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Tostado is a South American restaurant open Soho's St Anne's Court.
Specialising in Ecuadorian soups and stews, Tostado also offers other dishes with a twist.

Ranked #1240 of 2091 pubs & bars in London
"Tostado is a South American restaurant, specialising in ceviche, Ecuatorian soups and stews. Tostado also offers other dishes with a twist."

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Tostado reviews

By Daniel S.

Had a perfect friday evening here, the food was fantastic, perhaps the only disapoitment was that the chorizo was spanish not Ecuadorean, being half Ecuadorian i was expecting a lot, and it did not dissapoint. The ceviche was exquisite although the aji was not spicy enough, if this is your first time having Ecuadorian food, then this place is perfect. I hope they really do diversify their menu Ecuadorian food has so much more to offer, overall a very tasty place for a nice chilled evening.

By Iain S.

Excellent Prawn Ceviche! Delicious, it brought everlasting memories from our last holidays to Ecuador. Lovely little place, amazing service too!!

By Eric V.

Let’s start with the good news. Food quality is good, and defiantly Ecuadorian cuisine, no doubt about that. The place however, is NOT designed to be a restaurant were you fry things, but a cafe for sandwiches, salads and the like (I am pretty sure the owner described he would only be selling this in his license which should be revoked). So every time something has to be fried in lost of oil at very high temperatures(like most main dishes) the place goes blue of the amount of smoke. Not kidding, they have NO smoke extractor and they have to open the door to let the smoke out - good luck if you are sitting next to the door in winter like we were. So expect to have your hair and clothes stinking to food when you leave, with no apologies. I did mention that the food is good, but completely overpriced. A llapingacho (typical potato with cheese puree from the region) will cost you over 6gbp for a tiny ball. All portions are pathetically small including their nearly 10GBP ceviche with 5 tiny shrimps in it. So we will not be going back which is a shame since we were looking forward to eating Ecuadorian food which we love, but leaving a restaurant stinking to fried food is unacceptable and the prices are ridiculous for what you get.

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