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Tortilla restaurant brings a taste of Mexico to London with a menu of Mexican/Californian fusion cuisine. They offer a range of burritos, fajitas, tacos and salads all of which are freshly prepared on the premises.

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Tortilla reviews

By Serena A.

I really like Tortilla, it's so nice to go to a Mexican that isn't tacky or garish and the food is always spot on. It's not too pricey either which is always a good thing.

By Michael C.

Imagine the look of surprise on my face, for the purpose of this excersise just imagine any face, when I discovered a restraunt in Central London closed on Saturdays and Sundays. What the hell.

By Rumba T.

Tasty & filling burritos. Chicken/steak/pork available as well as vegetarian option (guacamole instead of meat). Choice of rice, fresh salsas cheese & sour cream and beans or grilled peppers. If you're looking for something to keep you going for a whole day, then this is a place to go. Prices are fairly cheap : £5 for a medium size burrito.

By Theone L.

I wasn't a great fan of this store in the past, but I have to say that this restaurant has much , much improved since I've last visited. Food is very tasty, staff polite and it just generally seems like a better place for your meal. No table service - you order at the counter and watch your burritos being stuffed with choice of rice, beans, meat (veggie option has guacamole instead), sauces and cheese with sour cream.

By Saehra P.

Visited last week and was positively surprised - food was very fresh, steak very juicy and you can find spicy sauces on tables. & add as much as you want. Prices between £5 - £7, mexican beers available as well as soft drinks and frozen margarita.

By Christine K.

Tried their pork tacos - very tender, soft and juicy just the way it should be. Hot salsa not too hot for extra spiciness ask for freshly chopped jalapenos. Food seemed fresh and at least in my opinion was very tasty. The restaurant itself is ok, decor not amazing but has a nice display of different hot sauces (extra point for that) and different food. Extra seats upstairs.

By Lilly R.

Working on the same street - i'm a regular customer now. Whenever you crave for a tasty mexican food you'll find a good quality at Tortilla. Service is friendly and quick.

By Prini T.

Place worth visiting - delicious grilled chicken with beans and peppers plus different toppings - from cheese, sour cream and salsas to guacamole (50p extra) and lettuce. Very healthy and tasty, one of my favourite mexican restaurants.

By Camomile M.

The food is freshly prepared and good in taste. Different choices of meat (steak, pork &chicken) as well as a vegetarian option with a guacamole as a substitute. Portion could be a bit bigger, but the price is cheap and quality good.

By Lily L.

Nice and pleasing, was served quickly by smiley staff - give you an extra point for that. Food was also good - maybe a bit too much rice but meat (steak was freshly grilled and juicy) plus guacamole and salsa made it worth visiting again.

By Karioka B.

Every time I recall my childhood I think about my granny and her exceptional burrito, made of soft tortillas , with tender pork and fresh guacamole.. When I came to London i didn't expect I could find anything close to that taste. Obviously, I was wrong. I went to Tortilla two weeks ago, actually I was just on my way to Tate Modern (just few minutes away) when I saw their sign. I've tried few different places already but none of them met my expectations. To start with, I was welcome by very friendly staff who took my order in just few minutes and wrapped a huge burrito in front of me. What a smell.. I took lime rice with corriander some black beans and of course PORK.. i'm pretty sure my granny would love it too - so so tender and the taste - just delicious! First time since I'm here I felt a bit like home.. thank you so much you really made my day. Place itself looks really nice, very spacious so you can easily start your evening with bunch of friends. They serve mexican beers and mrgarita and prices are not too expensive - medium burrito with guacamole costed me 5.10 and beer was around 3 quid. I give it 10/10.

By Ewa K.

Friendly, quick service helps make this counter-service restaurant—which describes itself as "home of burrito"—a local favorite. Add guacamole to your meal for just 50p and after 3 to 5 mins(yes, that's how long it takes to prepare a burrito there) grab a seat inside our out. In the evening enjoy 'corona bucket' - 5 coronas for just 12 pounds plus bowl of tortilla chips. Would I buy it again? Yes , easily. Would I recommend it? Definitely. For just 5 pounds you get a decent , tasy burrito. Could I ask for more?

By Ewa K.

Friendly, quick service helps make this counter-service restaurant—which describes itself as "home of burrito"—a local favorite. Add guacamole to your meal for just 50p and after 3 to 5 mins(yes, that's how long it takes to prepare a burrito there) grab a seat inside our out. In the evening enjoy 'corona bucket' - 5 coronas for just 12 pounds plus bowl of tortilla chips. Would I buy it again? Yes , easily. Would I recommend it? Definitely. For just 5 pounds you get a decent , tasy burrito. Could I ask for more?

By Siobhan T.

Not great for vegetarians. While your meat-eating companions get served huge portions of meat, the measly scraping of the edge of a spoon of guacamole, which is the main component of the veggie option, leaves a lot to be desired. Like previous veggie reviewers, I've been left hungry on many occasions when opting for the veggie option. That said, the food itself is tasty-including the guac! It's just a shame that veggies always have to ask the server for more peppers/more guac. I complained about this to the manager, who was truly lovely about it, and promised to look into it and change the policy. However a month on, and further email exchanges later, and the guac portion for veggies is still the same...highly disappointing.

By Filipa P.

Finally I've found a home of tasty burrito in London! Have been living here for 1.5 yrs now and really missed a decent tortilla.

Of course you can make your own at home but it's def not the same.So to start with, I went to Tortilla in Angel last week. I really love this area, so many nice pubs and restaurants to go to.

Tortilla is very easy to find - you literally get off the tube station and cross the street and on your left you can notice the store. I went there around 6 pm and it was fairly busy, but you could easily find a place to seat.

It took just few minutes to see how my food was being made (they wrap it in front of you and what i like is that they wear gloves all the time) and I could start eating.Good Lord! I really missed burritos... very tasty beef (you can also choose pork or chicken) plus pico de gallo and guacamole = mmmmm... great job.

I also took tortilla chips with different dips - you can have medium or very spicy salsa, sour cream and of course pico and guacamole. To drink i chose modelo, but they've got much more beers to choose and margarita.I'm sooooo coming back there.

By Luiza K.

I really like this store - you can see everything around through big glasses.

I took large burrito with chicken and spicy salsa + guacamole - it was so huge!

i asked for a take-away bag and had rest for my dinner.

For this price , you can get great quality of food.

Moreover, they've got their own original hot sauces downstairs to buy with the reasonable price - if your friend loves really spicy food it's a great present to give.

By Aga L.

Awesome stuff. I've been working for the food company for many years and i can definitely tell when i'm getting a fresh and tasty burrito.

I've been to the Angel store too, but i prefer this one better - much more space indeed.

I've liked the most your guacamole and mild salsa - so refreshing!I can definitely recommend it to everyone.

By Kasia K.

Ola!I popped in to Tortilla few days ago. At the first moment I wasn't sure if I should stay - the queue was so big!

Luckily the staff was very quick and in just few minutes I was ready to order. Tomato rice, pork and guacamole - iihaa!! I was in heaven!

If I can suggest sth - make your salsa roja even more spicy, it was ok but could be more hot.

I had to go back to work so I couldn't afford drinking margarita but I'll definitely come back to try it! Gracias!

By Ewa L.

Best pork burrito I've ever had! I was positively surprised with service - in less than 5 minutes I was ready to tuck into my tortilla. Awesome stuff.

By Michelle C.

Fresh from its success in Islington, Tortilla brings the mighty burrito to London Bridge.

The Venue
If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Mexican food – or if you think refried beans and greasy fajitas are the height of the country’s culinary prowess – Tortilla is here to help. Their version of the cuisine, however, is actually a bit different – not just Mexican, American, or Mexican-American, they’ve narrowed the category down to Californian-Mexican – San Francisco, to be precise. The northern California city is full of taquerias and Mexican food is more of a way of life than a post-bar guilt trip, and as the ingredients are fresh and healthy you feel satisfied, not slightly sick, when you’re finished.

After a short while on Islington High Street, Tortilla has added a sister venue near London Bridge. Right by the Tate Modern, the restaurant’s decor is colourful but understated, with the main colour a deep maroon. Order on the ground floor and take a seat, but if it’s too crowded the first floor has a few communal style benches and tables for small groups, all which soak up the light from the huge windows. Tasteful, simple pictures adorn the walls – there’s nary a silly hat or inflatable bottle of Corona to be found.

The Atmosphere
That said, Tortilla still doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s hard to put on airs when you’re trying to eat a burrito the size of your face. The queue to take your order moves quickly and efficiently, and once you have your food, there’s a lot of seating so you don’t feel rushed. Clientele seem to be mainly made up of local office workers, plus an occasional tourist or two.

The Food
A burrito is essentially a variety of ingredients (rice, beans, meat, cheese) wrapped up in a tortilla. Much more portable (and more satisfying) than a sandwich or salad, California-style burritos come wrapped in foil to keep them warm and contained. At Tortilla, you can order a medium (£4.50) or a large for only £1 more, although the medium should be more than enough. Fillings include chicken, steak and pork, as well as a vegetarian option, plus rice (lime and cilantro or Spanish), beans (black or pinto), a dairy option (Monterey Jack cheese or sour cream) and salsa (hot, medium or a mild pico de gallo). Guacamole costs 50p extra (avocados are pricey!) but it’s freshly made in their kitchen several times a day, along with most of their other ingredients.

Theoretically, you could order burrito upon burrito and still end up with a different meal each time. Grilled chicken, diced into cubes, is well flavoured, with a good, slightly rough consistency. The pulled pork, on the other hand, is much softer but still incredibly flavourful. Pinto beans are pale brown and extremely creamy, so health nuts should opt for the healthier-seeming black bean option. The lime and cilantro rice soaks up all the ingredients and gives everything a hint of sharpness. Guacamole is great, creamy but not too smooth, and incredibly fresh. The vibrant green medium salsa is well spiced, but the hot and mild should each be tried as well, as it really changes the outcome of the burrito’s flavours.

The burritos are big and fat, filling but not overwhelming, although it might be best so save the large until you’re really starving. The ingredients taste fresh so you won’t feel guilty afterwards, unless you’re on a low carb diet – but they’ve found a solution for that, too, with salads for £4.50 along with a naked burrito (all the fillings, sans tortilla) for £4.50 as well. Other options include a fajita wrap (like a burrito, but with sauteed onions and peppers instead of beans) and a pair of soft tacos for £4. Extra guacamole, salsa and sour cream are also available, along with tortilla chips.

The Drink
A whirring, rotating machine dishes out pre-mixed margaritas for about £4, whereas other alcoholic options include bottled Mexican and international beer for about £3. Bottles of Snapple teas and juices are a sight for sore ex-pat eyes, and bottomless soft drinks are £1.40, with a 50p special that runs on lunches from Monday to Friday.

The Last Word
London is currently in the midst of a Mexican revolution and Tortilla’s Southwark Street location is a welcome alternative to bland and boring lunch options. Fast, fresh and friendly food for under a fiver.

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