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The Parlour by Drake and Morgan is a spacious bar and restaurant serving seasonal modern British cuisine and a choice of drinks including premium spirits, wines by the glass and low calorie 'skinny' cocktails.

Ranked #260 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Drake and Morgan group

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The Parlour reviews

By Volha P.

As per previous visits. Ridiculously good. Went for noctober and therefore was after no alcohol so I went for detox cocktail pushed by our lovely waitress Shauna. What I recieved was a piece of magic! A pineapple & passion fruit mojito in an tankard with bubbling dry ice & popping candy as a side order. It blew my mind! Such attention to detail and care for a non alcoholic drink. Food was good if not spectacular but the Dj with a mix 80's & house rocked our night ( lose the tank top and you'll be perfect) made up for it and more. Food was good don't get me wrong enhanced by a pre starter from the chef which was very tasty. From memory a tuna sashimi with Asian spice. Beautiful! All in all a superb experience & a game changing Friday. By the way on your merry way pass by the mix corner for a "keyword cocktail" expertly mixed by the resident cocktail man. Yes I succumbed! You're in for a wait but well worth it!. A sexy drink @ companion as they put t await and a minty steamy teapot await. To summarise. One of east londons & definitely canary wharfs best kept secret. See you there soon x

By Volha P.

superb spot for cocktails and excellent food... went for their current offer of reef & beef with bubbles for £15.. what a steal! it also paves the way to spend on cocktails guilt free! definitely go before the offer runs out. also I was told their new cocktail list is out at the end of september which will be worth a look.

By Sue S.

Went there today and the service was terrible! We sat outside and it didn't seem that busy but we noticed that the waiting staff deliberately avoided eye contact with us and would rush past. We waved a few times just to even ask for a menu with no avail. We finally waved at a waiter who saw me but just huffed and looked away. We waited a little while longer and decided to eat upstairs at Wahaca where the service was top notch. Wouldn't consider eating at the Parlour bar after how we were treated.

By J P.

Plastic disposable cups and a stupidly long wait to get service from the bar. I won't be going back in a hurry.

By Edward G.

Went for brunch on Saturday. Decided against Canteen and thought i would give the Parlour a go. Shouldn't have bothered. We both ordered a breakfast tray (croissant, tea/coffee, juice, fruit bowl and eggs florentine). I was on the phone so my girlfriend ordered for me asking the waitress if we could swap eggs florentine for eggs Benedict (which was on the menu for the same price). My girlfriend was told this was not possible. I then asked the waitress the reason why and she said she would have to ask the chef. Surprise surprise the chef said yes. My g/f stuck with the eggs florentine. After waiting for ages (drinks were not brought to us ahead of the brunch) it transpired that having originally said we could not swap the eggs they had decided to give both of us the eggs Benedict. Having taken ages to come we accepted it but there was little by way of an apology. The food was not very good, the fruit bowl turned out to be a peeled banana in a bowl and the eggs were served on a tea saucer. When we complained we were apologised to but they qualified it with saying "it's not very good today". Needless to say we will not be going back to see if it's any better on another day. I felt very sorry for the wedding party that arrived just as we were leaving.

By Wendy K.

If I could give no stars I would! Absolutely dreadful service - I would never go there again for a group event. We were a party of about 20 and the first people arrived at 5.30 - the first drinks finally started to arrive at our table at about 6.30 despite repeated requests and enquiries as to where they were and how long they were going to be. The staff we spoke to said they were short staffed and very busy but the place was not even half full and there seemed to be plenty of people wafting around clearing tables and looking important with clipboards. As we had had to wait such a long time we asked the "Manageress" if we could get some free food - the only thing she was prepared to offer was a sharing plate which turned out to be one large pitta bread cut into a few slices and 3 dips - for a party of 20 people. She also denied that we had waited an hour for our drinks order to arrive but we know what time we got to the bar and we also know what time the drinks arrived. The place is overpriced, disorganised and not really worth bothering with!

By Kim P.

I went today to The Parlour with seven co-workers for lunch. We had been there for after work drinks before but never had the food. The service was horrible. My co-worker was served sausage and mash destined for another table, and when they realized their mistake they took the dish away from him to serve the other table. We ordered the platters to share and were not given small plates to put our food on. It took an hour for our food to arrive and when it did half the food was no longer hot and seemed like it had spent a lot of time under the heat lamp waiting to be served. My co-worker who ordered the daily special, red snapper, was served fish that was still cold in the middle because they were using frozen seafood for their daily special. This was the worst lunch I've had in a long time because both the service and the food were bad.

By Mark W.

Overpriced, painfully slow service (4 people serving behind the bar and customers are 5 deep), with rude people. Not the best combo for a nice evening out. To top it all off they add 12.5% service charge to your bill and then another 12.5% 'tip' on top! 25% on top of the cost of your drinks/food - are you kidding me! Check your bills !! Life's too short. Certainly won't be going back.

By G K.

Lunch service is a total shambles. Drinks - 1 of our party had to ask 4 different wait staff for his, finally getting it 30 minutes after the rest, another gave up asking and stuck to table water as hers never arrived. Food - Whilst it was a large-ish party (15), we had booked in advance and been told that they could easily accommodate us. Due to party size we were given a smaller more limited choice menu, which was ok and expected. What we weren't expecting was to be waiting for our mains 1hr 20min after arriving. (1 of our party had to ask for her meal to be a take away as she had a meeting but even then she was told it would take at least 5 mins so she left without it) Food was brought to the table held aloft and the item shouted 'sandwich', when we questioned what type (15 people, most ordered sandwiches, some clarification needed??) she peered at it shrugged her shoulders and said I don't know.... Items that we didn't order appeared, some items were incorrect and a few poor guys didn't get their food until the rest of us had finished eating. The food wasn't great and not worth the wait. Staff - few were polite, many very abrupt and a few were really rude, they all were obviously rushed and badly managed. We asked for the bill before the food arrived in the hope of speeding up the process, it took over 5 times of asking to finally be presented with it - after everyone had finished eating and half had disappeared back to the office, so didn't speed anything up! Have been here for drinks in the evening before and have accepted the wait at the bar and the rudeness of the staff as part of drinking in a busy bar in Canary Wharf. Will be taking my custom elsewhere now as service on this scale is really not acceptable and can only be dealt with by spending our cash elsewhere. Given the location it’s unfortunate that they will always get passing trade and won't feel the impact of no repeat business because of their shockingly bad service

By Samantha B.

I work in canary wharf and booked The Parlour for a leaving drinks we spent nearly £1,000 and had to ask for wine glasses 3 times and no bottle opener was provided. I have to say the service from the staff was slow and they are rude it's appalling. Absolutely diabolical venue. I arrange lots of leaving drinks and would never go back to The Parlour again!

By A A.

Absolutely loved The Parlour, great space to hang out with the girlies on the w/end, yummy cocktails and sharing flatbreads are delicious! Great stuff!

By Helen S.

I have been today to have lunch. The food was good, but I could not enjoy it with such rude and slow waiters.

By Helen S.

I have been today to have lunch. The food was good, but I could not enjoy it with such rude and slow waiters.

By Marie C.

Last Wednesday I went to la Parlour with two girlfriends of mine. Yes, it was quite crowded but what do you expect in the centre of Canary Wharf after 6pm? I loved the decor and the atmosphere were very friendly. We've been constantly chatted up by groups of office-fellows which was quite cute. The barmaid who served us was absolutely charming. Yes, it took a while to get served but again- canary wharf evenings ARE crowded. We had a Skinny Mango Mojito, a Lounge Lady and Russian Rose Martini- mouthwatering! And after that a bottle of Sauv Blanc for £12.95... who wants more? I'll be definately going back

By Flyin P.

I went into the Parlour again yesterday.. and guess what..? The service was worse than ever... The Bar staff were slow and rude as usual.. I was drinking guiness and couldn't believe the performance... I was given a pint already started, the pump didn't have a nozzle on it and as usual the Pint glass was only 85% Full.. £3.70 for 85% of a pint is crap - I will not be returning. It's Brodies and All Bar One for me from now on!

By R C.

I was really impressed with this place. My GF and I went there on a Saturday Evening for a couple of drinks and some snacks. The place smelled great and it had a really nice open feel about it. It wasn't a sweaty smelly bar typical in most of London. The lighting was calming and the music was great with speakers all around the bar so the sound wasn't isolated to a few speakers. As for the bar staff they were fantastic. We had a couple of amazing fancy martinis. We even ordered martinis not on the menu and the bartender was able to make them. Our favourite was a sour apple martini. He even put an egg white in it! Sounds gross, but tasted delicious. He said it had something to do with fusing the sour and sweet aspects of it so they were smoother! Had a great time. But I do agree about the bar stools. Impossible to move while sitting on them and I'm 6'3".

By Paul P.

I work in canary wharf and have atttended this bar frequently since it opened a few weeks ago. I have to say the service from the bar staff when drinking only, is appalling. You can easily wait up to 10-15 minutes just to place your order and the same again until your drinks are actually placed in front of you. If you want a quick beer for lunch steer well clear. Absolutely diabolical

By Flyin P.

Jeez if you want a beer in a hurry don't go to this place... Nice cordial atmoshphere, good selection of beers, Staff Service - appalling.... Been there about a dozen times and bar service is always poor!

By Sarah L.

A friend and I were very keen to try The Parlour for a workday lunch, as good eat-in places are few and far between at Canary Wharf.

I have to say, we weren't won over. While we both really liked the decor of The Parlour, it felt very crowded. We were practically on top of the table next to us.

I think there are also a lot of teething problems. For example, we ordered quite a few 'bits and pieces' and our waiter asked if we would like anything to come out at a different time.

When we said that we'd like our side order to come as a starter, we were basically told that was too difficult. We ordered a cobb salad - which arrived without two of the key ingredients listed on the menu.

Admittedly, this was rectified with many apologies, although the amended version was more like a plain green salad than a cobb salad. Our antipasto sharing platter was quite tasty, but nothing special.

The people at the table next to us had ordered well before us, but were still waiting for their meal when we were halfway through ours, and repeatedly had to ask for their food. I think we'll give The Parlour a chance to iron out these types of issues before we return.

By S O.

It seems the parlour has a selective regime when it comes to customers. We were told the restaurant was closing when we arrived at 3.30pm.

Went to the canteen instead and to my amazement saw next customers being accepted at the parlour! Not sure if it's the pram, but if so, I don;t think families are welcome there.

By Michelle P.

I wrote the rather stinging review below because:- service was confused and slow- you need to be Geoff Capes to move the tall dining stools closer to the bench- you need the precision of a surgeon to eat sloppy foods on their chopping board plate concept- they serve the bill in a antique-ish tin (why???)….

but in defence of The Parlour-it would work as an after work drinks venue for bigger groups-there’s plenty of bloke room at the bar-it’s somewhere new to go-they’ve tried to do something different-the interior is high spec

By Michelle P.

The second outing to the Parlour will be my last as both visits have left with the overall impression that the stylish interior and reasonably priced food is not fair compensation for the rather gimmiky presentation of the food (fish and chips served in paper on a slab of wood and a side of mushy peas in a pot – interesting concept but not practical when you are cutting into foods that by nature slide across the surface of the wood towards your lap every time you risk a cutting manoeuvre with your knife and fork).

That could be forgiven if only the service was better.The reception area is often left abandoned and if there is a system, it certainly isn’t clear for first-timers.

There’s lots of space for customers to get lost in, and unless you are spotted entering the joint and accompanied to a table (as the system should be) beware of wandering up to a table expecting to get served quickly.

Still, you can while away the time categorising the waiting staff into
a) Bemused/vague
b) issues with eye contact or providing service
c) low morale

And if you bore of that game you can play ‘spot the annoyed customer trying to flag some service’.

By Lisa E.

Thanks for your review.

I was there on the first night that it opened and I can confirm that as per my review there were girls painting their nails on the table next to us on the lower level.

Strange but I'm afraid, true!

By Alexandra S.

Oh and viewlondon's review tickled me re "WAG-tastic" clientele! Am unsure what night they attended , but I did not see any people of this kind.

Yes, you get the odd person like that, who doesn't like to make that a extra special effort if going out after work?

I do... but can't possibly believe that there were girls painting their nails?!?! Hmmm....

By Alexandra S.

I went the opening of the bar as it is directly outside my building, so wuld be rude not to make an appearance :-) ...

I was pleasantly surprised. It was a very busy night, with canapés flowing and free drink.

The bar staff were very attentive, and what I liked was that there were more than 2 which seems to be the trend over in Canary Wharf leaving customers waiting ages to be served!

Décor is nice, and what I mainly like is that there's actually space to move!!

Smollensky's round the corner is ridiculously small which is probably it's competitor...but Parlous should fear not, as I am sure it will do very well.

There's DJs on Thursday and Friday nights too which is good to hear. There's ample outdoor seating with real wood burning to keep you warm, and also ample outdoor heaters. Definitely recommended.

By E.

City slickers - Roll up! Roll up! The funfair is in town. Or at least the themed cocktail menu at The Parlour suggests so. This is part of the impressive Drake & Morgan chain offering brunch, lunch and dinner and an inventive list of drink concoctions in the heart of the financial district.

The Venue
Just a couple of minutes from Canary Wharf station and in prime position round the trimmed square lawn of Canada Square stands this eclectic eaterie, a part of the City-slanted Drake & Morgan group. An array of chairs and tables make up the large outdoor terrace. Heaters are on full blast for chilly evenings and trees and large striped umbrellas provide shade on sunny days. Summer months are entertaining with live music and use of the huge outdoor bar. Glass windows and doors surround the interior and give a huge sense of space, and once indoors, industrial vents decorate the ceiling and The Parlour is divided into a conservatory-style dining room, a cocktail area and a lower lounge level.

A Scandinavian twist prevails - sharp contrasts of white with acid colours are softened by the candlelit glow come evening. Tables in the dining area hold large herb pots wrapped in newspaper. The cocktail area has rows of high wooden refectory tables to rest drinks on, with surrounding stools to perch upon, while the lower lounge has small sofas and two beautiful weaved hanging loungers to swing on. The huge open kitchen adjacent to the dining room gives a fluidity between the chef and customer, and huge wooden bowls of seasonal vegetables on display add a fresh, organic feel to the food.

The Atmosphere
Loyal visitors are a City crowd, clad in slick black office wear. Groups clutch midweek cocktails and huddle excitedly around the terrace, whilst the weekend brings a mix of tourists and City dwellers into the mix. The staff here buzz around excitedly, only too happy to suggest menu or drinks choices, giving the impression they really have sampled the lot. However, booking for dinner is essential as The Parlour fills up quickly and the place can get rammed - so no intimate first dates, here! The music is eclectic and spans a few decades, but makes for a pleasant background with some evenings offering a live DJ.

The Food
The menu alone will take you a while to sift through but is helpfully divided into sections. Small plates make great starters to share. The sundried tomato and parmesan croquettes (£5.95) have a lovely homemade taste and the tempura crispy squid (£5.95) is given a fiery hit with tangy ginger and firecracker sauce. Burgers are a hit here and come served on a retro, small red tray in American diner style. They are damn tasty, with spot-on seasoning and a choice of smoky cheese and bacon. You could easily add a few side dishes too - the truffle, parmesan and rosemary fries £4.25 are amazing; they melt in the mouth and are worryingly addictive. Whilst the innovative courgette shoestring fries baked with a delicious crumb coating make for a lighter alternative. Puddings here are super indulgent. Sample a few in the trio package; retro strawberry trifle, super creamy toffee creme brûlée and warm chocolate brownie. Just make sure to ask for two spoons.

The Drink
Offering mixology master classes from £25 per person, this chain operates on cocktail confidence and bases many of the cocktails on a traditional fairground theme. The Poptail (£8.95 - also offered as a “skinny” cocktail for those calorie-counting) comes in a soda-pop-style bottle complete with candy striped straw, and The Goldfish In a Bag certainly causes a few “oohs” as it arrives. Served in a plastic bag, it’s a luscious sharp blend of gin, Hangar 1 mandarin vodka, bitters and tonic, complete with floating pink grapefruit fish and edible lily pads. Wine lovers: fear not - there are over 50 carefully selected white, red and rose wines to choose from.

The Last Word
With prestigious high rises and fast-paced employees stampeding Canary Wharf, it’s hard to find some respite. The Parlour has the luxury of an amazing outdoor green space for the taking and a bright large interior. Paired with great food and superb cocktails, it’s a true City gem.

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