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The Red Rooms gentlemen's club is an independent strip club in the heart of Holborn. The venue has an opulent feel conjured up by the rich draped velvet across the private booths and warm lighting that works perfectly to create both vibrant and relaxed surroundings.

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The Red Rooms reviews

By Bo B.

The reason why sometimes they don't let a group of women in strip clubs is because most of the time they are not good business for the strippers. Female customers get jealous of the the beautiful strippers, and judgemental about their jobs. But you need to understand that strippers are just girls like you, that probably are there to make a living. So, it's not fair for them to entertain you for free, when it may be fun for you but not for them. Also, female customers tend to cause problems to strippers. Although, there are exceptions, some women actually have dances and appreciate the strippers, but it's hard to pick the exceptions.

By Bo B.

Yes, it's a strip club, so you should do dances with a stripper of your choice. Otherwise there are many bars in London. Normal girls don't wear skimpy clothes and platform heals in a bar.

By Bo B.

just pay a 50 and you will get a good dance, when you are tight with strippers it's difficult for them to do a good show. Remember they are getting naked for you and moving erotically, pleasures are luxuries. You can only get discounts on necessary things like food, shelter, not in strippers.

By Bo B.

You pay extra for the view, the place is full of sexy semi-naked ladies. You don't get these girls in normal bars.

By Bo B.

You get the same in all strip clubs because you guys aren't generous and nice to the girls. If you all would have little dances now and then, girls would not be desperate to get you in the VIP. Anyway, if you can afford VIP, it's entertainment and you help another human being financially. Thank you very much for your generosity, valuing talent and not asking immoral things like sex for money.

By Bo B.

Spearmint charge you more for dances and some girls would not try hard if you pay them just 20.

By Tanya T.

Love that it has changed its policy and is now just A strip club -and no rnb music anymore. Stick to what your best at, that what I say. And The Red Rooms is Definately the best when it comes to hot strippers, cheap drinks and friendly staff and girls. Unkike Other strip clubs I was not constantly hassled to have Private dances, though me and the lads did as mondays you get 2 dances for 1 and the Same on drinks before 11.30 so that meant I got two of the best fully nude dances plus 2 double drinks (apparently they Dont do singles - like your style Fellas!) for under £34 - now thats an amazing price for anyThing in London.

Spoke to their Marketing bird beforw who told us we Can get in free any Other Time we go now - SaVing £20 each. If more places could be like This to CustomerS id be out every night - Thanks for A wicked night - see yo Again soon - defo

By Tanya T.

We went there last week and the air conditioning was fine, but some blOKe did say they had improved it recently. The club is small but I hate big venues where you lose your mates and there is no atmosphere so this was perfect for all us girls on a night out. I liked that everyone was dressed up and looked good. Music was fine but would have loved to hear some house music, but the club classics made up for that. Met some really interesting people there who were in the media and music industry and have stayed in contact with them. Liked the fact the guys at the door asked if we were ok for a cab as most clubs don't care what happens to you once you leave. Did not go up to the strip club that was apparently upstairs but me and my friends all commented on how you would never know it was there unless you went up there - which you can only do if you have paid for that, so it did not interrupt our night in the club at all We are all going back again next pay day as drinks were fair and big measures and house wine was only £16 a bottle!!!

By Tanya T.

The strippers are upstairs on the 1st and second floor. its only £200 in the VIP rooms otherwise it's £20 a dance in the private dancing rooms like any other London club)

By Tanya T.

had a fantastic night here before xmas - we were a mixed group of guys and dolls so us dolls were a little bit apprehensive in case it was only really a male friendly enviroment. Obviously there were loads of fellas there ( not a bad thing) but more importantly all the girls who were dancing were realy friendly - we even had a few private dances - which were brilliant. I loved tha fact it felt like being in a bar - you could move around and dance and have fun - unlike the formality of other clubs of this kind. The girls on the pole were briliant and changed constantly so even if you did not want to spend money on a private dance you could still see a great show. I can see why people say its the best and most friendly strip club in London - it is! and its so central to the west end it was easy for all of us to get home. Will definately go again.

By Super M.

I used to go to this club regularly. It's surrounded by other stripclubs but this was my go to club. The management have suddenly changed the rules. The girls are no longer allowed to sit on your lap during the "lap"dance. Which was 60% of the fun. There is barely any touching. They just do a bit of dancing on the floor which just looks painful (kneeling on a hard floor). One "stripper" didn't even take all her clothes off. She just showed me what was underneath and requested more money for a better show. It used to be good, but now it seems that the whole thing is to tempt you to the £400/hour VIP area. I doubt I'll ever go again.

By Micheal B.

id suggest stringfellows covent garden and sophisticats if you want an enjoyable night. where there are high calibre girls.

By Micheal B.

not a class establishment, went with work colleagues as my freind said its better than the other club near,Parkers, it seemed even worse and 90% of the awful girls were far from being eye say the least. if you are a gentlemen and want to go to a gentlemens club this is not the venue. Its very seedy.

By Micheal B.

no i think the drinks are reasonable for where this club is located mate westend?but the 'dancers' which i dont evan like to call them looked crap and pounced on me and my mate as ssoon as we got to the bar one girl nearly pulled my arm off and offered me added services if i paid for a dance with her!i only enjoyed two dance with one classy looking girl who had the most beautiful hair and one blonde who didnt speak much english except "u pay now".If you want a upmarket place to go to like sophisticats be prepared to spend atleast double on drinks mate or spearmint rhino where on glass is £12secreats in hampstead/swiss cottage have breathtaking woman leggy,busty,well groomed everything

By Micheal B.

went to red rooms this wednesday, i wouldnt reccomend this place if you want to see beautuful women dance, the place was flowing with awful cheap looking women. dont go to this club, its CRAP.

By Marco B.

I had a 20 pound dance. It was out of this world. I almost went in for the VIP treatment. I understood at the time you are alowed to touch the girl and they are allowed as long as she agrees. I just don't know now if this was a trick to get me in the VIP. Does anyone know out of experience if you can have a bit off fondling and kissing in there? Or is it strictly hands off. Bit expensive for eyes only.

By Toby S.

I have just come back home from The Red Rooms gentlemen's club. I have been to many gentlemen's clubs but I have to say The Red Rooms is the absolute worst. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I was really pestered by the female dancers. One female dancer even had the cheek to say suit myself. Another female dancer said could she join me for a drink after our private dance, I said ok. Later to find out she wouldn't buy her own drink, but I was the one to pay for it, even though I did not offer to buy her a drink in the first place. The only good thing about this gentlemen's club is that during a private dance you can actually touch the girls. But my mate did though and also got her number too also there is mostly nowhere to sit and hardly any pole dancing. They mostly make their money but promoting private dancing and high price drinks. I paid £6 for a small glass of red bull with ice or alcohol added. The girls are not high quality at all.

By Rob F.

Ugly fat women, racist unfriendly thuggish eastern European bouncers - by far the nastiest most unpleasant downmarket lap dancing club I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. If you want to waste a wad of money whilst watching girls wobble amateurishly in front of you with bouncers who look like shaved monkeys snarling at you - then go for it Redrooms will suit you just fine.

By Beth T.

Turned up on a recommendation on a Saturday night; walked about 20 minutes to get there only to find that at the door we couldn't get in unless "with a man." Completely unfair and sexist under any circumstances...add in the fact that it was gay pride night which just makes it worse. Apparently only men are allowed to see female strippers? Creepy and exclusive, will never be anywhere near this place again.

By Jon W.

If I'd have reviewed this place after my first visit (with my wife) I'd have given it 5 stars. However, I'm rating it on my last visit. It was a quiet night and a colleague and I were 'bullied' by two Russian women. They pretty much forced us into a dance we didn't want. Being polite guys we went along with it. They then offered to 'swap' mid-dance, which we weren't going to say no to. What they failed to mention was that it would then cost us TWO dances. So we both had to fork out £40 each for a dance we didn't even want in the first place. The management refused to get involved in the discussions with the dancers over this and we left immediately (after paying them) never to return. On another night in the same wee, the guy on the toilet was also charging £2 before he'd let you into the toilets (per visit) and a dancer continued to dance beyond the 1 song (I mean who is going to ask her to stop??) and then expected me to pay her for 2 dances. Spearmint Rhino is a far better experience (we went there afterwards) - bigger selection of ladies and a more professional atmosphere. If you like being bullied and tricked out of money then by all means go to the Red Rooms!

By John S.

Dint go to The Red Rooms. They sell you services under false pretences. Especially the girl from hungary. Dont lose 400 quid plus more in cash for 200mquid you get full sex but not in The Red Rooms, it is a scam! Please do not go

By Simon F.

Hi Funklady, my with and I are going to The Red Rooms next month would you say this is a good club? I have been to a strip club before, I told the other half about it and she was very interested in having a dance herself. We was thinking about have a girl for 1/2 hour in the vip booth do you think it is worth it and how sexy was the dancing?


Great Unexpected Thurs night out! We went to a few places before who just wouldn't let women in SO annoying!! RR were fine we got in free & the bouncers were very pleasant. Most of the girls are gorgeous & lots of them avail & the private dances for £20 were great fun & value. £400 per hour for VIP was way to pricey & they seem to prefer cash over card as add on high commission %'s. Had a great 1/2 hour @ £200 with a VERY sexy brunette, so all in all we had a great night back again soon for a dance with her again! thanks!

By Joseph C.

Wellmusic OKbutovercrowded ,you cant danceon the first floor where are the strippers

is to hot due to not working air conditioner ( maybe they want this because strippers are in bikini?)

the male toilet is only for 2 people ha-ha

200 pounds for private half hour stripping ?

By Martin S.

went there last saturday very small, music was good in patches drinks overpriced as usual bouncers were cool wouldnt go bak tho, mainly coz its so small not bad tho

By Susan L.

One of the worst clubs I have been to in London. I went there last week on a Saturday night. I wish I hadn’t. We paid £12 to get in, staff didn’t seem to know what they were doing. The man at the desk ignored me for a while & said that there was no room for my coat although he had clearly just given back 15 coats or so,he was very rude. We decided to go inside WITH our coats it was far too packed and there was hardly space to move. Too many men in there, all stupidly drunk. The toilets were disgusting. All in all I spent about 10 mins in the club, final word AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

By Maria P.

Went here last saturday. It is absolutely tiny, you can't move or breathe it's so overcrowded. The upstairs is closed for the strip club part. I can't comment much on the music as I stayed for such a short time with it being so cramped.

By Amman S.

hey there,im going back to red rooms wednesday 14th jan, i was there in november 2008 and i never saw anything like this in my life b4, the bouncers were cool, u jus gota talk there lingo an i don mean french, polish or german, jus be cool an dey wil respect ya. the venue for me was perfect, i thought it was cosy, the girls were fun an friendly. and my friends thought i was da gretaest man on earth for finding this place. now iv found this place im gona make sure every indian guy from gravesend is gona go there hahah.

By Katie L.

went there last night and it was rubbish. it had good music but it was far to small, evertbody so close together your practically touching it was the worst night ever and we left in under an hour.

By Hana H.

i was at red room saturday 20th dec which was last nite....this club plays smashing music...the venue is out standing and the pole's in the middle of the dance floor r actually was bit crowded but hey wat do dey say crowded clubs r doing it then..but i would recommended red room to any1 and every1 i had a fam nite :)

By Bob A.

We had a very authentic time indeed, I was having the time of my life, the very finest 8 minutes ( lapdance) I have ever had or will ever have.

By Jay P.

Same thing happened to us..girls free before 11, yet conveniantly the club didn't open til 11.30 We was standing outside from 10.30 so were freezing & annoyed by the time we got in. Club is tiny...with a random pole in the middle of the dancefloor..stupid! Everyone just stood around trying to look important..would not recommend at all!

By Jenny C.

My friend and I went this saturday and had a great night! The bad news: It says girls get in free before 11, but they purposefully keep you waiting in the queue outside until after 11! Grr! The good news:people give out discount vouchers to get in on the corner of the street, and £10 isn't bad. The music is great - old and new r'n'b and the the dancefloor is constantly packed. Drinks are a what you'd expect (£15 for 2 vodka and redbull - you get a massive bottle of a redbull rip-off, so value for money, methinks!)Towards the end of the night things get a bit dodgy - not just the music, the guys too! Be firm, and say no! But by then, you'll hopefully have cosied up to some nice guys - we did!

By Beanie M.

'Super club'?? No way! This place is tiny. It feels very cramped inside! Just like one long narrow corridor. And it is far too hot, the air conditioning needs to be updated.

By Matt R.

I was there on Friday night (12th) and yeah, there were a few munters, but I waited a while and soon there were loads of absolute stunners and I got a couple of dances off some cute blondes, but then towards the end I got the best dance and show of my life from one called Amy (if that is her real name!).

I recommend that club. The sound's good and the lighting's great. Nice atmosphere and the bouncers are easy going.

By Sam S.

just read some reviews for the red rooms and i have to make it clear that the club night which was on saturday night is a great clubbing experience. ive been there twice since the launch and had a great time. the reviews that are recently added relate to it being a stripclub during the week so it has nothing in relation to saturday. its only fair for me to say as im not letting a few negative comments that doesnt relate to the club doesnt cloud your judgement on the clubbing side of it. go and prove me different....

By Chris G.

Was there on Saturday, got onto the guestlist with View London. The night was as described, friendly people, great music and you didn't need an overdraft to buy a round.

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