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The Palm Tree is a traditional East End locals' pub. With a great atmosphere and live music at weekends you are sure to have an entertaining evening.

Ranked #549 of 2091 pubs & bars in London

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 12:30-11:00
Sun 12:30-10:30

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The Palm Tree reviews

By A M.

I was truly disapointed to see that palm tree's managemnt openly demonstrates homophic behavior. My friend and her girlfriend were poked as they were kissing and told that they are not allowed to do so. The management said that this is a policy that is being kept for heterosexual couples also, which is a fact, that it is not true.

By Loofy M.

Horrible, please avoid. A previously much-enjoyed pub with nice cosy feel and good crowd has been ruined by the rudeness and homophobia of the staff. As result of having my arm on my girlfriend's shoulder (and nothing more!), we were told by the barman working on saturday 2nd jan 2010 that they didnt have hugging and touching there and it "wasnt that kind of pub". Its not such a great pub that small-minded bigotry need to be tolerated.

By Paul S.

I like the way you say a good mix of people! im glad you had a fun night but....... A good mix of people to me are friendly, kind and have the ability to laugh. Not a twat of a landlord and his Grim bitch of a wife who and i quote "dont like serving just anyone who walks in" then add to this a group of fat, Lock Stock extras who have had there humour glands removed (possibly by there own chubby cockney claws) This place is an absolute hole. oh and i love paying for tap water too. what a joke.

By Amanda T.

I have always loved this place and regularly enjoyed the jazz and the atmosphere of a Friday/Saturday/Sunday evening. However recently I was unfortunate enough to ask for a glass of water (when ordering a glass of wine) and subsequently bore the wrath of the woman behind the bar who served me. Suddenly what had been a pleasant evening turned sour as other customers confirmed she had done the same to them (one gentleman had even been thrown out for asking for water!) This place looks and feels like it values its customers and the community, however it is merely a facade. The staff were hostile and rude and I will never return. A massive disappointment.

By Joe P.

Brilliant pub! I always have great banter with the bar staff. Very traditional types and also the younger lot, but makes for a great mix. As long as you remember your in somebody's place then you will really enjoy it. Its an east end pub with a lot of history, as the owner, bar staff or customers will tell you. Just read that people get charged for water! HA! You also cant use the toilets if you aren't a customer. I love that! The most welcoming pub I go to by far, the best looking too.

By Vicky G.

I've never experienced any problems here. It has a nice atmosphere and the live music is generally pretty good. Summer time is particularly great - take your beer and sit on the grass by the canal (usually accompanied by fish and chips). Thumbs up from me.

By Dangle D.

Fantastic place Family run and great music...they have to 3 or 4 musicians in 4 nights a week and have to pay top dollar for them so don't ask for tap water buy a drink and enjoy the music! You will have a great time here guaranteed!

By Amanda D.

I visited this pub for the first time last friday,28/8/09 and loved it straight away.The decor is excellent;because it hasn't been updated for so long its trendy!

A jazz band was playing,they were very good and it appeared they had their own groupies(average age 70!).

There was a very good mix of people in there,all ages and types.

Definitely a find i will be visiting again and taking some friends.

I am sure the pub has featured in some films,does anyone know the answer to this one??

By Roxanne R.

The Mile End watering hole might look like a regular boozer from the outside, but step inside and jump back in time.

The Venue
Back in the day, The Palm Tree was part of a row of houses before the surrounding buildings were bombed during World War Two, but today it sits between the canal and the ecology park, a short walk from Mile End station, with a standalone location away from the main road. From the outside, apart from being a rarity in that it's a secluded pub in London, it's not really anything special. But enter through to one of the two sections of the pub and it's a different story. With the décor of a bygone era, it's as if you've stepped back in time – and not in the “vintage effect” way so common in this part of town. With red velvet curtains and fringing around the bar, a worn-down patterned carpet and dark red lighting, as well as gold and black patterned wallpaper, a seriously old-fashioned till and rows of photos of old theatre stars, this place is the real deal, even if the lighting does make it seem a little bit seedy when you first enter.

The Atmosphere
The pub attracts a mixture of artistic Hackney types and true Eastenders, while staff are chatty and typically East End, too. At the weekends, the pub comes to life with a resident jazz band and a sing-song isn't uncommon. Generally, expect to hear modern and old pop classics. In the summer, the atmosphere spills out on to the canal banks, where people sit sipping pints outside.

The Drink
There's a huge selection of beers, wines and spirits and usually two ales on offer. Expect to find beers and ciders such as Fosters, Stella, Stowford Press cider and Guinness on tap, while the huge bottle selection incudes Courage Light Ale, a couple of Meantime beers, Becks, Peroni and Corona, to mention a few. A pint is a very modern day price of £4.40. Whatever you do, don't ask for tap water – the request has been known to nosedive with bar staff! There's no food menu served, but if you're nice they might rustle up some sarnies.

The Last Word
Friendly, character-filled and genuinely retro, this typically East End pub is a canal-side must-visit.

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