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Thirst on Greek Street is a trendy bar that has a good selection of cocktails and wines, which can be enjoyed within a vibrant and sociable atmosphere.

Ranked #9 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Thirst Bar Soho is a small, independent and versatile venue established in 2002 still offering an amazing choice of cocktails, Gins and craft beers. Party in our lounge and newly-refurbished basement late into the night and enjoy great music and some of the best DJ's in London every night."

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Thirst reviews

By Lara O.

Thirst is loads of fun, friendly staff and great cocktails. We were visiting Soho for the first time, we had an excellent night.

By Simone C.

I have been to Thirst for the first time this weekend and I actually liked Thirst! I didn't find the bouncers rude at all and the bar staff was ok. I read quite a few review about rude bar staff. Lets be real: They are there to work not to have a conversation. We are not in the States! As long as they make good drinks that is all it matter to me. Maybe somebody thinks that the bartender is there to have a conversation with you or to give you the smile that you need after a long day of work. Oh please! Loli just got something to say about prices. Yes it is very cheap if we are talking about "stupid hour" but the normal prices are average/highmojito on the menu with Havana Special, had it done with Bacardi White for £7.75. But once again, if a cocktail is done properly I am happy to pay even more then that. And the mojito I had here was done properly. Apart from the Bacardi of course!. The other couple of cocktails I had. Very tasty and well balanced, thanks! On overall a very nice place. Nice music and very good drinks! Remember. Most of the times the Bartender treat you the way you treat him. Be nice to those people behind the bar: is an hard job!. I had no problems with them. Will go back soon.

By Philippa R.

A newbie to Thirst, ill be returning for more fun and frolics! and have bought NYE tickets - great crowd, music, location and the drinks are very moreish... all making it a tick all boxes night! enjoy!

By Matthew D.

Luvved it. Have been a fan of Thirst since I started going out in Oxford and 9 years l'm really pleased to see one in Soho. And it does stupid hour and happy hour prices still. Best place to start the night, and you could probably spend a lot of the night in there; dancing is downstairs.

By Samantha W.

Was visiting Soho for the first time to celebrate my friends 21st. Was very happy to have discovered this small but fantastic little bar. We kicked off our night early and were very pleased to find drinks were so much cheaper early doors. We certainly made the most of the cocktails which were pretty much half price :) Also found it a nice friendly mix of people. Will certainly be returning when I'm next in the area and would recommend to others!

By AL T.

Stefanhy Our door supervisor Albert has been greeting customers in a polite and friendly manner now for 5 years at thirst. Apologies if you felt he was rude. As to your comment on expensive drinks. This is just not true. Almost 1/2 price cocktails daily inc. the weekends and reduced prices all night Mon - Wed. Let me know where you drink better cocktails cheaper Al Thirst.

By John S.

Wanted to hire the bar for my 40th party and always liked the venue from the old rikki tiks days. This did not happen as the Manager's were not accomodating to me playing my own music (club classics) and I ended up talking with 3 different members of staff who gave conflicting info and kept on giving me the runaround and never bothered calling me back after leaving messages. Not customer friendly at all and not recommended!

By Gemma R.

Had a great night at Thirst Bar - the team there reserved the upstairs seating for our birthday and looked after us very well.

They couldn't have been more helpful. The atmosphere was great and eveyone had a good time.

The music was good and happy hour was a bonus.

By Holly B.

This is a great place to come before going out - especially as the delicious cocktails are cheap during stupid and happy hour.

The atmosphere is brilliant and I like the music. I would not however stay there for the whole night as the prices of drinks increase and the dace floor is a bit small.

By Jib R.

Well what can I say? The place may not be huge but the staff are all really nice especially the doormen, very polite and professional.

The bar staff are also great and the cocktails are the best. Truly, the only downside is that they have to close at 3 am and the tall doorman with the scar on his face isn't there anymore.

He was funny , helpful, polite and made everyone feel safe.

By Nadeem J.

Small dancefloor, but for all the rest there's no complaints. Good music as in good trance, friendly staff (talking to my friend in the toilet drunk is always fun), no problem with bouncers, drinks not overpriced. This is as i read, a safe option, even if not for the whole night out. Proof? Going there this thursday n friday!

By Judy J.

I agree that Thirst is a 'safe' option- in the best possible way! Who doesn't want somewhere that you can rely on for a good night? The cocktails here are really good (although it's best to go during happy hour to save the pennies and get your money's worth). The dancefloor is annoyingly small- annoying because the music is so good! Really good dance, commercial and chart music with a few oldies thrown in for good measure. Staff are very friendly and chatty, probably the nicest bouncers you'll find in London. It's not the most spectacular night out you can have in central London but it's perfect for either a few drinks before heading to a club, or as a night in itself so long as you don't mind its small but perfectly formed dancefloor.

By Andy A.

well have to say sat the 12th july was amazing, booked my girlfreinds birthday party, having not been to the venue before have to say door staff were freindly the dj,s amazing proper house music,great drinks and atmosphere,and sam and pete the managers could not have been more helpfull,would recommend thirst to anyone

By AL T.

Hello Sovietmuch as I would love a bigger dance floor.......alas I can't create more space from thin air!If I could I would re-name Thirst the 'Tardis' bar.As to dancing in the really want to nip that in the bud!We are a small and friendly late night cocktail bar with wicked drinks, friendly staff and funky tunes.Thirst - it does exactly what it says on the tin.Al Thirst.

By Sabrina K.

Thirst is a nice little bar but there is nothing special about it. I've been a few times and usually spend most of the night downstairs. However the dancefloor is ridiculously small which means it gets overcrowded. Not 'acceptable' overcrowded, but HIDEOUSLY overcrowded.
Cocktails are decent but nothing to get excited over. The music was pretty good and it definitely got a lot of people on the dancefloor.
However I've only been here for pre-drinks, maybe it's altogether a different case if you're hiring this venue for a party maybe?
Anyway, Thirst bar was pretty much like all the other bars in Soho. Nothing special about this place. So if you want a night out and not really bothered about where you go, Thirst is the "safe" option.

By Soviet S.

music is good, but the dancefloor is too small and the toilet is so close to the dancefloor, so u feel like u r dancing in a bathroom...

By Tristan L.

I've read some of the reviews on this site and I have to say they're totally unfair. Sure the music is loud, and yes the place gets rammed, but this is what Thirst is all about! I had my 28th birthday there at the end of April and had an amazing night. We booked the Red Room downstairs for about 30 people (which ended up being more like 50!).

With the red room as our base we could go on and off the dancefloor as we pleased (mostly on!) and we always had a seat to cool off. The staff were really friendly and the manager greeted us with a few free drinks - nice touch! Take Thirst for what it is and you'll have one of the best nights out in Soho. A small bar with a big personality, great staff, lovely drinks and banging tunes, and it's free to book

By Helen K.

Thirst hosted my 30th on Friday night and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. There was a free guestlist for all my friends, they played music just to my liking and looked after me and my lot all night.

And there was no minimum spend and no hire charge which left me completely stress free. Thanks Andy, Pete and everyone else there, I had a really great night.


By A.

Do not go to Thirst. I booked the downstairs seating area for 40 people for my 30th birthday and was told by the staff I would have a brilliant night.

On the night we let the bar manager know we were going to be about 30 minutes late but when we arrived, he said that he was just about to give the space away. Then I gave the bar manager 50 pounds to allow any of my friends who arrived after 10pm to get in for free: he just pocketed the 50 pounds and still charged my friends.

I was also told I could put my gifts in a back room but when the bar manager saw me putting my gifts in there he shouted at me in a very aggressive manner and accused me of trying to steal his takings and told me that we would have to leave.

Several of my friends couldn't get in as the space I had actually only fit about 20 people in, so late arrivals were refused entry even though I had been guaranteed space for 40 people.

The venue itself was far too overcrowded, the music was more techno and hardcore than house, the bar manager was rude and aggressive and I was completely mislead about the space I had hired and the entry policy. Do not go to Thirst!

By N.

Thirst is awful. It's too small and they try and pack more and more people in. The music is so loud and it doesn't need to be in a venue that small. The music was more like techno and most people were chewing their faces off. Never again. The Thirst staff were friendly though.

By B.

I went to Thirst recently for a rented out party> I thought the prices were great, especially for central London, considering its not a cheap trampy club where you have to dress in clothes you hate in order not to ruin the ones you like. However, I was disappointed with the space, it was very small and they dedicated not only the whole of the upper floor to a seating area but half the bottom floor as well, which further minimised the little space there was.

Although from a distance the seats look interesting, creative and very modern - they are completely impractical. You can't have a conversation with someone because the seats are small squares and the opposite seats are all at angles and too far apart from one another, so you're constantly craning your neck in odd directions in order to see your friends. Normally I'd be up dancing but there was no where to dance so you were hardly left with any choice!

Yet, I could have forgiven all these things, if it weren't for the music. A huge neon sign stating 'NO REQUESTS' is hardly the most welcoming gesture, particularly when the music is constantly House. A little variation in music would have greatly improved the night. If you want to keep it a cheap night Thirst's a great place, but if you don't mind paying that little bit extra (or else getting drunk before you go out) there are better venues around.

By T.

I booked a party for my birthday at Thirst and couldn't believe it was free to book with no minimum spend, a rarity in Soho these days.

We arrived at Thirst at 9pm and the bar was busy but our seats had not been usurped! The staff were great and the cocktails were delicious especially as you didn't need a second mortgage to buy them!

Thirst has excellent tunes, the dance floor is up close and personal and definitely gets you amongst it! Thirst is a real find, I had a great birthday and I want more!

By A.

I thought Soho was dead so I was pleasantly surprised that Thirst is a vibrant, busy bar with a great atmosphere and wonderful cocktails supplied by great bar staff.

Having been greeted by cool door people on both entering and leaving the venue, I would recommend the Saturday night at Thirst to anyone looking for a great night out. The DJ at Thirst was fantastic and it's free entry before 10pm too!

By Stuart S.

I checked out reviews for Thirst before going, how wrong they were. It was a Saturday night and it was already packed when I got there around 8.30pm and it filled up so much we were unable to move in the basement bar. The air conditioner wasn't any good as it was too hot and the DJ played the music too loud. Good music doesn't need to be ear piercing to be enjoyed and there were some decent tunes. I came out and my ears were ringing, not pleasant. Granted there was lots of beautiful people in there, but the fact it was overcrowded, meant that most of them left pretty quick. Also there was cloak room attentdant in the smallest toliets in the world, totally unnecessary, he almost had to get out of the toliet so you could go in. If you like small, hot crowded bars and a constant ringing in your ears, this is the place for you.

By A.

I was disappointed with the selection of beers at The Thirst and the music was so loud that I developed a headache very early in the evening. That said, we did enjoy some other bars that weren't The Thirst that evening in Bovingdon.

By L.

I've been to Thirst once with a friend. At the entrance, the doormen overcharged us by £5. We decided to go in anyway. We didn't expect it to be so tiny as the ground floor allows you to imagine a bigger dance room. Downstairs there's no space for dancing and the music was not satisfactory. The only positive thing was the bar area as the barman was friendly and his cocktails were excellent. With this one exception I don't think I will fancy going to Thirst again.

By N.

I am not a fan of Thirst. It is too packed and too expensive (although I am Northern and used to lower prices). The music was good however, and the seating areas nice but too smokey.

By P.

Thirst has friendly staff and great cocktails at fantastic prices. What can I say; brilliant! Stays open to 3am. I will definitely be going back - a lot! Did I mention the DJs playing quality tunes on a crisp sounding system? If I had the money I'd buy the place!

By H.

I decided to go to thirst for my birthday. After much palava getting on the guest list I was told that every person in my party was to bring confirmation. When we arrived we weren't even asked for our names! It's terribly small and was so packed I could not move! I complained to the bouncers that this was dangerous and there should be a restriction. My friends all left as they felt so claustrophobic. This ruined my birthday and I would never go back and would advise anyone strongly against visiting.

By J.

Thirst is loads of fun. Great cocktails at really great prices for the West End. Music was perfect for pre-club warm up. The dance floor did get a little rammed and sweaty but what else would you expect from Soho?! Great bar.

By Becki H.

Thirst is a compact and cosy corner bar serving cocktails in the heart of Soho.

The Venue
Situated on Greek Street, Thirst Bar has a prime spot for Soho dwellers and drinkers. It’s got minimal metres of space, but it makes the most of what it has got. The upstairs bar is very snug, with candlelit tables, tiny footstools and just enough room to sit down. There’s a shiny disco ball throwing funky shapes around the room, and people are packed into this small area, some having to stand. If you can weave through the throngs of people and find your way downstairs, you’ll find another bar opening out to a mini dance floor.

The Atmosphere
Thirst Bar has been in the same spot for years and it has a tried and tested business formula that keep drawing the crowds in. They have two standards of happy hour – ‘Stupid Hour’ running from midday to 7.30pm, where most cocktails are half price, and a normal happy hour running from 7.30pm to 9pm, where £2 is taken off the price of drinks. It’s a great spot for after work drinking and many of the local clientele make the most of this funky little bar once the clock hits 5pm.

You’ll find a real mix of people here either chatting away in the upstairs bar or dancing to the funky beats downstairs, where a DJ spins some great genres of music – expect to hear hip hop, house and everything in between. The bar is proud of its ‘20 out of 24’ opening hours, only closing for four hours of the day – it’s open again for breakfast at 7am. Thirst has a buzzing atmosphere and party vibe; it certainly feels like the kind of place to start a night out, and with tasty cocktails at low prices during happy hour, you can see why.

The Drink
There’s an extensive list of cocktails on offer at Thirst, with handy menus on every table. The Champagne section includes the Japanese Fizz (£12.50) made with Midori, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and Champagne. It’s a fresh and tangy cocktail that’s great to start the night with. However, the presentation of the drink is slightly lacking and could be improved – there’s no special touches added to what should be a fancy cocktail, given the price tag. Also recommended from the house specials list is The Cheeky Chop, an Absolut vodka-based drink with Chambord, lemon juice, sugar and lemonade, served in a tall glass over crushed ice (£8.50 standard price).

For something a bit different, try the Honey Berry Sour, made with Krupnik honey liquor, Chambord black raspberry liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup. It’s a strong, potent cocktail that’s designed to knock your socks off and get you onto the dance floor. If you don’t fancy a cocktail, Thirst also has a small wine list on offer, with the Campana Pinot Grigio costing £6 per glass and £20.50 for a bottle. For lager drinkers, there are a couple of good pumps available, with a regular guest pump in action, too - Meantime Lager often features - and all pints will set you back around £4.75, which is fair game in central London.

The Last Word
If you’re in Soho and looking for a funky place to drink and catch up with friends, Thirst ticks all the boxes.

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