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The Prince Regent is a beautifully decorated gastro pub which serves a delightful menu of British cuisine. Make sure you book on Sunday's for their popular lunch which includes roast duck and lamb.

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Opening Hours
Opening Hours
Mon-Thu 12:00-23:00
Fri-Sat 12:00-00:00
Sun 12:00-22:30

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The Prince Regent reviews

By P P.

Unfortunately another bad experience will keep me avoiding this pub which is a shame as its very much on my doorstep. Lovely setting and some pretty decent food on occasion but let down frequently by a few(not all) members of staff/management who seem to have no notion of customer service and no intention to even think about it no matter how nice you are to them. Sort out your staff and you will have a lovely place worth a visit.

By Mike K.

Being a non-meat eater (call me a pescetarian if you don't mind the pretence) is always a challenge in most British gastropubs. However, one should always expect to find a decent Veggie roast where roasts for the ordinary folk are proffered. This was a lovely Jubilee gathering of mates in the pub, with an excellent atmosphere on a rainy Sunday. When it came to the food, I couldn't have been angrier. I was served, at the bar, with a 10% optional charge...for ordering my food AT THE BAR. Of course I went for the veggie roast, as its not everyday you see cauliflower cheese on the menu. You can imagine my angry vegetarian side came out when my meal arrived sans the treasured cauliflower cheese. And no word was spoken as to why it was not on my plate. After a helpful effort on the part of the staff, the chef clearly couldn't care less and the best he could offer (after I noticed it wasn't on my plate) was extra veg or spuds. Underdog mayhem ensued, particularly as Veggies struggle anyway. I sent the food back and got my money back. All praise to the staff member who felt my wrath, but avoid eating in this place. What a shame...I munched on some bar snacks instead (didn't even offer to do something else for me).

By Dan H.

I had a terrible experience here last night. I have been on a number of occasions before and yes it is overpriced but for the odd meal out i was prepared to stomach it (pardon the pun). Seated at 21:00 took about ten minutes to take our order (we waved and smiled for ten minutes). Order taken then forty (yes forty) minutes later was told that order had been processed but could they take it down again (blatant lie) - then told at 21:50 that only one steak left and 'what did we want to do' no apology - so we left infuriated and hungry and having to find somehwre to eat at 22:00 - would never go back (and i never complain but this was that bad)

By Chris T.

Lovely pub, good selection of beers and good food. Well worth a punt if you are in the area. Also, nice pub quiz on Tuesdays.

By Caroline B.

We live close by and have probably eaten at the Prince Regent 30+ times in the last 18 months and have never had a bad meal. I would advise to avoid Sundays after 1pm as they just get too busy and cant cope with the volume (hence the negative comments below) Otherwise everything we've eaten is fab! All of the staff we've interacted with are great, I tend to find politeness attracts great service - we havent had a bad experience yet. We too hired the upstairs and had a bit of a blip with the bar tab at the beginning but again the staff were great.

By M F.

Spent a lovely Friday evening there recently. Charming pub, friendly helpful staff, very good food (my main was less than £9) and overall a very nice experience. Feels like i went to a different pub from everyone else on here :o)

By Lisa S.

It is a really nice pub, but the food is massively overpriced for what it is. It is the second time I have eaten there and never again. We went on a Sunday, for Sunday roast, and the gravy consisted of black salty water - one of our friends is a chef and he told us that they had used soya sauce to blacken the gravy. It was meant to be onion gravy. We were 5 people and nobody was particularly happy - we ended up with a £100 bill, plus 10 % service charge, for not very much. I really wish they would sort out their kitchen - maybe have a less pretentious menu and do fewer things properly. At least get the Sunday roast right. They charge £12 for the Sunday roast, plus service charge, which in any case is overpriced. There are many other places in Brixton where you can get a proper Sunday roast for about 2/3 of the price the Prince Regent charges. Anybody looking for some decent food is better off going to the Effra, where the Sunday roast is about £8, no service charge and the gravy is always a dream.

By Qefqef A.

Unfortunately I had a very poor experience at the Prince Regent on a recent sunday afternoon. The food was nice but service not. I find it very annoying that they charge £16 for Roast Beef but £11-£12 for all other meats - how do they justify that, except for shamelessly over-charging for the most popular sunday dinner? To make matters worse they didn't even have any Roast Beef left when I went. They brought a large glass of wine when a small had been ordered, and tried to charge us for the large one. We asked for the waitress to bring a dessert menu, and waited 15 minutes for her to travel the 12 yards between us and the place the menus were kept - she never came back so we asked for the bill (another epic wait) and left.

By Katie B.

I have drunk and eaten in the Prince Regent many times and the food is good and its generally a great place to eat and drink. This is partly down to its location as its opposite one of the nicest parks in London. However, like others who've reviewed this pub on the internet, it is seriously let down by its staff. I don't mean the bar staff necessarily but the management. I hired the room upstairs for a party and put a lot of money behind the bar (including pay for room hire - something many pubs waiver if you spend a certain amount - many pubs in central London do this). My friends and I spend a lot of money on drink. The barman was worked off his feet and could not keep up. Everybody complained that they weren't getting served. Rather than an apology, the management actually phoned me the next day to complain that one of my friends had sworn at the barman. Now, its never good to swear at anyone but its very odd for a pub manager to phone a customer the next day to complain about swearing. Imagine if they phoned every customer the next day who'd ever complained about poor service. Its ridiculous. I assured him that, as he couldn't tell me who had sworn at the barman, I would make sure that all 70 guests knew not to drink there again for fear of offending them.

By Spiky P.

Like the pub, and the food is great - especially the monday night offer. However the last few times i've been have been let down by a couple of members of staff. Phoned to book a table for a sunday and was told (quite rudely) on the phone that 4pm was a suitable time and they'd hold a table - only to arrive and be informed that the food had sold out, and that the roasts never usually last as long as 4. Shame, because some of the staff are lovely - but there's one or two who consistently bring the evening down, and we try and avoid being served by!

By Jo K.

Great pub which has an excellent range of beers. Very comfortable place to hang out with great food.

By Kris E.

If you want a South London pub experience that's almost good enough for royalty then the Prince Regent is your man.

The Venue
The Prince Regent can be found opposite lovely Brockwell Park on Dulwich Road, a short distance from Herne Hill station. The unmissable profile of the Prince is proudly displayed above the door, and the building stands regally on the corner. Out front, picnic tables for alfresco drinkers are packed into the garden and the area overflows come summertime when the park empties.

Inside, the pub and dining room areas are adjacent to each other, both decked out in the same varnished dark woods with arching etched glass. Upstairs, there are two private rooms available for hire (the Regency and Drawing Room) – one is more suited to informal drinking and dining, and the other is more grand and better suited to formal functions.

The Atmosphere
A smart south London gastro pub, the clientele on the restaurant side of the Prince Regent are mainly mid thirties, serious and bespectacled, and the topics of civilised conversation err towards intelligent over frivolous. Leave the larks to the bar room drinkers. Even the entertainment has intellect in the form of the weekly pub quiz.

Candlelit dining is exclusively table service – and that service is confident and courteous, if curt towards those who are indecisive or dwell too long. Genuine recommendations come without prompting - you learn what’s good before the menu arrives, and not just what they’re trying to sell. The twinkle in the waitress’ eye means she loves that chocolate and prune cake; in fact, you’re lucky she left you some.

The Food
The main menu at the Prince Regent is excellent. The risotto (£5.95/£9.85) is incredible - thick rice, light cream, delicate flavours, topped with slabs of parmesan. Another choice that comes in a small or larger portion is the haddock fishcake with celeriac remoulade (£5.90/£9.75), which packs in flavour and is the exact consistency a fishcake should be. The celeriac is crisp and refreshing, but the edge is taken off by lovely mayonnaise. Attention is lavished on seasonal ingredients with indisputable just picked freshness and exquisite fine dining presentation on the more delicate dishes.

The scent of mint reaches you before the English strawberry tartlette (£4.30) and the sprig is just the finishing touch. Serving such good pastry gives away where the talents of the chefs lie. Don’t go home without dessert, even if you’re not a ‘dessert person’. The chocolate brownie with pistachio ice cream (£4.30) is another top recommendation.

The Drink
The bar serves North Yorkshire favourite Black Sheep Ale and three rotating guest ales, which more than suffice. Ciders have slightly less emphasis and lagers almost none, so best to stick with what they know. The decent length wine list has a wide range: the red rioja Bodegas Lan (£18.85) is smooth and velvety; the Brushwood Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon (£15.30) a touch tart; the Argentine Viognier La Linda Luigi Bosca (£14.20) unoaked and vanilla scented.

The list is handily divided into types for white and red: fresh and light, medium and fruity, full-flavoured and aromatic for whites, or a lighter taste, medium and spicy, rich and rounded for the reds. Then there’s the ‘something special’ and rose bottles. All in all, there’s enough for those who know their wine to be getting on with, but guidance for those who don’t.

The Last Word
A quite remarkable pub excelling in many areas, the Prince Regent is a fabulous place to dine or drink.

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