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For a spectacular night out head to The Lightbox which boasts a breathtaking sound and lighting system. Lasers, smoke and 15,000 separate LED lights on custom made panels ensure a fantastically unique clubbing experience.

Ranked #48 of 225 clubs in London

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22:00 - 06:00


22:00 - 06:00


05:00 - 12:00, 22:00 - 06:00


05:00 - 12:00, 22:00 - 06:00

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The Lightbox reviews

By Joseph M.

Nuke are right....this place makes you feel like your in the womb of an...ALIEN MOTHERSHIP!!!Loved the Vibe in this hip cool underground club!!!!

By Daniel E.

Iv heard Bugged out are here NYE what a night that will be this has to be the best new venue in london... see for yourself but i rate it 10/10

By Ola J.

Security is tight at Lightbox but so what? If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve no need to be intimidated by it.

By Vera D.

A big group of us came Lightbox the other Friday and we’d heard really great things from friends suggesting that it is one of the best London clubs currently around. safe to say we weren’t disappointed, though the music could have done with a bit more variation.

By Melvin J.

The alcohol choice could do with being abit larger here at The Lightbox if I’m being honest, the fact that they don’t have any draught beer is quite annoying.

By Ed H.

Not too keen on The Lightbox if I’m being honest, the trance music that they often play just isn’t me.

By Tori J.

There's actually no better place for carrying on the party when all the other music-led clubs have shut up shop for the night. Vauxhall's answer to the early hours.

By Sebastian P.

Worst part ever! Lightbox was close (on site the advertise more dj), only kids. Will not recommend to anyone. Music. No comment Me and my friends we left 30 min later (after paying £15 each) dont waste your money!

By M M.

Does anyone know if there is any dress code at the lightbox? i.e. is it hard to get in?

By Lee P.

A complete and utter con.

The door staff were unnecessarily aggressive but worse than this blatantly corrupt. They separated people from their friends and even with a paper and email confirmation told them they had to pay 10 more pounds, which then randomly went up to 20! The promised three room and festive features were non existent. I also have some strong health and safety concerns.

By Minty H.

Security more than tight and price of drinks are crazy £10.60 a pint.. venue wasn't bad except the floors like a ice rink

By George L.

The lights covering the walls at The Lightbox are amazing! I went for the first time with a group of 4 mates and we all loved it! It’s a really cool club, and as far as I know a bit of a hidden gem. (I’d never heard of The Lightbox and I’ve lived in London for 5 years!)

By Andy C.

Key of Life at The Lightbox… NUFF SAID! And if you’re thinking of going home after a night out, think again! GET TO LIGHTBOX!

By Julia D.

A great night awaits those that try out The Lightbox in Vauxhall, had some great evenings here and even better memories.

By Niall L.

The light show that they put on here at the The Lightbox is bloody incredible! Really makes for a great atmosphere.

By Geri H.

A really great venue, The building that The Lightbox is housed within really helps to create a great atmosphere to party in. Defo one of my favourites in the Vauxhall area.

By Larry S.

The Lightbox in Vauxhall plays some propper buggin beats, you are guranteed a well mint night out here bruvva.

By William S.

OMG i bloody love this place! The Lightbox is always a proper banging night out! This club is one to check out when you are next in the Vauxhall area :)

By Max K.

Love The Lightbox. To be honest, before it opened you couldn't pay me to have a night out in Vauxhall but The Lightbox is one of the reasons why it's actually a great night out these days. The light room itself is mad - not good with pill eye.

By Rory P.

I went there for a night called Shuush recently. Amazing lights and sound system. Definitely going again!

By Laxmin P.

I recently visited The Lightbox, when none other Legendary dj Colin Dale was on the decks, great music, quality soundsytem, and really interesting light system. It wasn't that packed, but the general vibe was good, and friendly. And outside a really nice Terrace space that people can socialise at. I would definitely go again and looking for another night where the music will do The Lightbox justice.

By Loyd T.

It depends what party was being hosted @ Lightbox. I've been Lightbox about 8 times for various parties and each time I've loved it! I'm going again this Saturday (5th Dec 09) for ripped! I can't wait!

By Lisa S.

Great sound, Great lights... loved the marble bar & the upstairs had a cool chill out area snowqueen XX

By Freddy P.

This Vauxhall club can boast an innovative sound and light show, although the atmosphere is marred by heavy-handed security measures.

The Venue
Lightbox is one of a growing number of late-night clubs under the arches of the Vauxhall train lines – it can be found on South Lambeth Place, a tunnel just off Vauxhall bus station, so transport is fairly straightforward even in the early hours of the morning. A narrow brick entrance leads on to a forecourt, box office hut and almost airport-standard levels of security, before leading into a large beer garden - perfect for catching one's breath between DJ sets. Once inside the labyrinthine club, made up of vaulted ceilings and dark brick walls, there is a choice of two main rooms, each with a distinct soundtrack and visual theme. The larger of the two is the Lightbox itself, featuring an impressive installation of LED lights covering every conceivable surface around a darkened DJ booth and stage, and pulsing in time with the beat. A large, colourfully lit bar with high tables and stools is on hand nearby, too. The secondary room is smaller but no less visually arresting, with a dazzling array of lights and auxiliary bar.

The Atmosphere
While the customers filling up Lightbox are well meaning on the whole, it's difficult to ignore the rather oppressive security measures implemented throughout the building, from the initial full-body search to the threatening anti-drug posters on every wall. The dance floor is as good a place as any to put it out of your mind, though, and it’s quite easy to get lost in the music and lights.

The Music
A weekly line-up of top DJs and experimental live acts are consistently rewarding. Dub, house and trance are frequently represented at nights which cost around £5 per person, rising to £10 on the door.

The Drink
Although there is no draught beer at Lightbox, cans of Carlsberg and Red Stripe are available at £4.80, and spirits and mixers weigh in at around £6. Throughout the night, selected beers and shots are priced at £2.60, so it's worth keeping an eye out for deals. Elsewhere it's business as usual, with the traditional club fare supplemented by rather passable wine, £4.30 a glass.

The Last Word
Lightbox is a synaesthetes dream, with a spectacular light show offsetting an impressive pool of DJ talent. It's just a shame that over-zealous security measures can make it something of a no-fun zone.

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