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The Roxy is an informal basement bar and club that has six nights of club nights, a Funktion 1 sound system and an extensive selection of beers, spirits, cocktails, Champagnes and soft drinks.

Ranked #85 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Bright lights, big city. The Roxy is BACK, bringing the heat and the beats to the London streets… The Roxy’s interior is inspired by downtown New York whilst the lighting echoes the sleek, effortless style of Tokyo nights. Incorporating the historical punk venue of old with the popular, contemporary RnB scene and flashes of the Hacienda Rave culture, the Roxy provides a night to be reckoned with… Our new and improved drinks menu is based around the deliriously, delicious daiquiri shaking things up Cuban style whilst keeping the classic and untouchably excellent cocktails close at hand. Simple, stylish and sumptuous with a wide selection of the finest spirits. We are taking street food to the max and working with the divine East Street to provide the tastiest bar food to help keep you dancing as long as your feet will take you… Catering for both the afterwork sip smiths, with a ridiculously inviting happy hour, as well as our weeknight bright young things and weekend clubbers. One thing you can be sure of at The Roxy, other than a guaranteed great experience, is that there is something for everyone…we have worked hard to make sure of that."

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The Roxy reviews

By Kevin M.

The aim of The Roxy is quite simple - to have F.U.N.! You'll be hard pressed to find a better place in Soho to dance the night away. Especially during the week as The Roxy appears to beaten all it's competition into submission, with very few other late night clubs in the area. This is either credit to The Roxy, with their ridiculously good drink deals and dj's, or Westminster councils detriment whom seem insistent on shutting down the West End. The only downside was that it used to look a bit scruffy in the early evening, but I've noticed that they have just had a stylish refurb. Looks like it could be great for early evening drinks now too! If you work nearby, you may have just found the spot for your Xmas party. Hopefully The Roxy will be down for many years to come. Cheap(ish), cheerful and immensely F.U.N.!

By Adeel M.

Very Nice place for music and find.Drinks are in very cheap.Staff is very friendly and helpful.Will go there again

By Hannah S.

I loved this place! Great music, great drinks and an awesome atmosphere! The staff were very friendly and the environment was just the right balance of casual and formal. The drinks were also very reasonably priced.

By Wendy D.

Well, whenever I've been there(usually tuesdays or mondays)I've always had a great time, it was busy but not rammed,the drinks were very cheap and I loved the mix of music and people.

And the staff was friendly too (including the bouncers!). Still my favourite place for early week clubbing.

I'd definitely recommend it, at least for those nights.

Maybe the weekend is different?

By Sam L.

Only thing great - location near Tottenham Court Road station. (a)Every 10-15 min min Roxy staff is coming to your table with torch and trying to take away your eatables??? We were there for 3 hours for a friend's birthday and atleast 9 times this did happen even after telling them.(b)After around 8pm, staff will ask you to empty your seats??? management policy???(c)Drinks are heavily watered down. Cocktails include almost 80% ice.Would never visit there again.

By Alexandra B.

Place sucks unless you are 16-19, then you would probably have a fun time. Cheap pitchers I guess if you like watered down drinks, I just wouldn't waste my a city of 8 million there are better places, not only for free but free drinks for girls (sorry boys)

By Houssni Z.

Music is great and the bar is top with so many cocktails , however, the door supervisors are so rude. So me and my friends we decided to stop going there.

By Julia H.

The place is quite cosy and there's a good mix. Used to be much cheaper and younger during weekends, though. Worse, still, the staff at the door is quite rude and at the bar don't give you the right change.

By Judy J.

A fun and flirty basement bar that’s notorious for getting you on the dance floor, The Roxy may have a new look but it’s kept its playful reputation.

The Venue
Mention The Roxy to any Londoner and their eyes will either light up with memories of innocently dirty dancing last Friday night away or roll skywards with wonder at how anyone over the age of 25 can love it. Just off Oxford Street and down some stairs lies this infamous basement bar and club, with its black leather booth-style seating, open brick bar area and small but perfectly formed dance floor complete with DJ booth.

The Roxy is as casual as central London clubbing gets, with lines of minimalistic light bulbs hanging over the bar adding dim light to the dark interior, and back-lit panels displaying names of their party nights in a graphic logo style. Sofas deceptively sit by the DJ until around 11pm, when a flurry of bar staff will clear the tables and make room so a few shapes can be made well into the early hours.

The Atmosphere
It’s easy to see why The Roxy is popular with students, hen parties and stags alike, but don’t let that put you off – if anything, it’s an indication of what a good time can be had here. It’s not as cheap as some will have you think, so get there earlier if you want to avoid pricey entry fees and take advantage of the infamously good happy hours.

Expect a young crowd and quiet starts to the evenings, as it’s the kind of place you’d finish a night at rather than start – unless you’re smart enough to begin on happy hour and carry on.

The Music
The Roxy is really all about having a good time, and the key part of that is down to the music. There are different nights throughout the week that all involve the kind of tunes that will have you bopping in your seat. From Monday’s Anthem night of punk, rock and pop, to Tuesday’s indie-meets-electro-meets-pop Panic! night and right through to Fridays, where you can enjoy a mix of pop and disco at the Joyriders event - you’ll end up on your feet even if it’s been a hard day at the office. If you prepare your vocal cords to sing along to anything from The Killers to Girls Aloud then you’ll fit in just fine.

The Food
This party destination is smart enough to know that food is always a good idea when the shots are flowing, and so the short and sweet bar snack menu comes in handy. The nachos are delicious with the usual cheese, sour cream, salsa and super spicy jalapenos all for just £5, or you can choose three smaller dishes for £3. Pick from the likes of mixed olives and herbs, mini salami bites or stuffed sweet peppers – all very tasty and worth taking a break from the dancing for.

The Drink
You’ll be disappointed if you want to start your night with a good cold beer as this club only offers a limited range of bottles - Kronenbourg, Sol, Heineken and Sagres come in at around £3.50 a pop. Far more popular are the pitchers, which make a good happy hour, half-price bargain, especially if you want to start your night on the cheap. Choose from classics such as Long Island Ice Tea and Sex on the Beach as well as Cuba Libres and Mai Tais, all £16 at regular prices.

The wine menu is by no means extensive but it is reasonable, from £2.80 a glass and £16.50 a bottle – not bad for a club. You can pick up a bottle of bubbly for £32 and the shooters are favourites among the young punters.

The Last Word
The Roxy doesn’t take itself too seriously and neither should you – this is the place to go for a fun-fuelled night out where you can dance the night away.

By Sophie G.

This is definitely one of my favourite venues in London. It's very easy to get to and from, the staff are all very friendly and the music is great. It's a small club and does take a while to get going but in the meanwhile you can take advantage of the good deals on drinks they often have. The atmosphere is brilliant, everyone just wants to have a good time, and the music is very diverse and varied but in a good way. It's different, unique and you're guaranteed to have a great time. A very understated but gem of a place.

By Alfie R.

Had a brilliant night out for my friends birthday! The music was awesome and the atmosphere was really good. Only down point is that the security staff are the rudest i have ever experienced, purposely barging into me (and friends) quite a few times, even when we first arrived and there was sufficient room to navigate without the need to force past people. Another also dragged a table out from under my feet causing me to fall to the ground. I would recommend it but beware of the aggressive staff!

By R F.

Great night out. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, good music and decent drinks offers. Got it all really!

By Max R.

In response to "Paddy" above, I' d just like to point out a few things... Every night at the Roxy is different; different music, different entry prices and different drinks deals. Monday - Thursday is more student-orientated with door prices varying from £1 - £5. There are very good drinks deals on these days too. It is certainly not "massively expensive". Music on a Monday & Tuesday is indie & electro. On a Wednesday & Thursday the music is more pop-based. Friday and Saturdays are more chart & pop-based and more expensive to gain entry and buy drinks. I assume you went on a Saturday night, as the review was written on a Sunday. I can only apologise for your experience and for the fact that some over-zealous busboys cleared your drinks away prematurely. The Roxy is certainly not a "cynical money-making scheme run by people who couldn't care less about music or their customers". That could not be further from the truth. We try our very best to please everyone and generally speaking we succeed. I really am sorry for the bad night you had - of course any complaints about the music would have to be aimed at the DJ, bearing in mind that the Saturday night is advertised as a chart-pop-indie-retro night so this is what the DJ will play despite any personal preferences you may have. It is unfair to judge a club on only one night, when there are five other nights (Monday - Friday) which may be more to your preference. Max.

By Paddy F.

This is the worst club me and my friends have ever been to: the music is unbelievably awful with barely any room to dance because of the amount of people squeezed in; the drinks and entry fee are massively expensive; the staff are exceptionally rude and unhelpful and clear your overpriced drinks away before you've even finished them with no apology. Absolutely avoid this venue. While it once was a fun student nightclub it now feels like a cynical money-making scheme run by people who couldn't care less about music or their customers.

By Sophie M.

We went of Jan 29th for my friends 30th birthday, we had one of the best nights ever, the music and atmosphere was really good a mixture of indie and pop so there was something for all of our party, the queue was quite long when we got there at 11pm, but we got in fairly quickly, a really good night, recommended!

By Emily B.

If it's Saturday night, you've got your wincklepickers and bowler hat on and you're looking to dance to a bit of Death Cab.... DO NOT go to The Roxy (unless of course, beneath your indie exterior and unbeknown to all your scenester mates, you're a closet S Club 7 fan) Because S Club 7, Chesney Hawkes and Queen are at the top of the DJ's playlist for Saturday nights. I won't slate the place completely, because for all I know they do play the indie that they promise all over the internet, on other nights. But that's the issue i have with this place, don't say you play indie on a saturday night when you house scores of hen parties dancing to 'The One and Only.'

By Izz B.

Went Tuesday night, had never been befor. Went in really nice space- chilled out (actually at start felt over dressed) however as night went on got really busy people up dancing- wicked tunes n really free n easy place to have a dance chat and a drink- as is really quite cheap. N they have loads of drink deals. Student orientated. Had an amazing night met really nice people n had a laugh! Defo recommend. Plus don't be put off at first as it is quiet at first! Plus u dnt need to dress up if u dnt wanna they r seriously chilled out!

By Jo M.

I've only just turned 20 but I feel old compared to most of the people in there. Even though it's a great university student hang out, I would defo say 70% are underage! However, you always know what you are getting with the Roxy - cheap and good music. Though, if you are not feeling young and 17 year old ish, you should give this place a miss. I just wish I had known about this place when I was in sixth form.

By Adrian B.

After being a student here for almost a year, this club is definitely my favorite. I worked as a promoter for the Mayfair clubs (Jalouse, Movida, Chinawhite etc) and after realising what a cold, shallow,pretentiouss culture lies behind them, I came to Roxy. Door guys are friendly (which is a shocker after going to a place like Jalouse) and the bar staff are very nice. Best nights for me are usuallyTuesdayss andThursdayss. Been about 6-7 times now and never had a bad night (well, one but that was a personal problem). The drinks are ridiculously cheap and the music is amazing. What makes the club special is the DJ, playing classics along the lines of the Clash and the Rolling stones to Offspring and Blink. I'll continue to return due to the staff treating me and my friends with respect, plus the decent alcohol deals they have on. Long live Roxy.

By E T.

I went on Saturday March 20th (1 girl, 4 guys). This tends to be a regular place me and my friends visit, but more because it is value for money where they play music and you can dance. It is a small intimate venue, so you will never lose your friends or struggle to get to the bar. This place is very student orientated and the average age is in the low 20's. They play a mixture of music here from indie to dance, so it can be a bit hit and miss whether or not the place gets you into a fun mood. The people are friendlier here, but that is offset by their lack of experience and shyness when you speak to them. The Roxy gets 5 stars for value for money, and even more so if you get a flyer from people handing them out around the corner from the club, reducing the cost of entry. Make no mistake though, this should be a contingency place. It is mediocre, relative to other clubs and the inconsistent music policy and the lacklustre social interactions I've had here, means it only gets 2 stars overall.

By Mitchell I.

Went there on a Monday night at the recommendation of a friend and was told it was 1 pound to get in before 10:30 and 3 pound thereafter, which seemed great value. Got there just before half ten and being hungry we asked the doorman if we could come in for a quid and then go to McDonald's for a bit to stock up and were delighted when he told us that would be fine. When we finally got in we found a small, but buzzing room, with reasonably priced drinks and very good Dj's. The best bit about any nightclub though, is the people who go in it and in this instance i can't remember having so much fun talking to so many strangers. Definitely recommend it to anyone, although i would say that the crowd was almost entirely made up of students, which just so happened to suit me!

By Foxy M.

The music was awesome, the drinks were cheap, and everyone had that happy, student, "lets love each other vibe" was really nice to meet friendly people on a night out rather than catty women.

Id reccommend it I suppose, but the door staff are incredibly rude....


what a shambles.

it's a shame so many people big this place up, as good old boycott would go down a treat!

COME ONE! let the people who run this place know their bouncers are drunk with power and are being totally out of order to so many decent people, and WE won't be having it!

I'd rather pop across the road or even get a quick train somewhere else than endorse these RUDE 'doormen' and go somewhere else like Brick Lane or something, where the unity vibe is going and everyone is on a good level.


By Rachel S.

Went on Thursday with a group of mates and we all had a great time.

Wasn't super full when we first got there and there was at least one rather sketchy character, but as it got later it got full.

Definitely something for everyone, including, but not limited to, dancing, good music, friendly people, and (if it's what you're looking for) snogging.

On the small side, but that was a good thing when it came time to collect everyone and leave.

By F A.

Rude door staff, appaulingly priced 'cocktails' consisting of nothing more than a few shots and an entire carton of OJ inscribed with a Russian branding. The DJs seems to do nothing more than utilise the play button on their CDJs and the venue is packed out far beyond what I imagine to be legal capacity on many nights. I'd certainly suggest avoiding it.

By Alasdair T.

I have enjoyed many evenings at the venue over the last three years and so planned to host my Birthday there last Saturday.

After arriving at 10.30pm, I made sure my friends had gone in ahead of me before reaching the front of queue myself along with my girlfriend.

We were then told that she had had too much to drink and needed to come back in 15 minutes

This opinion seemed to be based on no particular evidence – the girl in question having had only two glasses of wine and with many others seeming to be considerably more lubricated – but realising that there was no sense in arguing we politely went to the back of the queue.

15 minutes later, having reached the front again, we were met with the question “what did I say to you last time?”. We repeated that we had been told to come back 15 minutes later. This was denied with the doorman now claiming that he said to come back in half an hour. He then asked us to step out of the queue and told us that we would not be allowed entry that evening.

After trying to speak reasonably to the doorman, explaining that all of my friends had now paid and entered the club for my birthday, we were met with an atypically rude response. A friend duly came out to find out where we were, we explained the situation and that we would have to leave.

She said she would go back in, get her bag and the other guests. She was then refused readmission despite having paid and having a hand stamp. The reason given was that she was ‘coughing too much’. She is asthmatic and was standing among smokers outside the door, hardly something she could have controlled.

We were forced to ask another friend to come out and take her bag ticket for her.I asked the doorman if I could have his name as I planned to lodge a complaint. He (as I understand, within his rights) refused to tell me. I then asked if I could see his identify card he then (as I understand, beyond his rights) re

By Sam C.

I went to The Roxy a couple of weeks back and loved it, cheap drinks, friendly bouncers, good music, good atmosphere and generally good vibes. Will definately be returning and would recommend if you're into rock music and edgy party scenes.

By Grace R.

Was absolutely appalled with the door policy when I came here with my boyfriend. The bouncer refused to let my boyfrind in accusing him of having had a "skin full", which was utter rubbish as he hadnt been drinking! He was left embaressed in front of his friends and the bouncer was so rude to us when I told him he was out of line and had made a mistake. I asked to see someone senior for a second opinion on this (as all my friends were inside awaiting our arrival) and I had a business card thrown my way. . . nice! I dont know whether it is nice inside but due to the incompetant security my friends nor I will be returning! Ha!

By Anne B.

It isn't the biggest venue but has usually a good crowd and plays great great great music, so fun for a night out with friends wanting to dance!

By M.

I really liked The Roxy when I went. It was dark with atmospheric lighting and very reasonably priced drinks. The highlight for me at The Roxy is their Tuesday night club which starts at 10pm and is called Panic. It plays very good indie, post-punk and electro, and I have to say, was one of the best nights I've had out in central London for a while!

By D.

The Roxy really is just the Office Bar with a makeover. The cheesy music policy remains as do the cheesy punters. This place has a role to fill and does it well but it's not for me. Hey, at least they got rid of the orange walls. The Roxy is a bit of a wasted venue. Perhaps they will get more adventurous!

By R.

I have to say that The Roxy was not one of my favourite bars! I think this may have been purely because of the night we went on. The layout of the club was sexy and sophisticated though. The DJ at The Roxy on the night we went there had no clue about what she was playing and she really didn't get the crowd going at all!

By M.

I decided to meet a friend at The Roxy for a catch up chat & drink. Firstly, it's quite difficult to find - look up for the yellow neon hanging sign (which could be for a Chinese takeaway) as it's only otherwise a low-key doorway next to another larger bar. When we finally got in it was not what we expected at all. It was extremely reminiscent of a student union bar - dark, gloomy, smoky, full of drab looking people. On top of that, the music was already really loud (it was only 8.30pm) and there was no area where you could get far enough away from a speaker to have a conversation. I can't speak for the drinks or bar staff as we left The Roxy immediately and went to the pub next door (which had fantastically good value drinks). How disappointing.

By T.

I have to say that I like the Roxy a lot - the drinks are good and the atmosphere is excellent. It's far better than the place that used to be here before!

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