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This is strictly members only. You will not get in unless you're a member or are accompanied by a member.

Tramp is a private club for members only and is a well known hangout for celebrities. The DJs play a mixture of RnB creating a great party atmosphere.

Ranked #98 of 225 clubs in London

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Tramp reviews

By Falak A.

The BEST club in London, if not the world. An authentic members club where the waiting list to achieve membership can take years. I know of some people who have 5 members proposing their membership application but still cannot get it! Really have to be well connected and established on the social scene in London to be granted membership here. The service is second to none and the crowd is as jet set as it has always been. May Tramp's longevity last always. The true King of the members clubs.

By Richard W.

By far THE best and TRUE members club in London. I would also like to say it is definitely in my top 3 across the globe. Beautiful and tasteful interior with such precision to detail. Not to talk about the implacable service time and time again I've been there! The food is great, they serve everything from the classic Tramp burger (been on the menu 40+ years) to Dover Sole. The smoking-terrace is lovely for the middle-week goer to sit, relax, smoke cigars and cocktails. The club is boiling, music is great! The perfect mix of Deep House, Commercial and Hiphop. Luckily for me I have friends who are members but just forget to try coming in if you're not. To sum up, Londons best nightclub and experience. Amazing !

By Gia J.

Always have an amazing time in Tramp. Best Nights are Saturday nights for sure. Must try the TRAMP burger!

By Layla S.

Layla I enjoy Tramp every saturday really great place to meet friends and also music is great but after last night experience when I had to wait outside 4 30 min and was pushed by one the security outside the door even that I was telling him pls people r pushing from can't move he still aggressively pushed me even that my friend has been member there 4 number of years! So was very disappointed!

Plus is getting too over crowded and definitely need more organized people by the door and more careful when dealing with ladies! Layla

By Laura Louise T.

Okay for starters unless you know a member or a promoter they will not let you in, full stop. Once we got inside (door staff were lovely) the interior is beautiful, it's unlike any other club in London that's for sure. It's all open plan on one floor, large dance-floor with the standard table areas. Two friends and I went for a friend of a friends birthday party, they had a table. The music was great, we danced but to be honest that was the only great part. The girls are all dressed in well nothing and the guys are all throwing money around like a competition to show off. So overall great space and great music but the people in there are a little overbearing. We left early and another added disappointment was the lengthy wait for our coats, it took forever! Other than that, would go back with a big group for a special occasion but probably too much hassle for a normal Saturday night.

By A.

Went to Tramp tonight. It was a good laugh, had a very good time, would definitely recommend, especially if money isn't a problem. The only problem is other people in there are very agressive and arrogant. I have never felt in danger in a club until tonight when the table of Russians next to us started giving us trouble and it led to members of my group deciding to leave early.

By R.

Wow! well a large group of us went up to Tramp a week or so ago. Once we were inside I could just tell it was going to be a mad night. The interior is classy. The staff are plenty, very helpful & pleasant.

We also had a meal there, very tasty! The music is good, pretty much everything about the club is professional. I'd definitely recommend going, but take your credit card!

By John G.

Synonymous with British class and the upper echelons of the club scene since 1969, Tramp is a legendary members club and celebrity haunt. Is it still as good as its heyday though?

The Venue
Tramp is located on Jermyn Street in Mayfair. It’s easily reached from Piccadilly Circus tube station, although in this neighbourhood you’re more likely to arrive by taxi or, if you’re really flash, escorted by your driver. Once inside, the club is one big open space with a separate restaurant area, with heavy dark wood panelling and not very comfortable hard leather seating. A long bar dominates the room, although you’re mostly served at your table.

The Atmosphere
Since the 1960s, Tramp has been a well known haunt for celebrities including The Rolling Stones, Joan Collins, Kate Moss and Sarah Ferguson. Tramp legends include OJ Simpson celebrating his acquittal over Champagne, Keith Moon stripping off for a naked dance, and the owner Johnny Gold even wrote a book on the club Tramp’s Gold in partnership with Michael Caine. These days the celebrities who can get in still visit, but they’re joined by a different crowd – some of the people here fall into the Eurotrash category, and there are lots of wealthy Arab and other foreign businessmen too. This is different to the days when only British Lords and Ladies were welcome, but at least it feels less staid than it used to and the party spirit is more abundant now.

The club can border on tacky when Champagne is ordered, arriving at the table with the Star Wars theme playing and sparklers fizzing. Overall, you’ll have a great night if you keep your tongue in cheek at the displays of ostentation at the tables around you, and the staff will do their best to ensure your every whim is catered for with top-ups of your glass and table service for all. The door staff are less friendly, but that’s the same everywhere, isn’t it?

The Music
The new party crowd at Tramp demand a bit more RnB than might have been club policy a few years ago, but it’s teamed with cool house tunes and commercial dance and you’ll find the nights are very much defined by which DJ is playing. With a rosta of DJs including the terrific Mark Ryman (Studio Valbonne and M1NT regular), the punters here are familiar with the set before it’s played and each DJ brings their own flavour to their night.

The Drink
People here only ever seem to drink Cristal, and if you need to ask how much that costs, you probably can’t afford it. Bottles of Champagne at £250 seem to be the norm rather than a luxury, but at least the staff will pour it for you when they see your glass emptying. At these prices, you need to watch out for every added luxury! The cocktail menu is poor with few choices, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you test the expert bar staff who can create almost anything if you know what you want.

The Last Word
Tramp is an icon of London’s clubland and, after almost 40 years, is deservedly so. The crowd has changed recently but the new members have bought in a more cosmopolitan feel and the party vibe is still here after all these years. If you can get in, do. It’s an experience not to be missed.

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