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The Perserverance is a vibrant gastro style pub in Bloomsbury. A wide choice of drinks are available including fine wines and cocktails. The food menu offers a range of traditional British dishes such as scampi and chips, gammon steak and veggie lasagne.

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The Perseverance reviews

By Andrew M.

The Perseverance I used to know and love is dead! It's been taken over by new owners. They've not yet destroyed the decor, but keep the interior lights on high beam and only turn them down when they start to kick the punters out at 9pm! That's right nine.

There's also new lacklustre bar staff who make it clear they'd rather be anywhere else than serving you, especially a new chavvy bartender who likes to talk loudly on his mobile. They do this by putting the chairs on the tables at 9pm! The Perseverance used to be a great pub. And what happened to the grade A food?

By David T.

It's safe to say that when you're standing inside The Perseverance you're standing inside The Perseverance. And the décor is made out of real things, and is in no way imaginary, so you may want to be careful if you, like me, are prone to throwing things at other things, to see what things occur. It has an extensive drinks list, but if you're in the market for some pineapple juice you'd probably want to get in there early,hris as it's extremely popular. If for whatever reason you can't, I'd recommend the cranberry juice, on ice, in a glass. It's refreshing and the perfect drink to have with your chums on a Friday afternoon. Especially on Chris Hopkins birthday. All in all, The Perseverance.

By Charlie H.

I have just recently moved to the areas and the Perseverance is one of the my favorite pubs to go and get a drink. The pub always has a friendly atmosphere, staff are very helpful and chatty, and they have a great range of local ales and some great London Fields lagers. I have yet to try the food, but am always jealous when I see it being served to other tables, might have indulge at some point.

By Natalie J.

Me and a friend booked a table at a restaurant close by (shall not name them) and they said we didn't have a booking and they had a private function so they couldn't help us. Thank god for The Perseverance, the food was amazing and the staff were brilliant will definitely return.

By Pepe F.

It is not a bad pub but it has awful food. We had a couple of their burguers and they were really bad.

By G G.

I'm not shocked to read that people have been dissatisfied with The Perseverance - I feel warmer in the knowledge now that it isn't just me and my grumps! A group of around 25+ of us popped into the Perseverance last night after a lecture and for a friends leaving event. For a Wednesday this is probably a golden sales night for a pub in this area. As the staff don't actually profit from this I can see why they would rather it be quiet so they can slope off and go eat fried chicken but as a business this surely would be a welcoming sight. Keerching! ££££si have worked in bars and ran a few in my time so I know the oldest tricks in the book - clock moving is a classic but seriously within boundaries! The last orders bell rang at 10.30.(? Huh?) The time was called at 10.42. (huh?!) I questioned this to the blank faces of staff and only after some persistence in my questioning was I told "it's 11, says so on the clock"this member of staff was wearing a watch, which I pointed out was showing 10.43. That was the end of our conversations and potential friendly relationship as I was then blanked by probably 2 of the rudest members of staff I have witnessed in London. This isn't a trendy moody skinny jeans goth rude by the way - this is a lazy and ignorant rude. As these lectures will be regular over the next year the pub has just lost a monthly Weds trade of 20-30 extra people for a couple of hours. I won't do the maths - it's not worth the efforti did however pick up a business card which could only smile to read the pubs slogan is "we promise to keep the good and act on the bad!" and on the reverse there is a competition 'there will be a monthly prize for feedback so get involved'that. I have to say was Brilliant. The pub, not so. Stay away - go to the Swan which is about 20 metres away and where the staff say "evening Gentlemen, and how can I help you"

By Paul L.

What a shame the bar staff are arrogant, rude and would clearly be working somewhere else. I went to the Perserverance with a group of 20+ people last night, a Wednesday night in November. The bar staff rang the final bell at 10:44 even though we were stood at the bar with money in hand to order drinks. They had their backs to us and when we asked for service they bluntly told us they called time. After double checking out watches, phones for the time, the barman rudely told us to look at the clock on the wall. Which was stuck on 12pm. So, we then approached the female bar tender and politely asked why we couldn't get served. She said 'we called time, its 11pm'. After showing her our watches and phones she bluntly told us that our clocks were wrong. They clearly didn't want to be there and were rushing to close up early. Which is a shame as the crowd was pretty good. I suggest this establishment has severe managerial problems as employing people for customer service roles who don't have a clue about what customer service mean is enough to destroy any business.

By Amy W.

Me and my friends had booked the upstairs of the perseverance for a party but I'm sorry we did. The staff were extremely slow and seemed bored and disinterested in our custom. After an age of waiting for our food half of us were told that our orders hadn't even gone through! When my Greek lamb burger eventually arrived there was nothing Greek about it; it was overcooked and burnt in parts! Finally, after being told we could have the upstairs space till closing at 11pm on a Saturday night, we were practically forced out at 10:30 when they decided to shut early. I literally had a half finished glass of wine snatched out of hands by a rude staff member! Very simply, avoid this place if you are hoping for a nice evening; dreadful, dreadful service.

By Stewart D.

Don't go to this pub for lunch ever. We went a year ago and had to get a refund after it took them 50 minutes to serve our food, so, we left it a while to get themselves sorted out and went today for lunch. Nothing has changed. They are still as terrible as ever. After 35 minutes they bought me cold food, I said just heat it up and bring it back. 20 minutes later nothing was forthcoming so yet again I had to get a refund. It's really not that hard to cook and serve a burger is it? The 'manager' didn't even offer an explanation as to what took then so long. Totally unacceptable. Please, spend your money on somewhere they can serve food properly.

By Helen L.

I really like The Perseverance and disagree with the negative points below...

I think the new management have done a brilliant job with it - I never used to go in there because the food was overpriced and pretentious (and not very good quality) but the new team have created a total revolution and the food is now no nonsense, reasonably priced and tastes great!

The staff could do with smiling a bit more but the location and the food itself mean this is well worth a visit

By Sam L.

I agree with most of the reviews. Don't eat at The Perseverance. The food whenever we've tried it is bad and overpriced. It seems to be either cold or overcooked. My friend's was both last time (and I mean last time) we visited.

The bangers and mash seemed to be bought in. Yes, something as simple as that. The staff are grumpy and reflect the general don't care attitude. This is a classic case of buying a succesful going concern and destroying everything that made it good. They either don't have a clue or don't give a damn. That's all I can judge from The Perseverance.

By S.

The Perseverance has recently been re-opened under new management. It provides a friendly, relaxed and comfortable environment. The new chef provides great food, simply done at reasonable prices. The new management have done a great job in bringing this popular local pub back to its roots of providing good beer and food to the local workers and residents of Bloomsbury.

By B.

The Perseverance used to be a well-loved local boozer staffed by friendly folk and always busy. Since it was taken over a couple of months ago the level of customer service has plummeted and almost all the regulars have decamped to the Duke of York on Roger St or The Lamb down the road.

Don't perservere with the Perserverance - the beautfully restored interior (thanks to the previous owners) and wonderful location are wasted at the hands of these cowboys.

By D.

The Perseverance is an incredibly pretentious unfriendly pub, the staff are rude and unwelcoming and take as long as they like to actually serve anyone. Why the attitude? The Perseverance is only a pub after all!

By A.

Not sure what the last two reviewers did to annoy them so much but our experience at The Perseverance could not have been better.

The Perseverance has fantastic food, helpful and friendly staff and is reasonably priced. And they called us a cab home.

By P.

I second the first reviewer. Could not be more appropriately named. This once decent local has been reduced to a pitifully overpriced tombstone to "gastropub" excess. And the staff...almost worth going just to experience how people behave when they have lost rudimentary interactive skills. Within seconds you'll feel like redistributing your £10 bowl of mash in their faces. Within minutes you'll realise anyone paying for the "Perseverance" experience is more of a victim than someone eating at MacD's.

By A.

This pub has the rudest staff of any pub I've ever been in. A big group of us got there for last orders, they served us, took our money no questions asked. The barman then got particularly narky when I asked for some ice in my drink. Rather than politely ask us to drink up. He flatly ased us all to 'just go' in a very rude manner. If you're looking for a warm and friendly pub, this is not the place. Try the pub a bit further down the street next door to the Italian Restaurant. They don't act like arrogant arses in there.

By Becki H.

An attractive pub in Bloomsbury. The Perseverance wouldn’t look out of place in a Dickens novel, albeit one with a modern twist.

The Venue
Situated equidistant between Russell Square and Holborn tube stations on picturesque Lambs Conduit Street is the Perseverance. This pub underwent an extensive refurbishment in early 2007, although it’s managed to hold on to tradition. Lambs Conduit Street is a quaint little pedestrianised road bristling with character and this pub fits right in with that theme.

On approach, the Perseverance emits a welcoming feel: candles in the windows, fairy lights and steamy windows give it an appearance not dissimilar to the pubs you read about in Charles Dickens novels. There are even a few picnic tables with umbrellas outside - in the summer this area brims with drinkers making the most of the lack of traffic.

Once inside, you can’t help but notice its bistro appeal. The bar is to the left of the room as you enter, with tables and chairs situated in rows facing the bar. There are hanging chandeliers and lights decorating the room with mirrors on walls and funky, kitsch lampshades randomly scattered around.

The Atmosphere
The Perseverance is fun and trendy and appeals to City slickers working in the area. Despite its traditional and quaint external appearance, it seems this pub has been claimed by the suited and booted office workers of the area. The atmosphere is loud and buzzy - happy chatter can be heard over the clink of glasses and the scraping of plates.

There is also a smaller room upstairs that can be hired for private functions. When not in use, this becomes a quieter bar for regular punters to drink in.

The Food
The food on offer here is traditional pub grub and much of it is homemade. Favourites such as bangers and mash, homemade beef burger and chips, and vegetarian lasagne range from £6.95-£9.95. For those wanting a lighter snack, they also offer a wide range of sandwiches and salads, prices ranging from £4.95-7.95.

The Drink
Perseverance has a wide range of beers on draught including Peroni, Amstel and Leffe, ranging from £2.75-3.50 for a pint. A single spirit will set you back around £2.50. The wine list is extensive with various bottles of red, white and rose costing from £8.95-£21.95. For those special occasions there’s also a Laurent Perrier Brut available for £38.95 per bottle although you can buy Prosecco Rose for just £17.95 .

The Last Word
A trendy pub in the middle of Bloomsbury. The Perseverance is an attractive find and well worth a visit.

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