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The Prince of Wales is a gastro pub during the day serving classic gastro food and an extensive selection of drinks. Entrance towards the end of Coldharbour Lane.

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"The Prince of Wales (POW) is the product of the sweet pairing of The POW Clubhouse with the space below: the recent refurbishment means that the pub now boasts a stunning live venue space, roof terraces, and real wood fired pizza oven, where you can enjoy up and coming music, arts, comedy and food in the heart of South London.

The POW is a stunning multi-purpose venue; an entertainment space that is a hub of culture, entertainment and all round good times. Guests can find a buzzing gastropub on the ground floor, with much of its produce coming from the local Brixton markets providing home cooked pizza from our wood fired oven.

Upstairs they offer an awesome club space and spectacular rooftop terraces. Hosting club nights and all-day terrace parties, POW is a great spot for alfresco drinks and dancing. So whether you are after a hearty meal and craft beers or some late-night Ibiza-esque clubbing, all the action is there.

Clubbing enthusiasts and South Londoners looking for day time and sunset parties head to the amazing rooftop terraces, split over two levels with great views, two bars and a BBQ area to absorb the cool soundtrack of latest and greatest tunes. After dark (11pm) the rooftop is till licensed through early hours and the serious party goers head inside to dance all night to live music, or hot sounding DJ sets, whilst during the week the live venue below belts out mellow acoustic and funk. The adjoining cocktail bar is a buzzing area with banquette seating where revellers can enjoy the music away from the crowd, perfect for private parties Meanwhile, in the pub below the atmosphere is still very social, yet calmer, with regular DJs and Live Jazz at the weekend . "

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The Prince of Wales reviews

By Andrew M.

We come to The Prince of Wales on a Sunday night, its a good night to go, usually quite busy and you might have to stand but the atmosphere is good. There's plenty of girls in skimpy clothing to keep you entertained as well - most of them are students. The Prince of Wales is a pretty trendy place.

By J.

They do some lovely food in the Prince, I've only had a couple of starters as an appetiser to wash down my bottle of wine but everything I had was lovely. I'll be back to The Prince to try the rest of their delectable sounding menu soon!

By Kelly H.

Brixton is one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London, mixing the long-standing south London community with a new breed of young professionals looking to escape the sky-high property prices of neighbouring Clapham. With this has come an influx of upmarket bars and gastro pubs - The Prince of Wales joins the gang.

The Venue
The Prince of Wales sits somewhat awkwardly in the heart of Brixton, nestled against an ugly – and rather huge – branch of KFC. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, to peer through the window of the pretty building and spy a neat bar and restaurant with pristine white tablecloths, glossy silver fans overhead and upmarket light features. It’s a huge space and one they have really done a good job of utilising, with the bar and dining areas separate without feeling too segregated. There’s a definite New York style underlying this bar, with a Tribeca edge. The pub just feels a little misplaced in location, even though it’s part of a widening gentrification taking place in the Brixton area.

The Atmosphere
The problem with covering tables in white tablecloths, sparkling glassware and feature flower centrepieces is that the expectations of diners are immediately raised from looking forward to a simple pub meal to expecting restaurant-style etiquette. And that isn’t always the case at the Prince of Wales. The service is very friendly, sure, and some of the waiting staff are full of smiles and seem genuinely interested in ensuring you are happy. However, sometimes the service can feel hurried and awkward, like they haven’t quite got the confidence to deliver gastro dishes to expectant customers. This can make for an, at times, awkward dining experience. If they relaxed the aesthetic or improved the service level, the pub would be spot on.

The Food
The menu at Prince of Wales reads incredibly well and has clearly been thought through. The mix of simpler, and cheaper, pizzas at around £8 and more refined main courses at the £9.50 to £14.50 mark is a smart move, catering to the mixed fortunes of locals living in the area.

The delivery of the food is a bit of a mixed bag – although, when they get it right, they get it very right. For example, a starter of celeriac veloute (£4.50) is a real delight and showcases the skills of the kitchen. The thick, creamy veloute is incredibly well seasoned with a delicate flavour that is rich without being overpowering. A light dribble of white truffle oil lifts the flavour higher with an earthy undertone that is utterly delicious. It’s served with two slivers of cheese and mushroom toasties that are a pleasant surprise and add a little depth to the dish. Truly exceptional. Also strong is a starter of duck and pistachio terrine (£6). Terrines often crop up on pub menus but almost always let you down. Not here; instead the prettily presented dish is full of flavour, balancing the rich duck and sweet pistachio well. It’s meaty but delicate and is served with rich caramelised onions and crunchy cornichons.

Moving onto the mains, it’s clear that this is a kitchen that knows how to handle meat. The lamb shank (£12.50) is perfectly cooked, effortlessly falling away from the bone. It’s served with slices of potatoes, but it’s worth getting a side of broccoli with anchovies, which has a slight salty flavour that works very well with the sweet lamb. Unfortunately, however, where the highs of the menu are very high, the lows are very low. An oxtail paccheri (£11.50) does not live up to the promise shown by some of the other dishes. The homemade pasta is too thick and doughy and sits uncomfortably in the stomach with a gloopy, unpleasant texture. The oxtail is tasty enough until you bite into one of the many clumps of pure fat. And the addition of the Pecorino crumb adds little to the dish.

Desserts are also a mixed bag. The lemon posset (£5) comes with a mint jelly, which is a nice idea that’s underwhelming in practice - the mint doesn’t quite come through in what results as an insipid green jelly. The meringue served alongside is nicely sweet but doesn’t have a great texture, tasting a little too grainy. And the posset itself, although creamy, is far too sharp. Luckily, the cherry and almond tart (£5) saves the day. Appearing almost as a deconstructed Bakewell tart, it’s sweet and never too cloying. The accompanying sorbet, although delicious, holds undesirable ice crystals in places, but overall it’s a successful dessert.

The Drink
The beer at The Prince of Wales could be a bit more imaginative given the height of the London craft beer movement, but the pub does make the effort with a large number on tap, including Blue Moon, Doombar, Amstel and Birra Moretti among others. This is bolstered by a decent bottled beer selection including Goose Island and the premium ale Ora di Milano Doppio Malta.

The wine menu is concise at seven reds and as many whites, but it’s very well put together. The price points are well spread and bottles have been chosen for their quality. The Rioja Reserva is especially good for £25 with an incredibly quaffable cherry flavour. It’s good to see that The Prince of Wales has paid such close attention to its choice of wines.

The Last Word
If the Prince of Wales can sort out its service and ensure that the quality of the food matches up to that incredible veloute, you can easily see it taking the crown among the many up-and-coming upmarket venues in Brixton. Watch this space.

By Tim M.

Some of the worst service I've ever had anywhere. I had lunch today at the Prince with my family. The waitress was terrible, completely uninterested and we had to go and get her several times to order more food. Obviously the Sunday papers were more interesting than her job! The bar man has evidently arrived in completely the wrong profession. He was painfully slow and I had to constantly repeat my order as he seemed to have the memory of a goldfish. The food was adequate at the very best. When I complained the waitress said they were very busy. They had customers on three tables!

By Matt T.

Used to be a great bar, especially on weekends. Been in a couple of times this year and it seems to have become another dull, carbon copy of a chain bar. Stayed for a quick drink with friends one afternoon and then moved on. Nothing bad to say, just lost some of its character.

By Rosemary T.

I LOVE the chips at the newly refurbished Prince. Wonderful to see new life breathed into the venue. Also loved the burgers! I'll be popping over to Brixton a lot more now there is a destination that ticks all the boxes.

By Sue T.

Had a delicious Sunday lunch here. As I don't like meat, they gave me loads of extra vegetables and delicious roast potatoes. The staff were friendly and I especially liked the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper on the columns

By L J.

I went to the new improved prince for dinner a few weeks ago. The service was great, and the food was even better! I highly recommend the burger mmm. I will definitely be visiting again soon!

By Mark M.

As a drifter who passes by the prince once in a while I was pleasantly surprised to find that they seemed to have turned a massive corner and are now producing some of the best food in the area. Ok they still do burgers (100 times better than the used too) but the other offerings are are simply superb. I had the chorizo in red wine as an appetizer served in them little spanish pots and was every bit as good as in Iberia. I then had the marinated onglet steak with a deep fried smoked paprika crusted soft egg (omg) and 1/2 peeled twice cooked chips, my partner had am wonderful open hot smoked salmon sourdough sandwich with lemon & sourcream mayonnaise, mesculn leaves and liliput capers. for dessert a sundae of flourless almond sponge, vanilla ice cream, rose water and orange jelly & chocolate sauce......mmmmmmm Good, simple, honest and tasty food! Keep up the good work! MM

By Hannah B.

Whilst a lovely building, we service we got was really quite bad. We ate there Monday 06/12/2010 and the barman was exceptionally rude. When he brought our food, we asked him for some ketchup and some mayo. He held out his hands, and said "one, two. See? I only have two hands". Er. Okay. We weren't asking you to bring it with our food, and didn't realise you would automatically bring it afterwards. But thank you, I guess. Added to that, it took ages to get served, two burgers costing about £8 were put through the til at £24 and the person serving us didn't really seem to click and needed to be shown the menu and for us to explain why that was wrong, it took 50 minutes for our food to come and it was freeeeeeezing cold. Most people were wearing coats. Not normally someone to review, but that barman was rude to us and we didn't deserve it.

By Mexica M.

I love the new refurbishment and the vibe is a great improvement to what it was under the old establishment! The staff are very friendly and calm even when its chockablock! I did have a slight problem finding a table to eat when I got there but the manager was very help-full and he reserved a table promptly. Check The Prince out on Friday's to party and Sundays for a roast I wish they had the reggae nights back! Please. Miss d

By Alan B.

Recently refurbished to a very high standard (although toilets could still use a little work) my wife and I ate here last week and were very impressed. I had the French lamb while my wife tried the duck. Both were excellent and the service was friendly. Only one real ale on draught though (GK IPA), so I opted for the Staropramen, good selection of wines and spirits and a nice atmosphere all round.

By Mark B.

At last a proper gastro pub in the heart of Brixton. Had a fantastic Sunday Lunch here over the bank holiday weekend, service was good, decent selection of wines and a lovely atmosphere. Staff were polite and courteous despite being busy while its location offers a real safe haven from all the chaos and bustle of brixton's high street. A very good pub.

By Annette S.

Nice decor shame about the food and the service. We ate here on 24-03-10 and the food was pretty poor, the service was nonchalant and the toilets - well the less said about them the better! On complaining about the food the waiter said "I feel sorry" and turned away! The manager certainly couldn't have cared less that the food and service left much to be desired with hardly an apology... A real shame as the decor and menu (cost) promise so much but they just didn't deliver!

By Ben S.

The Prince is a cool pub but its just closed for a comprehensive refurbishment! Check it out when it reopens with an all new look, entertainment and music programme and menu!

By Jo K.

A great venue, with excellent food. However, the clientele leaves alot to be desired. It's quite trashy.

By Nichola V.

This is a great pub for a friday night, it stays open late and always has good music playing especially when they have a DJ. Big enough to get a good atmosphere but not too big that you get lost within the crowd! also normally cheap or free entry!

By T G.

Went to the Prince for our farewell party last night. The night was ruined when someone snatched our camera right off the table we were sitting at. Yelled at the bouncer to stop him which he did for a second but then proceeded to let him out the door. No explanation about why they didn't stop him and no apologies from the management. very disappointing and no pics from our last night in London

By Carolyn K.

We were at the prince for puddings with friends on Sunday. Our very simple order took 45 minutes to arrive with no explanation from the waitress and when our drinks arrived ten minutes later my tea had been covered by an improperly washed saucer used the previous night to hold a candle. The wax melted into my tea and the staff treated it like a joke. I received no apology and they only grudgingly discounted the bill at all despite the poor service and waxy tea. Totally not cool. I was very very disappointed

By K.

The Prince is my new local and fave pub in Brixton by a long way. The Prince looks great - I love all those chandeliers, and everyone is always so friendly. The drinks are great and I have had the best meals in Brixton here.

The bargain deal is the £5.00 daily special and the burger is amazing too. The music they play is always spot on and some of the DJ nights like Skylarkin are just great, fun right here on my doorstep. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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