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The Warrington is a grand venue that features four separate rooms including a restaurant that is open at the weekends and during the evening. The Warrington offers gastro pub fare and a typical menu includes Denbyshire lamb saddle, devilled kidneys and Pan fried stone bass.

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"The Warrington Hotel is a beautiful grade II listed building nestled in the heart of Maida Vale.

Built in 1857, The Warrington was originally built as a hotel and has been lovingly restored to its former glory making way for some beautiful original features such as mosaic floors, stained glass windows, pillared portico, art nouveau friezes and a stunning marble fireplace.
Steeped in intriguing history this pub certainly has a colourful past. Once under the ownership of the Church of England, it was rumoured to be an upmarket brothel. In fact the slang “randy” allegedly originated here due to its proximity to Randolph Crescent.

In the 19th Century public houses were frowned upon so to attract a more affluent customer the owners restored the pub using features from a magnificent old ship – its fireplace, bar and staircase which all still stand. Even today you will find some famous faces due to the Warrington’s proximity to the Abbey Road studios.

Today this Original British pub offers a relaxed pub and dining experience in beautiful Victorian surroundings.

All of our rooms are fully en suite and have a flat screen TV with DVD player, ironing & tea & coffee making facilities. Duck & goose down pillows are also available upon request and are complimentary for our guests. Guests are also able to enjoy a delicious breakfast, included as part of their stay."

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The Warrington reviews

By Emma B.

Slow service, and small portions. The burgers aren't tasty at all, the place is ridiculously overpriced and there is no atmosphere there.

By Roxy W.

Give this place another shot! I have returned twice now since it's been under new management, what a change! The staff are lovely and friendly (the service is pretty darn good too). I went last Thursday to have dinner with some friends, they have just launched a new winter menu (which is delicious). We couldn't decide what to have so we went for loads of the bar bites, tapas stylie! The squid was gorgeous- not at all rubbery like you hear in horror stories. Really fresh and well flavoured. The scotch eggs are to die for and the fish goujons and pate are very good. We will definitely be returning again, even just to try the mains!

By J S.

I live in Maida Vale and there is no shortage of good places to eat. Why oh why then, does the Warrington feel it can get away with serving reheated rubbish at inflated prices? I ordered, and I quote, "Pork Loin Crackling". When it arrived, there was some thin, damp grey stuff that looked like ham and not an ounce of crackling in sight. I asked the waitress, who didn't understand what I was talking about. The manager, when she arrived, was equally bemused: she had no idea what crackling was. When I explained, she went away and brought me a bowl of pork scratchings. Pork scratchings! Out of a packet! I explained again what crackling is and she replied, "Oh, we never cook pork that way." "Why, then, is it listed on your menu?" I asked. "Maybe it's a spelling mistake," she retorted. A spelling mistake? Perhaps they meant to write, "Port Loin however-the-heck-we-want-to-cook-it-because-we-have-no-respect-for-our-customers." The rest of the evening was spent with no table service because we'd clearly offended the staff. Good. We won't be bothering them again.

By Ian T.

Hi guys and girls, I have just taken over the Warrington Hotel to make it what it should be (an Amazing pub with Amazing food and beer!) We have one of the best Chefs coming to join us very soon and hopefully everyone who had bad service before will hopefully be pleased with the changes... If your around Maida Vale pop in and say hi Kind Regards Ian (the new GM)

By Laura S.

This place has great potential because some of the food tastes really nice but I've eaten there a few times and there's always a problem. Either it's a large portion of something they're trying to get rid of, such as meat that resembles an old boot or it's a tiny, not quite enough to fill you up portion of something really tasty. Sunday roast good or bad is always warm as opposed to hot. Gravy... ? There seems to be serious shortage of gravy and even if you ask for more it comes in a thimble. Pies are lovey but it comes with a cabbage leaf not 'veg' and again sometimes the gravy within the pie is somewhat missing and it's rather dry. Over priced for what is is.

By Andy P.

Average Service Ridiculously long wait for food (nearly an hour) Over cooked steaks A steak pie which resembled a supermarket's value range Awful Value Incompetent Assistant Manager A table for 6 which only seated 5 Need I go on? Safe to say - a return visit is unlikely and may have tarnished my views of all Ramsay's A great example of one of his Kitchen Nightmares

By Gupta G.

Went to The Warrington mid March 2011 , arrived in the afternoon , not many people . Stayed downstairs and had the Beef Burgers 12pounds each with cheese , burgers were ok made well , not very big and when added drinks and surcharges I walked out of there with a 55 Quid Meal .

By Adam H.

If you want to book for Valentine's night. Be warned: you are required to email you full credit card details (preferably including a scanned signature) to a "valentines@gordonramsey. Com" (an internal distribution list) before they will confirm your booking! Does that sound like caring for customer's interests?

By Marco G.

Went there today for lunch, around 2. We sat downstair, at the pub. Food very good but extremely long wait & very small portions. £12.5 for something which was supposed to be a main, but looked like a light starter.

By Tim W.

Had lunch in The Warrington last Wed 18th Nov and was not impressed. The pub has been cleaned up a lot and looks great; bar staff were efficient and polite but the food was seriously uninteresting. Because there was no roast beef sandwiches or shepherd's pie on we both had the mushroom and chestnut wellington at about £10-50 each. We had to wait nearly an hour to be served and it was definitely not worth the money or the wait, being over cooked and bland. But worse than the food were the other customers! The old Warrington was always a bit of a dropouts pub and they seem to still frequent the place. Dirty, drunk and with a smelly dog their conversation and foul language would have offended even Gordon! Perhaps this was why there were only a dozen people in the bar and only us eating. Incidentally, we ate in the bar because the restaurant was not in use that day. Certainly will not be going there again!

By Ed N.

Not having visited The Warrington before it is impossible to comment on the previous decor, however the meal we were served with in the restaurant was excellent .

The fishcake actually tasted of fish rather than potato as at many establishments. The steak was cooked to perfection and spotted dick served with ginger ice cream was superb.

The service throughout was excellent and unobtrusive.Finally the extensive drinks menu is very reasonably priced.

I am sure that all of us (6) will be returning to The Warringtonat our earliest opportunity.

By Han W.

I am a lucky resident of W9 and was impressed by The Warrington's commitment to keep the original wonderful interior.

On the positive side, the service is always super friendly, and the Brit menu's varied enough to keep everyone happy (I personally loved the pork belly I was treated to last time, and the wine list is divine).

However they need to sort their booking system out - I was told we could not book in a third person 24 hours before heading in, meaning one guest had to miss out on lunch, yet when we got there the room stayed nearly empty for two hours!

By Christel M.

I am in total agreement. I visited The Warrington last Sunday (26/04/09) and it loOKed like Gordan Ramsey was having his very kitchen nightmare.

The dinning room was completely empty and the bar area had very few people in it. I decided to sit outside as it was the most welcoming of the three possible areas i could sit and eat my lunch.

For our main course we had a baby roasted chicken which was ok but nothing special. It was served with boiled potatoes (not roasted), Carrots and green beans which tasted of nothing.

We weren't offered any salt, pepper or any sauces. I was so disappointed as i had been looking forward to all week.

When we handed over the ridiculous amount of money for what we had I too decided never to go to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant again.

I had booked The York and Albany for my birthday in a couple of weeks but cancelled it the very next day.

By Kerry F.

I was visiting from Toronto and i wandered into a small bookstore near my hotel. The young gentleman suggested I try the Warrington.

I went three time s during my stay and all three times were fantastic. I met some wonderful peolple and we ended up drinking and gabbing all day.

The bar staff were fantastic. I am not a young girl anymore but the boys behind the bar treated me well and with respect.

I had the scotch eggs and they were wonderful. I was in the bar business for 25 years and I believe that Gordon Ramsy knows what he's doing.

Bad reviewers are cheap and know it and I know it.

By Rupert B.

I live close to this restaurant, and last night, out of curiosity, visited it for the first time since it was reopened under Gordon Ramsay. As with most of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants it's over-rated and over priced for what it is. The food is OK, but nothing special. But the worst aspect is the ambience and decor. The Warrington Hotel is a stunning building, but Gordon Ramsay has ruined it with crashingly dull furniture and decor. It feels like you've been thrown back to an ageing cruise liner of the 1950s. The service was attentive but also annoying, as it's obvious how Gordon trains them all to sell extras at every possible opportunity. Gordon is pricing his food for profit, and trading on his TV PR. At the end of day, you just feel like saying, 'F*** off Gordon', and promising to yourself you will never visit any of his establishments ever again...

By J C.

W9 has been very patient.

However a year late The Warrington’s restaurant (& pub) has re-opened with frustrating results. (I heard rumblings of planning issues causing delays?)

In any case one must rejoice in the full retention of the pub's original features and décor! Intricate glass paneling, turned wood and elaborate plasterwork abound. I suppose we have the law to thank for that though. So two stars for legislation!
There was concern over the fate of the pub’s beautiful interior, especially after months of closure. Why it took so long for a carpet re-lay and a spring clean? Who knows?

The three empty celestial vessels are for GR barging upstairs into our local pub restaurant and robbing it of its soul....

GR is going around, seizing fabulous London pubs… and McRamsay chaining them…... Beware.

Whilst the old Thai restaurant upstairs at The Warrington was nothing to write home about, it had character, an upbeat atmosphere, and the decoration was charming in its slightly unkempt, if a little garish ornateness, it was still a place locals oft enjoyed.

Now after more than a year of closure, W9 is presented with an insipid void - whitewash end to end and inhabited by the most boring of ‘habitatesque’ decor.

At least some of its more attractive features such as the windows and chandeliers have been saved.

We didn't bother with the food as it appeared to be the same sort of fairly unexciting fare dished up in GR's other pubs. To that end the bar menu is exactly the same across all three venues and may I note, unchanged in the past 5 months at least.

Sure, visitors to the area will enjoy this gorgeous pub and certainly the food is of good quality, however don't be that person for whom it takes a foul-mouthed attention grabber from the telly, who may have a few decent real restaurants elsewhere, to draw your attention to London's great pubs.

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