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The Old School Yard is a fun bar that serves a wide choice of cocktails, spirits and lagers. The resident DJs spin classic old skool tracks that will have you skidding across the dance floor once again.

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The Old School Yard reviews

By Gigi G.

Came here yesterday for a few drinks after work, can't believe that they offer a happy hour! I thought that the cocktails were cheap already but some for just a fiver!? Totally spot on :) Will defo be coming back to The Old School Yard in the future.

By Jenny H.

Honestly can't get over how cheap the drinks are here at The Old School Yard. A little cheap and cheerful at times, I regularly come here with mates for a night out and always have a smashing night out. If you are in the London Bridge area defo go them a go. Music is always well mint too!

By Gary W.

If its a cheap cocktail that you are after then The Old School Yard at London Bridge is the place for you. A little too commercial in my opinion with some of the crowd that go here, the varied selection of drinks more than makes up for it.

By Sandy G.

The themed menu is such a good idea here! love how it is split up into different areas like geography and history. My personal favourite is the Mai Tai every time.

By Sharon W.

Thought The Old School Yard was just a bar but was pleasantly surprised how good the burgers were here. I had the Swiss which came with swiss cheese and mushrooms. Super tasty, it was a wise idea to eat as they're cocktails are lethal on a empty stomach lol Sharon56 xx

By Josh S.

Oh yeah! The Old School Yard is always a good shout for a few drinks on a Friday night, always plays well mint tunes and is in a really decent location right near London Bridge.

By Claire K.

I often come to the Old School Yard as it has a great atmosphere and they have some really good events and yummy cocktails.

By Dany R.

Fantastic place that caters to all moods. Had some great cocktails with my mates to start the evening off and when the tunes began, we were up and dancing, but felt like we didn't have to dance all night - which I guess is why a bar can be more fun than a nightclub! Only thing is, it never looked that great from the outside, but appearances were very deceiving in this case!

By Kalvin W.

Every time I visit The Old School Yard I have a blast! this place sends nostalgic waves through your mind and everyone else seems to get the same childhood elation as well. The bar really takes pride in its cocktails which is refreshing to see and I have never had a bad experience with the staff here. A truly great place to go and dance into the night and in a central location too!

By Bob J.

Love cocktails, Love an atmosphere, Love fun well a 5 star for the Old School Yard. I love this place, it is a great place to go drinking and have met some good mates by drinking there.

By Dave B.

What a shit hole! I thought my local was shit (Greyhound, Oval) No draught beer or lager, just bottled, leaving you wondering whether you've just gulped on some rats piss from drinking from a bottle, no glass was offered. Cheaply decorated, most looks like its come out from a skip. Probably alright for kids on the pull on a weekend though. And for a local shit hole during happy hour, £3.50 for a small glass of wine is having a laugh!

By R A.

Had my Birthday party @ the Old school yard last Friday and had a fab time , best party ever, bar staff are friendly , fun and sexy , bouncer is great as well , the music is awesome and so are the cocktails. Never been to the place before and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Easygoing place with no attitudes.

By Mark B.

Had my birthday here in January in the downstairs bar, (what an amazing place), The staff where really friendly and catered to my parties needs without hesitation. The music was top notch and other people friendly. All I can say try the place you won't be disappointed. Thanks all at the old school yard

By Alice K.

Well i would just like to say thank you to the Old School Yard for making my birthday such a blast! I needed to find a bar in London Bridge before heading off to a club and after reading these past reviews i thought I'd give this place a go...and i'm so glad i did! I loved it! The atmosphere was buzzing and everyone was just so happy :) Thanks to the bouncer, Alex too - safe guy! Oh and i must mention the ever so cool bar staff and their cocktail making - your cosmopolitans were amazing!! So thanks, i'm sure you'll see me in there again x) Alice

By J A.

From a Woman's Point of View...This bar has it all,

As a picky woman, I like my local to fit my tastes. Nice people, good atmosphere, Bar keeps that remember your name, and good music (which is not too loud - so you can speak to the person next to you without screaming).

I wasn't expecting much when I first arrived but was clearly set at ease by the super friendly staff and the relaxed clientele.

A game of connect four, a giggle and some crazy cocktails later and I was in love! The drinks are awesome and delivered to you with flair and skill.

There is a hot barman to suit most any woman's eye candy taste, each one very sexy in his own way. (a serious bonus point in my book).

If you are into the funny awkward guy... get Ollie to mix your drink with his famous "sex shake". If you like a bit of muscle and a pretty face then get Pete and his wicked Mojito!

For those of you whom like the ever so charming boy next door then you need to get a shot of the Miester from Eddie!

You can always get away with some harmless flirting, but go easy on them... you don't want them to spill your luscious drinks!There are many more handsome men to oggle over behind and in front of the bar, and no end to the many ways you can have a good time at the Old School Yard.

With Wii, TMNT video games, board games and much more... you can just actually feel good about just hanging around.My final word...Bring your best game face girls, it's play time at the Old School Yard!

By Rebecca G.

I had my birthday party at this bar and I loved every minute. I was slightly hesitant from reading the previous review but decided to go ahead anyway.

The staff, the service and drinks were equally spot on......And no they did not run out of cold beer!

The cocktails were amazing! The bartenders are very thorough when preparing cocktails and therefore some patients is required... service is however entertaining to say the least...

I say no more, you will have to see for yourself :)

By Neil F.

Having seen such glowing reviews of this bar, I decided to hold my birthday drinks there, and was extremely disappointed.

When we arrived, they had one type of beer, which promptly ran out at about 8 o'clock. The bar staff eventually brought in some bottles of Becks, which were warm.

If you drink anything other than cocktails, give this place a miss. One of my friends had to wait 20 minutes for their cocktail, because they had run out of pineapple juice. In a cocktail bar. At the start of the evening. On a Friday night.

The one good thing about the bar is the music -but that wasn't enough to raise my opinion of either the bar or it's staff. Was the manager on holiday?

By Aaa K.

An amazing bar!!! You'd feel like home playing WII, having a drink in a confortable couch or moving your butt on the dance floor. Cocktails are delicious and the staff is like old school friends!Thank you for that wonderful experience!A guest from France.

By Michelle T.

I love this bar. I wanted to try every cocktail on the menu, they are fantastic and the staff know their stuff. The service top quality and the staff are very friendly. I recommend this bar to all - it has a great atmosphere. Try the porn star martini - it is incredible.

By Gwinyai M.

This bar is brilliant. Tucked away off the beaten track it encompasses all that is great about hidden gems in the city. The staff are friendly, attentive and great entertainment. The intimate nature of your surroundings makes it easy to end up chatting to almost everyone in the bar so its a great place to meet people. The cocktails are world class and provide the perfect platform to launch yourself into the spirit of a very fun little place. The Old School Yard comes highly recommeded!

By Jeremy P.

i had my leaving party there ,it was amazing .friendly bar staff,amazing cocktails ,good music and an atmosphere that makes you feel at home ,i will be back as soon as i come back to london

By Conor M.

Awesome Bar, Awesome Service, Awesome Cocktails! Loads of fun under one roof...From dancing on the bar, bbq's sizzling in the garden to competitive Nintendo Wii action! Definitely a place worth visiting if you're ever south of the river! Looking forward to the upcoming Halloween Party, should be a cracker!!

By Allana L.

The Old School Yard is a fantastic place for a night out or a quick one after work. They have a great range of cocktails at very reasonable prices and are made with such flair that you can't help but want to order another! Darren and Slash are awesome hosts who make sure that you always feel welcome and part of the crowd. This bar is a must visit for anyone who hasn't been already!

By Simon L.

My wife and I discovered The Old School Yard in June 2008. From then until the day we left the UK, it was our favourite bar in London.The venue has an incongruous decor, with many of the original features of the pub it replaced still intact. This is mixed with some great paraphernalia and original artwork to set the mood for the 'playtime' in store for the customers. There is a large horseshoe-shaped wooden bar, a comfy lounge/games area, a private outdoor area with a couple of large picnic tables and new features being added all the time.The staff deserve a special mention because they really make the place great. It's rare to find such a warm welcome and once they know your name, they never forget it.When you place your order from the amazing menu (hand-drawn artwork with each section a different school lesson theme) you can watch in awe as your drink is prepared with flair bartending of the highest calibre. The drinks are among the best mixed, finest quality cocktails I've tasted, even compared with bars charging two or three times as much per drink. The ingredients are always fresh and some drinks even change a little depending on the market availability, but it all adds to the experience... especially if you become a regular, which is pretty likely. If you're lucky, you might get asked to sample the latest concoction as the bartenders experiment in front of you.I personally learned how to appreciate good liquor thanks to the expert knowledge of the guys who run the place. I also developed a healthy appreciation for Jagermeister, which punctuates the main drinks at regular intervals.We're now based in Tokyo, so we don't get to go as often as we'd like any more (!) but we have extremely fond memories of some unforgettable evenings with the friendliest bar in SE1, London and beyond.

By Clair N.

The buzz of this bar is ADDICTIVE!! If you want talented, charismatic flairers serving you quality affordable cocktails with cheeky smiles in a retro cool and unpretentious atmosphere, then this is DEF the bar for you!The bar is a hidden gem, so much so that you want to tell everybody about it - yet still keep it all to yourself!! Great friendly service with a personal touch. Darren and Slash hit the spot when it comes to the perfect balance in everything you want in a bar. A night out at the old school yard revokes the excitement of those first nights out when you were growing up... it's a nostalgic indulgence. It's fresh - and exciting! :)

By T B.

5/5. Perfect atmosphere. Perfect drinks. Perfect staff. Perfect night! Not a bad thing to say at all!

By Joey P.

The Old School Yard, what a fantastic and fun place, very friendly staff and great drinks, all at an affordable price. The decor is something else too, with images from everybody's childhood and a fresco of the sky on the celling. Definitely a good choice for a quick afterwork drink or if you are looking for a place to party down in, then you have found it, my new favorite bar.

By Angela R.

This bar is one of mine favorites in london - and trust me i have been to many. From the buzzing atmosphere to the music to the mouthwatering cocktails its hard to find a place to rival it. Darren and Slash and fantastic bartenders who go out of there way to make your night a memorable one (even with all the jaga!) My friends and i are regulars and it is our favorite spot to hang out in. Pornstar martini is deffenatly a must!!

By Cat M.

The Old School Yard is awesome! My friends were already regulars but after I finally went as well, I'm definitely a fan! Slash and Darren are two of the most welcoming guys and quite entertaining! The ambience is perfect, not over done. They've collected some great memorabilia from the past... complete with some older arcade machines. Drinks always hit the spot... and they're reasonably priced. They make the perfect cosmo! (among others...) I'll definitely be going back.

By Lydia K.

Love the place! Went for a friend's farewell do & had a fantastic night. Darren & Slash are genius cocktail mixers & just swell guys to boot. Fantastic music - really good ol' school stuff but not the cheesey crap. It's great to go in & either read or write some graffiti on the school lockers they have lining the walls. Will def. be going back there.

By Zoe P.

This is one of the top bars in London for my friends and I. Slash and Daren have helped in planning some fanastic parties for me including an excllent surprise party! The cocktails are amazing - trust me the Pornstar Martini will take a lot of beating and lets be honest who can say no to a shot or two of chilled Jager. If you're organising a pary and you want it to be special this is your place. It might be off the beaten track but thats the charm for us, keep the riff raff in Clapham and the cool kids at The Old School Yard. Bring it on boys! :)

By James H.

I live North of the River and rarely venture south... over the last 6 months I look back and now think ive spent more time drinking Jagermeister in The Old School Yard than I have in my own house!!! On a serious note, the staff there are so friendly I recently booked my Birthday which went off with a bang... Cocktails were awesome, the list is diverse and entertaining! (try going through it in a night)the Music was cool, and the crowd were just in a party mood which I suppose was helped by the unique and exciting decor... I felt like a kid just leaving school so was in a cheeky mood which my GF didnt like too much :-(Over all I highly reccomend TOSY for either a quiet drink on the couch or a roaring party, great drinks and friendly faces!See you for Halloeen!!!

By Pru E.

If being reminded of your tenure as a pimply teenager at school sends shivers of horror down your spine then the Old School Yard, with its youthful exuberance and schoolyard memorabilia, may be a challenge. Skip it and you’ll be missing some of the best cocktails in London.

The Venue
This fun and funky Borough bar will make you relive your carefree school days, albeit this time you’ll be fuelled by killer cocktails rather than orange squash. Back then, when you ran out of the school grounds with your face turned to the sunny blue sky (here it’s painted on the ceiling), you probably weren’t running straight to a cocktail bar. That’s just what you’ll be doing at the Old School Yard though, as this is where the action takes place with flairing bartenders, flaming cocktails and an amazing menu.

Amidst the retro schoolboy touches (arcade games, lockers and sports trophies) in this comfortably sparse space is a seriously good bar entertaining a thriving crowd with cool tunes, games on the Wii and exuberant bartending. Scramble through the cosy outdoor BBQ space out back to get downstairs to the snug karaoke room (complete with squishy couches and a mic stand for the divas) and the awesome basement bar. This quirky, eclectic space (done out like a mad scientist’s kitchen) is available for private hire and is also the scene of the Tuesday night Cocktail School. Designed for parties, hen nights, corporate dos and the like, this booze-fuelled tutorial by the Schoolyard’s cocktail craftsmen will teach you how to shake and stir with the best of them, balancing flavours and creating your own concoctions.

The Atmosphere
It’s is a little off the beaten track so crowds can be somewhat unpredictable, but with a 12.30am last orders and 1am licence on Fridays and Saturdays, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Depending on how busy it is, you’ll either be chilling on the couch savouring a drink or downing shots of Jagermeister with the accommodating bar staff. The Old School Yard is full of people having good old fashioned fun and the classic hits soundtrack is sure to get you on the dance floor.

The Drink
The cocktails here are truly special. Not only are the freshest ingredients used (often sourced from nearby Borough Market) but your drink will be delivered to you with character, flair and finesse rarely seen in busy London bars.

Take your pick from the comic-book style menu (divided into school subjects), have it customised to suit your tastes and enjoy the show as your drink is juiced, muddled, flamed and thrown through the air in impressive manoeuvres by the skilled mixologists. You’ll not be disappointed once it hits your tastebuds – their Cosmopolitan, sweetened with fresh berries, would make even Carrie swoon. Their award-winning, delicious Bloody Mary (favouring Italian Modena balsamic vinegar over Tabasco as the secret ingredient) bursts with freshness and will leave you gasping for more. For the boys, live like Denzel Washington and try the Man on Fire, a warming whisky cocktail infused with fresh rosemary. At this high standard, the prices are nuts - cocktails start at just £4.90, and the unique Bloody Mary and Cosmo come in at £5.90. An even crazier happy hour deal runs from 6pm-8pm daily and all night on Sunday, where you can get cocktails for £4.50, beers for £2.50 and cocktail jugs for £12.

There’s also a huge selection of spirits and some wine and bubbles to choose from. In bottled beer, there’s Tiger, Monteith, Becks (and Magner’s cider) all for £3.30.

The Last Word
Fiercely independent and fuelled by fun and frivolity, this stalwart of the London cocktail scene is hard to beat. Just like Cat Stevens sang, you’ll definitely remember your days in the Old School Yard.

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