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Offering much more than just food, Tiger Tiger aims to cater for all your partying needs. With funky music, a vibrant atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, Tiger Tiger is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a meal and partying afterwards.

Ranked #7 of 225 clubs in London
Part of the Late Night London group
"Tiger Tiger London has a brand new look and we can’t wait to party with you! Whatever the time of day, we will make sure fun is always had in Tiger London! Our stunning new Tiger bar is the best party setting in central London to get your party going, and if you look closely, you may spot our real tiger appearing on our giant screens behind the bar…!"

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Tiger Tiger reviews

By Andrew M.

The food at Tiger Tiger was horrible - the salad was tasteless, the sauce that came with the burnt chicken had so much garlic in it that even two days later I could still taste it.

The fruit salad was made out of defrosted fruit - it was absolutely shocking! For £30.00 per head I was expecting much more. The staff was very nice though and over all we had a nice evening, thanks to alcohol. But I will never go back to Tiger Tiger again.

By Andrew M.

We had a fabulous time at Tiger Tiger the other night. The restaurant was really cosy and the food was excellent.

Tiger Tiger is huge. We got lost going through all of the different bars and ended up down in the nightclub, dancing our heads off until they kicked us out at 3am. I'm surprised about the bad reviews for Tiger Tiger. I will definitely be going back.

By Andrew M.

Tiger Tiger is full of people who looked like they worked for the Bank of England or some city bank. Tiger Tiger is loud, sweaty and the bar staff were unable to get the recipe for a JD and coke right. Great fun.

By Andrew M.

I'm surprised to read the other reviews left on this site. I went to Tiger Tiger last weekend and had a fantastic night. We ate in the restaurant and I thought the food was really good, service was pleasant and the wine was very reasonably priced.

My friends and I went on to the Tiger Tiger club after the meal and were impressed with the beautiful clientele and bar staff. We stayed on until 3am. I loved Tiger Tiger and will definitely be going back!

By Andrew M.

Tiger Tiger is a typical West End place! Not for clubbers and in my opinion it's full of plums. I got in but a lot of people in the queue didn't get in for really strange reasons. I wouldn't recommend Tiger Tiger at all. Not only that the music was pants, unless you've had 10 pints, of course.

By Chris B.

The staff were cool, drinks weren't expensive - I would definitely come back!

Tiger Tiger is a great spot for some early evening drinks - especially with the happy hour! We had an area booked just near the bar, which was perfect. The staff were cool, drinks weren't expensive - I would definitely come back!

By Kaz A.

Yep 100% deserve to go bust loads its the west end loads of places my plan is to avoid any bar that is part of Novus group as they rot seems to run through the entire business. They dont even reply to complaints sent in, what that means is they dont give a damn.

By Kaz A.

LOL your night was too good to be true...do you work for Tiger Tiger or did they pay you? Come now confession is good for the soul, also you should know fake internet reviews is a criminal offence.

By Kaz A.

Darren again well well what a surprise he is a wrong un...guy is pig ignorant and on a power trip and perhaps a UKIP,BNP or EDL man. How they can have this guy on the door in this day and age is a joke. He is so messed up even the bouncers looked embarrassed to be there when he gave me a hard time. I can only assume he is a manager as he has been there x amount of time rather than through talent. Its a pity Channel 5 don't do cowboy night clubs he would be on it every week man is rude, arrogant and aggressive while standing behind five bouncers off course.

By Kaz A.

Rude & ignorant staff (Darren) on doors warm beer, luke warm food possibly from Icelands...spend your hard earned money elsewhere Piccadilly Institute, Sports Cafe etc. I work for a local dotcom they gave us a load of black corporate cards granting free entry for up to three people tried bringing in one mate got told by muppet (Darren) on door card remains property of club and I am abusing it. I said how? He claimed my mate had to pay £10 I said that is not what card says I then get told to leave and he grabbed card and walked off. Sent email to Tiger Tiger complaining no response received, I tried reaching out to them on Facebook no response which means they don't give a damn as they have loads of time to upload photos etc... Look forward to hearing this place has shut down as a result of drop in foot fall and patrons etc. Wait for it some one from Tiger Tiger will be along to say this is not the norm as if that is some sort of justification for rude, aggressive and unjustifiable conduct...clearly the guy should be fired, my card should be returned with an apology. If you don't believe me I will come down there and we can look at your cctv on the door with a lip reading expert on the night in question.

By Kaz A.

I could not agree with you more, they are a bunch of jokers. It is funny they reply to complaints here or make excuses as if you send them an email or try and speak to them they don't want to to know. With a bit of luck they will fall victim to the economy and all be on benefits. I work for a local business in W1 Tiger Tiger gave us a load of black corporate cards which supposedly entitled us to free entry with up to three people when I tried to bring one mate in they asked for £10.00 when I pointed out what it said on the card it was grabbed by some thug who worked there and I was accused of abusing the card, when I asked how as I was within the rights granted by the card he (Darren) got angry and told me to leave. I sent Tiger Tiger a detailed email I got no reply, I sent a message on Facebook no reply. No doubt some gimp in the Tiger Tiger PR dept will be along in a sec to say "this is not the norm and they are really sorry" the reality is this is the norm if one looks at the volume of negative remarks on the internet about Tiger Tiger staff.

By Matt P.

Tiger Tiger is one of those substandard venues which gives the illusion of class by being elitist and expensive. Essentially, this equates to high prices and queues. Nearby, people are having a much better night with friendlier people while spending less money. There are always people who for some reason sacrifice a fun evening just so they can say they've been somewhere well known but these people aren't experiencing the best of London. Tiger Tiger should be avoided at all costs

By Lloyd N.

Was celebrating my birthday with friends, original plan was to book a booth.. until I was advised that it was £25 to secure a booth which is refunded by way of nuts and nibbles. Got there at 8pm, and the place was already full! No where to sit, nowhere to stand and nowhere to dance. Good start. The venue itself was nice and decor was cool, however I found it overcrowded and although each room was themed and very different to one another, it didn't hide the fact that it was just a 30+ meat market (no offence anyone). Having explored the whole venue I soon discovered what the fuss was about with the booth bookings....lets just say I'm £25 better off. I wouldn't recommend Tiger Tiger for a weekend out because the overcrowding really spoilt the experience. Just go after work or for dinner with some good mates.

By Debra P.

Horrible pretentious club with despicably rude security. There are many many better bars and night clubs in the local area which I urge you to check out (such as Ruby Blue)

By Debra P.

I was on the guest list by was pushed by security put the door! Be warned do not come to Tiger Tiger! Security are the rudest I have ever met!

By Samantha M.

one star is too much for that place..its crap.the girl got us as we were eating wrong whiskey as it tasted funny..then she insisted that we had too many drinks and can't tell while it was the 3rd drink we ordered..i think they do mix drinks as i drank loads of jd's and din't feel a thing which can't be right..dj is crap plays same music every time ..when i requested a song she said she is not allowed to play michael jacksons songs which was shocking..loads of kids and too hot..waste of time and money as the food comes in small portions ..so these people know how to make money by mixing their drinks ..don't ruin ur weekend go somewhere else. toilets are clean tho ..but its really smelly by the bar area .

By Marc S.

Tiger Tiger does not even deserve 1 star! The doormen (so called security) are a incompetent and should all be fired on the spot for harassment! Our group of absolutely not aggressive guys got split up 5 times during the night for absolutely no reason. Apparently you are not allowed to be even slightly drunk in the club. Not even the stag nights stag. What? You reserve a booth and spend a ton of money - this is how they treat you. Some of the Security team are doing a good job. Present in situations where they are needed. But there is a group of about 4-5 guys not even worth talking to. The crap that comes out of their pieholes is unbelievable. In the united states, they would be sued to bits and fired on the spot! So - there are better clubs with security actually doing there jobs! Tigertiger is a great big no-go. Avoid at all cost! Sad to see a otherwise good club shredded to bits all over the Internet, just because they hired Animals as Bouncers! Fire them asap!

By Richard S.

Yes my friends experienced exactly the same experience as you last night! The door staff I'm like a bunch of arrogant apes dragging their knuckles around outside. Worst experience ever!

By Richard S.

Wish I'd read the reveiws below!! Didn't even the get in last night because of some bald headed ape on the door. By far the most rude, arrogant, animal I've ever met. I was with a group (three guys two girls) not the guys problem? Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else. Why doses tiger tiger employ these idiots?

By Harry P.

Wish I'd read the previous reviews before going, what a terrible experience. It's being said over and over, the door staff are the biggest problem, theyre rude, arrogant, violent and act like animals. please dont make the mistake I did, go somewhere else.

By Mark J.

Went with my friends on 26 October 2013.. Door staff was extrem rude and arrogant. How they even can continue to work with such security company. And just to prove it.. bouncers fought each other lol, really good quality security team Tiger-Tiger has!

By F F.

I went twice alone in Aug13 and Sep13. I am a male 37 years of age, business suit, mannequin, white, tall, and so on. So no excuses. The bouncer refused to let me enter because I was alone. The second time, I paid 5GBP on the web and was on the guest list. Another bouncer refused because I did not have my ID. For the record: I will buy Tiger Tiger and fire these bouncers. Then hire them again as kitchen cleaners. Then fire them again. Then hire them again for as toilets' cleaners. Then fire them again. Then hire them again as go-go girls. Then fire them once for all.

By Miz S.

I recently visited Tiger Tiger for my friend's 21st birthday. I'm afraid to say it was a horrendous experience. The bouncers were extremely unkind and refused entry for the majority of the boys- who just happened to be black- of our mixed group. The reason given by the manager Darren, was that they looked risky and aggressive and he could not take the risk of allowing them into the club. Outrageous! Even though my friend had booked the cloud lounge upstairs, this did not make a difference to the bouncers and so many of our friends were not allowed in. Also the room that was booked was then opened to the general public which was not part of the original deal. All in all, avoid like the plague. It was the worst experience of my clubbing life.

By Julian C.

Me and my friends have given Tiger Tiger London many chances and nearly every one has been disastrous. Mine can be added to the countless negative reviews that are a result of the appalling customer service offered at Tiger Tiger. If you make the mistake of going I would recommend avoiding contact with staff as much as possible to avoid a ruined night. If you do deal with staff you can look forward to replies such as "I only work here", "I can't help you" and threats of violence. My uncle owns a farm and treats livestock more humanely that customers are treated at Tiger Tiger. Most recently I arrived at Tiger Tiger with a group of 15 people and we had booked VIP tables. We all arrived just before 10pm which meant free entry with the tables. Everyone got in fine but the last 3 people in the group reached the ticket counter just as the time hit 10pm. Amazingly they were forced to pay entry. They used this technicality to squeeze a last £30 on top of the hundreds we paid for tables and drinks. If you stay to the end I highly recommend leaving just before closing time. If you make the mistake of waiting you will be pushed, shoved and punched by staff as they force everyone out the door. Reading this you might think I'm someone who starts trouble; I've never been in a fight in my life and I've seen staff physically assault girls who wouldn't move out quickly enough. They left one girl crying after shoving her in the face and I've seen them shove a female law student onto the floor after she complained about the way she was being treated and threatened. Tiger Tiger staff have absolutely no concept of customer service. Luckily the internet is becoming more important in business and the terrible ratings will catch up with them and hit their pockets. Tags: tiger tiger club london bars clubs restaurants nightclub review

By Rita W.

I went on a Saturday with my mates. The drinks were overpriced, the bouncers were uptight, the music was 10 years old, the dance space was too small. Also, my mate and I got our cheap jackets nicked! lol! All in all it was pretty dire.

By Rita W.

I am in complete concurrence with you on the bouncers. They treat you like something they’ve just stepped in and they are lecherous towards women (not just the ones that dress tacky, all women). It is essentially a dirty old man's bar that had a hairdresser as an interior designer. Leceister Sq in general is as greasy as the floor of a kebab shop. STAY AWAY!! Unless you are so incredibly inebriated that you cease to care.

By Aimee B.

Worst night out ever! I went a couple of years back and had a great night- it has really gone down hill since! The staff are rude, and really don't care how they treat you. After ordering a table we didn't have enough seats as what we had arranged, half the food didn't arrive, and the food that did came at all different times so we couldn't eat together. We waited half an hour for a drink while we were eating. The restaurant was extremely overcrowded and the staff had no idea where food was going to. When it came to paying for our meal, we did so only for the waiter to return to our table demanding more money as he said we hadn't paid enough! Not only had we paid enough, we had also paid a service charge for what was the worst service I ave ever received! I would advise anyone considering going to Tiger Tiger to think again! There are far better and cheaper places in London, where you will be sure to have a great night. Unfortunately Tiger Tiger is not one of them.

By Katherine P.

Waited in line for way too long expecting a cool fun club.Too many old people.STUPIDEST BAR TENDER EVER.It took this girl 3 times to get my drink order right. Vodka tonic - how hard is that?

By Marta W.

Went here last night, with some trepidation, as I'd heard of some very mixed reviews. Stayed for two hours, and was happy that we came in happy hour :-) The cocktails were good value for the happy hour price, - and the atmosphere wasn't too pretentious. The toilets were a bit stinky. Overall, we had a pretty fab time, it was a good place to go for pre-dinner drinks in a central location.

By A H.

For about 5 years I came to Tiger Tiger on-and-off, It used to be really dirty fun and the bouncers were brilliant and very professional (I’ve become good friends with a couple who have left now)... BUT... new management took over at some point and have disgraced this place. Now it's a cheap. I'm so gutted because I have a ton of good memories in Tiger Tiger. Now I only go if I’m dragged in by my mates (who are new to this venue) and leave once they are too drunk to notice... that’s if we get past the bouncers (apart from one doorman who is still cool).

By Nataliee B.


Staff are so disrespectful and rude. They also 'lost' my friends expensive leather jacket even though you pay to put it in the cloak room. When we tried to sort the issue they hurled abuse at us calling us 'retarded' even though it was THEIR fault. If you want to be treated like dirt then this is for you. Even when we were being verbally abused by two women staff members a guy in a shirt who looked like the manager stood by and let it happen. This was my birthday and they ruined it. Worst club experience ever.

By Graeme E.

***** 5 STARS***** My partner and I were lucky enough to have visited Tiger Tiger for dinner in the restaurant before our show at the theatre. Very impressed with such welcoming service and great value for money on the food especially as we were able to use our taste card offer. We even went back after the show for a few cocktails and what finished off a truly brilliant evening.

By Annabel R.

"LOL" no i don't work at Tiger Tiger.. no they haven't paid me ignorant fool, I'm a university student, who has visited tiger tiger many times and throughly enjoyed it. Sorry your miserable soul hasn't had the same experience.

By Tiger T.

Apologies that your experience with us was not as expected. This is not the norm and your comments will be passed onto management for review. As with most clubs in London, all entrance is subject to management on the door. This would have been stated to the organiser along with all other relevant information before booking such as id requirements and dress code. I can assure you that race plays absolutely no part in our entry policy. We have a whole host of options available to people when they decide to book for a large party. Some prefer to have timed exclusives which secure the room between an allotted time, some hire the room for the entire night and some prefer just to secure the booths in the room, leaving the room open to the public. We would never knowingly breach these terms as service is one of the key aspects of our success. You are welcome to complain officially by emailing us at info@tigertiger. Co. Uk were it will be investigated by management. We do hope you will visit us again so that we can show you the atmosphere and quality we're known for.

By Tiger T.

We're sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your time with us. We are one of the busiest bars on the continent and work hard to provide strong service and high quality on a large scale. We have facilities in place to make queuing times as short as possible and make the door charge up to a third of the price. Drink prices are reviewed constantly to ensure we are competitive and our happy hour between 5pm and 8pm grants customers up to 50% off drinks. Our reputation is built on consumer experience. We're a customer focused organisation and are always looking for new ways to improve. If you decide to visit again, give us a call and we will try our best to make your night with us special!

By Tiger T.

Thank you for taking the time to review our club! Its fantastic to see you chose us for such an important occasion had such a good time! Our staff share our pride in great service, it's brilliant to hear they informed you of our offers and provided the atmosphere we're famous for! Give us a call the next time you decide to visit and we will be sure to make your time with us just as special!

By Tiger T.

Thank you for taking the time to review our club!It's brilliant to see you had such a good time and enjoyed the offers available! We always review our prices to stay competitive and have happy hour between 5pm and 8pm where drinks are up to half price! Give us a call the next time you decide to visit and we will work hard to make your visit just as special!

By Tiger T.

Apologies that your experience wasn't as expected. We are known for high levels of service which clearly wasn't the case on your visit. The door staff at tiger are some of the best in the capital, ensuring that our guests are kept safe at all times. There is always a manager on the front door to resolve any disputes if you have any, did you get a chance to talk to them? It's illegal to smoke in the club and security would have removed anyone caught doing so. We do have a smoke machine in one of the rooms which is used to add to the atmosphere however. Unfortunately people can suddenly feel unwell when in the club and would require attention. Our bar support do an amazing job at ensuring the cleanliness of the bar whilst our managers see the ill customer is well looked after. It may be the case that you entered the room during one such situation. We apologise again for any inconvenience caused. I will pass your comments onto upper management so that they can review all the points raised, including the music. We are a consumer focused business and work hard to resolve any issues our consumers face with our services. If you would like to discuss your visit further please email info@tigertiger. Co. Uk and we will be able to take action on it.

By Tiger T.

Thank you for taking the time to review our club! It's fantastic to see you and your friends had such a good time! We try our best to deliver great service and high quality with multiple experiences all under one roof! Our drinks prices are constantly reviewed to remain competitive and our happy hour is always a favourite! Give us a call the next time you're in the West End and we will try our best to make your night just as fun!

By Tiger T.

Hi Julian, May I take the time to apologise for your negative experience with us. I can assure you that this is out of the ordinary. We do ensure that customer service is at the forefront of what we do, hence why we are one of the busiest bars in Europe! If you do decide to return, please do give us a call and we will do what we can to ensure you experience the same level of service we are known for. I have passed your comments onto management for review.

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