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The Rum Kitchen is a busy restaurant, bar and rum cellar offering Caribbean cuisine and vast choice of rum and cocktails. The Rum Kitchen also hosts DJs on a regular basis.

Ranked #2439 of 5241 restaurants in London

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The Rum Kitchen reviews

By Lisa G.

Really nicely done .. Love the tin roof on the bar. and the private room is great for a late night... The food was amazing, and i can speak as someone who has spent a lot of time in the caribbean. . I found the food authentic and tasy... Cocktails big and served up in a very caribbean vessel ....The price is good, and its about time we had a good quality restaurant on this street, and in this area... The people there were all very trendy and exiting.. Really worth a visit ..Its different and deserves too do well. Booked already for a works do next month.

By J L.

I went to the Rum Kitchen with a group of 15 people for a friend's birthday. The venue is fantastic - designed like a beach shack. The staff generally lacked enthusiasm and it was difficult to get their attention (in their defense, it was a busy Saturday night), although one waiter in particular was very friendly and attentive, which made the dinner run smoothly. We had a pre-ordered set menu. The food was OK - deep-fried calamari was good, and the jerk chicken wings were tasty. My main dish of pork belly was about 99% fat, 1% meat (I have eaten pork belly many times and understand it is meant to be fatty - but this was an unctuous disaster!) I had brought along a cake to surprise my friend (of which the surprise was slightly lost as I had to discuss "cakeage" fees with the waitress) and we also had the set desserts which were OK. Following the meal, we went straight downstairs to the bar/club. We really liked that the club was attached as it makes it easy to carry on partying! The bar was staffed by only 2 barmen (one of whom was fairly unpleasant) - which meant at least a 20 minute wait when it was your round. This did not deter us, though, and we went on to have an excellent night in the club. Amazing cocktails! This venue clearly has the potential to be outstanding, but due to the issues we all encountered, it was just "good".

By Kelly H.

A Caribbean-inspired beach shack with a restaurant and cocktail bar sat in the middle of busy Notting Hill really shouldn’t work. Somehow, it does. Rum Kitchen captures the soul of the West Indies with surprising fervour.

The Venue
Rum Kitchen is a schizophrenic, haphazard mix of colours and styles, all thrown together without a care in the world. They have really gone for Caribbean, laid-back appeal. And while it can hardly be called ‘beach shack chic’ - except for the obligatory corrugated iron roof above the bar - it’s nice to see that they haven’t ignored good taste in the pursuit of a theme.

Instead, the wooden panels that cover the walls are multi-coloured with reds, yellows, blues, oranges and browns, adding a warm feel to the space. The simple wooden floor is a little dull, as are the basic wooden tables; however, these are given a lift thanks to the vibrant blue and red metal chairs – a mix of industrial and shabby chic. Rum barrels only serve to add a hint of authenticity to the space. It’s incredibly well put together and moves away from the identikit look of so many of London’s restaurants at the moment. Unique really is a buzzword here. If you’re looking for a spot to hire, there is a small downstairs area for parties.

The Atmosphere
Rum Kitchen really ramps up its atmosphere with fantastic Reggae tunes playing in the background, which helps to set the scene and get you in the mood for rum and jerk chicken. It’s good to see that the soundtrack hasn’t been diluted with bland pop, either, instead keeping it real. As far as the service goes, although the style is laid-back, the speed and efficiency of the service isn’t. You won’t be left waiting for ages for your food and drinks to appear and the staff seem to care about repeat business, building casual rapports with customers. It is worth bearing in mind that after 10.30pm this place moves from restaurant to bar and becomes members only. Get in early!

The Food
There are a handful of Caribbean dishes available on the menu, priced between £6 and £9.95 and covering all of the traditional favourites, from jerk chicken to mutton stew. If you want a cheap taste of the West Indies then the Jerk chicken wings (£3.95) are a cheap bite. Sticky, tender and surprisingly filling, the only criticism is that the spices have been dulled down for Western palates – west London palates at that. More mild than hot, they could do with being kicked up a gear. It’s worth ordering the pulled pork (£9.95), served as a large sandwich with a side of fries. Making a well-priced dinner, the pork is incredible quality – soft to the point where it almost melts in the mouth without barely needing to chew.

The Drink
Rum makes the world go round, apparently. And that is certainly the case at Rum Kitchen (the clue is in the title). There is a vast – and we mean vast – amount of rum on offer, covering high street favourites to those bottles rarely seen this far away from the Caribbean. However, where this bar really earns points is with the cocktails; well priced with nothing pushing past £10. Covering traditional rum brews through to new concoctions, they are impressive. The bar is especially proud of its Rattle Skull Punch - a homemade punch with a ‘secret’ mix of different rums, spices and fruit juices. As the name implies, your brain will be rattling inside your head when you wake up in the morning – it’s potent.

The Last Word
Rum Kitchen is a fantastic addition to Notting Hill and adds some colour and life to the area. Worth seeking out, even if you don’t hail from west London.

By Tainer W.

The venue itself is very nice, the service was ok. I had roast cod for my dish, it was the blandest fish I have ever tasted , there was nothing Caribbean about it. it was the most expensive item on the menu and was probably the size of a post-it note i was not impressed at all. the cocktail was very nice and they were very generous with the rum, so that was good, i guess they had to be considering they are called the rum kitchen.

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