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Thirst on Greek Street is a trendy bar that has a good selection of cocktails and wines, which can be enjoyed within a vibrant and sociable atmosphere.

Ranked #9 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Thirst Bar Soho is a small, independent and versatile venue established in 2002 still offering an amazing choice of cocktails, Gins and craft beers. Party in our lounge and newly-refurbished basement late into the night and enjoy great music and some of the best DJ's in London every night."

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By Andrew M.

I recently had a private party downstairs in Thirst and I cannot rave about the place enough. All the staff made such an effort to ensure the night was a success and me and my boyfriend were very happy. From the manager who calmed me down even after I shouted at him and bought me some balloons because I had forgotten to get some and a drink to relax me, to the doorman who kept an eye on all our stuff when we were dancing and made me feel totally comfortable. Even the bar staff who sorted out the problem of our drinks being taken by the glass collector when still half full by buying me another and apologising with two shots for me and my boyfriend.

Basically everyone at Thirst made a very special occasion, a really memorable night for all the right reasons and I would recommend Thirst to anyone. The private room we had could seat 35 people which made it a very cosy venue and the dancefloor was plenty big enough for a bit of a boogie. It's a stylish venue, decorated with retro red leather sofas and lots of mirrors too. Even the toilet attendant was sweet and not as pushy as a lot of them can be.

The best thing has to be the fact that we booked the space without any hire fee/deposit/minimum bar spend. All my friends were very impressed too. All in all - a wicked night!

By Andrew M.

I had my birthday at Thirst and thought it was great. They gave me a space at the very last minute for what turned out to be about 30 people.

The staff were very friendly and the music at Thirst was fantastic. It didn't cost me a thing to book the area and they gave me five free drinks to start the night off!

I had an excellent night. Thanks Thirst!

By Andrew M.

I love Thirst. Great staff and a great space. We always bring out-of-towners to Thirst to show that you can have a good night out in London without the hassle of the big clubs.

By Chris B.

I went to Thirst for the first time this week, it's a great spot for cocktails before going to a show. Very impressed with the bar staff who are quite often pretentious in Soho.

By Anna G.

I met a colleague here a little while ago for breakfast, had the scrambled egg sandwich and a coffee. Scrambled eggs were the best I've had, very yummy! Nice venue too and the staff were friendly, have yet to try it in the evenings but it was certainly a great little pit stop! Look forward to trying it out on a friday or sat night :) xx

By Nick G.

Been down a couple of evenings, great bar staff & cocktails, gets packed early, so I usually book if meeting friends, especially good Wed as really good happy hour!!

By Walter W.

Brilliant for a fun time in Soho, Thirst is always heaving and I like it when they crank up the tunes on a Thursday. It's good times central here!

By Tori J.

We come for happy hour after work hours from time to time, especially when I get together with the gays in Soho. We love to knock back some cocktails in amongst the party crowd. There's ALWAYS a good vibe going on at Thirst.

By Oliver H.

They say that good things come in small packages and that definitely applies to Thirst in Soho. Came here last weekend for a bit of a dance as I'd heard good things from mates, had a well epic night would definitely try Thirst out again in the future!

By Howard S.

Stop by before midday and the place during the day has been transformed into a coffee bar! Real good coffee! Apparently transforms back into a bar in the evening!!

By Rita W.

Amazing cocktails, Amazing prices!! Only downside is the ridiculous tables. Pointless. Perfect place to kick start a good night out

By Annie P.

Had a party at Thirst on Saturday night. Great drinks..especially the Gin G Spot.. muddled cucumber mmmmm. Really friendly and fun staff. Highly reccommend.

By AL T.

Hi Asterios Seems slightly unfair to brand our friendly little bar as bad bad bad, "awful service" and "roude?" I'm sure even you can have off day now and again? Seems the bartender apologised. Pop back and try us again and I'm sure the service will be friendly and most certainly not roude. Al Thirst x

By Max K.

Thirst is another of my go-to places in Soho, and while it's not as trendy as some of the Greek Street spots it's definitely one of the friendliest. I can heartily recommend the cocktails, too.

By . ..

Gotta love a night out in Soho, especially with clubs like Thirst around. I have been having night out at Thirst for a while now and have fun every time. Admittedly the drinks are a little expressive, but a) its Soho and b) the cocktails are awesome!

By Jordan H.

I was recommended Thirst by a friend who enjoys the London nightlife and was not let down. The drinks may have been a little expensive but it didn't stop us from visiting the well decorated bar time and time again. The place was packed! The staff were all friendly regardless of how busy it was. When my party left definitely weren't thirsty!

By Kalvin W.

I am a big fan of Thirst, partly down to its fantastic Soho location. The venue also has great drinks promotions and most evenings happy hour seems to apply! there is a huge drinks menu so I challenge you not to find something that takes your fancy

By Jon N.

Actually stumbled across Thirst by accident, ended up popping in for a coffee. The guy serving me said it was a pop up coffee shop, not really sure what that means but the coffee was good! Came back in the evening with a few friends and sat in the downstairs cocktail bar and had a few smashing drinks! Nice little find this one

By Flo S.

I came to Thirst as starting point of night out for my friend's birthday and it didn't disappoint. The staffs so nice and friendly, we couldn't decide on a cocktail so the guys behind the bar just asked what kind of spirit we liked and then came up with something that we would like and safe to say they know what we like. It was a lovely starting point for our group and shall return again.

By Claire K.

What a daytime find, totally unexpected. Was in Soho for work and came across Thirst, popped in for coffee while i was waiting, staff were so friendly and the coffee was really good.

By Asterios O.

Lovely venue but awful service. The girl behind the bar went mental when I said I didn't want the drinks she was making and I was gonna order something else. I was prepared to pay for everything, she was roude and had no maners. In the end she apologised and her excuse was she was working for 6 days and I should complain to her manager about it. Bad bad bad never again there are plenty of bars in soho guys with better service...

By Masumi S.

Stop by for a coffee, and they had Long Black on the menu, then i was introduced to arancini, which are so moreish! I have stopped by now everytime i'm in Soho plus free wifi, which for me makes this place heaven!

By Emma G.

I went to Thirst last night with a friend. We arrived before 9 and the upstairs bar was quite busy but having never been before, I wasn't sure if this is normal or because the Olympics were on. There was a good selection of drinks on the menu and we were served quickly. Luckily we managed to get seats and watched the diving, while tapping our toes to the background music. We went downstairs at about 10. There is more room downstairs though it did get really hot. The DJ played some great music and we danced until we left. There was a nice group of people there with no pretentious idiots like you get in some London bars. Oh, and a few of the men were quite fit too! I'd definitely recommend this bar.

By AL T.

Hi Charlotte Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking time to give us such a glowing review. We are now open from mid-day so come down for a cheeky day time slice of Thirst. Al Thirst

By Charlotte W.

Fantastic service, great cocktails and best of all very polite and Professional bouncers. Would absolutely recommend for A great social night!

By Sandy B.

Love Love LOVE!! this place. They have the craziest cocktails I've ever seen and taste great too! You really get your money's worth at Thirst. Also great bar for students, and love Stupid Tuesdays!!

By Andi M.

Don't know why i keep going back there really. Other than the handy location there is nothing special about this bar. Poor decor inside, the place looks run down, but my main problem with it is the poor service, it takes forever to get your drinks made. Fair enough it's a cocktail bar but 20 minutes for 6 drinks is poor by any standard. Staff seem to be too busy larking about and being cool rather than paying attention to customers. We saw a couple who had been waiting 5 minutes completely ignored whilst some girl who had just turned up got served straight away. One of my main bug bears is when there are staff on hand but they busy themselves with work that could be done later rather than taking care of queues of customers who are waiting and this happens a lot at thirst. Add to this a totally c**p white russian and my friends drinks having so much ice in them that they were basicaly water with colour = not going back there again. Totally average cocktail bar but not priced accordingly, so many better boozers around the area. C- for effort, must try harder.

By AL T.

Apologies for the small tables....cute though? Hope the amazing cocktails more than made up for them. We reserve tables free of charge so give us a call to reserve. Hope you stay until the DJ's start up next visit.. See you again soon I hope. Al Thirst.

By Richard M.

I wish all my weekends were this good! A really good venue that I didn't have to wait to get served, the only problem was that my girlfriend or I had not had a chance to decide what to drink. So many cocktails to choose from so we let the barmaid decide for us and she did an amazing job making them in front of us. The music was really good and suited everybody there as it seemed to have a real party atmosphere about the place. Would like to thank Andy I think it was as he sent us in the right direction at the end of the night to catch our night bus, a really helpful chap but I hope I got his name right! We will be coming back again!

By AL T.

Hi Clare So glad you all had such a wicked night and thank you for taking the time to tell everyone in London!! Come back and see us again soon Al thirst

By Clare B.

What a lovely time we all had on Friday, three of us came out as we work together as teachers and needed to let our hair down now that we have broken up at school. Great party atmosphere which I did not expect as usually when we go out in a small group of girls we always seem to attract one idiot of the male sex but not here. Everyone including the staff were very friendly. Music was good and the drinks were good value, although I don't drink a lot there were some great non-alcoholics on the menu as-well. I must admit it did take a while to get our drinks because they are made with fresh ingredients which is unusual in some bars. Well worth the wait!! The sweet little doorman who one of my friends took a shine to was so polite, even when they wanted us to go at drinking up time. Worth checking this place out if you want a great night out!

By AL T.

Poky little bar?? Jaded unfriendly bar maid?? Thats not Thirst and I take offence Sir at such slander. AL Thirst

By AL T.

Poky little bar?? Jaded unfriendly bar maid?? Thats not Thirst and I take offence Sir at such slander. AL Thirst

By Paul N.

Thirst is rubbish! Went with a friend and after some haggling paid a fiver each to come into a pokey little bar with wall mirrors to make it look bigger from the outside - fooled me so it works. To boot the bar maid looked jaded and was unfriendly. Will never go again.

By Lisa H.

I have been here on a few occasions but last saturday I really enjoyed myself, great bar staff, superb cocktails and the DJ was right on the pulse. Thanks to the above me and my friends had a wicked night!

By Katheryn F.

I can recommend the complete thirst experience... Previously I had booked an area in the bar with Andy who was very friendly on the phone. When we arrived he met us and ushered us to our seating area without any problems which was lovely. We were served drinks which for me was fantastic because I love Mojito's and when I got this it reminded me why. As the night moved the friendly atmosphere came alive along with yet more drinks. We went to Thirst on a Saturday which was the Cheeky night where the DJ's were brilliant. This is one of Soho's best kept secrets for as me and the girls had a great time as its a fantastic night out. I never got to say thank you to Andy for arranging our people carrier and getting us home safely at such a good price.

By Sarah J.

Last Saturday I was passing Thirst on my way out clubbing and decided to pop in with the girls for a cocktail or ten. Truly wicked drinks and for once in Soho I got change back from £20! Was shocked to find a packed dacefloor down in the basement and some of the best house music I have found outside my native New York. I will be back x

By Amy C.

Really lovely little cocktail bar. Prices are cheap for Central London, particularly during Stupid Hour which is well worth checking out (5.00-7.30 every day), as most cocktails are under £5. The ingredients are great and the drinks feel very fresh, particularly the mojito. Staff are helpful and happy to reccommend drinks, and the menu is comprehensive and clearly laid out- a plus given how dark some parts of the bar are! They're also really friendly- a couple of times we've been accidentally sitting in a reserved area and they were extremely polite in moving us, especially considering we looked like dirty students! On a Friday night it can get pretty busy, but there's a bar upstairs and downstairs so queues aren't too bad, and no one's complaining when part of the wait is watching them expertly make cocktails! There are no showwy gimmicks, nothing ridiculous and no exclusiveness here, it's well worth checking out Thirst.

By Milly S.

Fun place...full of HOT HOT HOT People...Amazing music & nice drinks...Loving the super friendly bar staff! I will defo be going backx

By Philippa R.

sexy bar staff, great music, fab drinks, always in for a good night at Thirst - take friends or work colleagues, always great!

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