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Located in the heart of the city, The White Horse is reminiscent of a country pub offering a varied selection of carefully chosen drinks and British meals.

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07:30 - 23:00


07:30 - 23:00


07:30 - 23:00


07:30 - 23:00


07:30 - 23:00





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The White Horse reviews

By Arren D.

I ate here last night with a group of friends. The pictures on the website suggests this a gastropub, but it was awful. It has a personality disorder, with earthy tones, and similar soft furnishings, but very loud music. It was very difficult to hold a conversation without shouting. its not a place to eat. The table was booked for 7.30pm, the order was taken around 8pm. Starters began arriving at 8.30pm...together with the main courses. They didn't seem to think it was odd that you wouldn't eat these at the same time. I handed in a form for their loyalty card which was never returned. A friend asked what the soup of the day was, they didn't know. They sat us next to the open door where people were standing to smoke. The food itself was ok, but I wouldn't eat there. The bar area looked ok, so they should stick with serving drinks. I won't bother eating their again.

By Tacita V.

The White Horse is a Geronimo Inns pub, a company with successful food-focused pubs across the capital. This is their first site in the City and it goes for a look currently popular amongst pub operators, offering a country-esque haven in the heart of the Square Mile.

The Venue
The White Horse occupies a snug corner in the pedestrian-only Exchange Square. If the outdoor patio is a safe haven from the City bustle, the inside feels like a country retreat. The décor, eclectic and elegant with its demure earthy colours, is a mix of English cottage and American log cabin: unpolished wood covers the floor and blanched or ash colours are also employed on the walls. The mix and match of furniture is seemingly casual but includes several arty features: a marble cafe tabletop; a wooden table made out of an antique door; wall benches covered with cushions fashioned out of coffee sacks; and vintage and contemporary chairs. The floral wallpaper sets the space apart from dark mix-and-match gastros, truly delivering a countryside feel which is elegant but still leaves space for things that don’t match.

The Atmosphere
The White Horse has a buzzy, lively atmosphere and the pub clearly attracts the fun City crowd, more interested in social catch-ups than business talk. In fact, there are less formal shirts than you would expect. The soundtrack is a bit too loud but contributes to the buzz.

The Food
The ingredients, recipes and presentation are typical of a gastropub, although The White Horse has a refreshingly casual approach towards food. A highlight from the starters (£4-£8) is the perfectly smoked salmon blinis served with a dollop of sour cream and capers. Equally good is the radish and broad bean salad on a bed of hummous with Berkswell cheese. The mains (£9-£16.50) include traditional fish and chips but you should try the monkfish, instead: the portion is generous and the bed of spring onion mash is complemented by the rich peas and bacon mix. For veggies, the autumn vegetable cobbler is a comforting option, although it lacks a bit of flavour. Desserts (£4.50) offer traditional British puddings, such as a tasty yet light crumble.

The Drink
There are no cheap, low-quality beers at The White Horse. Instead expect Duvel, Vedett Blonde, Leffe, Meantime Wheat, Coopers, Peroni and Steinlager amongst a very astute selection. Prices are in the region of £3.50-£4 per pint. There’s plenty of cider available too (£3.60-£4.80), with Aspall, Savannah, Rekordelig and others. Wine is also abundant with forty bottles (£14-£27 or £3.70-£5.70 per small glass and £5-£7.80 per large one) to choose from, and no less than twelve champagne and sparkling wines (£23-£215).

The Last Word
Secluded and intimate, The White Horse is a great retreat all year round. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, while the space is elegant and pleasant to be in. Good food and great drinks complete Geronimo Inns’ first – but surely not the last - venture in the City.

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