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The O2 is a fantastic place to go with friends and family as there is so much to see and do. The O2 hosts huge concerts for the hottest live music acts as well as major sporting events. If you're hungry there are over 20 eateries and bars serving a variety of tasty dishes from all over the world.

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The O2 reviews

By Matt M.

Eyes bleed? I meant nose!

I've been to The O2 many times to see many bands and can never fault the place. Coming from Kent especially, it's easy to drive too and there's a cheeky cheap parking secret that I've used many times. Standing or seating, it's never mattered as I've always had a good view wherever I've been, although the vertigo can kick in and the eyes bleed when up in the heights!


The christmas fair is A waste of time 4 young kids 1-5 there is only 3 rides that they can go on and I went today after pre paying and it was not even ready waste of time and Money and I have 1 V upset child thank you 02

By Stephen F.

Great venue - excellent harmonics and some great food and drink in the promenade. Definitely the best place in London to go and see live music now.

By Rod C.

The 02 arena was awesome. We went to see Prince and bought tickets late so we weren't expecting good seats, but we were pleasantly surprised how well we could see the stage & performance.

My only gripe is how steep the seating is, and why they put a drinks holder on the end of the arm rest where only a child could use it? There's an incredible choice of restaurants and we had a good meal at Nandos but on leaving we noticed that the queues had built up everywhere.
Also make sure you use the toilets at the restaurant as there were long queues for the public loos. My main reason for writing this review is to tell you about the 02 Thames Clipper service. It seemed like a nice idea at the time - we were going to see Prince at the 02 and what better way to go than take a leisurely trip down the Thames by catamaran?

When arriving at the boarding pier we were told that the clippers sometimes ran late and we might have to wait an extra 20 minutes - well that clipper didn't arrive at all. Over an hour later we were introduced to a man who claimed to be an official from Thames Clippers and apologised for our wait but couldn't guarantee when or if the Clipper would arrive, nor could he contact the Clipper or offer compensation.

When asked what his job was he replied 'crowd control' - not surprisingly there were only 4 of us waiting! Needless to say we cut our losses & got the tube which went direct to the 02. This frustrating incident pretty much ruined our day - but thank goodness Prince was so good!

By Gary K.

Most overrated venue in th Uk.

Why does this place get such great reviews? From removing any food or drinks including a bag of wine gums, this so that they can charge extortionate prices inside the arena to the most uncomfortable seats I have sat in. Who designed the seats? Too narrow for anyone of average size and with plastic arms with a cup holder placed so that your elbow sits in them. Dreadful. Seating aisles so tight that most of the row has to move out to allow any access. The tiny figures on the stage could be anyone. We went to see ELO who were fantastic but this venue is an overrated rip off. Never ever go again and it's time someone took a stand against the prices caterers charge in these places.

By Kiran B.

Awfully run venue. Standing tickets were oversold which meant those that did not show up early or those that left the standing area even for a short time were prevented from entering the standing area again despite having purchased a standing ticket. Staff were simply unhelpful when they were not busy being rude and when asked for help or an explanation passed customers off between each other. Drinks and snacks were overpriced and some barstaff even attempted to change customers for the right to tap water! Horrendous venue which I will avoid in the future.

By Leanne W.

my son and i went to see Justin Bieber in march had a absolutely fab time we booked through a travel agent and for about 80 pound each we got a overnight stay in a hotel vip tickets which allowed express entry into the pre,bar where we could eat and drink minus the queues. We were seated first in a lounge which had a host, clock room,sofas and bar for which we were given drinks vouchers to use to a total of 6 pound.We used the clipper to travel down and back which was very exciting and a great why to end a brilliant night.

By Jane W.

We went to see Miley Cyrus and she was absolutely fabulous. The stadium itself is really good and it seems that no matter where you sit you get a good view of the stage, it is also really easy to get to. My one gripe however is the food, it feels like which ever way you turn there are enormous queues and companies waiting to rip you off with extortionate prices and miniscule portions. We went to S&M, who described their portions as hearty, they were certainly the opposite and we paid £13 per head for 2 sausages and a very small amount of mashed potato. My advice would be avoid the crowds, queues and rip off prices and eat somewhere else before you go.

By Tracy H.

My partner and i went to see bryan adams at the 02 arena and it was really superb,we had great seating and the atmosphere was fantastic,the 02 was a pleasurable experience and we would go back over and over again in fact im now looking to get tickets for Pink to take my daughter,great place with lots of restaurants highly recomended

By Adam E.

I visited the O2 recently for a concert and was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience - the complete package, with superb music venue and good restaurants -I stumbled on a lovely Spanish restaurant 'Tapa tapa' - friendly staff, very well run, and excellent food with a great buzz - a must to return to it, and of course the O2- a great edition to London's already burgeoning entertainment sector and one which the others will have to follow to compete with......a pleasant surprise, but well worth it.
Keep it up,

Adam SE16