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The Marylebone is a lively venue offering a choice of interesting cocktails and home-infused spirits.

Ranked #346 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Marylebone Leisure Group group
"Situated in the heart of Marylebone High St, The Marylebone is a modern bar specialising in cocktails made with the unique twist of in-house infusions. That's not all we do by the way, we also serve some pretty good wines and a great selection of beer & cider. We offer a 2for1 on selected cocktails Monday to Friday from 8pm-9pm and also on Saturday and Sunday between 12pm-8pm."

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The Marylebone reviews

By Jacqueline S.

I came here last night with a friend who is quite a regular with her work crowd. She kept banging on about their cocktails and finally persuaded me to come and meet her after work last night - and I'm very glad she did! The Ginger Ninja and The Marylebone were both delicious. I will definitely be making the effort to come up again and have some others in their range. So very yummy!

By P H.

Good atmosphere, good cocktails, beyond terrible manager. He has clear anger management issues and doesn't care about customer service. He literally yelled at me and argued with me while I was trying to get one of the bartenders to acknowledge my long list of orders. When I raised what happened with a member of staff and he then spoke with him, he barged out of the pub angrily. I was yelled at by this big "tough" guy who is apparently the manager and will never ever go back. Terrible customer service, stay away.

By P H.

I completely agree. The manager here is aggressive and incredibly rude... Will never go back again.

By Martina C.

I was at The Marylebone for hen party with my frieds and we're amazed!! Friendly bartenders enjoying their work, great atmosphere, great music ... We loved our passionfruit martinis and watermelon cosmos.. just amazing.. I'll be back soon :-)

By London D.

We met up at this bar on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. They had a Campari Cocktail Night on at the time. I'm not actually a huge Campari fan but there was a good atmosphere with good music and a nice crowd. Its a little small and can be a bit of a squeeze and closes at 11pm. But all in all, a great Bar!

By Jenny P.

I've never left a review on here but after such a good night I had to l write something. The cocktails were amazing and the best thing about this place is that you can order selected take away and get it brought to your table. Such an awesome night out and the staff were great - even came up with a special cocktail just for us girls! Shame we're not here for long otherwise this would become my local. If you're visiting london this place is a must - loved it!

By John S.

The other reviews must be written by staff/managment because I find this place unbearable and dont agree with anything they say. Although it attracts a generally good crowd it is the staff who I have a problem with. They drink behind the bar and seem to be more concerned with themselves having a good night than the customers. The queues are extortionate and often it is so busy that you cant tell where the queue is and someone pushes in infront of you as do the bar staff (one of whom has bad BO) !

By Zara J.

The cocktails in this place are by far the most inventive and delicious in London. Great atmosphere, full of 'nice' people and the staff are friendly and not at all pretentious. You can tell that a lot of effort has been made to make this place a little bit different and quirkier...I love the old fashioned bicycles!! I definitely recommend The Marylebone!!

By Andy T.

I don't often leave reviews but after spending a few occasions in this bar I feel it's well worth my time and effort. In fact I can't believe a bar of this calibre was on my doorstep to begin with and wish we'd all discovered it before. We're a mixed group of about 10 -15 of us on average who all meet up every now and then but find it a rarity that you can go to a place that covers the drinks range, this place does. Cocktails isn't my thing but the women in our group are cocktail mad and so is the Marylebone, as well as a great selection of quality wine and premium beer, its got it all so for once we were all happy lol. Not sure what to complain about really as I like a whine { no pun intended}, DJ was top and though we haven't tasted it yet there is live music apparently. Let's hope this place stays the way it is, catering for a broad range of clientèle that want a discerning night out with their friends in a trouble free very female friendly atmosphere. As Arnie would say ' I'll be back' or in our case we all shall lol.

By Stuart C.

Brilliant Brilliant! What a find. Lovely location, lovely atmosphere. I love the cocktails! We met a group of friends on a Thursday night who had been to The Marylebone before. We arrived to find a musician playing his guitar and singing in the background. As always, it started with Pinot Blush until we noticed their cocktail menu on the mirrors above the bar. It takes a lot to convince me to put down my wine glass and try a cocktail but as they were two for one at the time we gave it a go. We were assured a bottle of bubbly on the house if we didn’t like the cocktails. Lychee and chilli and something to do with Gooseberry infused gin - That’s all I have to say…. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

By Kelly H.

One of the funkier pubs in the area, The Marylebone is a modern oasis in a sea of traditionalism.

The Venue
The bold black frontage of The Marylebone is the first nod towards this being a pub that isn’t stuck in the past; then your eyes catch a glimpse of the cartoon-like writing of The Marylebone sign. Cute. Funky outdoor tables and low hanging flower baskets with arrangements like wedding bouquets complete the look and make this place stand out amongst the white marble frontages and exposed brick that covers Marylebone. Yawn.

The inside is equally well put together with a curved bar that extends down an entire side of the space, duck egg blue walls, orchids on the bar, ornate but modern funky mirrors and neat little wooden tables evenly spaced complete with cushions. It’s airy, it’s clean and it’s modern without being cold - a pleasant antithesis to the traditionalism of the area. Although, around the corner you will find banquet-style tables with throne-like chairs – then you’ll spy the plasma screen and you could almost be in a castle with Sky Sports playing in the background. Quirky.

The Atmosphere
With a big collection of offices nearby, the after work crowd fills the space out from 5.30pm, especially as the weekend draws close. However, the stuffy nature of some of its neighbouring venues is refreshingly absent here as the modern appeal of the pub seems to win out.

The Food
The Marylebone offers a unique ‘order in’ policy where customers can order food from one of several local restaurants and it will be delivered to your table, which is a nice touch. Otherwise, they have a simple sharing menu with a decent selection of meze dishes or a more traditional mix of cheese and charcuterie. It’s a clever way of making the most of a kitchen that doesn’t want to produce entire meals.

The Drink
There’s a decent wine menu on offer at The Marylebone with a selection of bottles, including detailed tasting notes, starting at just £12.50 a bottle. There’s also a rather charmingly named ‘Awesome Collection’ with, well, awesome bottles that they have found from across the world starting at £30. In addition, there's a selection of cocktails priced at £6, with 2-4-1 deals bringing the prices right down. A peach bellini is a good example of the drink with a delicate balance of sweet peach syrup mixed with sparkling prosecco. Or, if you want a cocktail that packs a punch the aptly named Godfather is worth a go as it combines a strong hit of Buffalo Trace bourbon with Disaronno Amaretto.

The Last Word
More bar than pub, The Marylebone is a welcome addition to an area dominated by traditional old man boozers and gastropubs.

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