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The Roof Gardens is one of London's best kept secrets. The stylish venue, 100ft above Kensington High Street, offers great views of the stunning themed gardens and across the rooftops of Kensington.

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Opening Hours

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09:00 - 17:00, 22:00 - 02:00


09:00 - 17:00, 22:00 - 02:00


09:00 - 17:00, 22:00 - 02:00


09:00 - 17:00, 22:00 - 02:00


09:00 - 17:00, 22:00 - 02:00

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The Roof Gardens reviews

By Andrew M.

Roof Gardens is a wonderful place to go. Very chic and cosy, including the people partying in it! The music is good, the place is really unusual and the price is really worth it, so don't be afraid to spend money for such a beautiful club like this one !

By S.

The Roof Gardens is such a plush place. Admittedly, this review is very late coming as I last went in the summer and I'm guessing that's the best time to go as we spent an afternoon basking in the sun and it was amazing! Seriously, if you haven't been to the Roof Gardens yet I urge you to go as it is so nice being able to see over London while you smell the air and drink your beautifully made drink. Such a nice time had by all.

By Josh C.

i have always had good food at the Roof Gardens, rarely has it been excellent but you are guaranteed good. Its great venue when the London sun is out.

By Josh C.

The Kensington Roof Gardens experience didn’t disappoint. Well maybe just a little.

The service was pretty good, the venue was excellent and the menu looked great. Unfortunately my starter came out cold and our bottle of white started off at room temperature but as a whole it was a good experience.

By Christine M.

A great place to escape and pretend you're not in the city!

I went to REVERB Festival back in June and it was amazing! A great selection of up and coming artists and comedians to split our time between. We were very fortunate with the weather, but they also have areas that are under cover if the British weather doesn't play nice! There was a bbq with everything you'd expect and more. A great place to escape and pretend you're not in the city! Don't forget to go and say hi to the flamingos!

By Pamela R.

Discourteous treatment at door

The venue and food were very good . However my enjoyment of the evening was marred by the poor discourteous treatment I received at the door. A manager declined to allow me entry and would not accept my photo Oyster card as ID. I had know idea that a passport was required since I was attending my daughters hen do and the evening had been arranged by her friend/bridesmaid. I was simply attending the meal, not the nightclub so would not have thought that a passport was required to gain entry. The manager treated me badly, causing distress to myself and my daughter, who had to arrange collection of passport from my home. I was only allowed in to the building after informing the manager that I have asthma, which can be severe at times. When the passport arrived by taxi at considerable expense the manager did not even apologise for any distress caused to myself or my daughter! Furthermore on leaving I asked for the name of the manager to make a complaint and the staff declined to give me a name . I am still very upset and an apology should be forthcoming .

By H P.

This is worth a visit, one of the best venues in London as it is so unique. There are beautiful gardens which makes a great smoking area. There is an older crowd here, people in there late 20's and 30's, mixed with posh Kensington folk and tourists alike. Drinks are ridiculously expensive even more so than Mayfair venues , approx £20 for a double whisky! I would go here to impress family and friends from abroad but nothing more.

By Tori J.

I like the luxury of drinking above Kensington High Street, ha! Also like the celebrity crowd and people spotting - the men are gorgeous and rich!! My boyfriend has tried to stop me from coming here altogether, ha!

By London N.

With the rooftop open setting, I was just mesmerized by the ambiance of the area. Well, knowing that Richard Branson owns the place, that is to be expected. I was in awe of the span of lush gardens, and the generously spacious club. The wicked beats spun by the DJs is oh-so danceable, and it was great night for me and my friends. Special thanks to London Night Guide for their free guestlist reservation, which pretty much set up the tone for the smooth and all out fun filled night. Will be back here, I'm sure my friends will do too.

By Terry J.

Situated many floors above the crowded streets of Kensington, this is one venue that never fails to disappoint. Complete with lush greenery and even flamingos, I will continue to keep coming back here for quite some time yet.

By Lily M.

Fun club. The music is good, the dance floor fun. The VIP area is nice and quiet [good for chats] and the gardens are AMAZING if you haven't been, go, there's a barbecue and the venue is spectacular. Saying that there's not much interaction between groups but definitely a good night out. Staff are all super nice and a good crowd.

By Chacka A.

Owned by Richard Branson I believe, the Roof Gardens is every bit as luxurious as you would imagine from the business tycoon. Luscious greenery surrounds the outside of the venue, hence the name ‘roof gardens’ I suppose. Inside it is just as nice, and the ever changing mood lights really set the atmosphere off nicely.

By Sony V.

Had a great night out at the Roof Gardens last Saturday, the dj was playing great music throughout the night and how can you not be impressed by the crazy surroundings!

By Kevin K.

I went to the Roof Gardens on last Friday with 7 friends. The atmosphere is cool and glamor. I love this club !! The place is huge and very well decorated with a large terrace. People laugh, dance and are very nice. This is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends! We had had free admission thanks to the guest list and we had a table with free drinks by the promoter London Lux Guest List. They are very friendly and it's a good plan if you want to have the same advantages that we had had with my friends ! I strongly advise you the Roof Gardens if you come to more persons :)

By Bigsands P.

I have been to the Roof Gardens many times for weddings, and a James Bond themed 60th birthday party in the Spanish Garden. My band provided the live music. As usual, the service is excellent and well organised; whatever you need, they'll get it for you and make it look easy. The only secondary issue is parking, this will be a challenge.

By Grace O.

AWFUL experience. Organised a table & list for my birthday and the evening nearly got ruined by the attitude of the door staff - such arrogant & bullish behaviour. Rather than discussing things calmly, they were just bullies. The management team was also unhelpful and I ended up walking out with my entire group of 30 people. The garden is beautiful in the summer, but everything else was disappointing. Change the attitude of your door people!

By Ramm J.

Roof Gardens is wonderful in the summer and I have thoroughly enjoyed previous occasions at the venue; however to my surprised it seemed to be a 'hip hop' or 'rif/raf' rave in the middle of Kensington, which used to be a beautiful part of London. Such a shame it is no more. Shall not be visiting again.

By Christine S.

Having spent a good NYE at Roof Gardens, I was excited to visit again. Such a disappointing visit the establishment has rapidly gone down hill it resembled a Oceana nightclub from the music to the clientele, it truly was shocking! I'm only glad we didn't have to queue or pay to get in. Will not be visiting again!

By Laura R.

Sipping Champagne six stories up on Kensington High Street doesn’t lose its charm, and partying in a nook of a beautiful rooftop garden is an unparalleled experience. Just don’t come expecting not to spend a buck or two at Sir Richard Branson’s Roof Gardens.

The Venue
Down a side street you’ll find the lobby entrance up to the famous Roof Gardens, Richard Branson’s posh, plush venue 100ft above High Street Kensington. If the heights don’t have you excited then the lush gardens by the dark of night should pique your interest, with a large terrace filled with exotic, perennial plants and overlooked by an Hispanic-looking clock tower. To one side sits a veranda with cute seat alcoves and overhead patio heaters, which brings a touch of Spanish warmth to the Roof Gardens, and a barbecue down a side passage also outdoors brings extra heat as well as satisfying eats to hungry punters.

Back indoors is a large semi-circle of a bar lit up in glitzy purple neon, and despite the steep prices and the size, you’ll still have to muscle your way in for a spot to get served at this popular bar. Further into the room is a shiny dance floor and raised DJ platform and behind this, segregated off with beaded curtains, is an area of VIP seating for the most lavish of guests. Roof Gardens has also recently introduced live music to Friday nights and off to the side of the terrace is a makeshift container where events are housed, known as the Tudor Marquee. They’ve tried to bring the exotic outdoor aesthetic into this plastic-roofed part of the club, but it doesn’t feel anywhere near as seamless with dazzlingly bright lighting, fake foliage and a low stage structure that makes it hard to see the main attraction.

The Atmosphere
‘No effort, no entry’ is the maxim bashed about at Roof Gardens, so its unsurprising to find yourself rubbing up against gents who are unafraid to embrace the fake tan, or in a queue for the mirrors in the bathrooms as girls in teetering heels paint on another layer of mascara. The effort is most certainly made, to varying effect. It’s an odd mix of people at Roof Gardens, with older, classy couples from Kensington and Chelsea found enjoying the finer things in life while up-for-it youngsters come along in packs for one night only to see what all the fuss is about. Luckily an over-21s policy keeps things from ever getting too out of hand.

Indoors is all about getting down on the dance floor or singing along to live music in the marquee – don’t expect any sort of inhibitions, despite the sophisticated setting – while the beautiful outdoor gardens see all kinds of action but remain the classiest setting of all. If you can bag yourself a Bedouin-style seat overlooking the rich foliage, you’re in for a very good night indeed.

The Music
Commercial RnB and gentle, funky house beats are played out by resident DJs, while the biggest chart dance hits are never far from the decks – you’ll be sure to hear Rudimental and Disclosure before the night is out. A live music line-up has also been announced for the Roof Gardens this winter. XFactor’s Matt Cardle kicked off the live sessions with just his guitar, but you can expect full band set-ups from up-and-coming pop groups and solo artists as well as acoustic performances.

The Food
They fire up the barbecue at Roof Gardens in the warmer months, but don’t expect down and dirty, finger-licking food. It’s one of the more civilised barbecues you’ll see, with perfectly seasoned meat cooked over searing hot flames. You can choose from beef, chicken, fish and veggie burger options, all served with salad and deliciously fat and fluffy chips. Beef burgers are cooked pink, seasoned with real sleight of hand and covered with a good helping of strong mature cheese.

The Drink
Come expecting to pay a premium when partying just off High Street Kensington - a gin and tonic comes to £10.50, and even though drinks measures are put to one side, it’s still a steep price to pay for a straight-forward mixed drink. Cocktails are also available and include a particularly sweet and fruity strawberry option that will certainly fuel you on the dance floor. But you’ll likely see Champagne doing the best trade here, with bottles being passed around with gay abandon. And Belvedere Vodka bottles often find a place at VIP tables for groups to get stuck into.

The Last Word
While live music has been added to the agenda, it’s the eponymous gardens that remain the main attraction at this Kensington party spot. And while some parts of the club could be just a little bit slicker, the leafy foliage up above the High Street is just the ticket. If you are prepared to max out the credit card, Roof Gardens will definitely take care of the rest.

By Ed H.

The Roof Gardens is a really good place to spot celebs if you’re into that kind of thing. I saw Princess Beatrice here last year and I’ve seen plenty of footballers, pop-stars and Z-listers over the last few months. Aside from that it’s a really cool venue, AND the drinks still aren’t overpriced. Highly recommended!

By Barry M.

I love the Roof Gardens, their daytime party is the best! The gardens are amazing, cocktails are amazing, staff are amazing! I spoke to one of the security who has worked there for over 25 years! He is so lovely… He was telling us how he refused entry to Richard Branson the first time he went there, so he came back the next week and bought the club! I don’t know if it was true but he made us feel so welcome… we’ll definitely be visiting the Roof Gardens next time we’re in London.

By Satine R.

I was lucky enough to go to the Roof Gardens anniversary party and it was truly amazing! Such a beautiful, beautiful venue. And so unique. It really is unlike any other club I’ve ever visited in the WORLD, let alone London. The fireworks display at the end of the night was enough to rival the London Eye on NYE! The cocktail barmen were absolutely amazing with lots of flair tricks, firebreathing – the works! If you’ve never visited the Roof Gardens, you really have missed out on the best kept secret in London!

By Dee G.

I love spending my nights out at the Roof Gardens in Kensington as the venue is really top notch in every single way!

By Max K.

If you want glam, the Roof Gardens are a good shout. And they're pretty stunning to be honest. And while you might get a few rah rahs, the Roof Gardens is a pretty welcoming place - especially for Kensington.

By Patrick M.

great night out, but loses a few stars on the drink prices, which after paying the entrance, is totally unjustified.

By Mel S.

Rooftop club review. £15 entrance. The club is ridiculously over priced. 4 shots cost £38.25, when I asked for receipt realised they had slapped service charge. I asked what's this £5.60, response from the stupid women "did I not serve you?" Total rip off. Do not bother with this club!

By Helen T.

I just got the same response having emailed them. No guaranteed entry. We decided not to go. We are group of mature and professional ladies! We would hardly accept queuing while the cast of the only way is Essex and the likes pass through. We are taking our money elsewhere respectable.

By Muki D.

very high end and expensive but def worth it.. Great for networking and meeting gorgeous people. Me and 6 of our friends went, we were just enjoying a bank holiday night out.. The interior and the atmosphere is lovely and we always plan to go on a Top Mayfair promoters table. His details are 07449310849 by the way and sorts free drinks/entry all night... Great place to have on or two drinks in...We usually go Project, Whisky Mist or even sometimes dstrkt/Maddox But this is now one of the places for us to go!

By Gazza I.

Such a crazy place is the Roof Gardens and I will keep on going back until the door staff turn me down! What a great venue!

By Terry J.

I love the Roof Gardens in Kensington! One of the best clubs in London and I will continue to keep going back because of the lush décor and awesome gardens.

By Jon J.

Keep on introducing my different groups of friends to the Roof Gardens and each and every one of them love it. It’s easy to see why as everything about the place screams luxury. Love it!

By Caroline S.

Usually we go to Love Brunch but first time at a club night, last Saturday, and pleasantly surprised. The music is without doubt the selling point compared to other clubs we usually go to, my favourite DJ Dan Browne was playing in the live music marquee, and the music/drums inside the club was really good too. Great crowd in the marquee, similar to a house party vibe but different from the main club. Drinks are fairly priced, pretty much what you would expect at a club in Chelsea/Kensington and we went to the Live Music earlier in the evening so only paid £10 for our entry to that. Can see it becoming a regular haunt.

By Brad P.

The Roof Gardens provided the perfect place for me and my colleagues to enjoy an after work tipple last Friday and we have all agreed to do it again as it was one of the best nights out in ages.

By Will T.

I have been to Ken Roof Gardens a few times over the summer, and literally had the best time, it truly is a unique venue in London. Where would you get such an amazing space in the middle of London? Exceptional service and really well looked after from start to finish at the club. Will.

By Mina S.

I went to roof gardens last night with my friend. It's one those places that I have planned to go to for a long time so I was very much looking forward to it. I found the staff members extremely formal & stiff! We had to ask many times for an ashtray & every table had a bowl of peanuts but us...I know it may sound ridiculous but we did ask but got ignored...just behind our table there was a private function going where staff put most of their attention, hmmmm i wonder why!! Perhaps they were spending more cash than us...also they hand out the most expensive drink menu first. We did not see the flamingos which is one of the main attraction, maybe they keep them in at night :-) During our meal we felt forced to order the most expensive dishes & wine to go with our meals...I can make my own decisions!! It wasn't in a helpful way but for us to cough up more cash. The service charge is not compulsory but again they ask why you don't want to pay it. Rather awkward!! They must be trained to be a certain way which is a shame as on a positive note the view from the roof is spectacular especially at night time. The food besides the annoying service is exquisite, i could not fault it! Being in a trendy & expensive place does not equal: rigid staff + lack of attention regardless of who you are & the size of your bank account + resentment when making your own choices etc. I would go back just for a drink next time but not for a meal.

By . ..

Normally I don’t like the music played as venues such as this, but the djs playing on Saturday night really had the place kicking as they pumped out some of the best tunes I have heard in quite a while.

By Peter N.

What a fab place!! I was really impressed from start to finish. On arrival we were greeted by the delightful Aimee. She took us up in the lift and to our table. Drinks were brought over with regular (but not excessive) attention of staff. Layout is really good, chill out area at the back which is where we generally sat. In between sipping drinks we went up for a dance or walked around the gardens. They even cover half of it over when it rains so you still get to enjoy them. The venue is big enough to keep relocating yourself if you fancy a change of scenery throughtout the night. Cost £20 entry, but I didn't think too bad for London, and it meant no riff raff which is always a bonus. Beers cost about £6, again not too bad. All round classy place and a top night night out.

By Lola P.

The Roof Gardens is just a great venue in every imaginable way and I cannot see my life without it! Thank you Mr Branson for creating such a vibrant, unique venue in the heart of the city.

By Bette D.

Great music and vibes the Roof Gardens has everything you could want from a venue. Some of the people do tend to sit on their high horse but I guess that is to be expected from such an outfit.

By Sophia G.

I went to The Roof Gardens last night and I found the staff were actually really pleasant! They were really friendly and let my friend and I go straight in. We didn't have any trouble getting back into the club (queue jumping) either, when we left. It's an amazing club in terms of location and decoration and so forth. There are lots of hidden nooks and crannies. The crowd, however, was a lot older than expected. The club did seem to be a club where you have to go in a massive group, as there didn't seem to be a lot of interaction between people. Everyone seemed to turn up in groups of like 10 people and would greet even more people. The live music was AMAZING, the dance floor music could do with some work. A lot of old hits were played. The guy playing the drums along with the music though was....CLASSIC! A really unique thing to have in a club, loved it! Drink prices were ridiculous. Two cocktails were £26. I would give this club 3 stars. Bad dance floor music and expensive drinks, however it's a gorgeous looking club and the staff were friendly.

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