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tibits is a successful family-run Swiss independent dining concept serving vegetarian food that appeals to all, so much so that the vast majority of those who dine there are non-vegetarian.

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By L.

Don't be fooled by negative reviews. Compared to other vegetarian/vegan restaurant in London (we are not in Switzerland, sorry) the food is cheap: you can fill your plate with 10 pounds (and I assure you that is more than enough). And the quality is much better than any other buffet in the area: fresh, uncomplicated food, with a nice variety, and any dietary info is clearly indicated on the label (vegetarian, vegan, eggs, nuts, etc.). The plus is that you don't need to book, since the venue is so big, and you can bring as many friends you like. No fuss.

We had vegetarian meetup with more than 30 people. You add a nice decor, soft music (not the loud unbearable music of the Momo in front of it), relaxing atmosphere, good service.

By Dee M.

Very disappointing - most of the hot food was stone cold with the exception of one small pasty - the falafels were like pieces of rock - small plateful of food which could have been bought from Tescos ie onion rings and breaded jalapenos cost £6.00 - dips were nice, but no bread or anything to mop these up - a rip off will not be returning

By Muge D.

Best Veggie Restaurant I've ever been. Good selection of food, fresh and clean. Tomorrow is my Bday and I'm going to eat there.

By John G.

It's a pleasure to stroll into this friendly, comfortable restaurant for lunch while shopping in Regent Street, or to take visitors to London for an evening meal.

Because it's totally vegetarian, it gives us confidence to eat any of the delicious hot or cold varieties, and for a central London site the prices are moderate.

We've always enjoyed our experiences here and now make it our No. 1 vegetarian venue in London. Highly recommended

By A K.

Excellent. Went last bight and was my perfect idea of how a restaurant/eatery should be.

Choose your own, as much as you like and then sit and chat with a friend/lover while you eat it! Great.

Really liked the food quality, decor and all of it. I wish evey town/city had one.

By Anna K.

Went last night and have to say that we both absolutely LOVED it!!

Everything was perfect - the locations, the comfy seats, the music...and the food was incredible!

They also have a huge selection of drinks, including some really yummy (and healthy) juices. If i was you I'd go there RIGHT NOW!!

By JJ H.

After visting Tibits in Basel, Switzerland. I was delighted to discover it was opening in London. I suspected that the food quality could not be as good, but after visiting last weekend -I happy to say my suspicions were unfounded, the food was as good as in Switzerland. The staff were lovely and the decor is fun. It might seem a little expensive but the food quality is better than most veggie restaurants. Please support Tibits.

By Dee D.

As an avid Tibits visitor in Switzerland I was pretty excited to see what the Tibits in London is all about. Ok, it looks nice - and pretty big. I dont want to know how much they paid for creating this location - and how much they have to pay now for it. :)I have to say, I was disappointed. Not by the looks, it looks like the tibits in Zurich or Winterthur. I was disappointed by the food!

While in Switzerland everything is really fresh and any of the offered goods is a revelation (Im talking of the veggie food you can take at the buffet) here it tasted a lot different.

Most of the food was not fresh (the bread I could have even have used as a plasterstone for rioting..), some of the food was really hard and crusted from laying too long in the heat. Awful! Compared to what is offered in Switzerland, I would say it was only 50% of the performance you see there. Staff was friendly and attentive (no problem when only about 10 guests are in).

I would recommend the tibits guys from switzerland to send a chef asap over to correct it. Otherwise, this place is history sooner than they will love it. And last thing, what is hip and cool in Switzerland must not be cool for London. The city offers in a lot of places (i.e. salad bars) more or less the same than you can get here. I wish you good luck, tibits for london, but maybe it would have been wiser to grow first big in Switzerland before getting adventurous abroad.

By Lip S.

this is so not an alternative to wagamama, the food is vile and overpriced what are these people on about, more money than sense! the food is terrible I dont care how pretty the place looks, you cant make up for a crap expensive meal with smart decor.... these people wouldnt know a decent meal if they ate one obviously, there are so many bad reviews and I have to agree with everyone of them. the place is rubbish. and if you are a vegan, which I am you wouldnt be at pizza hut either mate.

By Lip S.

'you pay to be in a great location'...????this is a back street on london not the top of the empire are saying you pay for the nice wallpaper and not the food.obviously used to being conned and preferes style over content.the food is extremly poor and no one with any interest in good food or experience of cooking for themselves would ever like or want to eat the slope they peddle there.

By Julia W.

I don't quite understand all the negative reviews. I only had great times when I went to Tibits. I love their food. Especially the lentil dahl and the dried bean salad. I knew their food from Switzerland an was very excited to know that they would come to London. Now I am there all the time. However I also agree the prices are a bit steep but maybe that's what you have to pay to be in such a great location... Try the ginger Ice tea and lentil dahl it's fantastic...

By Lisa E.

I'm really shocked by all the bad user reviews for tibits. I've been a few times and it's not expensive and the food is really, really tasty. Are you all from rival restaurants or used to eating in all you can eat buffets? It's not Pizza Hut! I've recommended it to all of my friends and have been a couple of times for dinner and am going there for cocktails and desserts - try the titamisu and chocolate cream! - after work tomorrow.Don't listen to the negative reviews. Try it for yourself. It's my new alternative to Wagamama when I want a cheap meal that I don't have to wait ages for.

By Michael E.

I went to Tibits with some friends for a few drinks and was very impressed by the place. The location is perfect, on Heddon St just off Regents St so it has a great atmosphere for after work drinks. The food we had was very tasty and there was such a wide variety I took my parents and sister there for lunch today. The lunch choices reaffirmed my slightly foggy memory from a few weeks ago. There is no waiting or queueing and the atmosphere inside is cool - great decor and a chilled out feel. As an avid meat eater it is the first vegetarian restaurant I have been to but it wont be the last. There are lots of tasty dishes, all very fresh and individual but being able to try some of everything is a novelty. My absolute favourites are the jalepeno peppers in sour creme with a crispy coating. Tibits is a new concept and it works so well, high quality ingredients served with creativity and the feeling that you are eating healthily. Michael, Carnaby St.

By Joey R.

their website guest book shows numerous 'thank yous' and 'great jobs'from supposed cutomers..... who are these people? they obviouslywandered onto the wrong page or got confused, they cant be talkingabout the same place. tibits is terrible, bad qaulity food, bad value,tacky decor. what about the place is worth signing a guest book I ask you?this place is terrible and it gives veggie places a bad wonder my meat eater friends freak out when I ask them to go somewhere vegetarian, I reckon this place has put them off for life, its almost turned me back to big mac's and thats saying something.

By Joey R.

nothing chic about this place, style over content. cheap decor doesnt make up for the poor quality of food. people that like this food obviously cannot cook and are greatful for what they can get and will pay through the nose for it. very very poor indeed

By Neda H.

tibits is something a bit different for vegetarians. its got an interesting array of dishes to chose from, and if you chose your amounts carefully it won't be too expensive. the quality is good and the environment is chic and sophisticated, so i'll be going there again, and i'm not even a vegetarian.

By Joey R.

I have to agree with the bad reviews. I am a vegan and I am not a great chef but I know my veg and how to cook them. Everything that should be cooked through was hard, like potatoes, who can eat a raw spud? Yuk. The cost is terrible too. My tub wasn't even filled and it cost me 17 pounds! Gasp!

By Joey R.

this place has an issue with its prices. at the end of the day its vegatables, I know how much they cost, this place seems to think that they can get away with charging 15 quid for some potatoes and turnips. Dont even bother going there. they cant cook em properly either.

By Lisa E.

Vegetarian restaurants don’t tend to spring to mind as the first choice for eating out when you’re a meat eater however, the latest vegetarian restaurant to open in the capital is set to convert even the most cynical of carnivores.

The Venue
Occupying a prime corner site on quaint, pedestrian friendly Heddon Street, tibits feels miles not metres away from the hustle of Regent Street. The Swiss restaurant’s name is far from seductive (in fact it sounds like your Great Auntie Betty with a lisp trying to pronounce titbits - an equally unsexy moniker) but thankfully the restaurant itself is. A large canopy shelters the chunky outdoor tables and benches from the elements and even on a rainy evening it feels as though you’re drinking in climes far further flung than Central London.

Stepping inside, the restaurant is a glamorous affair arranged across two levels. The ground floor houses a central buffet of freshly cooked vegetarian dishes but it’s as far away from all you can eat buffets as Paris Hilton is from being French. Tibits on Heddon Street is an upmarket but friendly affair and the secret is to treat it as such. Simply select as much or as little food as you want and then take it up to the bar area and place it on the scales beside the till to be weighed. The restaurant world’s version of Pick’n’Mix and just as much fun.

A counter with stools runs along the length of the windows at the front and there’s another counter at the back near the stairs which is ideal if you’re on your own and fancy stopping by for a quick snack. Immediately behind the buffet is bright contemporary sofa seating complete with a long, low coffee table and a vase of fresh hydrangeas and beyond that are small tables illuminated by pools of light from the individual pendants hanging above each one. Throughout the rest of the restaurant the lighting scheme is just as eyecatching with giant fabric covered rectangular lampshades trimmed with fuschia pom poms casting an intimate glow.

Downstairs, there’s a cosy sofa area on a slightly raised platform, longer tables for larger groups and a children’s area complete with kiddie height seating, a box of toys and books and plenty of chalk so that they can leave their mark on the blackboard specifically intended for their doodles that’s hanging on the far wall. And, whilst it may be child friendly, it hasn’t sacrificed taste. tibits have teamed up with London designer Tricia Guild (better known as the talent behind the fashionable Designers’ Guild wallpaper) and the results are incredible – from the sofas to the chairs to the wall coverings, everywhere you turn there’s sink-into-it style. As per its Swiss predecessors, the interiors will be changed every two years but at present the walls are hung with bright velvet flocked wallpaper in silvery gold, bright turquoise and magenta.

The Atmosphere
In fact, tibits bridges the generation gap often found at London restaurants with ease. Scruffy students, trendy pre-theatre goers, young families stopping off laden down with bags from Hamleys, elderly couples and smart office workers can all be found heading to the buffet. At breakfast and lunchtime, it’s usually most popular for takeaway thanks to its speedy service but in the evening it’s well worth eating in. tibits works so well because you’re helping yourself so if you’re in a hurry you don’t have to wait anxiously to be served and for your food to arrive and if you feel like lingering and taking your time, you don’t have to worry about being moved on or asked if you would like the bill. Better yet, you won’t have to fret about paying a service charge as there isn’t one. Instead, spend the money that you’ve saved on an extra helping of dessert or a cocktail.

The Food
Although it’s a buffet and you serve yourself that’s where all comparisons with an all-you-can-eat, pile your plate high and eat-until-you’re-sick affair begin and end. The food is high end restaurant quality and it’s worth remembering this and serving yourself portions you’d expect to find if the chef was dishing up the portions rather than you. Eat this way and a large main course plate of hot food and inventive salads will only set you back around £10 (hot food and fresh salads are priced at £2.50 per 100g to eat in and £2.10 to takeaway) whilst a selection of desserts will come in at a couple of pounds. All ingredients are seasonal wherever possible and if you’re realistic with your portions there’s rarely if ever any food wasted plus you’ll have plenty of change left from a £20 note – a near impossible feat even at a gastro pub nowadays.

Roasted red and yellow peppers are full of flavour, juicy ripe tomatoes are served with slices of feta, large slices of beetroot are served in a secret tibits’ dressing as is the grated carrot and the sweet red apple and ginger salad is must. Make sure you choose both options when it comes to the fennel that’s served both cold (with a simple dressing that brings out the vinegary aniseed of the vegetable) and hot (with a chunky tomato and black olive sauce). Hot dishes are just as varied and the menu changes regularly but you can expect aubergine, courgette and tomato vegetarian lasagna, slices of vegetarian sausage served with roasted cherry tomatoes and gherkins, samosas and lightly battered jalapeno peppers to add kick to the selection. Even the bread basket is diverse with a wide selection of bread rolls including white, brown and olive and better yet they’re on the house so make sure that you take them off your plate before you weigh it at the till (and before you ask, the weight of your plate or takeaway box is deducted automatically too).

As for the desserts, it may be worth starting the meal with these. One definite advantage of helping yourself is that you can eat your food in any combination and order you choose to so there’s never any excuse for not having room for dessert. Ginger tiramisu is twist that works well with saturated sponge, large pieces of Clementine, a mild hint of ginger and a light whipped cream topping. Fresh figs are sliced in half and are perfectly ripe and then there’s the chocolate cream (a blend of yoghurt and double cream and of course, chocolate), fresh fruit salad is chunky and fresh and the bircher muesli is so delicious many Swiss diners choose to eat it not only for breakfast but also for lunch as an alternative to a sandwich.

The Drink
Even if you’re not planning on eating very much or anything at all, tibits is a superb spot for an after work drink as they’re incredibly reasonably priced for the area (again, there’s no service charge to contend with) and there’s just as much attention to detail as there is in the food. A glass of Prosecco is just £3.90, red and white wines start at £3.50 for a small glass and rise to £6.10 for the most expensive glass of red and a glass of Pimms is just £4.50. Cocktails are great value too with top picks being the classic caipirinha and tibits Margarita, both priced at £7. Lagers are organic and hail from the Freedom Brewery and come in at £3.90 a pint. There are plenty of interesting non-alcoholic options too namely the homemade Rooibos Iced Tea with peppermint, raw cane sugar and orange juice (£2.30) and the Ginger Lemonade (also, £2.30).

The Last Word
If eating veggie generally feels more virtuous than enjoyable, you need to pay a visit to this new Heddon Street restaurant. The name tibits may not be that enticing but frankly who cares when the rest of the offering is. The food is fresh and the dishes so diverse that you’ll be hard pressed to ever get bored with the selection, the drinks are reasonably priced and the surroundings stylish. Better yet, you’ll never be hurried off your table because someone else has booked it for a later sitting and there’s no service charge to pay. In fact, all things considered, tibits may well be the perfect credit crunch restaurant.

By Chris I.

i agree prices are a bit on the steep side but the food is good probably very much main land europe styled because a fruit curry is a bit strange.Less snacks and more dishes should make a difference.

By Anna G.

Delicious, varied, wholesome and original vegetarian food - satisfying even to the staunch carnivore. Its either possible to take food away or eat in the attractively designed space. Staff are very helpful indeed. An excellent addition to the area!

By Lip S.

what a total rip off! vastly overpriced, undercooked gross food. unbelievable, I was in shock! what ever you do, dont fill your take away pot too high, it will cost over 20 quid!! I kid you not. very friendly staff but not a reason to go there,it is dire.

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