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The Old School Yard is a fun bar that serves a wide choice of cocktails, spirits and lagers. The resident DJs spin classic old skool tracks that will have you skidding across the dance floor once again.

Ranked #11 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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The Old School Yard reviews

By James J.

Everything from my night out at The Old School Yard has become a bit of a blur :s in most cases I find this to be a good thing though! my friends dragged me to the club in London Bridge and we danced like crazy all night to old school classic tunes including loads of garage tracks that I haven't heard in years, great venue for a nostalgic throwback

By Howard S.

Last meeting of the day! Perfect place, Pisco Sour is my favourite!! This place always brings a smile to my face!

By Michael K.

This isn't really my scene however The Old School Yard is a great place to go and let your hair down. It is a refreshing change from the usual pretentious and 'classy' nightclubs that have infested the city. I visited on a busy Saturday night and partied until the early hours with the help of some good drinks promotions!

By Chacka A.

A bit of a mission finding the Old School Yard, it is a jouney that left me a bit dissappointed. It was dead and it was a Friday! Not worth the trip really

By Sony V.

Old School Yard is the only fun venue near London Bridge, it is not pretenciuos and has a great crowd, had a few long night there :)

By Sophie B.

Old Skool Yard is a Nice venue, service was a bit slow, was a busy Thursday night, cocktails and food made up for it!

By Tori J.

I'm usually a little wary of themed bars, but this is too much fun to be cynical. After a few jager shots, who was I kidding. The Old School Yard is spot on.

By Ray J.

The Old School Yard is a wicked place to go for a night out. Came for the school disco night and it was banging. Will defo return for another qualittty night out!

By Tommy N.

Yeah I will agree with other reviewers that the cocktails are a decent price but you have be expect that they arent the most mind blowing quality that you are going to have. For around 6 pound you get a pretty decent tipple but it's not going to win any awards in regards to great cocktails lol though i do still enjoy a random night out here!

By Nick G.

The girls disappear off to the dance floor within minutes of arriving here, with the music changing every 60 sec, I quickly realised all around the bar was a dance floor! Even the tables! My friends asked why i had never told them about this place, amazing! Smiles and giggles all around!

By Howard S.

And we are back, back from hols with crap cocktails, so promised wife good cocktails and as usually just outstanding!

By Howard S.

Stop off on the way home, Friday night drinks, had a couple of cocktails, great bar staff, and great range of cocktails. Usually decorations, sky ceiling, cock on 3:30 (School finishes) much enjoyed! Far better than drinking holes around London Bridge!

By Howard S.

go on hols anywhere in the world and my wife is having to make her own cocktails but in our own backyard is a bar with friendly staff, and great cocktails with half the fun is chatting with them as the cocktails are made, and when the owner is having his birthday you bet the fun factor is off the scales as it was last night, my wife thanks you Darren for the outstanding giant especially dry Martini's! Cheers!

By Leanne M.


Ok venue although not the easiest place to get to. I found it shabby, really dead with no atmosphere considering it was a Saturday night and the bar staff were incredibly rude. Considering we were a hen party that had paid for a karaoke booth, we were ignored when we tried to order drinks and generally made to feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't come here again.

By K H.

Went here for my birthday celebration last night. Looking at the road the pub is in (there's naff all near it) and the outside decor (it looks a bit rubbish) I was apprehensive despite the wealth of positive online reviews. Don't be put off! There is a great vibe, very unpretentious and perfect for party animals. Everyone was super friendly and not a tourist in sight. There's no dance floor but the music just gets everyone going - dancing all over the pub. Good beers and cocktails. I highly recommend it for a good fun night out!! Downstairs is another bar and karaoke rooms too.

By Victor B.

amazing cocktails and super hot bartenders in central London ! prices are reasonable and the music is spot on !

By Mitch M.

Some friends had persuaded me into coming along to The Old School Yard with them and wouldn’t take no for an answer! Glad they did talk me into it, haven’t had that much of a laugh and a dance. Well,since the old days!

By Laura J.

I love this place, the Old School Yard is a break from the normal bar that try too hard! It does what it says on the tin, cocktails, fun people and a fun night out! Happy days

By Jon W.

fun fun fun at the Old School Yard, a cool place to hang out with friends and each time I have been there it has been busy

By Sam P.

Pizzas at Old School Yard are great, I had a Ninger turtle one that was proper nice plus they actaully do cocktails that are a little on the dangerous side as they taste like fruit juice but it is as strong as rocket fuel!!

By Leo M.

Have been to the Old school yard many times over the years and it never fails to disappoint. Reasonable drinks prices (esp during happy hour) and a fun up for it crowd. Will always come back.

By Gordon G.

What a blast! Was only intending to pop out for one with some work colleagues and ended up here all night! Such fun and we really took advantage of the Happy hour deals, the beers were sooo cheap! Would highly recommend a night out at the old school yard

By Vic C.

I read loads of revues about Old School Yard, it was OK but I would give the food a miss. They sent a burger that was luke warm and very plain, on the positive side the cocktails were nice so perhaps just come to drink!!

By Kalvin W.

Totally awesome pizzas! Had wayyyy too many cocktails, the pizzas definitely helped soak up the alcohol! Well done Old School Yard for getting me sloshed!

By Polly K.

I normally go out in North London but happened to meet a friend one Friday night in London Bridge and we went to the old school yard. Their cocktails are really well balanced and tasted great, I had the martini and cosmo which other places can do so badly! We also shared some nachos which were yummy, would return!

By Nolla B.

Wow! The burgers at the old school yard are Ah-mazing! Service was attentive and was greeted with a smile, which I think is rare in London bars nowadays! Worth a visit!

By George L.

The Old School Yard is a wicked bar in London Bridge. I ended up here on my way home from work with some colleagues and had a great time. The place was buzzing and had a really fun atmosphere. Needless to say I had one too many on a school night and felt a little worse for wear the next day at work!

By Dorothy Z.

My mates 30th and we wanted something a little girlie and cheesey so we booked the kareoke boothe, it was a very funny night. It is a bit expensive but the night was well funny! It is intimate so make sure you go with a crowd that are up for a laugh or it could be a bit awkward!

By Geof F.

Booked the Old School Yard for my bday, got the kareoke bar private booth. Great value as we got 12 of us in there for about 15 quid a piece. They had a wide selection of music from hard rock to proper 100% cheese!! We will give it another go

By Larry S.

Went to the Old School Yard for my mates birthday, we booked the kareoke booth. It was like doing singing in your front room witha decent selection of songs and cocktail served to you in the booth. When we booked i though it was a little pricey but we had a great night

By Sally N.

Went to the Old School Yard for my mates birthday, we booked the kareoke booth. It was like doing singing in your front room witha decent selection of songs and cocktail served to you in the booth. When we booked i though it was a little pricey but we had a great night

By Dany R.

If you want a buzzing atmoshere and decent cocktails then give the Old School Yard a go! Had a very good night out with the ladies!

By Percy M.

Old School Yard is a great little cocktail bar for a stop off before getting off home from a day in the office!! Get back a little bit late as one for the road ends up being a very long road!

By Billy C.

I've been to the Old School Yard a few times with friends and always had a good night there. Staff are lovely and it really does remind me of being back at school when I'm two sheets to the wind looking at girls.

By Max K.

The Old School Yard is one of those places you really shouldn't enjoy but you can't help it. One of my colleagues has been going on about it for ages and I finally went along. And I have to say... the Old School Yard really is a laugh. How annoying.

By Anna G.

Came to the old school yard on a Friday night, good selection of cocktails, and really well priced! I had the Mojito and Mai tai! Good atmosphere, great place to get the weekend started!

By Sally S.

Went to the school disco event that was here a few weeks ago, was a proper mental night out! some pretty epic drinks deals, me and my girls danced to the early hours to some pretty retro tunes that we havnt heard in like years! Please do another night like this again Old School Yard, it was proper banging! xoxo

By Seb T.

Went to the Old School Yard for the first time last Wednesday for the comedy night that they put on. Was actually pretty decent in my opinion, funny acts and the place was busy so made for a great atmosphere :) thanks guys :)

By Dave J.

Quite a young crowd here when I last visited which can be a little off putting of he just want to meet friends for a quite catch up. The service is always pretty decent though, fast and friendly and the decent prices mean I;ll always have The Old School Yard in the back of my head as a place to visit when I'm in the London Bridge area.

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