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The Redchurch has undergone a refurbishment back to Victorian times with velvet banquette seating and friendly service. They offer a wide selection of drinks and specialise in cocktails and punch with influences from all over the world.

Ranked #160 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Shoreditch Bar Group group
"The REDCHURCH Bar in Shoreditch ticks all the right boxes. - Funky location - Stylish interior - Exceptional Service - DJ’s every night: playing funky, soulful music. - Extensive drinks / cocktail list - Table/Seating areas (100+)."

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The Redchurch reviews

By Andrew M.

I often go to The Redchurch after a night out at a restaurant or movie. It is a great place to visit if you want to relax with a quality cocktail or fabulous glass of wine from the extensive wine list. The Redchurch has a comfy and plush interior with a laid back atmosphere. They always seem to have live music when I visit - jazz or blues type stuff.

By Jessica S.

very swanky place... i loved it... I love a good cocktail! really chilled.. nice staff.. love the settings around the place... my kind of bar

By Emily B.

I've recently moved into the area and have found myself constantly returning to the Redchurch bar, if not just for the cocktails but for the staff! I'm too shy to ask for their names, but the punk guy with the tattoos and the slimline Italian guy are by far the best cocktail makers I've ever had the pleasure of serving me. Not only are they fast, precise and funny but if its quiet enough they will even put on a show for you! If you're lucky enough to be served by these two, you're in for a treat, and well worth giving them a tip if you ask me.

By Ted S.

Avoid this bar like the plague! we were the unfortunate victims of pickpockets - a guy was so blatantly rummaging through my bag whilst I was at the bar!! We later found out he had stolen my friends phone!! Drink prices sky high £40 for 4 drinks - with rude service to boot! More like a crack den than a quality bar - avoid at all costs!

By J H.

£32 for 5 non-cocktail drinks (one of which was a beer) at The Redchurch on Saturday night. Thirty two english pounds. In east london. Extortionate.

By Poppy L.

Great spot when you're feeling homely & cosy but craving a more chic, retro environment amongst the company of a very sophisticated and trendy crowd. This place takes cocktail jugs to another level, they are massive, amazing and you'll be happy youve got such a big drink to get through as this is the sort of place you can sit and chill for hours. Loved it..

By C D.

This is the first review of a bar I have ever written. Sadly it is not going to be a good one so if you have to go here and have no choice I suggest you stop reading this now. This was by far the most disgusting place I have ever been to in all my life. Cramped up in a grotty, dimly lit (in red) corner I found to my dismay that although I had managed to escape the torrential rain outside I now had to confront the mysterious liquid flowing freely from the roof causing it sag like an old womans arse. This was not just a few drips from a leaky roof by any means, in fact the staff had kindly given us the bars supply of champagne buckets to collect the mysterious liquid and hand it back to them at the bar when they became full. The prices for drinks was extortionate, 4.50 a pint etc etc. Certainly not worth the price you pay, probably much better off in one of the other bars within few meters of the place.

By Sam B.

The Redchurch bar is a stylish intimate cocktail bar where I and a few friends had a great night. The staff we're lovely and the cocktails were amazing. I guess its a matter of taste, but we loved it!

By 0000000000 0.

I went there new years eve the staff was rude, the music was very good. I wouldn't advise anyone to go there, they were rude and totally lacking in customer service skills, drinks were expensive £5 for a bottled beer I paid £10.00 to get in but my friends who came about 30 minutes later paid nothing! They appear to be interested only in money. You are constantly harrassed to buy drinks lucky for them the music was brilliant thats what kept me there until 4.00am I personally wouldnt recomend redchurch to anyone.

By Aoife D.

I was out with some business clients from the city last Thursday night (26/11/09) and ended up in the Redchurch. What can I say…..apart from the fact that I was seriously impressed with what I found! Redchurch has a chilled out, laid back and welcoming atmosphere. The music was excellent with not just one but an entire line up of DJ’s playing some wicked tunes (does anybody know who these guys are by the way?). Keep it up Redchurch and see you soon.

By 0000000000 0.

They had a set of Dj's called The Assembled on thursday night (5th November) a mixed(music) set was played,

quite entertaining best djs in Brick Lane, service was quite good though a little over priced, does anyone know when those djs will be back.

By Tim W.

A cool, bustling bar. However, will never go there again after being charged £16 for 4 bottles of lager.

Just about palatable in a Mayfair Hotel bar, not acceptable in Whitechapel.

By Naomi A.

I went to this bar the other day and I loved the table service and the chilled out music. It is also a very good people watching venue.. I had a few cocktails and they were really well made (and quite strong!). A nice after work drink venue.

By Mehmood K.

I completely agree that the Redchurch is now shamelessly about making money. I have repeatedly been sold drinks five minutes before closing by pushy staff, only to be shown the door one swig later.

And at £4 for a bottle of Sol, that does indeed leave a very bitter taste in the mouth.The only reason to go there is when everywhere else has closed.

By John K.

Though pretty small, this place has a nice homely feel to it. Very friendly staff, but the place is let down by a strong sense that the management only care about making money and are out for every penny they can get off you.

They stop selling draft beers at around 11pm, forcing you to buy overpriced bottles (half the quantity, twice the price), leaving a bitter taste of resentment of an otherwise promising bar.

By Dave V.

The Redchurch lost it: What can I say, first time I went there about 5 years ago that end of brick Lane was nothing, in fact, no bars in Brick Lane bothered to exist from Vibe bar ‘till the corner of Bethnal Green, and there it was, simple, non pretentious, excellent, and throughout this year it manage to keep that and even more in a remarkable way, it had one of the best beer selection I have seen for years and it had it when no one even thought that was important, with the support of a knowledgeable staff behind to deliver a great drinking experience. It was as well one of those bars that do cocktail and you don't notice it, actually I never felt there that having a cocktail was something cheese but something intelligent to do and I even found my self at home trying to do my owns after some random night sitting at the bar and listen to one of the bar tender talking me into it. But, despite all that, what it make this bar great was that little secret that hospitality business forget so often, it was about people, it focus in delivering the energy of a wonderful group of people and even though it change through the years, that didn't go away, and as result, attract people, and when going to Shoreditch was about going out to be surrounded for that Shoreditch Trendy stupid crowd, the Redchurch was the place you found great real people that would make you feel that you got your self in one of those great house party you haven't been for a while. Well, that is all gone now, a new owner and new management, make that little spark disappear, it became a weird and over price place, (not that before was the cheapest) and the people that used to make things happened has left, the music now is the same that most places play around the area and you even get a girl at the door at times trying to talk you in, like those restaurants at the other side of Brick Lane. What else can I add, there is hardly a good bar left in that side of town now a days and this one

By Maria A.

I "lost" a black leather jacket there. I am disappointed with the lack of help from the people working at the bar. Keep an eye on all your belongings. Not a safe place!!

By Alexander P.

Small and atmospheric cocktail bar, playing funky music near the top of Brick Lane and in the heart of trendy East London.

The Venue
The Redchurch is stationed between Shoreditch High Street and the top of Brick Lane, among a plethora of other small bars. In this area of town it can be hard for a place to distinguish itself. The Redchurch only achieves distinction in part. The décor is hardly ground-breaking for the area. Red lighting and crushed velvet banquettes abound, exposed brick walls are adorned with vintage prints and gilt mirrors, and your Grandmother’s lampshades hang from the ceiling at sporadic intervals. This sort of faux rococo opulence has been par for the course among Shoreditch bars for a number of years. The bar is also typically narrow, and can get very crowded at weekends.

The Atmosphere
There is a somewhat schizophrenic air about this bar. During off-peak hours it is almost dead, save for the odd tourist or idling hipster who needs a coffee while they show off their Macbook. On weeknights it plays host to a few suits and after office drinkers (who have recently been blamed for changing the tone of the broader Shoreditch area) but on the flipside, from Thursday to Saturday nights the venue is heaving with punters, all at varying stages of merriness. The music is loud and on warm nights it can get more than a little stuffy. The ideal balance is struck between 9-11pm at weekends when there’s a laid back vibe and the bar isn’t too packed. Staff are very friendly, and serve you quickly and with flair. The music is also usually very good, with guest DJs playing some excellent electro swing and hip hop.

The Drink
The cocktails here are the stars of the show; some solid favourites are the bannana banshee and the espresso martini. The former is a fruity banana milkshake mixed with Tuaca, and although you can’t taste it, the spirit packs quite a punch. The latter is a caffeine-infused mix of Patron XO and espresso with a touch of Amarula liqueur. The bar staff clearly know their way around the drinks cabinet, and are more than capable of whipping up almost any combination of fresh mixers and exotic spirits. That said, this expertise doesn’t come cheap. With cocktails starting at £9.50 and averaging at about £11, Redchurch is one of the more expensive bars in this area. Beers weigh in at a hefty £4.50 a bottle and a limited wine list is available, with bottles starting at £19.

The Last Word
Being over-priced and overcrowded at peak times are symptoms that still dog Redchurch, but excellent service and delicious cocktails, redeem this bar. Go before the crowds, and move on before your wallet is depleted.

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