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The Waterside pub has a stylish yet homely feel to it with large comfy leather sofas and a mezzanine level with spectacular views overlooking the River Thames.

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The Waterside reviews

By S.

I was taken to The Waterside by my dad and we got an amazing seat overlooking the Thames. Made me want to stay there all day.

We had Sunday dinners which were pretty damn good - all a bit poncy but they did taste delicious! Well anyway, just thought I'd recommend The Waterside to everyone.

By S.

The Waterside is a bit touristy at times but at least there's a friendly atmosphere.

Good drinks menu, nice people - I had a nice time at The Waterside!

By Helen T.

We went to Waterside on Saturday night looking for casual dinner and drink. It is on the prime location situation on riverfront. We stood at the bar for at least 15 minutes where the bar staff continuously served other people who were in the que later than us. In the mean time, whilst waiting for service, one staff stated kitchen close at 10pm and it was 9:15pm so still ok to order food. When we finally received service, at 9:30pm, we were rudely told that kitchen is too busy to take further orders, the drinks on the menu most were not available. So we ended up just having drinks. 20min later we were told by staff that kitchen is open again... Extremely disorganised staff with no idea how to serve customers. I would definitely NOT recommend the place. We ended up walking out and received fantastic service at restaurant near by.

By Helen P.

What a beautiful place. Great potential but poor performance. On a day of an event the service fell down badly just when I had started thinking that they were getting a bit better the last year or so. Only when there are very few people is the service normal but still not outstanding. We waited with my friend in the tables outside (which has been very decently redecorated) and no one turned up for an order for at least half an hour although I had already requested the menu in the bar from a lady that seemed really disinterested that I wanted the menu. 7+for a glass of wine is not justified by the quality and when we finally decided to go to the bar we had to wait for someone to come around for the order as the bar was empty. Not sure the management have enough staff but I think it's more the coordination that is scatty and the fact that no one seems interested to serve. The food is good but not good enough to justify the prices. There are plenty of places with much better food around and better prices but it is right where I live so when I don't want to walk this is my only option. It's a shame because it's a really beautiful place with stunning decor. Tables not cleaned often enough or at all probably.

By Owen A.

Other than the price of Cider (£4.80 for pear cider as of November 2010!!) I find this pub to be pretty much the best in London. The view of Battersea and the river thames is just simply stunning, especially at night. Theres an intimate garden next door and as an added bonus there is now a mini coffee bar at the front entrance and they serve Starbucks coffees and handmade food. If you wish to have a proper main meal then the restaurant is really outstanding. While it is a little bit pricey (£10 for mains though if your getting steaks your looking at around £14, desserts are around £5, while there is a lunch time snacks menu for around £7 which is basically a posh sandwich with chips.) I've never had one complaint and it is a classy and non-pretentious joint. Everyone should go here at least once...

By Darren M.

Very, very disappointing! The location is lovely and before actually going in we thought that is would make a great venue for a wedding and birthday party’s. We first ordered a drink and then decided to get some food. After an hour we asked were the food was only to find out that it had never been available. We should have left but as we were so hungry we decided to ordered the cheese board to share and a desert. The cheese was terrible and then they forgot the desert. The chef was found lounging in his whites sprawled across the chairs upstairs watching TV whilst most of the other staff was busy texting and chatting with each other at the bar and sitting around at the dinning tables. Needles to say, we will never be going back here! Darren

By Pat T.

We went there with my wife yesterday, Probably, our worst restaurant experience in London for one and half year we have been living in Fulham. The service is incredibly slow even if the waiters are pleasant and polite. Maybe they are not enough. The food quality and quantity is far below the average level you may expect for the price. The only good point is the location, which is really great. Surely not to recommend to my friends.

By Helen P.

What a shame. An impressively beautiful pub-lounge bar, in a lovely spot but with a very haphazard service and food. On a beautiful like today the outside spaces by the river are packed. On winter evenings it can be completely empty. I go there often because it is where I live but I would go a lot more regularly if they got their act together. I am desperate for it to be a better place. On all occasions the service has been slow and with a lot of attitude. The service is incredibly slow, to take an order, to bring the food and to bring the bill. Today the bill was so late that I really thought the staff were hoping for us to go without paying so that they wouldn't have to bother. The bill arrived with three extra items on it and the correct one was never found. The staff are pleasant enough but they really loOKed overworked and uncoordinated. Maybe this is more the fault of the pub itself rather than the staff themselves. They were very polite with my gluten free request as opposed to the usual blank stares I get in a lot of other places. The food was ok but the mark up a bit high for this quality of food. Better on wine. Being by the Thames and so stunningly beautiful especially indoors are its only strengths. This place needs a lot of care from someone to run it. It looks like it's running on its own with no one to manage it.

By Rosemary R.

I went to the Waterside for the first time yesterday for a birthday party and I thought the staff, particularly the waitress, who could not have been more helpful and pleasant. The food was good when it came and everyone was very attentive. I will certainly go back.

By Amanda M.

I went to the Waterside on a Sunday for lunch. It's a really impressive venue. The weather was beautiful so we decided to eat on the terrace overlooking the Thames. The service was a little slow as they were very busy but our waitress made up for it. The food was really lovely - we had terrine and scallops for starters followed by fish and chips and burger. The waitress recommended a really nice rose to accompany our food. The meal was delicious and really good value for money. We even ate next to Lesley Ash and her footballer husband so it's quite a good celerity spotting place! I strongly recommend this pub

By K.

The Waterside Imperial Wharf has attentive staff and served food and drink that pleased the palate and soothed the soul. And all that jazz was a treat as well. And the Peroni on draft, quenched the thirst with such a satisfying taste. I thoroughly recommend The Waterside Imperial Wharf.

By M.

Three out of Five stars

The Waterside shares much with its sister venue, The Riverside in Vauxhall, a brand, spanking new Youngs' bar housed in the ground floor of a new wharfside development, with a poshed-up brasserie menu, bags of Peroni and live jazz at weekends.

The Venue
Set on many levels and still smelling of new carpet, The Waterside is undeniably plush although not necessarily chic or cutting-edge. It’s not likely to offend anyone, but it won’t win any design awards either; with a certain kind of comfortingly familiar hotel chic, it’s thoroughly civilised, passably sophisticated and just a touch middle-of-the-road.

The Atmosphere
Atmosphere can be an intangible thing. However, it’s a safe bet that The Waterside tends to fill up firstly with the Imperial Wharf residents, then with some of the King’s Road overspill. The live jazz adds a certain swing to the evening, but a meal would certainly be a more relaxing affair without constant interruptions from ludicrously overkeen waiters.

The Food and Drink
With a chef boasting an Oxo Tower background, you’d have every right to expect something special; the menu at The Waterside is certainly a notch up from the ambitious pub menu at Vauxhall’s Riverside, but still a long way from Michelin quality.

The menu covers most bases: a gourmet burger, steak and chips, sausage and mash, a veggie choice, a couple of fish options and so on – not forgetting some substantial desserts. On Sundays there are a couple of roasts on offer, along with a good-value Carve Your Own Sunday Roast, enough for two adults and two children.

The Last Word
Like its sister venue, The Waterside isn’t going to make headlines – but it isn’t going to make enemies either. The famous Youngs brewery in Wandsworth may have fermented its last hop, but by going for safe bets like this, you can be pretty sure the name will be around for a while longer yet.

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