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Previously known as Clockwork, The Lexington is bringing something unique to Islington in the form of an American lounge and whiskey bar. Don’t let the run of the mill exterior fool you as inside its full of plush red curtains, comfortable furniture and a huge dose of quirkiness.

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The Lexington reviews

By Mann M.

The Lexington regularly hosts club nights during the weekends that last until 4am. I've never been to their live gigs, but I will say that the French crowd which usually follows the "Paris is Burning" band performances (occurring about twice a month) is pretty cool. Drink prices are relatively low, but the level of excitement and social participation is at about the same level. There are two floors--both provide ample space for dancing. I'd say this is more of an after hours place for 30-something year old yuppies looking to chill out after a night in Farringdon or Soho and find and equally boring hookup pal.

By Laura R.

The Lexington is a roadhouse-style pub near King’s Cross and one of the few failsafe London pubs for indie kids to flock to.

The Venue
This pub sits proudly on Pentonville Road and, although only looking a tad grungy from the outside with its cream and brown facade, it’s an indie music hotspot once inside. The ground floor is one large and high-ceilinged room with minimal décor that is American music hall meets roadhouse. Americana is also afoot in signage behind the bar brandishing beers made famous in The States. Booth seats with bench tables on a raised platform line the perimeter of the pub while red velvet armchairs add a touch of style in the centre of the room. Corner lamps have their shades on a slant in a shabby chic fashion and red velvet drapes decorate the windows. The light and spacious layout becomes dark and dingy upstairs in The Lexington’s live music room, complete with stage set-up.

The Atmosphere
Looking like a pretty traditional pub from outside, inside The Lexington is a shock to the system if you’re expecting London pub liveliness. Instead it’s introspective shoe-gazing from both the punters and the bar staff during the earlier drinking hours. Indeed, behind the bar you’re unlikely to receive a thoroughly warm welcome, so expect more of the kind of nonchalance this type of cool venue engenders. Once the pub fills up though, things get livelier and indie kids come out of their shells. They are coaxed out by an up-tempo soundtrack of classic indie rock from the likes of The Strokes as well as a more forward-thinking music playlist. There’s also live music most nights of the week featuring some big names for those in the know and supporting smaller record labels, too. Other entertainment includes a Monday night Rough Trade Shop Pop Quiz and a Hangover Lounge on Sundays, 2pm-9pm.

The Food
The menu of seasonal pub grub holds some impressive veggie options as well as a few hearty meat dishes. For example, pumpkin and chickpea chilli (£9) and wild mushroom stroganoff pie (£9.50) share menu space with sausages and mash with red wine gravy (£8.75). This is met with a choice from four burgers at £9 each, including a Lexington beef burger or a jerk chicken burger. Bar snacks are also available, with the nachos, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and jalapenos (£6.50) making a good option to share with friends.

The Drink
In true roadhouse fashion, you can take your pick from some rock ‘n’ roll bourbons behind the bar. The list is lengthy and any American whiskey enthusiast will marvel at Yellowstone, Fighting Cock, Willet, Wild Turkey and Rowan’s Creek – to name but a few – traditional bourbons, a shorter selection of single barrels, wheated bourbons and rare whiskeys, such as Sazerac 18 year old and George T Stag. Single measures range from £3.50 up to £55 for the Weller 19 year old. Or put some whiskey in your cocktail, courtesy of a bourbon-based list of classics, as well as some in-house creations, including the Lexington Lemonade, with Benchmark bourbon, cointreau and lemon juice - probably not as innocent as it sounds, then.

Wines are mostly Old World and are of a good quality on the whole, with a bottle of house red Tempranillo costing £14.50 and tasting pleasantly fruity. The range of beers on tap is almost as impressive as the stock of bourbon. Brooklyn lager (£5) and a guest American beer (£5.50) are joined on draught by Camden Town Brewery and Murphys. Meanwhile, Sam Brookes and Caledonian Flying Scotsman are the cask ales at £3.60 each for a pint.

The Last Word
Any music fan in north London worth their salt will know about The Lexington. But what’s also worth knowing about is the impressive, laid-back roadhouse style of this pub, as well as the American bourbon and beer selection. Just don’t expect any sparkling banter with your service – indie kid indifference is all a part of this pub’s cool vibe.

By Zoe K.

I wrote a 1 star review of this place as it's absolutely terrible. A couple of other people also wrote 1 star reviews as well, but those have all been taken down. Clearly View London has been asked to take them down. But isn't the point of user reviews to allow the public to speak - not to control which reviews make it up and which don't based on how the establishment being reviewed feels? Anyway, The Lexington has the WORST service in London and terrible drinks too. They short you on mixed drinks and don't rectify their mistakes. I would exercise extreme prejudice when considering what bar to go to - and this one should never make the list.

By B D.

To the lexingtons advantage the sound in the venue is paramount,that unfortunatly is all that is good about the place.Went on a thursday to see the nordic gig,and had the most stale overcooked burger i have ever had,served with what can only be frozen chips as they unlike the burger had not been cooked enough,they have a good selection of beers but when ordering from the list they had none of the first two beers i attempted to order..dissapointing at least the gig was good

By Billy J.

I found myself in there on Monday, dragged along by a friend of mine on the promise of experiencing "the best Pop Quiz in London". It was only when I arrived I realised I actually knew the place, although the last time I went it was called Clockwork. I have to say, it is completely different now. Much smarter, with red curtains, antique furniture and candles creating a smart, winter-warming atmosphere where before i just seem to remember there being big drawings on the wall and a lot of wooden tables and chairs. Now it's like a brand new place, and, working near Angel, I'll be a regular from now on. Excellent job! Oh, and I ought to mention that my friend was right; their weekly Pop Quiz really is hilarious and and the most fun ever. Some Northern bloke hosts it and for one round plays pop hits on a Bontempi organ.. everyone laughs their heads of when they realise the plinky plonk bossanova tune he's playing is actually Anarchy In the UK or something, then he looks up completely straight faced and says "OK, so 2 points if you can guess that one". Haha. So yes, highly recommend looking in on that too.. Your Mondays will never be the same again. All in all, a total winner.. and a welcome addition to Islington!

By Joshua R.

Hmmmm...its strange that the above 'anonymous' could both be right in saying The Lexington has class and yet have none himself/herself. Its a great night out, and indeed three cheers for the owner Stacey, who has outdone herself again. Unfortunately the amazing manager of the Buffalo Bar could not be cloned at this time (stay tuned for future possibilities though ladies), because there really isn't a better manager in town. However, the manager of The Lexington does a great job of making customers feel right at home too. So swing by either location to find the best bands London has to offer, and if you find out who the t%&$ above is, give him a good slap for me... JOSHUA RICHHOLT

By Pete E.

its effing class ten times better than the buffalo bar already and hopefully no irritating anaemic northern manager this time. three cheers for stacey, hussar! still intimate but a touch more roomy than the buffalo

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