :)

By Aimee S.

I was here for NYE- they had a great party on. Great atmosphere, really fun bar staff and good crowd. Great tunes too This was the second time we'd been there but defo going back.

By Anna W.

Great bar! Great atmosphere, lovely people, cocktails are delicious! If your going to be hitting the cocktails hard try their 'massive Martini's' to share! Also loved their Evil & Strawberry ones - Yum! ;)

By Sasha A.

I went to ladybird for my first time last weekend with a group of friends on a work do, I was very surprised to be greeted by such friendly bouncers and all the staff were very polite and understanding. When we had people sat at our booked table the staff quickly and quietly sorted that out for us which was pretty unexpected as the bar was so packed. The cocktails tasted absolutely delicious and were definitely made up to scratch and worth every penny. The music was great and the DJ even got a few of our requests in and what's even better is it is the latest open place on the whole of upper street; only closing at 4am. I would definitely recommend this bar to any group of friends looking for a great night out with a great atmosphere. I'll definitely be going again :)

By Lucy C.

Me and my girls was out in Islington for a 25th birthday over the weekend (Sat). We ended up in several bars but the only late one seemed to be Ladybird cocktail bar. It a nice and busy place with good party people, good looking men and the music was good to, if you want to get served then don’t bother, it takes forever, rubbish slow bar staff, we walked out after 10 minutes as we couldn’t get served but before I did I went to toilet which wasn’t fit for a pig... I asked for my money back and we was told “Never” I am only young but not sure my time was a good one.

By Kyri K.

The Ladybird left me feeling really annoyed. I have never written an online review before; but this time I really feel I must. I waited an hour at the bar whilst the pretentious bartenders (or mixologists, whatever they like to call themselves nowadays) spent at least fifteen minutes to create a single cocktail. Tasting, mixing, tasting again. I swear they are just getting slowly drunk in there. That is fine, I can appreciate people having pride in their work. But as I finally got my order in, and waited for it. I spilt one of the drinks (a simple spirit and mixer, £7.00). The barman made me feel stupid, with an angry look on his face. I was absolutely sober, it was just a simple slip. He made me another. And get this-- charged me for the spilt drink. £7.00. I told the bouncers whilst I was outside smoking. They just shrugged. Worst service ever. If their cocktails were the best on earth I would not step foot in there again. I gave them one star, but only because the system doesn't allow me to give them zero. There are plenty of other places to go in Islington where the drinks are just as good and the service is better.

By Andrew D.

Ladybird is a really good night out man, I loved it! I was there this weekend just gone, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Great atmosphere. It was jam packed, but incredible nonetheless. I must agree with all those claiming they are going to have the venue as their Christmas work night out in Islington. If my company had not already made our plans, I would push for it. It's cool. I would highly recommend the Ladybird bar to anybody looking for a night out in Islington, or around the area, to enjoy great music, a great environment and beautiful women (and men I suppose, whatever floats your boat!) surrounding you. Check it out everyone. Highly advise it. Great night. Great drinks.

By Louisa S.

I was at Ladybird this weekend just gone, and it was brilliant. Just had such a great night. The music, the atmosphere as a whole was just spot on. I am now considering it as the venue for my christmas night out! We'll see... I am trying to convince my boss at the moment, I just think it would be perfect. The decor, to staff... everything! Such an exciting prospect!

By Nat K.

I went to Ladybird Bar for the first time last weekend, and I have to say, it was one of the best nights I've had out in London since moving here a few months ago. It is a sophisticated yet cool as, late night cocktail bar in Angel. The music was awesome! I literally could not stop beating; great DJ set to be honest. The cocktails were fantastic and to be frank, all the staff are brilliantly charismatic and attentive. It really was great, and I look forward to going back with more friends and enjoying myself all over again.

By Stuart H.

I went to Ladybird Bar in islington last weekend and had the best time i have had in a long time. I went for my birthday, there was about 25 of us and we had reserved an area upstairs (which i recommend as it got quite busy!) None of us paid to get this place and i think they had about 4 djs on over the night! Even though there was so many of us all of my friends had glowing reports about the attention the staff gave them. We meandered between floors, with a great little club downstairs and the cocktail bar upstairs. The music and djs on both floors were on point! Hats off to you guys. The atmosphere reminded me of a lovely club i used to go to in Amsterdam. As late night bars go in islington and angel go, i think i found the best. Its on upper street opposite the islington green so i suggest you give their cocktails a try after a long day of sunbathing. I'm also happy to see they are doing some sort of festival over summer with loads of live musicians and djs. Bring it on. Thanks Ladybird

By Conor M.

no its not ,don't book a party its really bad service rude and want to get there DJ's in by 9.30, cleared up food at 9.30 management as no idea how to treat customers look good but treat people really badly

By Lucinda T.

Ladybird is awesome! Such a cool little bar, until recently I never even knew it was there, and I must have walked past it a hundred times on Upper Street. They've spent so much time on the artwork down there, looks amazing. Does anyone know who did the artwork in the entrance? I love it! Was a Wednesday night and I was hearing tunes from DFA, Stevie Wonder, Stones Throw, The Knife etc. Try it one night, you'll probably love it.

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