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The Prince Bonaparte has re-invented this well-known gastro pub, including an extensive and varied wine list and a great selection of guest ales. It offers a refreshing touch on traditional British food with a Modern European influence and a comfortable setting to enjoy fine dining within an established pub setting.

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The Prince Bonaparte reviews

By Jennifer M.

This venue is fine for a drink with mates, but I would not recommend booking an event here. I had booked this venue and then management pulled out last minute because they were offered more money last minute by another group. Sadly, had they been honest and asked for more money, my company would have paid for it. The manager here is incredibly unprofessional. There are many more good pubs/bars in the area with good management who will treat you fairly

By Kelly H.

There’s something all too familiar about The Prince Bonaparte – it has really thumbed through the pages of ‘Gastropub Decor 101’ and selected something from every page. Still, that aside, it’s actually a decent venue.

The Venue
Prince Bonaparte couldn’t be more gastropub if it tried. The open kitchen, designated dining area with slightly nicer wooden tables and chairs, the neutral colourscheme with funky floral wallpaper to ‘liven it up a bit’, the chandelier, the open kitchen, the blackboards, the high ceilings… Yup, this is as clichéd as they come. Thank God then for the pub area, which goes for genuine charm with exposed brick walls that counteract all the ‘glam’ and red granny lamps, which cast a cosy glow over the heavy wooden bar and the worn-in seating. Much better.

The Atmosphere
Despite the try-hard nature of the decor, the atmosphere at The Prince Bonaparte is actually very pleasant and they have struck the balance just right. If you’re just popping in for a pint then you won’t be overlooked in favour of hoity toity diners (sorry guys!) as the areas are so distinct. Instead, from the restaurant to the bar, the staff are well-versed in the different etiquette styles that this place requires – cheerful banter in the pub, respectful friendliness in the dining room. Spot on.

The Food
The menu at The Prince Bonaparte is typically priced for a gastropub of its type, with starters coming in at £5.50-£8 and mains £11.50-£18.50 depending on what you order. And the quality? Actually, it’s very good.

Particularly nice is the pork belly (£14), which has a wonderfully crisp layer of fat and soft, sweet meat beneath that can only be a result of slow-roasting. It comes with a generous helping of unusual, tangy pesto mashed potato and a not-sickly cider veloute that really complements the pork. Alternatively, the fish and chips (£13) is far from dull with a wonderfully meaty piece of fresh haddock covered in a crisp, perfectly seasoned batter and accompanied by big fat chips and, what appears to be, a homemade tartar sauce, which shows their care and attention to detail with the food. Standard pub grub this is not.

The Drink
But what of the drink? That is, after all, the main purpose of a pub. Luckily, they haven’t shied away from their drinkers. As well as offering an above-average wine list with an excellent selection of old and new world bottles, including a better-than-average choice by the glass, they have also paid attention to beer drinkers with a strong selection of lagers on draught as well as a couple of real ales, which rotate regularly.

The Last Word
The Prince Bonaparte may be a little cliched when it comes to its aesthetic, but it does deliver a good night out – whether you’re eating or drinking.

By Lola R.

Noticed they have a new head chef at the Bonaparte so popped in for dinner the other day, what an improvement taste and portion size. The whole place seemed alot happier and had a real buzz going on can only recommend.

By Jeff H.

Starter of cheese croquettes very good but stand out dish was lamb sweetbreads with bacon delicious was the all round agreement. Mains of lamb and smoked haddock very generous on the portion side and again delicious massive approval to the usage of Welsh rarebit with the haddock just like my gran used to make. After these mains there was no room for pudding which was a shame but with a couple of pints of Proper Job and a bottle of Malbec inside we moved on very content. Will definitely be back for pudding.

By Derek B.

Sunday lunch - starter of antipasti board was very pleasant. Main - roast beef. The beef was chewy and not medium rare as I asked. Only two roast potatoes, each the size of a golf ball. The veg was good, although a touch bland as was the yorkshire pudding. I couldn't eat the meat as it was too chewy. When I mentioned this as our plates were collected (I sandwiched in a compliment over their homemade horseradish sauce) I was told, 'well you have eaten it', to which I pointed out over half the meat was left. I was then told, 'you're friends have eaten it', to which my friend commented that it wasn't inedible, just rather unpleasant. In fairness I was offered a free dessert but after the argumentative response the mood was soured and it was time to move on......

By Johan M.

Went there 2 weeks ago on a Friday night. We had a table of 5 people in the restaurant area. I was really impressed with the quality of food and service on such a busy night, everything was perfectly alright, we didn't have to wait for our food for too long and the waitress was very friendly and professional. Good portions of food, worth the price. The bar area was really busy but it didn't affect chilled atmosphere in the restaurant. I can honestly reccomend a dinner there, one of few pubs in the area I really like.

By Noah M.

Went for dinner here a couple weeks ago and it was really good. It's got a nice restaurant area and a chilled atmosphere in the pub, and I thought the food was tasty and good value, too. Would definitely return.

By Sarah R.

With all due respect as you are of course entitled to your opinion, I simply have to defend my lovely local here. The prince bonaparte always go out of their way to give me and my friends fab service. I have also on a number of occasions taken my business associates, friends, family, even my little old gran there and the staff are never anything but polite, helpful and do their best to accommodate everyone - this sounds more like a case of someone who just likes to complain...

By Sarah R.

I love the Prince Bonaparte. It's very quickly become my favorite hangout since becoming a West Londoner recently, leaving behind the warehouse parties and skinny jean wearing folk of Shoreditch in favour of the leafy village-y feel of Chepstow Road. I keep finding myself back there to sample some of the ever changing, inventive menu options (most recently some lovely squid followed by a really tasty, summery Crab dish) or drink (perhaps too much on occasion) from their great wine list or the exciting premium ales which change every week. (ginger Tosser - fantastic!)the staff are always smiley and friendly, the place is very homey, warm and welcoming, the chefs clearly know what they are doing. In short I have only one word to describe this great gastropub: awesome.

By James R.

Service is appalling! Last week I booked a table for 16 people for dinner on Saturday night. Over the phone I was given the option for us to be seated in the restaurant or the bar. Having been to the Prince Bonaparte before and seen diners seated at large tables in the front bar before I opted for the bar area. Saturday night came around and we arrived at 7pm to be shown to five tiny round tables (for 16 people??) that had been pushed together along a wall and told we could order at the bar. Given this was a special occasion, I spoke to the restaurant manager who simply said all the other tables were fully booked and we would have to deal with it. An hour later after we had all lined up at the bar to order our food and 10 of us could be seated around the tiny tables, I noticed that 6 of our party were forced to stand as there was no room. Then although it would have been nice to have eaten together the food arrived in dribs and drabs over the space of 2 hours. After observing this I asked the restaurant manager if this booking was for 16 people? She said it was and then when I asked where the 6 people who were standing were meant to sit she exploded and told me I was being totally unreasonable! Suffice to say that all 16 of us were extremely shocked and disappointed with the service of this place and will not be returning or recommending it to anyone!

By Simon R.

Unbelievable!! I have eaten many of times in the Prince Bonaparte, on busy nights also, I have taken friends and family and always, always had a great time. The food has always been fantastic, fresh and you can tell nothing is from frozen! The staff are smart and helpful, the kitchen looked clean and professional! A place I'd go back to over and over again! Simon Reeves

By Jeff H.

I can only disagree more, when ever visiting the Bonaparte i am met with open arms and a warmth felt only when returning home. Maybe the issues are more to do with your own attitude, any issues with the food must be a one of and the idea that anything is frozen is plain stupid. Good luck with the rest of your dinning experiences.

By Al F.

Where to begin? Appalling, shameful, unhygienic are but a few words that come to mind to describe our dining experience at the Prince Bonaparte a couple of weeks ago. Although the front part of the pub remains a great watering hole patronized by 20 something locals and has a great pub-meets bar feel, as for the “gastro” part, it is closer to gastroenteritis than gastronomy. I had friends in from Paris who will go home and continue spreading the legend that English food is appallingly bad – and in this case they are right. Food: We had a plate of roughly cut charcuterie which was OK but everything that followed, without exception was a disgrace. The rib-eye was possibly the worst cut of beef I have seen since I went camping in Mongolia. “Medium rare” was cooked to a crisp. I ordered a piece of lamb that came basically raw and wrapped in more fat than there was meet. Any potatoes we were served, including the chips, had clearly spent more time in a freezer than your average ice-tray. Two orders of swordfish had to be sent back. The only thing of value in the entirely meal was a decent bottle of Australian Shiraz. Place: The entire dining area smelled of grit because of a the open kitchen and bad ventilation. What’s more, despite the odours of fried foods we could clearly distinguish the stench emanating from the toilets. The dining area is not nearly as nice as the front pub section. Service: plates basically thrown down on the table, never a smile, almost no time to order, makes Parisian café waiters look like Mother Teresa. I never – ever – post comments about places. But in this case, I felt it was my duty to warn people to avoid eating here at all costs. Go to the Thai place next door instead.

By Sinbad O.

I'm a regular customer at The Bonaparte and the reviews on here don't represent it at all. Think the management that run it at the moment took over late in 2008. Myself and many friends always have a great night out there and it's very friendly in comparison to other pubs in the area. Food is always good portion sizes, Sunday roast is always good but get there early as it's always packed. I always find their staff are smiley and helpful and know exactly what they are doing. It's definitely my local now and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to eat freshly cooked food in a pub atmosphere that's always got a light, good feeling vibe to it and isn't too cool for school like some other gastro pubs in Noting Hill. Not too many tourists to be found here either considering it's only 5 mins walk from Portobello Road. Oh and the bitters/ales on tap are always changing weekly and are always a great selection, they even let you try them out if you ask nicely!

By S S.

we had an excellent sunday roast there.

the other reviews were probably for previous management.

service and food were excellent, and the place was buzzing. recommended.

By Ric V.

Poncy people and an obnoxious waitress with an attitude, like she runs the pub (in a very rude way)

The service is always terrible at the bar and more importantly when ordering food.

Always very slow service and my meal was half cooked and half cold.

Staff behind the bar ignored customers and there aren't enough of them.

By Emma B.

The service in this pub is terrible. The maximum number of bar staff serving on a busy Sunday lunchtime was two - and they were in no hurry to serve. Only one draught lager was on, with the promise of "more is coming in tomorrow". I have been once before and the service was slow but it seemed a nice pub so we gave it another go. What a mistake.

By Michael H.

The service at this place is absolutely awful. I went there last night with a party of ten people. One of us actually wrote down the order to help the waitress out. She served 8 out the 10 people and blamed the other waitresses for missing the two meals.

She then became extremely rude following a firm but far from aggressive complaint. Nothing was done for a further half hour and the manager, despite having heard what had happened did nothing until I went to see him.

The remaining two meals arrived an hour after the rest and a significant sum was knocked off the bill. The obnoxious waitress is still there blaming everyone else.

By A.

After waiting some time at The Prince Bonaparte the food arrived. The fish was piping hot and was delicious, but when the roasts arrived they were stone cold. The table next to us said that they had sent the roast back too and were still waiting for them. When our dishes returned the Beef was now Lamb, but instead of sending it back we ate it as we were so hungry. The vegetables were solid and the meat was fatty.

Afterwards I tried to order dessert and was told the kitchen was now shut, but while we were finishing our drinks we noticed that people were still ordering food.

The gents had a sea of what I hope was water on the floor, the cubical had a great hole in the wall and there was a grim smell in the air. The Prince Bonaparte could be a great place but it needs a little TLC to bring it back to life.

By C.

What a great boozer - I first went to The Prince Bonaparte after the Notting Hill carnival and because it was on the route, I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but it was brilliant. The whole place had a great atmosphere and it was a really nice way to wind down the long weekend. It was pretty messy and chaotic but I think everywhere else in the area was too. Nice staff, nice surroundings, food was good, even though it was just nibbles. Good wine list too, which I always appreciate. Even the music was quite cool, although we were almost deaf after the carnival! We all just had such a good time at The Prince Bonaparte this weekend that I felt the need to say so today. Nice pub.

By T.

The Prince Bonaparte is a lovely little boozer - top spot just to relax and enjoy watching the world go by. Well worth a visit!

By S.

A good atmosphere and well priced drinks. Good place to meet friends and have a luagh. The service was atrocious at the bar and more importantly when ordering food. Wrong food was delivered, some food took over 1 hr to arrive and the standard was very poor. Trying to fit to many diners in and the kitchen can't cope. Staff behind the bar ignored customers and there wasn't enough of them. Disappointing as it is a good venue!

By S.

I recently took my boyfriend to the Prince Bonaparte for a birthday meal. The atmosphere was buzzing and the staff friendly.

I was, however, really disappointed with the service. It took ages to order the food and drinks at the bar - I was initially overcharged which was then corrected.

The starter arrived at the same time as the main course! The chef said when they are busy they can't do separate starters. My boyfriend could not eat the starter as it contained nuts and there was no note to say there were nuts in the starter. The order was slightly wrong as we had ordered sauteed and mashed potatoes and only got mashed. The BBQ chicken and lamb were both absolutely delicious. On complaining to the acting manager we were presented with a free bottle of wine.

It was a shame that the service let down a good meal and what was meant to be a special night! I will go back to the bar but probably not the restaurant for a special occasion.

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