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Turnmills is one of London's most famous nightspots and continues to draw crowds of party people to Clerkenwell. The venue is also home to two bar/restaurants, a recording studio (available for hire), as well as the main club itself. Hedonism at its very best!

Please note that Turnmills has now closed.

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Turnmills reviews

By A R.

Just want a good night out? Want your monies worth?
We entered Turnmills friday night 11.30 apparently to see marco V. Doorman attempted conversation-where you from -fine. Luxurious entrance probably a bit warn in light but deceptive compared to the dull usual interior throughout the rest of the club made up by some good lights though. Though they need all the lights they can get once you enter the cave.

Wheni go out I want to try something new maybe order my own drink-drinks- No amaretto, that I wanted.
- No martini Rosso- for my mate
-no Jim Beam- my alternative
If this is supposed to be one of the biggest clubs in london how come I cant get what I want- especially if like most Im saying till dawn.

Then £4 for a pint- however on a Friday night they are out of Draught- so give you a can- and then help yourself to a plastic cup-umm this is what I have been waiting for all week- getting screwed for my hard earned cash.

Main gallery Wicked got packed at 1pm couldn't move, good atmosphere and put your hands up in the air and a decent effort with the lighting. Rest of the club is a bit dull.
Dj should announce their name more so we know its them.
I pay £10 to get in, nolist outside what is on.

Conclusion-who is Turnmills catering for? Tourists? Students? Middleclass? Bums? Snotty teens?
Such a mixed crowd but not always a good thing- people wanting different things. I just hope someone takes notice.

It was my first time here and usually first times are the best. Used to go to fabric- gone down hill now and (less of a fan of D'n'b) for much the same reason- want to charge sky high prices and get nothing for your money.
Don't go to Turnmills if want to be valued.

By Fred H.

Looking forward to an awesome night with such a great line up (modular) after being treated like cattle at the door we got in fine, bouncers are proper riot police and make you want to look at the floor as you walk past! Once inside its a proper maze, and the staff inside are pretty useless as to telling you how to get to the bathroom or smoking area...(bathrooms i add that for girls have 30 minute ques outside!), ok fine but the main sucker was that some of the headline acts were in room three, this being one of the smallest at the far back of the club. At one point it beacame ridiculous, it was well over capacity and impossible to move, don't get me wrong i love a busy vibe but this was really uncomfortable, barely being able to squeeze your hands down into your pockets was how packed it was.....so i guess they did the smart thing and filtered everyone wanting to go to that room, once i had left to get a drink they didn't let anyone back in....a bit crap considering you paid good money to enter and should be able to go where ever you want to once in the club. So I spent the rest of the night in room 1 with the headline DJs MSTRKRFT and Busy P which was cool...but it could have been so much better anywhere else!

By David M.

Turnmills is a dive and the door staff are a bit over the top but if the reason you're going clubbing is to chat and joke with the door staff and marvell in the choice of wallpaper and interior design then i suggest you spend your Friday nights looking around John Lewis show homes or better still Pacha!

If you want to see some of the best DJs in the world, here cutting edge trance music and all round have a good and unpretentious night where it doesn't matter what clothes you're wearing, where you're from or who you're with then may i suggest Turnmills on a Friday night. When the main room gets kicking there is no atmosphere like it.

It often gets compared to Fabric because of the location of the two, but they're totally different. If you're into house and trance it's got to be Turnmills, if you're into Drum n Bass then you'll have a better night in Fabric.

At £15 on the door its a steal, £4 a bottle of cornoa is a bit much but whose drinking alcohol anyway?

By Nick P.

Turnmills is a messy place for messy people who love nothing better than stomping to house, trance and techno.

The Venue
Turnmills is a complex of subterranean rooms and with a few random areas at ground level. These rooms link up via a warren of staircases and tunnels. The popularity of the night will determine how much of this is open. There’s the top floor with gilt-edged mirrors, seating, light fittings and pictures with large tables, sofas and odd knick knacks to stare at when you’ve, ahem, consumed to much. Also at ground level is a Mediterranean-style bar with tiled floors (watch you step when it’s soaked with beer). Downstairs is a further four rooms in a much more basic style – arched ceilings and bare bricks, some with a couple of levels and entrances. It’s safe to say that once the lights are down and the place is packed you’ll get lost for at least the first three visits.

The Atmosphere
Turnmills is a place for ravers. The vast majority of revelers in here will be horrifically mashed and as the night wears on you’ll see some proper casualties. As a result the mood is high, if not a little twisted. The crowd is likely to be fashion conscious but not overly trendy. It’s not uncommon to see a few original house heads (clued-up peeps in their late thirties) having it, too. The bouncers are a mixed bunch, and the barstaff usually rushed, so don’t expect a cheery ‘hello’!

The Music
Turnmills excel at delivering the best in house, trance and electro. Practically every world class DJ has played here. Trade, a gay club night which begins at 5am on Sunday morning has made a welcome return to the club, and Justin Robertson’s Together is another highlight. Robertson not only brings together a vast range of cutting edge artists from pop, broken beats, house and electro, but he also arranges free haircuts and face painting at his dos!

The Drink
You’re looking at cans, bottles and spirits. A tad pricey too. Then again, you probably won’t be boozing anyway.

The Last Word
A clubbing institution for years, Turnmills first class music policy and confusing layout give it an otherworldly feeling. You’re not a proper Londoner until you’ve spent the night down here.

By Xoot B.

If you fancy a taste of the gestapo, go to Turnmills. I was thouroughly shocked by the agressive, insulting and over-the-top behaviour of the door staff. Sure the women with cipboards were lovely, but oh so rapdly downhill did it go after that. After being ordered to stand against the wall and herded in one by one (there was no-one behind us in the queue and, frankly, I'm not surprised) the girl at the till was clearly wired and a total b*tch. There was no call or reason for it. You also get questioned by security staff while moving around inside the club. I thought, once inside, we were going to be stripped naked and deloused or something. Sadly, nothing that exciting - terrible crownd, terrible atmosphere, terrible everything. If you want to know what it was like in Sobibore, go to Turnmills. Otherwise go elsewhere and haved a good time. Totally shocking...

By Adam K.

Similar to why people prefer Fabrics to Turnmills I must say I'm the other way round.

I love Turnmills and I've done a lot of clubbing in my time. My first proper clubbing experience started at 17 (1998) when I would hit Freedom at Bagleys every weekend with the odd Raindance thrown in.

Turnmills is the bollocks in my opinion. Has a great atmosphere and the music is out of this world. Love the dirty house and the trance.

Yes, the doorstaff can be a little harsh, especially the first time you go there - if you're an "unknown" to them they will give you the 3rd degree, in fact the first time I went I wasn't allowed in and had to go Fabrics (can't blame them for that, it was about 3am and I was well away).

However back I went next week, in a better state and they did remember me. I apologised and they said it was cool and let me in. From the 2nd visit onwards they ask how I am - but that's more out of friendly curosity as opposed to being difficult.

I think what it boils down too, especially as geographically they're next too each other, is what music you're into. If you like your house and trance Turnmills is the way forward, whereas if you like your D&B off to Fabrics you trot.

Saying that, I'm there purely to (a) have fun with my mates and (b) dance to the music I love. Lets face it, the club could be the best looking thing you have ever been, but if the music isn't your thing, chances are you will have a shit night!

By Andrew M.

It is possible Turnmills may have just had an off night but this was possibly one of the worst clubing experiences I've had. While the music is undoubtably good, the place is filthy and the punters there seem to be competing in a gurning championship. And to top it off, Turnmills sound system needs updating too.

By C.

In my opinion the Turnmills doormen were too much, giving us concentration tests before we'd even got to paying. The club was cool inside, well done out. One thing I didn't like was the lights were on in the end room all night, not strobes or whatever, just ceiling lights. It was like a 16th birthday party. Turn down the lights, Turnmills.

Overall it was worth a 4. Good night out, but with Fabric round the corner, there's no contest for me.

By B.

Turnmills is in dire need of a complete refurbishment. This place is filthy - you literally stick to the floors. It is cavernous and completely devoid of any good atmosphere.

The crowd is full of people who didn't want to queue for Fabric, consisting of fat fourty year old men in beaters who have no place in a rave club. Turnmills is way past its prime. Really and truly a place to miss.

By Andrew M.

The Gallery at Turnmills never fails in offering top DJ's in a great venue.

The crowd are generally very friendly and all in all we had a great time at Turnmills. Highly recommended!

By Andrew M.

Turnmills is one of the most over priced (and praised) clubs in London. The club has no atmosphere or character whatsoever, while the DJs are not worth paying 15 pounds for. Furthermore, the drinks are relatively overpriced as well.

No wonder that Turnmills seems to fail to attract the right type of crowd. In other words, go to Fabric if you like this type of music and want to have actual value for your money!

By S.

Turnmills is my fave club. I have been clubbing in London regularly for the past two years and have been to quite a few clubs but Turnmills is the best place to be. I love my trance and Turnmills never fails to deliver great line-ups. I like the cosy feel and atmosphere of the place, friendly ravers and a nice bunch of staff members.

If you go clubbing to pull or want to dress smart and impress then Turnmills is not the place. If like me what drives you clubbing is the music, especially trance then there is no other place, Turnmills it is! You won't be disappointed.

By B.

Turnmills is a hole! It's dank, has a confusing layout, is filthy, devoid of atmosphere, and the crowd is horrible! To be fair however, while the doormen are very rude, the clipboard woman at the door is lovely and the woman who walks around inside trying to promote membership sign up is an absolute legend! Shame to say though that Turnmills is to be avoided.

By S.

I went to Turnmills last Saturday! What a wicked night! DJ Jason Chance was fab! I was loving Smartie Partie and definitely recommend the Smartie Partie nights to anyone that's thinking of going to Turnmills! Check out DJ Chance! Well done Turnmills, a wicked night was had by all.

By B.

Fabric is way way better than Turnmills, but it still provided a good night out. My main complaint is how bloody cold it is in there. I was raving pretty hard and shivering at the same time. It's freezing and they won't let you in with a light hoodie because of the dress code!

It's a electronic rave club, since when do they care what you wear inside? No wonder this place is considered Fabric's less attractive little sister!

By B.

Turnmills used to be one of the best in London but now it's got major attitude and has lost a lot of its attractiveness. My friend was denied entry because she was wearing a hoodie! The layout is awful as well.

At least getting lost in Fabric is fun, its just annoying in here because you always end up back at the cloakroom some how. Also, the toilets are up stairs that are treacherous and I got yelled at for accidentally ending up in the Turnmills restaurant somehow, which is very posh and has no place in a rave club.

Who would honestly book to eat here for a nice night out with a bunch of trance ravers a few feet away?

By S.

Twas a disgustingly good night. Ajax was very, very hot to trot to and despite the efforts of the hilariously embarrassing day-glo kiddies, Turnmills was full of nice people. Some filthy, filthy music, a good atmosphere and lots of confusion - Ta muchly.

By B.

Turnmills itself lacks the rocking attitude and unbelievable bass that Fabric has. The sound system is good but is a bit fuzzy and the bass is distorted slightly. The decor is strange to say the least. It's very dreamlike, some rooms are massively overdone and some lack any creative decor at all.

The music is good though I do prefer drum n bass and breakbeat. The techno and trance scene attracts a strange candy raver crowd. My main complaint is how confusing the layout is - my god! This is just annoying with rooms leading into hallways leading into deadends - not fun!

Go to Turnmills for an okay night.

By A.

I went to Turnmills the night of Notting Hill carnival. It was bliss. Each room has a different theme and it's brill. Turnmills has rooms to lounge and loads of rooms to dance!

By Andrew M.

I went to Turnmills last week. It was a fantastic night, Sister Bliss was awesome. I didn't want to leave. The crowd is always so friendly at Turnmills. I highly recommend it.

By A.

I've been to Turnmills four times this year and have never had a bad night. I travel up from Hemel Hempstead to London and everytime it's worth it. The bad reviews of Turnmills on here should be ignored. It is a great club, with a friendly atmosphere and it is just an amazing club! Turnmills is made to rave.

By Andrew M.

Having been wanting to go to Turnmills for a few weeks, we finally made the trip from the South at the weekend, and boy was it worth it!

Turnmills was absolutely brilliant! No trouble, lots of drinks, friendly people everywhere and a great party vibe. I would highly recommend Turnmills - especially if using the text tickets.

By B.

I have been to a lot of clubs and Turnmills comes at the bottom of my list. I was in Fabric last weekend and that club wipes the floor with Turnmills so if I were you I'd miss Turnmills out and head for Fabric as it is too dirty and the music is bad.

By S.

Turnmills is hands down the best club I have ever been to in my life. I've lived in London for 6 months, I thought I would miss the USA but Turnmills made me wanna be a brit. Nothing beats it.

By K.

For my hen night I went to Turnmills for the Lisa Lashes Event. The music was outstanding, the atmosphere was kicking and the place was packed! Even though the ratio was about 25 men to one woman there was no attitude or trouble with being harassed, and people were friendly and out for a laugh.

The Lashes set was absolutely brilliant and had the whole room jumping. A true night to remember! If you pre book tickets you also get to jump the queue. Drinks were quite expensive but on the whole it was a wicked night at Turnmills.

By A.

Turnmills has crap music (low-quality heavy techno), is overpriced (supposed to be £12.00, but was actually £15.00 on the door), and is a horrible place. Turnmills is a dark smokey lair.

By Andrew M.

Turnmills is a pretty cool club for something on a commercial scale. The Gallery their Friday night venue is always a pleaser. The drinks are reasonably priced and the general vibe of staff and clubbers are pretty friendly as far as London clubbing goes.

Though I have to say Turnmills scene ain't nothing like what it used to be, but still a good night to be had.

By S.

I went to Turnmills the other week with some mates for the first time, but only spent about an hour in there because I didn’t like the atmosphere. The only people having a good time were very odd which was pretty much everyone. I thought the Turnmills bouncers and the bar staff were friendly though I’d say Fabric is a much better night out for your money.

By Andrew M.

For £15.00 and for the queue outside that I had seen before I got in, I was expecting a lot from Turnmills. Turnmills has at least two rooms with different DJs and the music is the same in each. The staff seemed to be nice, the security as well. It is a huge club but the environment is dark.

By D.

Friday night at Turnmills was cool. It is a nice place that's crowded with lot of energy. There was a good line of DJs. The staff were all a top act..

By B.

I have been to Turnmills three times now, and I’m not really impressed. Firstly, no matter how busy it is, Turnmills feels cavernous, cold and devoid of atmosphere.You take your life in your hands negotiating those stairs and if you are wearing a skirt, girls - beware!

On the plus side, the bar staff are friendly, and it does have one of the most extended opening times around, sometimes going on until 6am. But if it's atmosphere you want, forget it.

Turnmills has a fairly depressing feel, no matter who is there or what night it is. But you could do worse, at least the staff are not snotty and the drinks not too badly priced.

By T.

Turnmills is, in my opinion, an unreasonable and racist club. Don't go to Turnmills.

By S.

Well, I'll make it quick and easy. I reckon that Turnmills is the dogs bollocks - the music was spot on, the drinks were priced very well for a London night club and the doormen were sound, we didn't get any hassle when we were there and people very friendly. Go and have it at Turnmill because the weekend has nearly landed...

By T.

We went to Turnmills all the way from Nottingham and what a wasted journey that was! We were not only faced with a queue more then a mile long when we got there but, when we finally got inside, we were faced with yet another queue for the cloakroom. Saying that though, the music was great & the DJs were spot on but the bouncers in that place had a serious attitude problem & just spoilt the atmosphere. From what I had heard of Turnmills before I went there all I can say is "OVERRATED".

By J.

I'm 18 in two weeks and want to get some mates together to come out on a great night out. I've been reading the reviews and Turnmills sounds good but what stands out is the hostility of the security...I was reccommended this club but now I'm thinking it's best if I just head to Fabric instead. Could anyone advise me on Turnmills?!

By P.

What a club!! I went to Turnmills the other night and saw Paul Van Dyk and it was absolutely unreal! This place rocks, the decor inside is really cool and, looking at their listings, it looks like they attract all the right DJs! People say Turnmills is overcrowded, and it was, in the main room! because everyone from the whole club goes in there because of the line ups they get there! Staff were great to me, as for queueing...the queue does get massive...but it would be crap if they was no queue?! I had tickets though and walked straight in. Best night of my life!

By Lisa M.

I went to Turnmills on a Friday recently and had a brilliant time! It was my first time going and it won't be my last (due to go again this Friday!). Reading some of the reviews it says that the bouncers are rude(?), I didn't experience this once, I found them to be rather pleasant! The cost of drinks is around the same as most West End prices but a bonus is that their drinks tend to be doubles, so I'm not complaining! Overall I think Turnmills is a fantastic club and I'd recommend anyone go there, if they're looking for a non stop party!

By A.

I reckon that Turnmills is one of the best nightclubs I've been in since moving to London. I have yet to have a bad night in that place, went to Mauro Picotto on Friday week and that place kicked off. The Heats tour at Christmas was unreal as well. I recommend anyone new to London check out Turnmills because you won't be disappointed - the atmosphere is unreal and the DJs are class. So check it out.

By N.

Turnmills is an excellent night club; I have been many times and had an excellent night every time (on a Friday at least). Don't listen to the random score's of '1' for Turnmills, I am sure they just had one bad experience with the doorman and let it ruin their night, we all know what doormen are like. Get over it. Go with the right attitude and you will have a great night out at Turnmills. Sure, the queues are long, but I have met so many nice people while queuing and gone on to hang out with them later in the night - that's the kind of place this is. After much deliberation, I consider Turnmills to be the best club in London on a Friday night. It is just ahead of the mighty 'Fabric', due to the quality of the line-ups. As for the 'decor'; I worry about decor if I go to a restaurant. From what I remember, it was good enough; I don't understand the fuss. The more important thing is the layout; which is great and seems to lend to a sense of intimacy both on the dancefloors and in the many 'chillout' areas. Plus lots of little bars, so it is always easy to get a drink at Turnmills.

By S.

Never, ever go to Turnmills. I heard a lot of great things about this venue but it is just crap.

As some people already wrote, the security personnel is very hostile and aggressive. After one hour waiting in the queue you had to wait an additional 15 minutes for the wardrobe. Inside it became even worse.

The main room at Turnmills is so chilly that you could be dancing in a fridge. Also, you are not allowed to dance everywhere. If you dance where they don't want you to dance, one of the 'friendly' staff members comes and steers you away.

So, compared to similar clubs like Fabric, Turnmills is absolutely not recommended.

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