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Tsunami has a minimalist and contemporary interior and offers a large selection of Japanese cuisine including sushi. The venue has a selection of signature cocktails available as well as a comprehensive list of drinks.

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"Tsunami offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with a wide array of fresh sashimi, sushi roll sourcing all our fish from sustainable suppliers and fresh produce from local farms to serve the best quality ingredients available. Our plate are share designed for share and pair perfectly with our selections of wine, sake and Japanese whisky as well as our modern Japanese influence signature cocktails designed industry specialist “Nightjar Consultancy”."

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Tsunami reviews

By Phillip A.

Four stars is my rating for this authentic, traditional Japanese eaterie, sandwiched near the cosmopolitan, vibrant Clapham High Street, and the more tranquil village setting one can expect from a visit to nearby Clapham Old Town or Northcote Road, Clapham Junction.

I didnt book like one of the other reviewers here, and decided to go on a recommendation from a close family friend.

Polite and attentive as the service was, the most commendable part of the afternoon was the assorted dumpling dishes that accompanied the set menu, ( which definately comes wholly recommended).

The only downside is it is only available Sat & Sun mornings at lunchtimes.The Beef Teriaki juxtaposed with broccoli and bacchoi was quite exquisite.

My fellow guest had it with salmon, and both the portion size and taste left my palate, awaiting more culinary delights from the kitchen.

The prawn tempura (which i ordered twice) and the accompanying sweet and sour sauce was not too overpowering, and the balance of taste and texture was better than expected.

The only poor part about the meal was the rice was not cooked properly for my taste, and a little dry and tasteless, but the teriaki sauce more than made up for this.

Also, the desserts we had of green tea and vanilla ice cream were'nt exhilarating, but didnt take away from quite a pleasurable and well priced afternoon spent in an old local haunt of mine in SW4!!

By Anita G.

Unfortunately I have to say Tsunami is the worst restaurant I have been to date. The reason being is the appalling services myself and my group of friends experienced. I had booked a table at the restaurant several days in advance and as we were a large group I also pre-ordered the appetisers to make it easy on the night.

Our table was booked for 7.30pm to be back by 10pm. I ordered in total around 10 dishes for nine people to share. It was a different story when we arrived at the restaurant. We waited for nearly an hour for our appetisers. I had to ask several times, when we were going to be brought out some food as most of the group was extremely hungry by now.

I also had to repeatedly ask for water and drinks to be brought to the table, as after asking for bottles of red and white wine for the table, only one bottle for white arrived, with nine people in the group it did not go around the table. Finally appetisers arrived – ONE plate. I asked are we going to see any more but I was told it was made for sharing!!

That’s all well and good but one plate between nine again does not go very far, never mind that it was chicken which completely excluded the vegetarians in the group. Finally another plate of food arrived “made for sharing”, and then maybe 20 minutes later the third. I again had to again where are the rest of the appetisers that I ordered, and why cant they all come together but I was ignored by the waiter.

To make matters worse, one member of the group received his main straight after this; it came with out any sides and about a half an hour before the rest of the group received their main. Finally mains started to arrive, but still no sides. I waited again for about 30minutes for rice to accompany my fish and in the end sent back the fish because it was cold.

By then we asked to the bill as we had enough of the appalling service. Again this process took about an hour.

By Spiky P.

Wonderful restaurant. The food is spot on, and complimented by everything else - lovely setting, friendly staff. The perfect place for a romantic meal.

By Giles H.

A terrific night, brilliant service awsome food and brilliantly presented.

With many Japanise outlets it can be a bit stuffy but here it's easy going.

Wonderful food, and great service for a very reasonable price, we would thoroughly recomend this place to anyone.

In fact we are going back for a birthday soon, absolutely brilliant!!!

By S.

Tsunami in cosmopolitan Clapham does Japanese food in a distinctly different way. Loud pop music of dubious taste rather taints the atmosphere and tends to distract you from the finely cooked and beautifully presented food. Good wine should complement the food and a good ambience too has to enhance the experience. Waiting staff who speak little English or are too busy with their coiffure are a small let down for Tsunami. You'll love the food but, wait for it, the best bit is the washrooms. Drenched in the heady scent of incense with shining Buddhas laughing silently against a soundscape of gentle music, there's something more interesting to take away from Tsunami than the memory of a delightful meal. With a table full of loud chums you'll be fine but don't expect to savour the delicacies in utter refinement - there's a Clapham meets Japan oddity here.

By T.

Since it opened the tide has turned at Tsunami and the once friendly, knowledgeable Japanese staff that created a great buzz talking to the many regular Japanese dining there have moved to other shores. Refined chatter has been replaced by loud throbbing music not too conducive to a meal appreciating the delicate flavours of what remains consistently good Japanese food, beautifully presented.

It's not quite Clapham's answer to Buddha Bar and isn't comfortable enough to justify the prices but the unisex washrooms, clouded with incense, oriental music and gleaming Buddha will make one part of your evening memorable. Go once if you are local and go with plenty of friends, but don't make a special journey.

By Kris E.

Tsunami made waves for uptown rival Nobu when it opened in 2001 with a serious sushi offering south of the river. At a fraction of the cost and needing no excuses on sustainability, it’s no wonder Tsunami is serving up to those looking to dine closer to home.

The Venue
Tsunami is subtly located away from the hordes of Clapham’s main road and close to Clapham High Street station. Step inside and the subtlety continues with the restaurant sheltered from view and darkened, so that the closely clustered tables each retain their own intimacy. Delicate yet vivid cerise orchids enliven the deep chocolate tones of the room.

An equally exotic looking bar area is four times the size of any you would find in Tokyo. Consisting of three or four tables, it is designed for mixing and mingling, cocktail in hand. There is, however, a decent heated outdoor area allowing a little more breathing space for drinkers.

The Atmosphere
The numerous tables and copious waiters are cut out for a sizeable population. Even weekdays are busy and turnover is fast. The service is not rushed but speedy and suitably attentive for a pacy, youngish clientele with places to go and people to see. Diners are fashion set cum media darlings but the difference between Tsunami and sushi places in Central London is that here it’s not flashy and the people are not here to be seen.

The Food
Tsunami encourages sharing so pick what you fancy and relax about the etiquette, which is expertly handled by those in the know. Picking what you fancy, though, sounds easier than it might be, since there is an awful lot of choice. Appetisers of snow crab and prawn dumplings (£4.50) with moistly wrapped, creamy seafood, or scallops (£6.80) flambeed in whiskey, get the fish off to a flying start, but don’t overlook the vegetable items. A crisp sugarsnap and green bean salad (£3.20) drenched in a moreish goma ponzu dressing should not be overlooked, especially for fans of sesame flavour combinations in Eastern food. The tempura mixes make for a good early course, with more seafood and vegetables served with a very light miso dipping sauce.

The colourful sushi and sashimi list has both selections and individual pieces, the platters so beautifully presented that they could be ornaments, not dinner. Highlights include rich oily yellowtail, octopus, sweet shrimp and soft yellowfin (albacore) tuna sourced in the Indian Ocean, but all can be found in the Luxury Sashimi Selection (£21.50). Mains move away from the fish dominated earlier courses and feature tender roast breast of duck with thick hoi sin miso (£12.50) and Aberdeen Angus fillet (£15.50) which comes with sea urchin and a sinful foie gras butter.

The Drink
The cocktails at Tsunami are exquisite and exotic and the funky twist on traditional drinks is brilliant: the Chilipolitan (£7.50) with passion fruit and chilli is eye wateringly delicious and the Lychee Mojito (£7.50) slightly sweet but refreshing as all mojitos should be. That said, the Katana, made with three-year-old El Dorado white rum, lime and kumquat liqueur, has the type of tang that sets your teeth on edge. Rather than being zesty and sharp, and the lack of sweet side balance makes the drink take a fair while to sip. Like the samurai sword that names it, a shiver goes right through you from the sharp bite of ginger.

The white list is far more prominent than the reds, which goes without saying. By the glass, wines are average and unpompous, so as not to detract from the flavour of the food. The house sauvignon at £4.50 is pleasantly grassy but unspectacular; the only rose is medium, fruity and mellow. Clean, citrus led Asahi is the only bottled beer around, at £3.70.

The Last Word
Proving it is more than a match for its rivals, with excellent service and reasonably priced food, this place is head and shoulders above a lot of Clapham restaurants, which can lack polish compared to what’s in town. But when fed up of floundering for good sashimi outside of W1, think of Tsunami as the epicentre of the south London sushi scene.

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