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The Underworld is a cool venue with a great history of big acts behind it. They play a great range of music here, and what ever it is - it will get you dancing.

Ranked #41 of 225 clubs in London

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The Underworld reviews

By Andrew M.

I went to Kung Fu at The Underworld last week with a friend of mine whilst visiting Camden. We'd heard of this legendary club and we can now see why it is so well known.

The Underworld is right opposite Camden Town tube so it was really handy and the dingy grubbiness just adds to the night. There was a thick, sticky atmosphere here and the night was awesome. A ranking of 5 seems inadequate!

By Terry J.

I love the underworld as a venue to see bands or just on a normal club night with the dj spinning the decks! You cant go wrong here!

By Frodo B.

I came to the underworld in Camden on a Sat on the off chance with a friend in the hope it wasnt a band night, it wasnt! We had a good night with indies playing and drinking reasonably priced beer!

By Andy P.

Love the underworld, have only ever been here to see bands but everytime ive been here ive had an epic night!

By Adam J.

Good night out in Underworld, cool vibe and cracking music. The drinks were not good though, need to work on not serving the soft drinks flat please

By Andy P.

Underworld is supposed to be a great venue with a cool vibe but I find it old and tired, just like the crowd that was there when I went, swerve it!

By Andy C.

Bit hit and miss with the bands here but then again that's just my personal taste - drinks are good and good seating areas to sit down and chill, or you can get up and dance the night away if you prefer. Really starting to like Underworld!

By Sarah P.

Underworld is perfect for a hedonistic night of fun..cocktails are great! Right by Camden tube as well so not too far to stumble after one to many.

By Harry K.

The Underworld is a must see if you like discovering new bands and letting yourself go. Would 100% recommended and worth the trip to Camden alone.

By William S.

Being in Camden the Underworld is quite local to me, but i;d never been before - i will be returning. I've been a couple of times now and there are some really good acts

By Ray J.

Went hear after a recommendation from a friend and have to say was a great night! We took a chance with the band that was playing but at first I didn't think it was my cup of tea but after a few songs I was in the think of it and had a wicked night! Thanks Underworld, will try and come back!

By Andy C.

Cool venue right outside Camden Town tube! Offer something a little different to the other bars as most of the bands that play i've never heard of but always decent.

By Sooty T.

The underworld is a good place in Camden to see bands! Im off to see Anti- nowhere league there and cant wait to mosh and circle pit round the pillar!

By Sharon M.

The Underworld is Camden gem of a venue, if you love a good punk, ska, rock and indie band then this is the place to come and see them! Its an intimate venue i even got to see Fall out boy do a intimate show here!

By Sarah P.

Underworld is the best live music venue in Camden, especially if you like decent American rock bands. I am going to see proper good two days of rock called Ninjafest!! If you like good music that you will never hear on Radio 1 then give this a go!

By Dan S.

By far the best place to go and rock out!! Have never ever had a bad night at Underworld. In fact there soon to see BioHazard, proper good. Keep an eye on the acts they get as many are from the States, they are not commercial at all but they are so very good!!

By Maggie Y.

The Underworld is a good venue, however if youre at a sold out show it gets so sweaty and hot its uncomfortable but thats what it is all about i guess getting stuck in!

By Les D.

Love the underworld as a venue, it maybe small but i love it, many times i have done a circle pit round the pillar in the middle!

By Jasmine L.

I paid £15 to get into Underworld and was a little disappointed. For that money you would accept a certain calibre on artist, not an amateurish rock band from god knows where.

By Thor N.

I love going to The Underworld when we are in Camden, the music is always good and there is always a variety of music on. Never ever the same music which is great. The drinks are also really good with unusual cocktails.

By Fiona A.

The Underworld is a great place to go for a great night, I love the music in here and I try and go as much as I can.

By Pip D.

I have never been to a club where the cocktails are this nice, The Underworld is really good for drinks and the music is really good and funky. Huge variety of music to keep you going. Would recommend this club to anyone.

By Freddo F.

Cocktails. Good music. Friendly people. Great venue. What more could you want. It is great coming here and we all love it.

By Bernard S.

This is a great place. Cocktails are really good and the place is not far from the train station which is a huge bonus after a great night.

By Shuster M.

I'm terribly disapointed with The Underworld.

It used to be a really good place for you to chill with friends and listen to good music, but now they are playing Robbie Williams, Girls Aloud and some other "great bands" my advice is do not go to this place!

Unless you are thinking of killing yourself

By Daniel L.

I have never had a bad night out here.

Although it may not be the most stylish or trendy club you will ever go to, the drinks are reasonably priced, the staff are friendly and efficient and the music is almost always bang on perfect.

Whether you want to play air guitar after one too many beers or just dance the night away, you will not find a better club in London.

By Zirena Jane W.

You need to go when live bands are playing, not a shitty DJ.Go there on a week day. The Underworld has it's name for it's live acts, not the nights they use to fill the rest of the working week.Besides, you shouldn't base a club purely on the music. The service is excellent and the drinks are very reasonably priced.

By Phil R.

I was very dissappointed with Underworld. Maybe it was just the DJ who was on last night or maybe Saturday night is just not a good time to go but the music was boring. The thought they were supposed to place rock and metal so I was expecting headbangers like Green Day, Blink 182, Blur, Good Charlotte -maybe even something heavier - Metallica? but most of what was played was 'hippy' music that you couldn't really dance to.

There was not interaction between DJ and clubbers and no climax to end with. The songs didn't fade into each other well and with a just overall not what I would have expected from such a well-known club which I though had quite a good name. Won't be going back there in a hurry.

By Frank H.

Used to be my favourite place for very long nights (Thu). Fantastic mix: music in your face, interesting people and a whole lot of Rosie. Drink's situation a bit slow. Should go there more often, really. Not too far away from the tube. It's always worth for great live acts. Check it out!

By Julian G.

Probably the most rock-solid venue in North London or at least one of them. Decent mix of music, DJ's, clientelle and right by Camden tube. The Bouncers aren't complete smegs and the staff are alright, though most of them are geeky guys so it helps if you've got a lass to get the drinks in at the bar or you could be waiting a while!

Sure there are better places in town but the atmosphere is good, the drinks are reasonable and it's neither a meat-factory nor a place for people to go to dance around their handbags

If you like fairly alternative (sat) or 'classic' disco music (fri) then it's worth checking out

By P.

The Underworld is a good back-up club. It won't let you down if you're looking for somewhere cheap, fun and if you're unsure where to go in Camden.

The Underworld plays commercial rock music all night and the cloakroom staff are funny too. It's got my approval.

By Chi A.

Bang in the centre of Camden Town, The Underworld is the close cousin to The Worlds End pub that resides above. Essentially a cross between a nightclub and gig venue, this is the easy option for a place to go that won’t break the bank - banter guaranteed...

The Venue
The Underworld is simple but effective. Head straight down the stairs, whop around the corner and you’ll be met with the bar, centralised in a wooden arena surrounded by comfy sofas and stools.

In a second room you’ll find a large dancefloor with various areas to chill out and take in the headache you’re about to get from the shots that are often promoted at the bar. It’s all pretty basic with none of the flourish of many other London clubs, but therein lies the charm of this cool gigging club (if that’s what rocks your boat, of course).

The Atmosphere
On gig night, the atmosphere at The Underworld is electric. No doubt you will be rocked senseless and, if you’re more adventurous, moshed back and forth. Just be warned, it gets very, VERY hot when rammed but hey, that’s what you expect from Hades, right?

On a standard night, there’s a mixed crowd of different ages - mostly a flow of people dribbling down from the pub upstairs who are already in good cheer.

The Music
In a word: everything! However, if pushed, there’s a more metal and indie rock orientated sound at The Underworld, with just a sprinkle of chart entries and hip hop.

Remember, this is the venue that has hosted some of the UK’s (and even the world’s) most iconic and original bands, including such must-have-in-CD-collection-or-else-I-won’t-be-cool greats as Radiohead and the Foo Fighters.

The Last Word
Just like the rest of Camden, The Underworld is steeped in musical history. However, the museum comparison ends there as it all adds up to a cool club with reasonably-priced drinks, a trendy crowd and decent tunes spilling from the sound system.

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