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Intimate venue The Nest is a basement club and live music venue in Dalston playing a broad range of music. At The Nest you can expect to see acts ranging from Errol Alkan, Andy Weatheral and Moby to local and international rising talent.

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The Nest reviews

By Kate H.

Thieves freely operating in this area. Had my phone taken out of my hand, when I wasn't even drunk. Staff were rude and unhelpful and I have still not received a legitimate response. Awful vibe, horrendous night.

By William W.

I went to the Nest in Dalston for the first time and had the worst experience. My wallet, ID and phone got stolen. Thieves operating in this club freely and the worst thing is when I informed the security and the stuff they were very rude and unhelpful. I had to go around and look for my wallet myself which I never found. I would not advise anyone going to this club because of very rude stuff and security.

By Ellen W.

The Nest in Daslton is quite an intimate venue in a basement. The laser lights and the decor give it a rave feel and the venue always has a class act on. Thursdays the drinks are a bit cheaper and entry price varies however it's never really expensive. 3 jager bombs for £12 and vodka & a mixer for £2.50 on a Thursday are enough to bring people back. The club appears small but fills up and the atmosphere's really good. The bar staff are quick and friendly. Overall a good night out, i'd really reccomend The Nest for a night out in Daslton.

By Daniel R.

First time at 'the Nest' last Saturday - the first of many I assure you! Had guest list organised - bouncers sorted quickly and when late comers arrived it was easy for me to get them in with zero hassle. The venue was intimate and lively with the DJs playing a very good mix of electro and tec beats. I had an area and table service booked for my birthday and this was sorted v quickly as soon as I spoke to bar staff. Was situated next to the DJ and overlooking the dance area - so was prime position. Definitely recommend the Nest as the final destination for your night out whatever the occassion and I will be returning v soon! Cheers Danny

By Amber F.

Thursday nights at the Nest is great! Check it out if you haven't. It's called, "Your mums houses." The music is always great and so is the light show. Everyone's really friendly and i always leave with a bunch of new friends.Also, make sure you don't make any funny faces because some guy comes around with a camera and you will most likely find embarassing photo's of yourself on the facebook page lol. Or maybe that's just me...

By Lily J.

The Nest is one of my favourite clubs in London, me + friends have an amazing night every time we go. I genuinely can't think of a complaint. If the crowd's ever a bit dry it'll only be really early in the night. And you could always ask for cheaper drinks but prices are well worth the overall experience at the club. Sound system is soooo good and bass is huuuge compared to many house/disco clubs in London. This added to the lazers and dark, sweaty basement feel of the place gives it the perfect atmosphere to lose your mind and dance the night away.

By Anthony P.

Went there with some friends last week... really good night! Great djs, nice soundsystem and a great atmosphere. Really unpretentious as well which makes a nice change for East london! Definitely one of the best bars in Dalston. Will be heading back.

By Ally L.

I've been to the Nest a few times and never failed to have an amazing time. Crowd is unpretentious, friendly, quite a lot of students and serious clubbers also. DJs booked always amazing - a lot of up-and-coming artists, definitely the place to be to keep your eye on new music. Drinks fairly priced (for the area), venue's got a great vibe.

By Rosie J.

I have been there for the past month...! I probably need to go some where else now... But the music is unbeatable here. Not cheesy or obscure, just perfect! Danced my ass off till the very early hours. This has happened every weekend... Thoroughly recommend it for a guaranteed brilliant night out.

By Rosanna L.

Everyone keeps shittin on about The Nest and I still haven't been :(.. I've only been living in London for a few weeks though and have been trying to find out where the best places to go!but yeah, a good few people have said The Nest is the place to be! so hopefully gonna go this Friday. What kinda music do they play?

By Erika D.

Its gotta be my favourite club in London! I only go to clubs where they play good music.. in my opinion The Nest books the best DJs. I don't think I've had a crappy night there once. One time I lost my phone but the staff were really friendly and actually helped me find it! The drinks are also a decent price. Going there on Saturday.. Can't wait !

By Margo S.

Super Duper fun ... I have just had my birthday here and all my mates loved it. I didn't leave the dance floor until the very end ... I reccomend organising a guest list - as we were all able to jump the queue which was very handy. Thanks for making my birthday so much fun. Will be back for sure!

By James T.

hmmm I seem to remember a different story to be honest, as my girlfriend complained that you had gone into the girls toilets and she was not happy with that. I watched when the bouncers dealt with you and it seems they talked to you and you must have done something to be thrown out of the venue... They even let you back into the venue after they took you upstairs, and when they tried to remove you - I somehow remember it was you that was choking them? Pity that you have made such a negative comment about the Nest as it is a lovely place and I have been there and never experienced the trouble you talk about... Concerned about the facts!

By Holly R.

This is the best basement club I have been to in London...there Saturday night parties 'Lemonade' are spot on for what is hot right now...pure disco vibes in a dark, misty environment...perfecto!

By Dragos P.

Literally the best place for clubbing in dalston area, friendly staff, good atmosphere, and the prices are ok. The Nest could very well be a worthy rival of any club in shoreditch!

By Jh R.

Saturday night is like being crushed into a sweaty sardine can, constantly trodden on and pushed passed by saucer eyed hipster teenagers to the point of huge irritation. The doormen just dont know when a venue is full, and are probably too greedy to care. Huge fire hazard and H&S risk. Drinks are, however, a reasonable price (hence the one star)... otherwise a fat zero. Sorry, the place is good in theory, but there really needs to be an occupancy limit.

By Emily Jane S.

Oh my god!!!I was there the night Moby played, it was INCREDIBLE!.We didn't know that he was playing and wondered why everyone was so hyped up.Having got pretty much every album he has made -I was really psyched to see him play.It was such a great night, everyone was loving Moby throw out some chunky techno.The Nest is full of surprises, so we always keep our eyes on the line up's as they have some really big DJ's and live acts playing here.LOVE THIS VENUE

By Alex S.

I don't think I have been more excited about a venue for a while.I live in the Dalston area, and have always enjoyed popping down in to Brick Lane, around Shoreditch and Angel.Each area is changing and wasn't quite what it used to be, but hey - that’s what happens.I was recently introduced to the Nest for a night out for a good mates birthday. I was a bit alarmed by the queue but I needed have bothered as The Nest run a priority guest list, so all our names were on the list and we all got a queue jump. This was a nice touch, as to be honest we all hate queuing.It's a basement night club, pretty dark and quirky- but it all added to the atmosphere of the place. The sound system was great and the dance floor was packed with scenesters.We managed to grab a booth area and use it as a base for our group, but the music was so good - it was hard to stay off the dance floor. Everyone there was vibing and just wanted more.Quite a lot of the venues close around 2am, which is annoying as you have really just got going - but The Nest is open until 4am which is perfect.Since then, I have been back 3 times - and the most astonishing was Tiger & Woods, who pretty much caused a road block! I had such a great time and I am really happy that this is on my doorstep.One of my finest moments was having a dance off with the head door man outside, the guy had some serious moves - and was full of energy and a pleasant guy. It's not often you see a doorman willing to talk to people and have a laugh. He also recognises me each time I come down - so Big Up's to you Kingsley!!Awesome Club. Great Staff. Amazing line ups!

By Kat D.

Ok. So the last dj you expect to see in Dalston is moby! I could not actually believe it! The one and only Moby playing in a Dalston basement. Amazing! Moby certainly did not disappoint - the club was packed - everyone was loving it, and he played some full on pumping tunage that had me dancing to the very end. I haven't danced like that in ages - It was a great night out - and I am so glad I have found The Nest. I have also just found out that Herve played here too. I can't wait to see who else Will grace the decks.!

By Nick M.

Was here Sat 9th April, great music and the sound system is amazing in the club. No attitude from anyone in the place, everyone was just out to have a good time.

By James N.

wicked little place. entry always free before 10 and only a fiver after- considering the names its books this is perhaps the best value club in london! to be honest im reluctant to disclose too much about it in case it gets too popular, id rather keep the secret to those in the know! basically wicked soundsystem and a great vibe. ill defintely be returning- starting with Herve on friday. £5 for herve- i love you nest!

By Danny D.

Was here on saturday, Great place and a great vibe and I love the fact its showcasing new talent. brilliant

By Black N.

Situated under a "disused store"!!?? has this reviewer actually been there! Last time I looked there was an amazing Vintage store called "Pelicans & Parrots" which I believe opened long B4 The Nest was there.

By Helen C.

Great place. Absolutely agree with the View London review. Just one thing. Its in stoke newington, the clue is in its address.

By Roxanne R.

If you love great DJs but hate all the hassle that comes with going to a big club, The Nest in Dalston could well be your perfect night out.

The Venue
Back in 2010, the people behind Paradise by Way of Kensal Green and The Old Queen’s Head launched The Nest. At the time, the bar was far better looking than most of its shabbier neighbours and some Dalstonites – missing the ramshackle Barden’s Boudoir that formerly stood in the space – took a little convincing. A year and a half later and The Nest is firmly established as one of the best small DJ bars in town. Boasting one of the meatiest soundsystems (Martin Audio) outside of superclub Fabric, combined with fabulous decor that will remind of you of Glastonbury’s festival Shangri-La – neon lights, gas masks behind the bar and great booths to sit in – The Nest is a great spot to see big names and quality DJs in intimate surroundings.

The Atmosphere
The venue uses its industry connections to pulls in big names – and this attracts clubgoers from further afield than Dalston, too. Yes, you have your achingly cool Beyond Retro-clad twentysomethings, but there’s a bigger mix of people than many of the surrounding venues. The staff are fashionable, yet a lot more smiley and professional than some of the other venues in the area, and the bouncers are friendly, too.

The Music
Like all DJ bars, it varies on the night you visit. Some of the acts who’ve played include The 2 Bears, Adam Freeland, Toddla T, Jackmaster and Plump DJs. If you’re after progressive electronic music, head to the bar’s weekly Saturday night Lemonade, where you’ll hear nu-disco, house and electro beats, and between 9-11pm, up-and-coming live electronic acts are welcome to showcase their skills.

The Drink
As with many bars in the area, there’s not loads of drinks on offer – although, they do have wine for around £15 a bottle and more expensive champers if you’re looking to splash out – but the crowd are often more about the music and less about the drinks, so a simple beer or cider – the venue’s selection includes Heineken, Sol and Bulmers – starts from around £3.50 (pretty average for the area). If you’re after a good deal, bag yourself a shot rack– six Jagermeister, tequila or sambuca – for just £10. House spirits (doubles) and mixers are £6.50.

The Last Word
With its heavy soundsystem, air-conditioned dance floor and cheap entry, The Nest is one of the capital's best venues to see quality DJs in intimate surroundings.

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