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The Warwick is a trendy late night bar with stylish decor and a friendly welcome. They serve traditional and contemporary British food and have a good range of beers and wines to choose from. Booths are available to reserve free of charge on any day of the week.

Ranked #87 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
Part of the Late Night London group
"Not trying too hard to be too cool, The Warwick focuses on what it does best: great food, friendly staff and a vibrant atmosphere. A lively bar in amongst the hustle and bustle of London’s West End and the perfect spot for a night out in Soho"

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The Warwick reviews

By Andrew M.

With a stylish interior and relaxed atmosphere, The Warwick is one of my favourite places at the moment. It has got two floors with separate DJ deck setups and is a really cool place to chill out. What's more, The Warwick is open till 3am giving you more than enough time to get your musical fix!

By Marta B.

A really great place if you're looking for a venue with the atmosphere somewhere between bar and club or going out with friends with very different expectations, tastes etc... My friends and I were supposed to have pre-drinks at the Warwick and then go clubbing, but eventually we have stayed there till the end of the night. The music was fantastic and I was surprised by how many people were actually dancing. Also, I have to say that the staff were really polite and nice. I had the area booked for my birthday but I was running almost an hour late. I was afraid that they will give my area to someone else but I called that I will be late and there was no problem with that at all. The reservation process runs fast and smoothly and you do not have to wait ages for reply and confirmation. The only minus are quiet expensive drinks, well fair enough there is Happy Hour from 5-8 but when you plan to party till the end of the night you don't really start that early. Overall, I do recommend this place and I'm sure I will be back.

By Taylor P.

Went here last weekend and i must say i was quite surprised. The venue manages to transform itself from an afterworks drinks place to a late night club, almost without you realising. I popped in for a 'couple' straight after work and ended up leaving around 2am. I must say the unexpected nights out are always the best but i loved being in a bar that was not pretentious, does not charge the earth for drinks and you can actually talk to the doorstaff like normal human beings.

By Thomas S.

Went to the Warwick 20th of June 2012, wasn't expecting much but was blown away. We were on a stag do and were greeted by friendly door staff and some one who i think was the manager. I'm not sure what the other reviews are about but I will definately be going back- time and time again. Service was efficient and staff were friendly, food was great. Only downfall was a really small smoking area and not being able to take your drinks outside after 11

By Sylvain P.

I have been tonight at the Warwick and i been waiting for my half price drink 25 minute, informutly 5 minute later after the half price they offer me full price drink ... The staff are very very slow to serve you and NO PROFESSIONAL at all and i'd end the blond guy with the grey jacket told to go away, very rude ... because i ask you to do half price .., Defenitly i wont come back at this bar and i don't suggest you to go there

By J R.

This place is the worst. The music is way too loud and one of the bar staff - young man - was really rude and full of himself. at £5 a pint you pay for the "pleasure" too. Don't go there! (I was meeting people there on a FRi in March 2012)

By C D.

The service and food at this venue was horrible. I went here with a friend and ordered the stilton and bacon burger, when I received it the burger patty was extremely hard and burnt, so hard that it was difficult to bite. I spoke to the bar staff, and they sent it back to the kitchen, when my second burger came out it was exactly the same as the first. When I spoke to the bar staff again, and explained that I didn't want to be a bother but I didn't want to eat it, they suggested replacing the patty with their chicken breast, but said they had to speak to the manager about it first. When the manager came to our table, she was clearly already angry, and said that the burger was exactly as it should be, and accused me of trying to "sample everything on the menu". Eventually I received a refund, but only after being yelled at and told that I had nothing to complain about. As I was leaving, I thanked the bar staff and the bus bartender, clearly embarrassed, said sorry on behalf of his clearly incompetent manager. My friend's food was decent, so perhaps just their burgers (and management) are horrible.

By Neil M.

With no exaggeration, some of the worst service I have ever received in any bar or restaurant. I have never left a review for a bar or restaurant but felt so strongly about this place I thought i'd leave my first ever review! We were there for an engagement party and they put us in a small corner near the kitchen, which is the main route into the bar. Almost every time a member of staff came from the kitchen they barged through the guests, without excusing themselves or even trying to. One particular member of staff actually aggresively pushed his way through the crowd. On one round they short changed me. When I went back to the bar, the barmaid asked how much. When I told her she actually sneered and said "only that much", then turned around to joke about it with another member of staff. So, the moral is, don't complain if its not a large amount! Utter incompetence.

By Lydia H.

Loved it! Went to the Warwick for my birthday last weekend completely by chance and had a great time. Other than the odd, rude door staff... Once inside drinks were reasonably priced and though we didn't have food it looked good when we saw it coming out to other tables. Were planning on going on to a club later but the music was so good on the downstairs dancefloor that we decided to stay. Really good vibe all night, no agendas or trouble- such a nice change from a lot of places!! Had a blast and will definitely go again.

By Lou J.

I went to the Warwick for the first time last week. Top venue! Great service, nice people and atmosphere and definitely ended up a bit marry!

By Natasha R.

Love Love Love The Warwick!! Thanks so much for making my birthday so special, the cake was lush and tasten even better complimentary! I work not too far from you and we will be changing our local to you guys from now... Thanks again & see you soon!

By Eleonora G.

I had an awful experience at the Warwick. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. The staff is really rude, disrespectful and indifferent to the customers. Service is super slow and drinks are too expensive for what you actually get. The party next to me was having a birthday, and many people weren't allowed in. Another guy went outside for making a telephone call, and they wouldn't let him back inside. The Warwick is popular for making people upset. If you wanna spend your money, decide to go somewhere nicer in London, a city that has a lot to offer, so don't stop in this dreadful place.

By Olivia B.

I have never felt strongly enough to post a review of any restaurants or bars I have been to until now...

I will never return to The Warwick and will actively discourage any of my friends from going.

I went along for a friend's birthday party and the service we received was dreadful. Table service was slow and we constantly we had to chase our drinks.

Having reserved the table for a birthday they then told us that it was just reserved for drinks/dinner therefore the complimentary birthday cake had to be fought for (my friend's boyfriend and I did this without her knowledge).

Bar service was painfully slow.The "highlight" of the evening was when one of our party was told that she couldn't come back in to the bar and had to leave immediately because she'd been going in and out too much (making calls to her baby sitter).

When the birthday giril tried to question the bouncer the result bordered on physical assault. In my opinion, just go to The Warwick for a cheap happy hour drink but certainly don't plan to spend an evening there or bother booking it.

London is full of nicer, better staffed, pleasanter venues so do your research and go to one of them.

By Srah M.

Being an extremely fussy individual, it takes a lot for me to write a positive review about a public house or restaurant, especially in London.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a ‘stick in the mud’ I just demand a high level of customer service.

So what can I say about the Warwick and Staff, they were perfect from the very beginning to the end.

We had a group of 60 men only in the downstairs area, the girls behind the bar were professional and completely charming as were the lads and the DJ who was perfect.

I would recommend this venue if you’re looking for an attentive staff, pleasant surrounding and a general good time.

Added to all this is an amazing happy hour which is phenomenal value for money (no watered down beer like you get in most venues).

Finally thanks to Josephine and Sarah for making it an awesome evening.

By Leah F.

Won't set the world on fire - I go to The Warwick almost every Friday with my work colleagues because it is easy, local and there is a dance floor - there is never anywhere to sit though - everywhere is reserved.

The dancefloor is a reasonable size downstairs, DJ plays funky house/pop music - not bad at all.

I've also eaten here as well - I recommend the beer battered fish finger baguette! Winner!

By Suzanne B.

I believe what the reviewer is saying is that whether The Warwick is a bar/restaurant/pub... whatever the licence or terminology.... it is a place that throws out people with babies. Instead of explaining the problem (i.e. different licences for different categories of place) the staff threw out the person with the baby and caused upset. My experience of The Warwick is that the bar staff are usually rude. I doubt they understood their own liquor licence hence their inability to explain the situation rather than rudely throw out the customer.

By Aasha A.

you obviously have no understanding of licensing law, you cant just update a license to allow underage people into a club ( The Warwick is open till 3am-its a nightclub)! you would struggle to find anywhere in the west end that isnt a restaurant that are allowed under 18s in after 7pm-speak to westminster council if you have a problem

By Sars C.

I celebrated my birthday here on Friday night. Having never been to the venue before I didn't know what to expect. Ewa helped with my booking and put us in 'The Snug' which was perfect as we had our own space :) Everyone seemed to have a good time, did get told that it took ages to get a drink. Other then that I had a super night, Thanks.

By Suzanne B.

Went to The Warwick for the friends 30th birthday - she had reserved an area. The manager asked me to leave because I have a 9 week old baby. Apparently this venue has such a rubbish liquor licence that they won't allow people under 18 (even if its just a baby with mum). My friend having the 30th was very upset. This venue should update its liquor licence rather than throwing out people with babies! Very discriminating.

By Aasha A.

I agree with below its a great wee venue to enjoy a bday or small event, west end without being a "super"club and not pretentious at all. They have got in some lookers behind the bar recently and the Specials liven up the standard lunch menu.

By E O.

The vibe is usually friendly in here. I do always come here wen not sure wat else to do in central london.Celebrated my birthday on saturday and got a really nice cake, after asking for any birthday offers they provide- was a really nice cake and by booking a table got some table service which was nice for the first hour then back to queueing with the plebs :)
its funny that they ask for a £25 booking fee with the offer of complementary platters- ummmm no this means i paid £25 for the platters. on the plus side there is lots of food on the platter and it tasted good.
Bouncers are nice, free til 11pm, music is rnb, pop, charts so pretty inoffensive. easy to get home to anywhere in london. wats not to like?

By Fiona A.

hello - Just to let you know, that I have made other arrangements for my Birthday party, as you were not prepared to accept my booking without receiving a large deposit or my credit card number details.

I have been coming to drink at the Warick from when it was called` Slap Harrys` over 13 years ago, and I feel your `service has become very corporate focused only` and less considered to the average persons/customers needs.

I am disappointed that I cannot come to the Warick this Birthday as I have Celebrated numerous Birthdays upstairs and down stairs at the Warick. I will make sure, that I add this to a review web page of your service, as I think the public should know, how cut throat the Warick management have become!

Yours Sincerely,

Fiona ( Past Patron)

By J.

This place has a fairly decent decor and competitively priced food and drink. However one time I took a bike in (with the bar staff's permission) after the london freewheel cycling event and sat down for food and a few drinks. Not long afterwards the manager of the bar (called Jason) came up to me and said rudely "This is not the sort of place to have a bike" while I was still in the middle of having food. After explaining to him I had permission from the bar staff, and there was nowhere suitable outside to park it, he said "I don't care, I am the manager of this place". I had never faced such an appalling atttitude from a member of staff before.

By D.

The Warwick is a souless place with awful customer service. We went there for a work Christmas party and the food was the usual greasy fare, but that's what you'd expect. What you don't expect is for the waiter to drop a bowl of mayonnaise in your lap and then just wander off. We had to go to the bar to be grudgingly given a manky sponge to wipe up the worst of it.

The manager refused to accept responsibility until we could actually identify the waiter concerned. It took over an hour to get an apology - what kind of customer service is that? We weren't even offered a drink by way of compensation, just the promise that if I took the receipt for my laundry bill in they'd refund it. I have heard similar complaints from other parties too about The Warwick, such as over booking, poor service etc. Don't go to The Warwick.

By T.

My office is right across the road from The Warwick. We used to ignore it until it had a refurb about 6 weeks ago. Since then we eat there about 4 times a week and it's great!

The Warwick menu is very well priced and the food is pretty good. Above average for what you pay but not gourmet. Drinks are also well priced. There is also table service and the staff are really friendly.

You can reserve tables. Highly recommend The Warwick for a weekday lunch or drink after work. We went there for someone’s birthday and they reserved us a space and gave us a free glass of champagne per person plus put on free platters of food.

By A.

We found the Warwick by chance after a Saturday afternoon tramping around the shops. We fancied a quick drink before heading back home but once inside we ended staying for over 2 hours!

The main reason we stayed was the excellent happy hour running from 5-7 during which time all food was half price and most of the drinks had similar reductions. We had an excellent bottle of white and two decent meals for just over £11. Then a couple of properly prepared cocktails (not from gruesome premixed buckets) which rounded the evening off nicely. By this time both bars were getting very busy and the floor manager did a great job as one group got larger and larger, forcing her to re-seat them away from the main doors.

The interior of the pub appeared to have been designed by at least 3 very different people, but as Anne said above, who cares? Maybe during bright sunny days I'd spend more time gawping at the decor, but for cold bleak Saturday afternoon/evenings it was just the thing.

By A.

Have you ever been in situation where you and your friends decided to have a night out in the central London and probably got on the guest list into some trendy club, but the bouncers on the door decided that you are not smart enough or your group is too large, or perhaps there are too many men in your group, and as a result you have ended up outside the door completely disappointed?

The Warwick bar experience is completely opposite! Anybody can go and although there is nothing special about the building itself it is a friendly and lively place and, lets face it, people who are there are much nicer and more down to earth, these are the people who are looking to have a night out with their friends rather than posing and trying to be cool.

I always thought that it is not the walls or interior that makes the place, it is the atmosphere and the people who are there. If I had to summarise: very friendly and happy place. Go and have a good time instead of standing in the queue and wondering if you are going to be let in or not!

By William G.

For centuries Soho hostelries have attracted devotees, Canaletto, the Mozart family and Karl Marx among them. The Warwick can’t perhaps boast such luminary customers but, operating in three phases - seguing from lunchtime eatery to evening drinking spot to night club - it has a committed clientele.

The Venue
The Warwick is at the heart of Soho, on the corner of Brewer Street and Warwick Street. Appropriately, its modernist façade is wide-windowed as if embracing the vitality of the area. The style and décor of the ground floor interior is similarly contemporary with polished tables, patterned wallpaper, clustered glass chandeliers and much plush upholstery for the banquettes, settles and chairs. To give intimacy, there are discrete areas such as the Champagne Lounge and the separate Crystal Lounge, which is only opened for DJ nights on Thursdays and Fridays. The bar is long and curved with brightly highlighted back shelving. The large basement is a half brother to the ground floor, mimicking it in appearance. The Soho location means that the lounge is a regular hiring choice for corporate and group events as well as private parties and get-togethers.

The Atmosphere
The Warwick appeals to the multitude who work in local shops and offices, particularly during its bargain happy hour from 5pm to 8pm, when drinks are half price – and this is on every day of the week. By staying open late on all nights and until 3am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the venue also attracts a slew of hospitality industry workers who finish shifts early. It’s a cheerful place for unwinding and also for ramping things up, with music-appreciating clubbers present at the end of the week. Groups of tourists and shoppers are also frequent as Regent Street is only a few yards away - some sort of tourist bush telegraph must have alerted many of them to the happy hour, too.

Staff members are smiley and welcoming and led by an energetic manager, Tara Dolan. She’s highly imaginative and has recently introduced themed Fridays. The summer has seen a Wimbledon theme, with staff dressed in sporting whites or ballboy and ballgirl greens. And a back-to-school theme and halloween are both on the horizon.

The Food
All food is prepared by a professional kitchen brigade and the short-ish menu is an indication of quality and provenance – there’s no pre-cooking here. Light dishes and starters include a creamy and tasty baked box camembert served with cranberry jam and spicy crab cakes with a green bean, tomato and shallot salad, attractively presented in scallop shells. Mains list fish and chips, sausage and mash, and burgers, plus feta and pea risotto as a vegetarian option. The roast chicken breast with sautéed potatoes is flavoursome, complemented by a green peppercorn sauce. Steak frites presents meat that’s juicy and fries come crisp to the bite. Desserts include a baked cheesecake served with a strawberry compote and a spritzy lemon tart. Weekly changes mean that specials such as seared beef salad are also available.

In addition, there are nibbles such as skinny fries and cocktail sausages and a choice of sandwiches, and in the evenings there are much-favoured sharing platters of cheeses, antipasti and a classic mixed platter with mini cheeseburgers, fish and chips, cocktail sausages and potato wedges. Prices are highly competitive given the Soho location and the food standard. Light bites are around £5, mains average at £8 and desserts are £3.95. Even the replete sharing platters are only £16.95.

The Drink
The drinks offering is decidedly that of a bar as opposed to a pub – there’s no real ale or craft beer in sight. Draught lagers such as Beck’s and Stella Artois are big sellers as are draught Bass and Magners. Speciality bottles stocked include Czech Staropramen, Singapore’s Tiger and Budweiser. During happy hour it’s only £2.20 for a pint of Beck’s or £8 for a bottle of house wine. Wines are popular with the West End crowd and there’s an extensive and varied list. 20 whites include a Burgundy Petit Chablis and a Languedoc Picpoul de Pinet and three roses include a refreshing Loire Pinot Noir. Among the 15 Reds are a Chianti Riserva and a Malbec/Merlot blend from Argentina.

The Warwick has a lengthy cocktails list with some unusual creations. There’s a Spiced Pear Mojito using pear vodka and cinnamon syrup, a Beetroot and Apple Collins blending apple vodka with natural beetroot juice, a Ruby Rouge mixing rum with blackberry puree, and a Wild Meadow, an English concoction of gin and nettle cordial. Sparkling cocktails include the traditional Kir Royal with Champagne and crème de cassis. Happy hour is again worth knowing about, with popular cocktails priced at just £4.50 each or £9.50 for a pitcher.

The Last Word
The Warwick can’t guarantee anything out of the ordinary, but it does offer an ideal location, excellent value food, a range of drinks and late-night music. It’s well worth visiting, even outside the happy hour.

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