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The Venue is located over five levels and has four clubs. A wide range of drinks are available at pub prices.

Ranked #56 of 225 clubs in London

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Fri 21:00-04:00
Sat 21:00-04:30

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The Venue reviews

By Andrew M.

I've been to The Venue three times now and it is a place that I will continue to go to. The Venue is a wicked place and you will be guaranteed to have a great night. I don't mind paying the £12 to get in because you have a fantastic night!

The music at The Venue is excellent, the people are great and it makes for a cool night out! I would recommend The Venue to anyone.

Every Friday and Saturday they have a tribute band and they are amazing. I have seen Queen and Elvis! I am going to see The Baetles at The Venue on 1st October and I can't wait.

By Andrew M.

I went to The Venue for the first time on Bank Holiday weekend, and I must say I had a really good time.
I was a bit worried because I have been told the area isn't the best, but with over 40 bouncers any fight won't last more then 5 secs - they were bang on it.
Men listen to me, the women are fine! NO EXAGGERATION! You do get some bints in there but you get em everywhere. And women: I was there and I'm fine so come see me, yeah? The Venue has 5 floors, not 8 or 6 or whatever peanut wrote. It's got the basement for R&B - Garage, the 1st floor where you come in is pure cheese and the main floor with the big dance floor plays varied music, from cheese to some hardcore house. With the 4th floor (Balcony) overlooking the main floor it makes a great atmosphere. Top floor of The Venue is rock/alternate punk. Cost 15 quid on Bank Holiday to get in, maybe cheaper normal days, and drink prices are average. My score: 4 out-a 5.

By Emma H.

Not happy with Venue. The whole point of the cheese floor is to play cheese. The whole night the do played chart songs. Rubbish! Where has the old music gone? Everyone I saw said the music was a bad.

By Sarah J.

I agree the venue must of written these reviews lol. I hope you make the complaint as the bouncers of venue are violent ,rude,arrogant.had the worst night of my life there.Also live close regularly pass the venue is don't know how these guys get away with it. the local old bill always make a appearance always someone being carted off to the local station. Sooo simple for them to dismiss clubbers as violent drunks.amazed the place hasn't been closed down.

By Cris F.

oh finally a new dance-floor, the techno one! i really enjoy that! I can have a burger if i want and change dance-floor and type of music anytime! On Saturday is better coz 3 dance-floor are added to the 3 opened on Fridays.

By Guy B.

i can only assume that the club wrote most of these reviews itself. There were four of us in our group, two guys and two girls (23, 29, 27 and 30) I informed the old bouncer on the door that three of us had some form of I.D but as I am 27 I had left mine at home. He kindly allowed us in, yet as we were walking in, we literally got to the second set of doors and the old bouncer man handled me, and pushed me back onto the street using excessive force, acting irrational and then started shouting obscenities at me. Apparently, they only accept driving licences and passports and as I hadn't told him my 30 year old friend had neither of these I was "taking the fu**ing pi** " . As there is a step going into the club (quite a large one at that) as the door man pushed me I landed heavily on one leg - the leg I recently underwent surgery to have rebuilt. I understand that this is not the clubs fault but find it extremely difficult to accept that no one else has had bad experiences with this poor excuse for door staff. As it's Sunday, tomorrow I will be seeking legal advice. I advise the club to collect and maintain the CCTV evidence.

By Steven W.

This place is a complete dump located in a complete dump what a paradox. Hopefully a rift will open and suck this club away into the space time continuum never to be seen again.

By Donna B.

had a right laugh drunk as a ...... danced and sang the night away with my pals we not chavs or out 2 get off wiv lads just wanted an easy night in a non posey club

By Hay M.

The place to go if you fancy a giggle with your friends. The place does get very packed on a saturday night and bank holiday as well. The rooms are huge and cater for everybodies taste. Stay away from the basement if you are under 21, the main floor is where everybody ends up when the basement closes at about 3am so get to the main floor before then and you will be able to experience the main floor for the all the greatness it can hold before all the 'tweenies' ruin the atmosphere but by then you will probably be drunk anyway because the drinks are fairly cheap.

If you dont drink or are not drunk when you go to the Venue steer away and stay away it is the kind of place you have to be tipsy or drunk in to enjoy the nite. The tribute bands are somewhat of a joke but I suppose this is what The Venue is known for. Getting into The Venue at about half 11 is maybe the best time to go as the place is not too empty or too full either so you can find your bearings when you arrive. Be prepared to face the cold in the q outside at this time though. If you are from the surrounding areas of The Venue you will definatly see someone you know even if you havnt seen that person in years!

Venue is full to the rim of overdressed orange skinned girls and chavs but hey this all adds to the charm of venue! Stay away from the tunnel thing that leads from the stairs to the top floor or if you cant avoid going up there divert your eyes from the booths in the wall as there are some very shocking sites of skanky orange skinned girls getting off and doing god knows what with chavvy boys. Girls if you are expecting to meet the fella of your dreams in venue expect no class or sophistication from the lads you meet in there. I have been going to venue since I was 18 and in the last 2 years I have been going me and my pals have always had a top night in there. But no matter what you are guarenteed to have a laugh and a night to remember (if youre not too drunk that is).

By Yana Q.

I couldn't agree more with you!!! I should have known it before I went there and I had the worst clubbing experienceof my life ever!!! I am 26 yrs old. The chewing gum thing was just ridiculous not saying about the fact that we couldn't take our drinks with us to the balcony when we wanted to have a fag :-( the worst experience was when these 17teens old girls started pouring a water over us whilst I was dancing with my flatmate! The music was just too cheesy. I would correct you in one way..if you are more than 20 years old, avoid it as much as you can!!



By Jodie S.

the best club ever! pure cheese! bt recently there been playin a few funky hse tracks! iv been goin for years and me an the girls always av a wicked nite! we lov the basement an the main floor! does get packed on a sat nite - try a fri its same music etc bt not as busy. its £12 to get in of £5 b4 10 and free b4 11 on a fri nite. the drinks are cheep aswel! xmas eve is a gd nite every1 seems to go! also u get all ages in there! me an my mates an our mums av all been together an ad a gd nite! tere is even a smokin area outside which is handy for the smokers of ur groups! its open late aswel try an stay til the end so you can do the hand jive! haha

By Sarah K.

Ive been going to the big V for years and me and my mates love it. It is really friendly, the drink prices are reasonable and although the music can be a bit samey in every room, it doesn't bring much of a troubled crowd and you can sing along to the cheesy tracks.

Our favourite room is the basement on Saturdays (The DJ is fit! lol) but all the rooms play pretty much the same apart from the room at the top which is indie.

A really good thing about The Venue is that there are bouncers all the way up the road and they always make sure you get to the bus stop (or get a kebab) safely. Also they must have about a million cleaners because the toilets are really looked after. Which is a big thing to me.

By T.

I've been to the Venue a few times and I wouldn't call it a classy, swanky place but its not a terrible place either. The music is so-so, drink prices are moderate but the toilets are awful. The Venue is a haven for chavs too! I've moved on to go to more exciting places.

By R.

The Venue is awesome! There is such a great mixture of people there. Yeah, there are some slaggy girls there and chavs but they are the miority. What gets me is why some people are so bothered whos is around them. in the club. Can't you just go out and have fun with your mates? There are a lot worse places to go than The Venue. Venue is great as its cheap, caters for evry1 and is always a good laugh!!!

By A.

OK, I have been going to The Venue for 6 years, I am now 23 and I still enjoy going there and always have a great night. I would like to add that I am not a slutty chav, a bitch, up my own a*se or desperate to pull - people who write those comments obviously do not know how to enjoy themselves.

In regards to the ages, you'll find that in the basement people do tend to be late teens (17-20) however, on the main floor and in the rest of the club there is a variety of ages - I know people of all ages who go there and love it. Also, whichever nut case wrote that Venue plays hardcore house is completely off their rocker! Never have I heard hardcore house played!

If you're with a good group of friends and fancy a dance then you'll love The Venue, plus, the drinks are very reasonably priced.

By S.

I can see why some people like The Venue, but I am 29. The average age in The Venue is no more than 20. Lots of over-dressed girls into their first "clubbing" experiences. The music is really cheesy.

At the door there's a 'No chewing gum' sign (?) and as soon as you walk in the door you are met by a line of bouncers searching you. The girl searching me was actually asking if I had chewing gum in my pocket! What's that all about?

The toilets at The Venue are small and crammed, always a queue there. Having said that, the rooms are nicely decorated and there is a nice main room with a top floor overlooking the dance floor. The top indie room is really cosy. Shame that the music didn't live up to our expectations in there.

All in all, if you are in your late teens or early 20's (oh, and into cheesy music) I can see how The Venue can be a great place to have fun with a bunch of people. I would describe it as a school disco but without the uniform. If you are over 25, avoid the place like the plague!

By A.

I love The Venue. It's a great place to have a laugh, get drunk and dance your feet off. The tribute acts are hilarious, if random!

If you're looking to find a sophisticated lad or lass then avoid The Venue but if you're looking for a great night where no one cares for posers then The Venue is the place.

By B.

The Venue is a very bad club if you happen to be a sikh or a muslim with religious head gear because in my experience they don't allow you in. The Venue seem to be under the impression that they are in France and so restrict any head wear even if it is religious. They put a dampener on our night because they have this stupid rule.

By K.

The Venue is like any club in that the most important thing is the people you go with. Basically, The Venue is a huge club with bitchy, slutty chavs and cheesy music.

However, i have been to The Venue three times and I've always had a great time until the bouncers start to kick everyone out at about 4-5am. The drinks are an ok price.

It's £12.00 to get in, however if you're a student or nurse (or you have a flyer) you get in for £3.00! Overall, it's worth going to The Venue if you're in the area, as long as you can laugh at the belts the girls call skirts!

By P.

I love The Venue. I usually go with a mixed age group and everyone has a blast. It says over 21s at the door but is in fact over 18s (half our group were 19-20 years old). On a Friday night you get in for £3 before 11pm with a flyer. The Venue has six floors all with different styles and the night is kicked off by a tribute band to get you in the mood. They have well staffed bars and the loos are all kept really clean. A really good mix of people and a good atmosphere. You don't have to dress up for The Venue but you can't wear white trainers! The best bit is it doesn't close until 4am and night buses stop 50 metres away to get you home.

By K.

The Venue is an OK club, however with a age restiction of over 21's most of my gal pals were unable to come. The music rocked though.

By Tom M.

The nightclub god forgot about South East London – so you’re obliged to go to The Venue if you’re kicking up your heels in the New Cross area, fancying a little dance action.

The Venue
The Venue is a massive place. There are six different bars spread over five levels. If you’re after somewhere to lose your friends, you’ve found the place. It’s a no-effort distance to both New Cross Gate railway station (on the East London Line) and Goldsmiths College, so it attracts both the South East party-seekers and cardigan-wearing art students. Top tip – find a flyer for substantial entry fee reduction before you brave the burly bouncers.

The Atmosphere
Tangerine-tanned teenagers mix with Goldsmiths undergraduates and shipped-in South Londoners desperate for a dance. Sweat. Spilt drinks. Loud music. Flashing lights. It’s generally rammed. The people want to have fun, and this standard-issue nightclub offers it without subtlety. The higher you dare climb, the more you shall be rewarded.

The Music
Once a leading gig venue south of the river (maybe that’s how they thought of the name), this colossal building now restricts itself (largely) to tribute bands. They used to stage Blur, but now you’ll find yourself watching ‘Antarctic Monkeys’ or ‘Queen B’. Each floor has its own DJ – head to the very top to pogo to indie/alternative, if cheesy pop/dance hurts your head. Keep an eye out for the occasional low-key, live music in the basement.

The Drink
Perhaps here at The Venue your Iron Brew WKD will be slightly cheaper than the price charged in a Chelsea hotspot, but there’s no Venue on the King’s Road (and you’re unlikely to find any West Londoners here). If you’re drinking on a budget and desperate for drunkenness, stay in one of the local pubs until you’re tipsy enough to dance. There are enough bars inside to negate any waiting in queues, wasting valuable dancing time.

The Last Word
If you want to club in South East London, you don’t have much choice – go to The Venue. It’s big enough to find some people, drinks and music whose company you’ll enjoy. Just don’t expect any glamour.

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